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Foreign agents shooing in Russia since Pushkin

For all history The Russian state has repeatedly repeated the situation when some well-wishers appeared somewhere abroad who, ostensibly wanting to alleviate the sufferings of the unfortunate Russians, actively interfered in the internal political life of the country.

With the same regularity in Russia itself, their sincere followers, who are beginning to actively assist foreigners in the desecration of their own country, are sought.

Many of Russia's best minds, the color of its spirit, have always been very negative and implacable towards such phenomena.

So, Alexander Pushkin in his letter to Peter Vyazemsky 27 of May 1826 wrote in his heart: “Of course, I despise my fatherland from head to toe - but I’m annoyed if a foreigner shares this feeling with me. You, who are not on a leash, how can you stay in Russia? if the king gives me a settlement, then I will not stay a month ... "

The conviction of the great poet was reflected in these lines: if there is something wrong in the Fatherland, only a Russian can criticize his shortcomings, but not a foreigner, but if a Russian citizen does not want to help the Fatherland get rid of ulcers, then the tablecloth is dear to him ...

Already Alexander Sergeyevich it was clear that the foreign criticism of Russia is happening for a reason, and with well-defined goals of weakening the country and introducing unrest in its people.

The situation has become even more complicated with the flourishing of the Internet and social networks: it is enough to throw false information into the worldwide network, and it almost instantly, being repeated many times, immediately becomes the real truth in the minds of millions of people.

This is exactly what happened during the Kemerovo tragedy, when the fake about “many hundreds of dead”, launched from the territory of Ukraine, only the consciousness of the Kemerovo people themselves and the competent reaction (albeit somewhat belated) of the authorities prevented mass unrest that had no relation to the fact of a fire in the commercial center "Winter Cherry".

Now experts have no doubt that the actions of the Ukrainian blogger Volnov, who organized the provocation, were not his initiative, but were managed by the Security Service of Ukraine, which, in turn, is under the complete control of the Central Intelligence Agency.

It is significant that this fake was actually simultaneously supported by Radio Liberty, Voice of America, the Air Force and many other foreign media outlets. And in the same ranks with them were some Russian media, as well as liberal public figures from among the so-called non-systemic opposition.

When mourning for the victims of the Kemerovo tragedy was declared in Russia, one of the activities of the project “Improving the efficiency of journalistic and public investigations in defense of human rights” (from 27 to 30) took place in Novosibirsk March. It was conducted by the Tak-Tak-Tak Foundation, the Commonwealth of Investigative Journalists and the Press Development Institute - Siberia.

According to a report published by Novaya Gazeta - Region (Omsk), “journalists and civil activists from all regions of Western Siberia” were invited to it.

The invitation said:

- If you are a journalist who has already been involved in investigative journalism or wants to deal with them professionally and efficiently, interacting with experts and human rights activists, this project is for you!
- If you are a civil activist (blogger, human rights activist) who wants to participate in public investigations with journalists and seek to eliminate violations of the law and human rights, this project is for you!
- If you are a student of the journalism department (department) who wants to master the secrets of the most difficult journalistic genre in a team with experienced professionals, this project is for you!

It is indicative that many of the same category of persons whom the organizers of the project wanted to see at their seminar acted as mouthpieces of the above-mentioned fake about “hundreds of victims”.

The following was announced:

“Participation in the project is free. We will be able to pay your travel to the training venue and back and hotel accommodation during events. Trainings will be held in Novosibirsk. Preference will be given to those applicants who have actually tried themselves in a journalistic / public investigation or seriously intend to do it. ”

And the project coordinator was Ilya Kudinov, whose materials are actively published on Radio Liberty under such headings as “Every day the dead were brought here”, “Did not join the agents”, etc.

Among the speakers was Galina Sidorova, the co-founder of the “Commonwealth of Investigative Journalists” (Moscow, Prague), which is often published on the same “Freedom” and acts as an active opponent of the “Kremlin inhuman regime”.

So, what do we have?

And we have the fact that the most infamous Ukrainian provocation against the Kemerovo tragedy was ruled by the SBU, whose actions, in turn, were directed from the CIA, funded from the state budget of the United States. Informational support of the provocation was made by Radio Liberty, which eats from the same source. And at the same time, a seminar was held in Novosibirsk, where the speakers were staff members, even if perhaps non-staff ones of the same “Freedom” ...

I wonder if anyone has any doubts that the Freedom employees who participated in the project did it for free? And where are the sources of considerable funding for the event itself?

By the way, both the Press Development Institute and the Tak-Tak-Tak Foundation were recognized as "foreign agents" in Russia.

Stories are not known facts, when at least one successful investigation would be conducted outside of Russia under the auspices of Radio Liberty or the Commonwealth of Investigative Journalists.

For example, in relation to such facts as the US crimes in Iraq, the financing by the West of the "Islamic state" banned in Russia, the mass executions in the USA or the circumstances of the death of Boris Berezovsky in London ...

But history is well known, as the institution of so-called investigative journalism in Russia often becomes a source of excitement of social or national hatred.

And during the seminar, the journalist of the Novaya Gazeta, Roman Shleinov, spoke about "the advantages of trans-regional (in Russia) and cross-border investigations on the example of the latest works of the International Corruption and Organized Crime Investigation Project." That is, in fact, that Russia is unable to combat these phenomena on its own and that international intervention is required in order to “help” it. If these are not appeals at least for limiting Russian sovereignty in this area, what is it?

Alexey Shlyapuzhnikov, an IT security consultant, enlightened the audience in the digital security field for an “investigator” for several hours and talked about “the specifics of working under conditions of tightening control over the Internet.” Are there any doubts that the participants learned from his words how to publish this or that information and then avoid responsibility for its dissemination?

Svetlana Kuzevanova, media advocate at the Center for the Protection of Media Rights, has been training students for the whole day in the following ways: how, after making the material, to avoid libel charges, who is responsible for disseminating information in the media, on the Internet, and how to avoid responsibility for disseminating information.

At the end of the seminar, of course, the participants were asked to fill out evaluation questionnaires.

Perhaps the organizers of this event sincerely believe that they are carrying the “divine light” to the neglected and barbarous Russian soil ... But don't the participants of this action really understand that they are just pawns in someone else's game? A game aimed at the collapse of Russia?

Interestingly, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin to say about this?
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  1. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 April 2 2018 15: 33
    Well, A.S. Pushkin, as you know, changed his opinion, it was not for nothing that this was born:
    "Slanderers of Russia" - a patriotic poem-ode by A. S. Pushkin, published in 1831 and arising in connection with the Polish uprising of 1830-1831. The immediate reason for writing it was the appearance of some deputies in the French parliament calling for armed intervention in hostilities on the side of Polish rebels against the Russian army.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Tatyana
      Tatyana April 3 2018 05: 28
      Perhaps the organizers of this event sincerely believe that they bring "divine light" to the neglected and barbaric Russian soil ... But nDo the participants in this action really don’t understand that they become just pawns in a strange game? A game aimed at the collapse of Russia?

      Understand! However, youth is currently driven by individualism, careerism and high earnings, and no matter where - albeit on the side!

      All this is the result of not just political reforms of public education in Soros from the 1986 of the year with the subsequent inclusion of the passing of the Unified State Examination in Russia, but also the IDEOLOGICAL pro-American morality about the so-called “free” world market of capital and goods that is false for national states and labor with its monetarism - i.e. from the orientation of an individual atomic individual solely on his own personal profit.

      Teachers themselves inspire people from childhood in the same Russian schools that “money does not smell” already.
      Let us recall, though, a ba performance last year by Russian high school students in the Bundestag - Nikolai Desyatnichenko and a girl from the same gymnasium in Novy Urengoy!
      This is, after all, the same problem that the author is talking about in this article!

    3. Net
      Net April 3 2018 18: 20
      The poem is dedicated to Pushkin and is called: "SlandererU Russia". Then, having stolen from the author, Pushkin rewrote it for himself. Allegedly he was the author, just as he stole all "his" works - he copied Byron, Shakespeare, Zhukovsky, Derzhavin, etc.
  2. BAI
    BAI April 2 2018 16: 02
    The information war flares up, so to speak. Something too much lately about journalists and in all contexts:
    In Lithuania, false information about Russia “... has an excuse and does not contradict the main principles of informing the public” - according to the opinion of the Lithuanian Office of the Inspector for Journalistic Ethics, the decision of which is quoted by Regnum. According to all the same Service, a lie about Russia fits into the rules of the information war.

    “In order to write well about the country and its people, and for millions to read it, a journalist must have remarkable talent. But only a few possess talent. The rest are forced to earn money on the market. N. Varsegov“ KP ”"
    Even such a topic has been raised:
    "Because if today you allow deputies to grab journalists by their asses, they will generally hang you by the neck. However, most of them, as it turned out, like it." (Anastasia Mironova, Newspaper. Ru).
  3. Basil50
    Basil50 April 2 2018 16: 22
    And it seems to me that these manifestations are against RUSSIA only from irresponsibility and from a sense of security.
    Once upon a time, in the last century, there were telebridges from the USA, and in one of the programs it came to Americans who moved to the Soviet Union. What undisguised hatred was towards them from the Americans and the American presenter. It was something generally beyond. Prior to that, we in the SOVIET UNION shared the government and people of the United States, and here we’re directly on the air with all of us and those who did not want to be the heirs of racists and outright bandits.
    Then he noted the same thing with his own eyes in Germany, that of the police and that of the young Germans.
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim April 2 2018 17: 09
      Quote: Vasily50
      What undisguised hatred was towards them from the Americans and the American presenter. It was something generally beyond.

      Well, soon, and we can see it with our own eyes. Everything goes to this. hi
  4. parusnik
    parusnik April 2 2018 16: 56
    And when did Russia-the USSR-Russia have well-wishers? .. Well, perhaps in the 90s, and even then not for long .. The most surge of goodwill was after the shooting of the White House, then the import press was choked with delight .. When Chechnya began to spit ...
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 April 2 2018 17: 54
      Quote: parusnik
      And when did Russia-the USSR-Russia have well-wishers? .. Well, perhaps in the 90s, and even then not for long .. The most surge of goodwill was after the shooting of the White House, then the import press was choked with delight .. When Chechnya began to spit ...

      These were well-wishers. But there were well-wishers: the GDR, Cuba, Angola, Libya, etc. Only Russia "merged" all. To the enthusiastic cries of those who vote for capitalism and "democracy." They, by the way, are still the majority, so there are no prospects.
  5. Doliva63
    Doliva63 April 2 2018 17: 45
    I didn’t understand from the article - is it Pushkin's fault, or what ?! belay
  6. The Sparkle
    The Sparkle April 2 2018 18: 49
    In the Patriotic War, alarmists were shot on the spot, and in peacetime, all State Depot "grantosos" should be given a term for spreading panic or false rumors.
  7. 1970mk
    1970mk April 3 2018 03: 34
    Excuse me ... one correction ... about the time of Pushkin .... Then there were foreign agents? At that time, 90% of slaves in the serf-country had nobility ... she herself was resting and having fun without problems in Europe .... and many spoke Russian worse than French ... It is significant that some Russian patriotic officers are "fighters" for the People "- the heroes of 812 during interrogations in the Decembrists' case, having lowered their eyes" were modestly asked to contact them in French, embarrassingly admitting that in Russian they were "not very" ... How many agents did we have then? And now? When the State Duma deputies, the President’s secretary and God knows who the children and mansions live abroad)))) .. who are they? They are precisely foreign agents, since through relatives and assets their decisions can be "well, very strongly" influenced! Or is it not so?
  8. Olddetractor
    Olddetractor April 3 2018 05: 22
    Interestingly, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin to say about this?

    Ah yes Pushkin! oh yes son of a bitch!
    From a letter from A.S. Pushkin to Peter Vyazemsky on the completion of the tragedy of Boris Godunov, 1825
    1. Net
      Net April 3 2018 18: 31
      “In the Mikhailovsky period,“ Boris Godunov ”was composed (under Shakespeare), or, as Pushkin himself entitled it:“ A comedy about a real disaster for the Moscow state, about Tsar Boris and Grishka Otrepyev. ”
      Again we see a mocking parody of the history of Russia. When reading this comedy to writers in October 1826, “someone threw into the heat, someone in chills, their hair stood on end” and so on (Barsukov, “Life and Works of Pogodin”, II, 44). For some reason, Pushkinoids call these feelings “delight”, or maybe it would be more correct to call it horror and disgust from lies?
      Even the council of authorities "to remake its comedy, as needed, in a historical novel or novel, like Walter Scott" was not implemented. But this comedy and a vile parody of Russia, pulled from pieces of Karamzin’s history, is now considered almost the official history of Russia. "

      This is from the article
  9. Net
    Net April 3 2018 18: 15
    But Pushkin said: “Why do the flocks have to give the gifts of freedom, they (Russians) need to be cut or sheared” (Liberty Sower Desert)
    Pushkin is much worse than the Akhejakovs, Skripals and Kurbsky. He beat the Freemasons-Decembrists to the uprising, “Daggers” stole from someone, and he escaped - the bunny prevented him from going to Senate Square.
    Nikolai did not let him out of Russia, because Pushkin, his agent, was a traitor and fiscal among the Decembrists.
    The author of the article, glorifying Pushkin, exposing this bastard as a model - the same traitor?