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Russian arms exports. March 2018 of the year

In March 2018 there was no Newsthat would concern the concluded contracts or export deliveries of the Russian weapons to various countries of the world. At the same time, news directly related to the export of Russian weapons was present. In particular, the amount of Russian arms exports in 2017 was officially announced. Details about possible production also appeared. tanks T-90S / SK in Egypt, and Rosoboronexport announced the promotion on the international markets of the new Russian anti-aircraft missile system Viking (Buk-M3).

The Kremlin called the volume of exports of Russian weapons and military equipment in 2017 year

In early March, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held the first meeting of the Commission on military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign countries in 2018. By tradition, at the beginning of the meeting, the work over the previous year was summed up. Vladimir Putin noted that Russia still holds a high mark, confirming the status of one of the leading supplier countries on the international arms market. According to him, the volume of foreign deliveries of weapons and military equipment of Russian production has been growing for the third year in a row, in 2017, it amounted to more than 15 billion dollars, reports official site President of Russia.

The President stressed that the ability to work effectively even in the context of economic sabotage and political provocations emphasizes the strengths of the Russian system of military-technical cooperation (MTC), its stability and a very large potential. This assessment belongs to the buyers themselves and potential purchasers of Russian weapons and military equipment. At the same time, the geography of Russian cooperation in the PTS line is constantly expanding, and the number of our partners already exceeds 100 countries.

At the meeting, it was noted that according to the results of 2017, the volume of signed contracts increased almost twice, exceeding 16 billions of dollars. Currently, the portfolio of orders for Russian weapons and military equipment is estimated at more than 45 billion dollars. This means that the Russian military-industrial complex is provided with orders for the supply of various types of weapons and military equipment for several years ahead.

During the meeting, it was noted that the experience of modern wars and conflicts demonstrates to us that it is unacceptable to neglect the means of human security and the protection of state sovereignty. Therefore, the Russian Federation will actively develop military-technical cooperation with all interested states, including in the most high-tech segments for those types of weapons - air defense systems, aviation equipment, Ground Forces, Navy - which have shown exceptional effectiveness during military operations in Syria.

New details on the assembly of T-90С / СК tanks in Egypt have become known

According to the Algerian internet resource, the licensed assembly of Russian T-90С / СК tanks in Egypt will have to start in the 4 quarter of the 2019 of the year, after deliveries of machine sets from Russia begin. Deliveries will be carried out by JSC Uralvagonzavod Scientific Industrial Corporation. According to the Algerian edition, according to the agreement reached between Moscow and Cairo, Egypt will receive and assemble at its enterprises 400 main battle tanks T-90С / СК, of which 200 machines will be supplied in the form of ordinary vehicle sets (SKD), and also 200 in the form of sets CCD, which provide for welding and the assembly of some elements (towers and buildings). The assembly program of Russian tanks in Egypt is designed for 2019-2026 years with a planned pace - 50 combat vehicles per year.

As noted by a specialized blog bmpd, in the previously published annual report of “Uralvagonzavod” for 2016, the list of priority directions of the PTS marked “work on a project to create an enterprise for the licensed assembly of T-90C / UK tanks (SK - commander version) with the customer“ 818 ”(Egypt)” . Financial details of the deal with Egypt are not disclosed. At the same time, in the 2018, Russia has already begun supplying the T-90C / SC to Iraq, which ordered the 73 tank. The first part of the 36 combat vehicles was handed over to the customer in February of this year, the remaining tanks are planned to be delivered to Iraq before the end of April. In addition, similar tanks also bought Vietnam.

It is worth noting that since the 1992 year in Egypt, the tank factory No.200, located in Helwan, has been licensed to assemble the American main battle tanks М1А1 Abrams from the vehicle sets supplied directly from the US in the framework of military assistance, the tanks assembled here are in service with the Egyptian army . The plant itself was built in 1984 year under an agreement with General Dynamics Corporation. The cost of construction was 150 million dollars, the work was also funded by American military aid Cairo. In total, starting from the 1992 year to the present, the USA has already financed Egypt for the supply of 1105 vehicle sets for the M1A1 Abrams tanks in addition to the 25 supplied Abrams. At the same time, the first 1992 vehicle kits of the SKD level, the rest of the CKD levels of different degrees of localization. Earlier, Egypt planned to manufacture 75-1300 tanks in the country 1500-1, however, at present, the prospects for the production of these tanks in the Egyptian plant No.1 look no longer as definite as before, although the assembly of Abrams tanks here will apparently continue.

Rosoboronexport launched the promotion of the Viking air defense system to foreign markets

At the end of March, Rosoboronexport announced the launch of the newest Russian Viking air defense system (Buk-М3) on foreign markets. According to Sergey Ladigin, the general director of Rosoboronexport, at present there are simply no equal competitors on the world arms market among the competitors of the Viking air defense system. “This complex has retained all the best qualities that were inherent in the Buk line-up, it represents a new word in the development of medium-range air defense systems. The manufacturer has provided a set of unique characteristics that meet modern needs in the field of protection of infrastructure and troops from air strikes made by modern and promising means of air attack, including in the conditions of fire and electronic countermeasures from the enemy, "said Sergey Ladygin.

According to information "Rosteha", Highly mobile, multi-channel medium-range air defense system Viking is a further development of the world-famous line of air defense systems of the series" Cube "-" Beech ". Compared with the Buk-MXNUME air defense system, the firing range of the new complex was increased almost 2 times - to 1,5 kilometers. In addition, the number of simultaneously fired targets was also increased 65 times - by 1,5 air targets with each self-propelled fire installation (SDA). At the same time, the number of anti-aircraft guided missiles ready for launch in a firing position consisting of two combat units increased from 6 to 8.

“The Buk-М3 air defense system adopted by the Russian army and its export variant called Viking during exercises and operations demonstrated a very high level of combat effectiveness. The Viking complex is capable of hitting with a very high degree of probability not only aviation targets, attacking elements of high-precision weapons, but also tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as land and sea targets, ”said Ladygin. At the same time, the Viking anti-aircraft missile system received a number of unique features, previously they were not implemented in any air defense system.

For example, the Viking air defense system has the opportunity to integrate PU from the other Russian anti-aircraft missile system Antey-2500, which provides the possibility of hitting air targets at a distance of up to 130 kilometers. The command and control station of the new air defense missile system has the ability to interface not only with the standard radar, but also with other radar stations, including foreign ones. In addition, the Viking air defense system provided for the possibility of autonomous use of firing units and even individual SOWs, which increases the total defended area and the number of objects covered from air strikes, and also allows foreign customers to minimize the cost of organizing a full-fledged air defense system.

Stuffing about Azerbaijan’s dissatisfaction with the quality of Russian weapons

In late March, the Belarusian opposition publication “Belarusan Praўda"(Based in Poland) published a great material by Yuri Baranyevich entitled" Supplies of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan cause discontent in Baku and resentment in Armenia. " Regardless of the level of information presentation and its reliability, it can be noted that for the Republic of Belarus (for quite official Minsk) such material would also be beneficial in the sense that Azerbaijan has traditionally been a buyer of Belarusian weapons, including a potential buyer of the Polonez rocket system ", Which is positioned as a counterweight to the Russian Iskander-E OTRK, which were previously delivered to Armenia. Currently, Belarus is a fairly large player in the international arms market, selling military products by about one billion dollars a year. The result for a country with a population smaller than the population of Moscow is more than worthy.

The above article stated that Azerbaijan is not satisfied with the quality and condition of military-technical cooperation with Russia and is trying to find an alternative to such cooperation. It is reported that at the end of 2017, within the framework of a closed meeting of the Russian-Azerbaijani commission on military-technical cooperation, official Baku raised the question of Moscow fulfilling its obligations to supply various military equipment under existing and already executed contracts. It is reported that during the commission, Baku expressed a sufficiently large number of complaints.

First, Azerbaijan indicated dissatisfaction with the fulfillment of the terms of contracts for the supply of BMP-3, BTR-82, T-90C, Msta-S self-propelled artillery system, Tor-M2 air defense system, Smerch MLRS and other weapons Russian production. It is noted that the main claims of Baku are related to the discrepancy of the supplied military equipment defined in the contracts with the lists of technical equipment, the lack of technical documentation for equipment, the failure of some samples of military equipment due to an obvious factory defect, as well as the lack of components required for the current repair of the supplied to the country of technology.

Secondly, Baku complains about specific problems: the Smerch MLRS missiles do not explode when fired, and the BTR-82A machine guns do not reach the target at all; Mi-35 helicopters constantly observe breakdowns of thermocouples that make it impossible to start the engine, the automatic fire systems and the Sturm-B and Ataka-M missiles do not work properly, and the on-board equipment fails.

In addition, despite the fact that the Azerbaijani side categorically insists on eliminating all the identified problems during the current year, Russia points to the impossibility of these requirements and proposes to ensure the solution of the issue before 2021 of the year.

The above passages have been officially refuted by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense, the website of the local news agency reports. The Defense Ministry of the country noted that the messages that appeared in the media are untrue and are provocative. The defense department especially emphasized the fact that Azerbaijan pays special attention to the purchase of different types of weapons and military equipment in certain producing countries, choosing the best, most high-quality and effective military products that the Azerbaijani army needs to increase its combat potential.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry on the request noted: "The new Russian-made weapons meet the increased requirements for modern weapons systems, and also significantly increases the fire and maneuverability capabilities of units, and especially those that perform combat tasks at the front edge of the defense of our troops" .
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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 April 3 2018 04: 54
    The military base is deployed in Armenia and we are immediately arming potential opponents of this country, Azerbaijan, which may not start hostilities against each other tomorrow today. It would be better if we took an active part in resolving the conflict of these countries.
    1. Lekxnumx
      Lekxnumx April 3 2018 06: 20
      Russia participates in the settlement like France and the United States, though there is no sense in this participation. Russia will never put pressure on Armenia (a strategic ally). Like the United States, the Armenian lobby is the second most important, and France simply has no leverage.
      The military-industrial complex has a property, it must always be loaded with orders in order to make a profit, pays salaries and develops, tests, buys equipment for creating new types of weapons. One orders the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation will not last long. Russia explains this to the foreign markets. the reason for the sale of high-tech weapons even to NATO countries.
      And Az-en is not at war with Armenia, at least it shouldn’t. Unfortunately, our politicians do not have enough brains to bring this position to the world. Armenia entered the CSTO and economic union without Karabakh. De jure Russia recognizes the territorial integrity of Azn, although de facto we know perfectly well that no. Based on this logic, the world community needs to be prepared and then there will be fewer questions. But alas, our politicians love to flog all nonsense about Zengesur, Yerevan thereby discrediting themselves in the world arena.
      This suggests that there is no serious intention to solve this issue by force. Those in power have everything in chocolate, 25 years of negotiating for the sake of negotiations is stupid. The Armenians will not return anything, not even the Karabakh lands, not for this they seized it. I remember the times when the army was not allowed to shoot, only to answer. Now the military do not care, at the front they take the initiative in their hands, they are conducting a trench war by all means. So when they take the full initiative in the country, something can change. And expect nothing more from MSU he’s a weak politician, they were afraid of his father. Although I can’t call him successful, I can’t, but better.
      1. glasha3032
        glasha3032 April 3 2018 15: 32
        Now when the military will take power into their own hands and unleash a war with Armenia, then remember how good Aliyev the son was! The war is a dirty bloody work with the victims. And not an easy walk with a cane along the boulevard ....
        1. VictorZhivilov
          VictorZhivilov April 3 2018 20: 33
          Well, as the learned fathers of Si vis pacem, para bellum said! wink
  2. Sergey985
    Sergey985 April 24 2018 08: 13
    Interestingly, will we wait until the moment when all sales for rubles (real, full, freely convertible into any currency) are conducted?
    1. nikoliski
      nikoliski 5 May 2018 23: 53
      Everything is sold only for foreign currency, and it is not brought to us in the form of bundles of money, but is transferred by the Sfivt system, then in a "miraculous" way back and money is deposited again in Western banks, and if we sell for rubles (which we can print anyway we want) , as in the 90s only increasing inflation by money supply) then what is the point of our rulers? they manage to twist the currency at a percentage rate in Western banks and saw, and to whom did our rubles give up? Go down from heaven to earth, is it that Stalin left nothing after himself after death, and our thieves and crooks are all, they sell oil for painted dollars (and Euros) which then flow back to the West (it has long been proven that hundreds of billions of dollars flow from Russia through private banks every year) is like buying a car from you for 50, but tomorrow you will return 000 to me (you think our ministers buy villas in Spain and the coolest yachts? for salaries?)