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The eyes of the F-35 pilot can be seen at a distance of 1200 km

Northrop Grumman Corporation announced the successful testing of a unique Electron-Optical System (EOS) with a distributed aperture AN / AAQ-37 (DAS) for the X-Numx generation F-5 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. The system, installed on the aircraft stand, successfully detected the launch and escorted a two-stage rocket at a distance over 35 km. Accompanying the rocket lasted 1200 minutes - from the moment of launch to the moment of fuel burnout.

These figures look incredible and, nevertheless, company representatives say that this is only part of the future capabilities of the aircraft. The EOS DAS F-35 will be capable of an 360-degree view with a high frame refresh rate, high resolution and sensitivity, and all of this will be projected onto the pilot's helmet display.

The system consists of several optical sensors located at different points in the fuselage. A computer combines their images into one seamless picture of the environment. DAS detects and accompanies targets in a completely passive mode (without radar or laser illumination), and does not require pilot intervention. It is necessary for the enemy to appear on the battlefield - DAS will instantly seize the target (ground, air, missiles, including air defense and air-to-air) and will continuously monitor it, eliminating the possibility of leaving in the blind zones. In this case, the pilot can shoot in the rear hemisphere and perform any maneuvers.

Also, this system allows the pilot to literally see through the aircraft’s design in various wavelengths - the computer calculates what the pilot would see if there was no opaque plastic or metal, and transmits the synthesized image to the display. At night, in bright sun, in the fog and rain, the pilot of the F-35 sees an unrealistically clear detailed world. No one has previously received such perception abilities; it is not by chance that this system is called “God's eye”.

The F-35 fighter also installs a high resolution omni-directional infrared CCD-TV camera (EOTS), designed for surveillance and targeting. It provides the capture and tracking of any ground, surface and air targets. Completely passive, it is able to detect and track targets in automatic mode and at a great distance, as well as report on the laser irradiation of an aircraft. To reduce the dimensions and signs of unmasking, the designers abandoned the spherical fairing and closed the camera with faceted sapphire glass.

The complex of such equipment provides the ability to covertly perform a very wide range of tasks: antimissile defense, reconnaissance, support in an irregular conflict, etc.
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  1. Vadim
    Vadim 28 May 2011 17: 59
    1200 km optics ??? Avaxs see as much or a little less, but there the locator is more than the F-35. I would believe in 120 km - this is the real range (for a target such as an airplane - 200 km, all that is better is a wonderful, promising miracle, but even it does not promise even 400)
  2. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 21 August 2011 18: 45
    vadim - by introducing this helmet on board, amers carried out a new technological feature in the detection range system ...
    I like the example from the opposite, in order to brainwash at your leisure: to observe the colliding particles in one well-acclaimed European accelerator, you use a complex camera with a total thrust of 700 megapixels and uncles in white robes on monica see a real picture of a collision with subsequent events in all its glory (the event itself, of course, viewed in slow motion).
    Otsel conclusion, the more sensitive the matrix, the farther, deeper, wider and in a wider spectrum it will see.
    And in our macrocosm, whoever saw forward has an increased chance of inserting a piston on an opponent.
    Well, do not forget that a bird of this level is tied into a multi-level ground-air-space complex.
    The 6th step in the development of civilization among Amers makes itself felt.
    If you want to try on the effect of the small eye of God, then take a digital half-profile. camera (in the region of 10 megapixels) with good optics. Sfotay a complex and remote object within 8-10 km or further, because everything depends on the matrix (such as a forest), and after the received photo of maximum resolution, look at the computer (you can use the standard Windows tools) in the zoom mode of that forest. that you get the impression when you want to drop your gaze between the trees ...
  3. kesa1111
    kesa1111 14 November 2011 21: 53
    1200 km seems all the same a typo. Earth curvature (roundness) is not taken into account.
  4. kress42rus
    kress42rus 21 November 2011 13: 45
    especially when the stalk is from a spade in the ass
  5. gojesi
    gojesi 11 March 2012 20: 01
    I don’t think that amers are bluffing in this ... Probably the signal miscalculation, rocket launch, goes through several channels, optical, electro-magnetic, sound, and even plus, from space, from support satellites ... The computer collects all the signals, summarizes, filters, integrates and issues a helmet-mounted indicator ... We will do it, maybe not so fast, but in 5-8 years we will have ones like that, they cannot but be!
  6. kustarodinochka
    kustarodinochka 19 March 2012 10: 46
    it is unlikely that one "God's eye" mounted on a small F-35 "in a chamber with a cut sapphire crystal" in passive mode can see at 1200 km. Apparently in a fantasy in the style of Star Wars.
  7. Honory
    Honory 9 July 2012 17: 09
    Think of the F-117. It was impossible to see it with the radar until the MiG-29 was gouged alone over Yugoslavia. Now they are withdrawn from service, although they have lost money on them. The Americans are terribly fond of PR and scare others. Even when this vaunted F-35 flies. Already with the Raptors, they made fun of it.