Military Review

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. Do not need houses with caches, immediately build caches!

Greetings to you, dear readers! Well, here comes the second month of spring.

First of all, from all our people, I want to express to you our condolences over the events in Kemerovo. Believe me, not all Ukrainians are crazy and have lost their conscience and soul in this whirl of life. We grieve with you.

But no one is immune from this. Neither you nor us. Not already insured because the true "masters of life" who own such complexes as your "Winter Cherry" no longer live in Russia or Ukraine. I heard that the Kemerovo boss lives in Australia ...

Today is a Christian holiday - the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. The day Jesus entered the Holy City on a young donkey as king or victor. And he was greeted with shouts of "Hosanna", as only kings are met. The holiday is bright and sad. Like ours with you история.

Light because people first realized the divine essence of Jesus Christ. And sad because a few days later these same people gladly threw stones at him. What is not your relationship with our states?

Now back to our holiday - April Fool's Day, ugh, the Ukrainian government.

I will begin with the most terrible filth that Russia suddenly created against Ukraine. All of a sudden, they took our diplomats 13 and kicked them out! Well, no one expected it. The Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Irina Gerashchenko, almost fainted:

“Russia, by tradition, acts meanly and painfully. In response to the expulsion of 13 Russian diplomats who were engaged in dubious activities in Ukraine, they send 13 our current diplomats, mainly from the embassy in Moscow, and 5 from our consulate in Rostov. most of the trials of Ukrainian political prisoners take place there. "

You are a cunning nation. Then you throw some “Mayor” of some kind of May, then you transport the cold from Siberia to Europe, you send the diplomats in retaliation, then you demand money for gas. Or do you really not understand that the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Ukraine is a good thing, but the return dispatch of Ukrainian from Russia is meanness?

But literally the day before the expulsion of your diplomats on all television screens told about the importance of not starting these Euro-American games. Never! Otherwise, Russia, as is customary in such cases, will respond mirror. Answered. Began smearing snot on the face ...

"I also, as authorized by the president, plan to appeal to all embassies of EU countries and G7, asking their representatives in Russia to attend all trials of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars - in Moscow, Rostov, wherever this farce takes place."

This dark aunt does not even amuse me. The only sensible thought at the sight of the vice speaker - where did we find such a reference idiot? On sales there are none. Even with us.

Here's the Hydrant we have done. Affects the old school. Where there is a sheep at the new gate. As he began to say goodbye to Gazprom and Russia, he continues.

"Supporters of the construction of the pipeline" Nord Stream - 2 "are accomplices of Russia in its hybrid war."

"On the one hand, Kiev will annually lose on 2 billions of dollars in fees charged for the transit of Russian gas to Europe. On the other hand, the Russian concern Gazprom will likely reduce the volume of gas supplies to Ukraine. For Russia," Nord Stream-2 "Is a tool of political pressure."

Want to understand where the wind is blowing? He's not just blowing from Kiev. Remember how to build? It will connect the Russian Ust-Luga and the German Greifswald. So much for you and forgive the Baltics, Poland, and for us too.

Noticed how our Petro changed tactics following the example of Teresa May? Previously, he traveled the world and humbly begged for alms. Serve for food, we ourselves are not local. And now? Beauty. Hardly, immediately hysterical. With his legs, he rolls his eyes and howls. A small child in the "Children's World". Someone who is not with Ukraine is an agent of the Kremlin ...

But it must be admitted that the skill is growing ...

And I forgot about three years of abandonment of Russian gas at once. And about energy independence from the aggressor. I even forgot about my own successful visit to Qatar. But about 2 billion. $ Remembers.

So - the politician. And, I smell the abdominal nodes, the second term it shines. But we'll talk about this a little later.

I watched your political show somehow. The question asked was interesting. What will happen to the ATO? Will serious clashes begin? On a serious war can not speak. Why? I will answer below. But the ATO continues. I had to listen to the "main mouth" of our Ministry of Defense Dmitry Gutsulyak:

"At the moment, the antiterrorist operation will go so far in parallel with the upcoming operation of the joint forces. The decision to end the antiterrorist operation will be immediately with the signing by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko of the corresponding decree on the completion of the antiterrorist operation. While there is no such decree. Now the forces are being formed, the commander of the United forces Lieutenant-General Sergey Naev ".

Here Ukrainians, on both sides of the front, and the Russians, I am sure, remember the pre-election promises to end this murder in two weeks.

Or maybe the hydrant recall history? Ukrainian historian Anatoly Tchaikovsky quotes from Shukhevych’s references. “Do not intimidate, but exterminate! Do not be afraid that people will curse us for cruelty. Let half of the Ukrainian population of 40 leave half - nothing terrible about it” ... Doesn’t it remind anything? Even the law on the reintegration of Donbass does not resemble? But I remember ...

Remember how many times I talked about grenades, which have become a tradition? Weekly in several cases of application in the country, not in the ATO zone. And that the parliament now deputies without weapons must walk, also told.

Now we will try to take away weapons from ATO veterans! March 27, at the conference call of the leadership of the National Police announced the beginning of just such events. First Deputy Heads of the National Police Vyacheslav Abroskin:

"Today, during the video-selective meeting of the leadership of the National Police of Ukraine, the launch of the preventive measures on the territory of the state in March-May of 2018 to remove arms, ammunition and explosives from our citizens from illegal trafficking was launched."

What are they talking about? When the turmoil has just begun, even the weapons of the Second World War "surfaced" ... The Ukrainian mentality is not taken into account. It is necessary to bury in the forest. Suddenly need or sell will be.

All this prevention will result in an increase in the number of patrols on the streets and the next brain ... preventive work. No more. Those baboons who sit in the pioneer camps near Kiev will be disarmed? Any Ukrainian knows that there are tons of weapons unaccounted for.

The national police will fight with veterans of the ATO? Nu-nu ... Rather, "Javelins" will distribute in "reliable" hands. Like Hitler's faust-patrons used to be from the Hitler Youth ... Then let's distribute weapons to everyone, then let's hand over weapons - and all for "peace and security not only on our streets, but also in our own homes of civilians."

Or maybe it will be like with military equipment, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces lack, but ... which is not military equipment?

In the Novograd-Volynsky district of the Zhytomyr region, police seized around 200 military equipment and vehicles, which were sold over the Internet. Only she was ... not combat. Get ready. Now the brain will make:

"The equipment in question is not military and is not military at all. Among these vehicles, 196 units are demilitarized, of which 93 are cars and tractors, 98 are trailers, shelters and tanks, 4 units are BTR and 1 are BRDM."

"The 17 units of equipment have already submitted documents, contracts confirming the legality of their alienation through authorized state-owned enterprises during 2013-2016."

Normal business. Written off, sold, confiscated, sold again ... the cycle of technology in nature. If she is able to drive, it means that she is a MILITARY. In war, Gazons are holey-hobbling, so we don’t need to fool our heads, Panov! I think that with a weapon it will be exactly the same ... Sporting or training ... For combat shooting by young people.

Well, continue the topic of military.

The main importer of Ukrainian weapons in 2013-2017 was Russia, the report of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says !!!

Notice, not I and not Ukraine made this conclusion. Europe! On the contrary, our heads grabbed. Like this? We are still in the 2014-th decision of the National Security Council banned the export of weapons to Russia (decree of the President of Ukraine from 27 August 2014 of the year). Therefore, we shout at every opportunity about the incapacity of the Russian Armed Forces.

Oh, it was time. The 2004 were the fourth in the world! The penultimate five-year plan, we were 9 of the largest exporters of weapons. 2,1% of global sales. In the last five years of 11-m, total 1,7%. Reduced sales at 26% ...

I remember in 2016, we put Russian military goods on 169 million. On 72% more than with Yanukovych!

But do not think what it is ... we. In Ukroboroprome directly said:

"We do not trade with the aggressor country ... The concern controls that no nut gets to the enemy. It is possible that other defense factories that are not part of Ukroboronprom continue to cooperate with the Russian Federation, bypassing the legislation of Ukraine."

Well, dear friends, were scared for their army?

Some, probably, now thought of the Ukrainian slingshots, catapults, bows and crossbows. Others about inflatable rocket launchers. And what they say that it is our state-owned concern "Ukrainian Gumovі Іgrashki" won the tender of the Russian Defense Ministry. In vain you are. In the sense of fear.

There casket just opened. Russia is to blame for the increase in Ukrainian arms exports ... to Russia! That's all.

It is, as explained in SIPRI, about the supply of engines for the Yak-130, frigates and aircraft AN-140 and An-178. Are you the Antonovs? So pay a license fee! That is, buy Ukrainian weapons!

Well, it is necessary to smoothly move on to peaceful construction. In the literal sense of the word. Life goes on. People build houses. But the care of cockroaches do not show. I once wrote that we are older than you. And smarter. That's why they got into your head. In short:

"We will change the state building regulations, because the residential development does not comply with the rules on the creation of civil protection infrastructure."
"In this way, we will be able to slightly increase the safety of people in emergency situations."

It was our heads in the head of Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko who worked. He issued a new installation for builders. That, means, in all houses comfortable conditions for our cockroach accommodation were provided. And for this we will provide our own living space to people in the event of a nuclear strike. If you have time to crawl, of course.

No wonder our once in the head of the Kiev mayor have worked! "Ukrainians must prepare for the earth!" So after all, the mayor's mouth said. In general, in my opinion, to build houses with caches - a fool's errand. We must give our hints, let them build caches right away. Without houses. Faster succeed. And we will solve the housing problem for young cockroach families.

Moreover, that people soon and will not. Scatter. Someone abroad, and whom they will bury, if the court allows. I already wrote to you about this somehow. Why? Oh well. Everything goes to that.

Incomes of the population last year amounted to 2475,8 billion UAH, expenses - 2544,8 billion UAH, savings of Ukrainians in 2017 year decreased by 69 billion UAH. This is reported on the official website of the State Statistics Service.

It is understandable. You watch TV and you understand that you cannot save anything. Putin will come and take everything. I remembered the old joke. Older than me, but in the subject. Boats, birds need money? No, sir Ataman! Eagles, I drank your money ...

The people felt confident in the future. Began to actively spend savings. And he-it, tomorrow or the bottom, is not far off. As I understand it, people are not able to master a simple scheme of life.

If your income is OK, then you spend and increase savings. If you increase savings, but out of the country, then your legs are going to do. "There is no stability" - remember? People do not see their future in this country. But I remember how people kept their savings in the bank. In the three-liter ...

I congratulate once again the Orthodox on Palm Sunday! Fools on April Fool's Day! The rest of the weekend and the onset of a normal spring. We have it as if with might and main, and I wish you soon. This is our favorite word now. All soon ...

Smiles to you and good luck in business. Good thoughts. Will live!
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  1. intuzazist
    intuzazist April 2 2018 15: 42
    where did we find such a reference idiot? On sales there are none. Even with us.
    There is clearly some kind of warehouse in Ukraine, reference idiots! State reserve some uncorked ...............................
    1. credo
      credo April 6 2018 17: 29
      Quote: intuzazist
      where did we find such a reference idiot? On sales there are none. Even with us.
      There is clearly some kind of warehouse in Ukraine, reference idiots! State reserve some uncorked ...............................

      Yes, there are such everywhere - both in Ukraine and in Russia, and in England and in the USA - it just depends on the situation and necessity. And in Ukraine, unfortunately for all of us, this situation has been developing for the past 27 years.
  2. BAI
    BAI April 2 2018 16: 11
    Congratulations again to the Orthodox on Palm Sunday! Fools Happy Fool's Day!

    The first of April is Gogol’s birthday.
  3. AlexMark
    AlexMark April 2 2018 16: 11
    Once again, I read your notes and I would like to recommend them for reading to all those whose blood flow to the brain is blocked at the mention of Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is necessary to clearly separate people and power, although propaganda is slowly doing its job, trying to equalize, unfortunately, successfully.
    There are people, no matter what their eye color, nose shape and skin color, but there are creatures. Unfortunately, the latter cannot be distinguished immediately in the crowd by external signs, but sooner or later they determine themselves.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 April 2 2018 19: 11
      And now go to the news about the fired "Ural" in Lugansk transporting a sick fighter by geeks from urorvermahtm !! These scum ATGM did not regret it. am I don’t know how the rest, but after the season of hated Russians I laid out holiday pictures near St. Petersburg, I look at EVERY Ukrainians "wary", without hatred, but God saves those who are safe.
      1. You Vlad
        You Vlad April 2 2018 19: 30
        Quote: Mih1974
        Ugansk transporting a sick fighter geeks from urorvermahtma !!

        And you relax! This is a war, a civil war inspired from abroad, people are cunningly poisoned, and here you are on the hook.
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 April 2 2018 20: 02
          I’m not on the hook, I remember very well how at the end of the first Chechen majority, it was “glad” to at least such a World. sad At the same time there was a terrible screech - captures, terrorists, severed heads, slaves, and much more. And then there’s fascist madness. Shots of deliberately peaceful people and NO real motivation for civil war
        2. Mih1974
          Mih1974 April 2 2018 20: 15
          And note what savage sadism from the ukrovermaht !!! am And just toothless and “Christ's” humanism, in contrast to the prisoners from the side of LDNR !!
      2. Height
        Height April 2 2018 20: 39
        Michael, where can I see these pictures?
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 April 3 2018 18: 38
          sad Climbed the entire Internet - water rubbed. That year, this impudent face snaked out, but already when backwards fled.
          1. Height
            Height April 5 2018 20: 10
            Okay, I just wanted to see and remember these faces.
  4. gm9019
    gm9019 April 2 2018 18: 54
    Thank you, dear Cockroach!
    I wish you health and spring mood! And on the occasion of the one you are celebrating, congratulations! love

    Well, this is to your apt expression))
  5. Igor ..
    Igor .. April 2 2018 18: 54
    Quote: intuzazist
    where did we find such a reference idiot? On sales there are none. Even with us.
    There is clearly some kind of warehouse in Ukraine, reference idiots! State reserve some uncorked ...............................

    Unfortunately, such warehouses are everywhere and we have them. More and more often I think that my grandfather, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, has not survived to this day, he does not see what is happening between the fraternal peoples who shed blood together so that we would live.
  6. LMN
    LMN April 2 2018 19: 25
    ..but everything is just beginning. If the information about the IMF demand is correct, about the increase in gas prices for the population. Considering that you have to buy gas somewhere, and not in Russia .. this is a serious internal problem. belay
    1. You Vlad
      You Vlad April 2 2018 19: 34
      Quote: LMN
      Given that you have to buy gas somewhere, and not in Russia .. this is a serious internal internal problem

      What problems? They give them a loan yes So to say, put this power on the people and how many years they will pay these loans! And they will share the tranche, share it fraternally (in Jewish yes )
      1. LMN
        LMN April 2 2018 20: 10
        Quote: you Vlad
        Quote: LMN
        Given that you have to buy gas somewhere, and not in Russia .. this is a serious internal internal problem

        What problems? They give them a loan yes So to say, put this power on the people and how many years they will pay these loans! And they will share the tranche, share it fraternally (in Jewish yes )

        So it seems that one of the requirements for issuing this tranche was domestic gas prices.
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 April 2 2018 21: 13
          So let them follow their own tradition - another Majdak and "what kind of credit is meddling, I don’t know anything, I don’t remember anything"))
      2. LMN
        LMN April 2 2018 20: 16
        The International Monetary Fund will complete the fourth review of Ukraine’s expanded financing program following the adoption of the Anti-Corruption Court law and bringing gas prices to market levels.

        These conditions were voiced by the head of the IMF’s representative office in Ukraine, Yosta Lyungman, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

        “There are certain conditions, they must be fulfilled. These are achievable indicators: we hope for their speedy implementation,” Lyngman emphasized.
  7. Height
    Height April 2 2018 20: 36
    Palm Sunday, friend! Health and good luck to you and your loved ones.
  8. sabakina
    sabakina April 2 2018 21: 39
    Today is a Christian holiday - the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem. The day Jesus rode into the Holy City on a young donkey as king or conqueror. And he was met with shouts of "Hosanna," as only kings are greeted. The holiday is bright and sad. Like our story with you.
    Cockroach, I'm afraid that we know less about ancient history than we think. But in M. Bulgakov he knew for sure something that was not known to us.
    1. Height
      Height April 2 2018 22: 06
      Interestingly, he knew this .... Satan's ball?
      1. sabakina
        sabakina April 3 2018 20: 57
        If it were only a ball ... Apparently, M. Bulgakov was not the only one to write this novel.
        1. domokl
          domokl April 3 2018 21: 08
          belay Woland do not fire ... Who knows ...
          But the Cockroach will be older than us in the sense of evolution ... Maybe he knows something?
          "Eustace Alex: Tell us about the ball of Satan during the struggle with Jesus Christ. The role of Pontius Pilate is incomprehensible. To bestow or curse? Just tell the fate of Agent Judas. Eustace."
        2. Height
          Height April 5 2018 20: 16
          Maybe then tell me - why the outstanding writer M.A. Bulgakov said: “Never ask for anything. Never anything, and especially those who are stronger than you. They will offer it themselves and give everything! ” (M. Bulgakov, “The Master and Margarita”).
          And at the same time, he went to Stalin and asked him about the position ...
          1. sabakina
            sabakina April 5 2018 20: 23
            This was not said by M.A. Bulgakov, but by Woland.
            1. Height
              Height April 5 2018 20: 42
              Agree that if you leave the image, then all the same it was said by M. A. Bulgakov.
              In fact. it was he who created this character. And this character speaks the words of the author.
              But, I like: "Darkness has come from the Mediterranean Sea ..." or: "I’m sitting, repairing a stove, I’m not disturbing anyone ...", or about the first freshness. But, nevertheless, the "White Guard"! Because incorrectly interpreted higher truths, they are not just dangerous, they are catastrophically dangerous! The devil is a trend.
          2. Height
            Height April 5 2018 20: 26
            By the way, his ingenious work is The White Guard. I read more than once. When I read the novel, I would somehow live it myself. Masterpiece.
            1. sabakina
              sabakina April 5 2018 20: 47
              I did not read The White Guard. And about the fact that Bulgakov created the character .... But did he create it? But did the character himself tell him a story? Have you ever thought that a lot of mysticism is connected with this novel?
              1. Height
                Height April 5 2018 21: 10
                That’s exactly what I thought before, until I met a person by accident who was said to be able to raise the dead.
                So, he said: God and Love have no opposites, they create them themselves!
                In general, geniuses are difficult to understand for us, "mere mortals." Here is A.P. Chekhov, his ingenious work "The Seagull", called comedy ... Why?
  9. Cananecat
    Cananecat April 2 2018 23: 36
    "We do not trade with the aggressor country ... The concern controls that no nut gets to the enemy. It is possible that other defense factories that are not part of Ukroboronprom continue to cooperate with the Russian Federation, bypassing the legislation of Ukraine."

    Personally, I know a company that buys equipment in Belarus, so that the final product would come under the orders of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Rosatom, only now it comes in boxes with such a characteristic scorched trident ... but the plates on that equipment are Belarusian laughing
    1. AlexMark
      AlexMark April 3 2018 04: 27
      shhh! give the little mustache the center of big europe naziTstso))))
      1. domokl
        domokl April 3 2018 06: 34
        Quote: AlexMark
        shhh! give the little mustache the center of big europe naziTstso))))

        Well, with this, you are fine. Cows of two yields from zealousness, shrimps in the rivers started. bananas, pineapples in pine forests proliferate. about apple trees generally keep quiet. Some kind of disease is the opposite. Everything divorces itself and bears fruit at an unprecedented pace.
        That's what the director of the state farm in power means laughing
        But! He drags everything into the house. Kurkul And not so much for himself, as for all divides. So, let the Belarusian industry flourish ... on the Ukrainian fork lol
  10. svp67
    svp67 April 3 2018 10: 18
    We grieve with you.
    Thanks to the caring people of BROTHER Ukraine. This misfortune has affected the souls of so many ... And the nonhumans who danced on their bones will be rewarded handsomely. And in the war it is necessary to remain PEOPLE.
    "Okoloradsky", you have already become our relatives. Therefore, do not be surprised at a PERSONAL request. And do not take it as labor, make a photo shoot of products in your supermarkets, indicating prices ... in stores it’s easier, like ATB, if they still work for you, in stores it’s cooler ... I would like to understand what and how you have now, in this matter.
    If you agree, then take five types of products. Bread, white and black, meat, fish, eggs and of course vodka ...
    Thank you in advance.
    P / S. And yet, in the context of our tragedy, do you and your “cockroach” brethren, dearly, have the same information about the availability of shopping and entertainment centers similar to our ill-fated “Winter Cherry” in Ukraine, rebuilt from factories, how are they doing with fire safety ...?
    1. Baloo
      Baloo April 3 2018 21: 24
      Quote: svp67
      how are they doing with fire safety ...?

      Dear Cockroach (it would be more pleasant for me to call him simply Ukrainian, but somehow he did not pay attention to it) once again demonstrated the presence of sane, responsible and loving Ukrainians. Last year, when a wave of phone calls swept across Russia about the mining of centers, schools, hospitals, many calls were from Ukraine, and not just from Israel, Turkey and Russia itself. In our city, recently, one psycho decided to make a joke, so after a few hours he was tied up. I hope that the Cheka is not asleep, last year's ringers are all registered and they will never be forgotten.
  11. asp373
    asp373 April 5 2018 18: 42
    Colorado, what do you say about the capture of the fishermen of the aggressor who aggressively occupied the kilka in Azov? For me, it’s just an epic surrogate, but what does the suspension think?
  12. zenion
    zenion April 6 2018 16: 56
    That Nehai won’t know, chew, chew, do our own thing, all the panis to the bottom of the pit, bourgeois, for bourgeois, budem budem, budem, budem!