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"Thaw". The United States pushed for the introduction of new sanctions against the DPRK

Literally a few hours after the energy summit in South Korea announced its readiness to begin implementing the project of a gas pipeline from Russia through the territory of the DPRK, the United States in the United Nations began to promote the next package of sanctions against Pyongyang. As a result, the UN decided to introduce additional economic restrictions on the DPRK.

It is known that the sanctions will be further extended to 21 North Korean company. Attention is drawn to the fact that almost all of these enterprises fall within the scope of North Korean energy. Some of them are engaged, for example, in the extraction and sale of coal. Sanctions are also extended to several North Korean tankers used by Pyongyang to transport hydrocarbons. Restrictive measures are also being introduced to other DPRK vessels.

In the United States they stated that they "noted" several visits of North Korean ships to the Russian ports of the Far East. The statements say that North Korean ships were loading coal there. Then this coal was transported to the ports of South Korea and Japan.

Thus, in the United States made it clear that Seoul and Tokyo are under the American cap, and all their trade transactions pass through American monitoring. In this regard, it can be assumed that in South Korea, someone from the top political leadership will soon announce “erroneous information about Seoul’s readiness to support the project to build a gas pipeline through North Korea.” The United States is clearly annoyed by the fact that the very thoughts about building such a gas pipeline are visited by representatives of the official Seoul.

"Thaw". The United States pushed for the introduction of new sanctions against the DPRK

Recall that the other day the head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, made his first foreign visit to China.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 31 March 2018 06: 16
    We need to veto these decisions, exit the sanctions regime, and fully restore relations with North Korea.
    1. Peresvet_54
      Peresvet_54 31 March 2018 06: 36
      “We need to veto these decisions ..” And the more significant the “veto” will be, the faster both Koreas will be able to begin the path towards rapprochement.
    2. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 31 March 2018 08: 22
      Sanctions bring us closer and the more they are the better .. And we will hold the pipe! And we’ll unite the Koreans! Hold on eun!
    3. fa2998
      fa2998 31 March 2018 16: 10
      Quote: Herkulesich
      We need to veto these decisions, exit the sanctions regime, and fully restore relations with North Korea.

      Do you live on the moon? Here, even the title of the article is incorrect. The word SOLD it was promised to someone, threatened by someone. And in this case, not that the veto or abstained. Sanctions after DPRK are readily supported by countries, including the PRC and Russia.
      How are they going to lay a gas pipe in the sanctions regime? Is our Gazprom in the DPRK exactly on the list? Up there arms and heads are not connected in any way, they say they spat in their own pocket. negative hi
  2. Ural cossack
    Ural cossack 31 March 2018 06: 31
    Yes, do not care already for sanctions. Anyway, they will be.
    1. Dashout
      Dashout 31 March 2018 09: 16
      Quote: article text
      As a result, the UN decided to introduce additional economic restrictions on North Korea.

      What is it? Again, we supported the amers for sanctions against the DPRK? How else can you understand? What does it mean Americans pushed sanctions at the UN? So we agreed?
      What is it?
      1. MstislavHrabr
        MstislavHrabr 31 March 2018 13: 04
        It is necessary for all enterprises that already under sanctions to allow all types of activities with the DPRK (until the sanctions are lifted)
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  4. LSA57
    LSA57 31 March 2018 06: 38
    Then this coal was transported to the ports of South Korea and Japan.

    Well then, and these under sanctions
  5. askort154
    askort154 31 March 2018 06: 47
    After the collapse of the USSR, the Americans completely put the UN under themselves. It remains only to oust Russia from the UN Security Council.
    1. Dude
      Dude 31 March 2018 08: 08
      Alas, everything goes to that ((
      And the policy of fawning with a tail wag does not help ...
      1. Kerensky
        Kerensky 31 March 2018 10: 18
        Maybe the UN - reformat?
  6. Sergey985
    Sergey985 31 March 2018 07: 00
    Do not sell sanctions. Russia and China will veto. And Seoul will fall under the infernal press. Sanctions from the USA and Europe will be. Impression, the world rolls off the coils, as before the war.
  7. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 31 March 2018 07: 01
    The Americans started a tricky game. Under the guise of another loop of "strangulation" of the DPRK, another unwinding of the North Korean "crisis", they started "reforming" the UN - on the one hand, they want to discredit Russia as a country that does not comply with UN orders and introduce sanctions against it, already under the auspices of the UN, and besides Moreover, try to deprive Russia of the right of "veto" or limit its use by it.
    1. Dormidont
      Dormidont 31 March 2018 07: 43
      Russia must leave this hellish UN
      1. Dude
        Dude 31 March 2018 08: 12
        That would be a fabulous gift to the Americans !!
        No matter how big the UN looks like, permanent membership in the Security Council is one of the few remaining signs of great power and, in general, Russia's legitimacy in the international arena.
        1. Sergey985
          Sergey985 31 March 2018 08: 27
          That's for sure! You can’t leave the UN.
        2. Rostislav
          Rostislav 31 March 2018 11: 38
          Is Russia's membership in the UN Security Council a sign of legitimacy?
          Dear Dude, don't drink so much in the morning.
  8. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 31 March 2018 07: 19
    Seoul and Tokyo are under an American cap, and all their trade deals go through American monitoring
    And not only trade deals, but also foreign policy issues. While Americans are present in these territories with their bases nothing can be changed. She is bondage and bondage in Africa. Most of the UN countries are in the same bondage from the United States.
    1. Dude
      Dude 31 March 2018 08: 15
      Both bondage and Kabbalah wink Typically, the words are similar laughing
  9. svp67
    svp67 31 March 2018 07: 25
    As a result, the UN decided to introduce additional economic restrictions on the DPRK.
    And this is absolutely not clear to me. It is already clear that the United States is honing its weapons against Russia on the same DPRK, and why we help them with this is completely incomprehensible to me ...
    1. Dude
      Dude 31 March 2018 08: 20
      We are afraid to appear in the eyes of the so-called. "World Community" accomplices "crazy man-rockets" sad
      We continue all the idiotic attempts to please the “partners” (this word is already infuriating from high-ranking asses ... ugh, you hear it !! am ) and everyone will like it
  10. Dormidont
    Dormidont 31 March 2018 07: 41
    Sold through our veto. Oh well. I recall the words of the ambassador in Israel that Russia, if anything, will immediately and unconditionally protect only Israel. In any case
    1. svp67
      svp67 31 March 2018 08: 25
      Quote: Dormidont
      Sold through our veto.

      Nothing can be forced through VETO. These are the rules. So Russia, and most importantly China, at least abstained.
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 31 March 2018 07: 51
    It is not clear that they pushed it through the Security Council? Or how at all? And what about China? Voted "For"?
  12. Lena Petrova
    Lena Petrova 31 March 2018 08: 39
    Quote: MIKHAN
    And we’ll unite the Koreans!

    It's not so simple. The Germans, won, have already been united.
    1. Dude
      Dude 31 March 2018 08: 51
      From a geopolitical point of view, the unification of the two Koreas is most likely not beneficial for us. But the warming of relations between them is very profitable! At the very least, the railway branch from the Trans-Siberian Railway to South Korea would come in handy.
      1. gsev
        gsev 31 March 2018 22: 51
        Why? In the historical perspective, a strong independent state close to China is not bad. Even independent strong Turkey near Syria is better for us than an obedient American vassal. At least the US Department of State has been busy keeping Korea even disconnected for about 15 years.
  13. Fedorov
    Fedorov 31 March 2018 09: 31
    One of the jokes of genocide is starvation.
    Does the UN support?
    What, for example, Britain did - From the richest state in the world, India, threw into poverty. And she didn’t even apologize. That we type stupidly robbed and exploited you.
    From Anglo-Saxon expect something good request - need to arm yourself!
    And the concentration camps in South Africa, the Angles created at the beginning of the last century, in the United States in the Depression as well, the Indians were exterminated for money.
    And do these countries tell us something about shit democracy?
    I would have set fire to the Elunstoinsky Reserve with Big Ben at the same time, but it’s a pity there are no matches. am
  14. AlexanderVP
    AlexanderVP 31 March 2018 10: 17
    And what was the "punching"? Someone resisted or what?
  15. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 31 March 2018 10: 57
    It’s time to switch to rubles in payments for everything that is exported over a hill!
  16. Mimohod
    Mimohod 31 March 2018 11: 30
    It proves 1001 times that the United States, hiding behind a corrupt United Nations pocket, destabilizes the world, artificially unleashing heated conflicts, resolving entirely its economic and political interests, due to the destruction of states, blood and suffering of people from other countries, pitted among themselves to please Anglo-Saxon happiness and prosperity. ....
  17. dojjdik
    dojjdik 31 March 2018 20: 20
    the Osharashkina desk of the United Nations was bought by Jews with giblets; one must leave from there for a long time; this United Nations has not given and will not give us; in vain we are only throwing a tax — someone will raise 200 coffins of the Yugoslavs or Ukrainian children of Donbas who can be revived by an agent Tsru Poroshenko can live — grandfather of Gaddafi or Hussein will rise again;
    1. karish
      karish 31 March 2018 20: 30
      Quote: dojjdik
      Osharashkina counter UN bought by Jews with giblets-

      how much did we invest in this unprofitable project?
      Quote: dojjdik
      whoever picks up 200 coffins of the Yugoslavs or maybe the Ukrainian children of Donbas who were killed by an agent of the CIA Poroshenko will revive, grandfather of Gaddafi or Hussein will be resurrected or maybe the children of Syria will get up from the graves or the Lebanese kid

      since when did the Arabs harness you so much?
      About 2 million people die from malaria per year.
      Maybe it’s better to fight malaria?
  18. The comment was deleted.