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The war of extermination. H. 2

The war of extermination. H. 2

Continuing the theme raised in the article War of extermination, it must be said that the atrocities of the Nazis on Soviet soil have no analogues. In the western countries, France, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Greece and even Poland, the invaders for a very long time behaved like people who honor international laws and customs of war. Even during the seizure of these countries, there were generally few excesses: the command, officers, and each soldier were handed a memo with the “Ten Commandments of Warfare”, which spoke about the need for a loyal attitude to the civilian population and compliance with international rules of war. The only exception is the situation in Yugoslavia, where the Ustashi (Croatian Nazis) and the Nazis staged a genocide of the Serbs.

The war in the West was a kind of struggle within the same family for the right to lead in Europe. For centuries, Spain, France, England, Austria fought for this honor, in the last quarter of the 19 century Germany joined the fight. Most of the townsfolk were willing to accept the power of Berlin, if it brings them wealth. In the East, the war was of a different nature - it was going to be exterminated. The prototype of this war was not feudal wars, but crusades against the “infidels” - the Muslims, the pagan Slavic and Baltic tribes of Russia. Berlin and its curators (those who formed the worldview of Adolf Hitler and helped the Nazis to come to power) sought to destroy a different civilization, the “wrong”, from their point of view. Russia carried a different model of development for all of humanity, and therefore was the main enemy of the West on the planet. As a result, the war took on the character of the destruction of the Soviet peoples. Russian civilization could be destroyed only by interrupting most of the speakers of Russian culture and language. The remnants could be turned into slavery by working on the dismantling of the education system, the decomposition of the population (tobacco, alcohol, etc.).

In fact, the Third Reich was created and given to Hitler almost all of Europe with the sole purpose of crushing the Soviet Union, another civilization. On this basis, it becomes clear why Adolf Hitler and the German military-political leadership, after a brilliant victory in the West, instead of landing troops in England or developing a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern strategy, preferred to strike at the Union. The undoubted rationalism and pragmatism of Hitler and the German leadership gave regular failures when it came to the USSR. From the point of view of the mind, a blow to the Union was a rather dubious decision, which proved the defeat of the Reich. But if we consider the problem from the point of view of the struggle of civilizations, ideas, the decision of Hitler was quite logical. The attack on the USSR turned the intra-European conflict into a “crusade” of Western Europe against Russia. All of Europe was supposed to rally around Germany in the fight against the "Russian-Asian hordes." Many in Berlin believed that even Britain would join this campaign. In June 1941, the German ambassador to Turkey, Franz von Papen, received an instruction from Berlin: on the very first day of the German attack on the USSR, discuss with the British ambassador the question of alliance against Bolshevism. In addition, it was believed that Russia would not last long - the war will last several weeks, a maximum of months, the colossus on clay feet will fall.

Hitler's views on Russia were the same in the 1925 year, when he wrote My Struggle, and in the 1941 year. “My mission, if I succeed, is to destroy the Slavs,” said Hitler to the Romanian minister Antonescu. - In the future Europe there should be two races: Germanic and Latin. These two races must work together in Russia in order to reduce the number of Slavs. Russia cannot be approached with legal or political formulations, since the Russian people are much more dangerous than it seems, and we must use colonizing and biological means to destroy the Slavs. ” Hitler made such statements more than once or twice: “We have only one task - to carry out Germanization by importation of Germans, and to deal with the indigenous population as with Indians ... We will have to comb territory, square kilometer per square kilometer, and constantly hang! It will be a real Native American War ... ”.

After the Second World War at the Nuremberg trial, Erich von dem Bach spoke as a witness. In the run-up to the attack on the USSR, in May 1941, he was appointed commander of the SS forces in Central Russia and Belarus. Erich von dem Bach was one of the most senior SS leaders who enjoyed the full confidence of Heinrich Himmler. At the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, he told a lot of interesting things, including the instructions of Himmler "to ensure that only people of really German blood live in the East." For this, in his opinion, it was necessary to eliminate a significant part of the subhumans inhabiting the USSR. The number in 30 million people who were to be destroyed was named. It is clear that this is not the final figure, it is only the first outline. For example, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt stated: "We must destroy at least one third of the population of the annexed territories."

Those Soviet citizens who survived were to become slaves, lowered to the level of wild natives. Adolf Hitler reasoned about it with pleasure and repeatedly. He offered to give Russian cities, after the conquest of Russia "to fall apart" without the intervention of the Germans. Cancel for the Russian vaccination and hygiene standards, but "give them alcohol and tobacco as they please." Cancel books and generally destroy the education system, leave only the radio. To establish a loudspeaker in every village: “all that is needed to the villagers is music, music and more music.”

Interestingly, these wishes of Hitler were embodied after the collapse of the USSR during the liberal genocide. The education system has undergone a powerful attack by the “reformers”, the alcoholism and anesthesia of the population has reached the highest limits, the culture has degraded.

Hitler’s closest ally Martin Borman, expounding the essence of the occupation policy in the East, said: “They can use contraceptives and have abortions, and the more, the better. We do not want them to be educated. It is enough if they will count to one hundred. Such idiots will be all the more useful for us. Religion we will leave to distract attention. ”

Naturally, the task of complete "Germanization" of the East could not be solved by the SS alone. Therefore, after the end of the war in the East, it was planned to leave 56 divisions, including 12 tank and 6 motorized. In addition to purely military tasks, the Wehrmacht was supposed to ensure the destruction of prisoners of war and help SS units in the elimination of the civilian population. True, for this it was necessary to overcome the traditional concepts of military honor of the officer corps. On March 30, 1941, at a meeting with the generals, Hitler was able to convince the command of the Wehrmacht that this war would be a war of two opposing ideologies, a "struggle for destruction." “The war against Russia will be such that it should not be waged with elements of chivalry. It will be a battle of ideologies and racial differences and must be fought with unprecedented and unrelenting brutality. All officers must get rid of outdated moral views. ... In the East, cruelty itself is a blessing for the future. " For the most part, the military leadership unconditionally agreed with Hitler's proposed war of destruction. In the East, the German army command discarded the laws of warfare and followed Berlin's orders to depopulate Russia. In fact, every Wehrmacht soldier was informed that everything is allowed to him, he is not threatened with a military tribunal.

15 May 1941 of the year Reichsführer SS Himmler handed Hitler a note in which he proposed to Germanize and settle Belarus, the Baltic republics, Ingermanland (Leningrad Oblast) and Crimea for 20 years. Thus, for two decades, it was supposed to settle these territories by the Germans, the locals waited for death and eviction.

One of the methods of exterminating the population of the Soviet territories was to be famine. The chernozem regions were to provide food for the Wehrmacht and Germany. As a result, the supply of the “forest zone”, including Moscow and Leningrad, was sharply reduced. The German leadership believed that hunger would destroy tens of millions of people. The economy of Russia, with some exceptions, was supposed to degrade to a subsistence economy, which could not feed the population existing in the USSR. In addition, hunger allowed to write off the destruction of tens of millions of "natural causes".

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    DYMITRY April 27 2012 09: 49
    On this occasion, there is an excellent book by Nikolai Starikov "Who made Hitler attack Stalin". The backstage agreements of the "allies" with the Reich before the war are examined in detail. Many strange moments become very clear. For example, the "strange war" is explained
    1. Vadim555
      Vadim555 April 27 2012 11: 36
      Quote: DYMITRY
      DYMitriy Today, 09:49 3 On this occasion, there is an excellent book by Nikolai Starikov "Who forced Hitler to attack Stalin" The backstage agreements of the "allies" with the Reich before the war are examined in detail. Many strange moments become very clear. For example, the "strange war" is explained

      In the spring of 1940, England and France were preparing for war against the USSR.
        FREGATENKAPITAN April 27 2012 15: 39
        During the Winter War (Soviet-Finnish) 39-40gg. indeed France and especially Great Britain were ready to send their military formations to help the Finns .... Pressure was exerted on the USSR from all sides ..... it got to the point that in mid-December the Union was expelled from the League of Nations, various embargoes were imposed (in in particular for the supply from the USA of the aircraft engines we need), etc.
        By the way, an interesting fact: - it was the Germans, and in particular German Goering, who persuaded Finland to cede the USSR in his demands, promising that with the start of the war (in a year) everything would be returned to them handsomely ..... (and at the moment Germany is connected with Russian non-aggression pact) .....
    2. Zynaps
      Zynaps April 27 2012 21: 21
      Old men are the same eggs as Rezun, only in profile. folk historian. completely fried mallard and an attempt to break the covers.
      1. Indigo
        Indigo April 27 2012 21: 26
        You know, your analysis shocked me to the very depths of my mind with its encyclopedic foundation (this is about eggs). Write more ....
        1. Zynaps
          Zynaps April 27 2012 22: 04
          Quote: Indigo
          You know, your analysis shocked me

          you will soon go completely crazy in your laboratory. You got someone else’s analysis. I didn’t give you mine.

          Quote: Indigo
          Write more ....

          do not you mind? without fail!
          1. Indigo
            Indigo April 28 2012 00: 31
            I tell you about the eggs, and you about the urine ...
  2. Prometey
    Prometey April 27 2012 10: 05
    ““ They can use contraceptives and have abortions ... all the villagers need is music, music, and again music. ”

    Nothing resembles dear colleagues? Isn't this what is happening now in modern Russia? Russia comes out on top in Europe in terms of the number of abortions on minors - a direct impact of the "sexual revolution", but in fact it is a "soft" genocide, undermining the nation's gene pool, for as you know, abortion before childbirth is 90% infertility in the future. And music - can you call it music, those degenerate 3-chord pop squeals that "show business stars" create? But young people devour all this, completely destroying in themselves the moral and sense of aesthetics.
    Maybe I'm exaggerating, but there are some specific analogies.
    1. Jackyun
      Jackyun April 27 2012 10: 36
      Are you talking about those young guys from the 6th company of the Poskovsky landing, listening to three-chord pop music and standing to death on March 1, 2000 at an altitude of 776 in the Argun Gorge?
      We listened and we will listen to pop music, whether someone likes it or not, we will rave in fountains and do many other nonsense, but if the time comes, we will get up and they won’t pass.
      1. Prometey
        Prometey April 27 2012 11: 23
        And you personally asked which one of them listened to what? In general, the conversation from a completely different angle was - not what we are, but what our "Western friends" want to help us become.
    2. lotus04
      lotus04 April 27 2012 10: 39
      I fully support it, this invisible war has been going on for a long time. A huge part of the youth, apart from the "Klin", the comedy club and "chicks", do not need anything. The brains were washed thoroughly.
      1. lotus04
        lotus04 April 27 2012 15: 16
        We have replaced all life values, love for sex, if a person is an altruist, it means a sucker, etc. - Let's change our "soviet" education to the Western, it is better - So what? Better? Textbooks are written to anyone who is not lazy, and whoever wants to - they earn money. History is being redrawn as best they can! Lord! How I regret sometimes that this damn "iron curtain" was raised, how much mud poured here. And it was necessary, just to adopt all the best.
    3. танк
      танк April 27 2012 11: 02
      You wrote a comment from the series, all Russian alcoholics ??? You must understand that the family has its black sheep
      1. Prometey
        Prometey April 27 2012 11: 33
        And if the whole family is ugly? What will you attack minus?
        I will say even more - the great holiday of May 9 is ahead. I'm over 30, but we celebrate this holiday for the whole family, since school years. However, for the sake of interest, I talked with young people at our enterprise - they almost twisted a finger to my temple, saying - I found a "great holiday", a day off and a day off. This is the whole mentality of the "Pepsi" generation.
        Correctly lotus04 wrote - brains are well washed, Goebbels's heirs work.
        1. DYMITRY
          DYMITRY April 27 2012 11: 44
          Quote: Prometey
          And if the whole family is ugly?

          Do you think our whole country is ugly? Then maybe it makes sense to change the country of residence? Unfortunately, your profile does not say which city you are from, but I suspect that it is from Moscow. In our Urals, young people (the Pepsi generation (tm)) consider Victory Day a great holiday.
          1. Prometey
            Prometey April 27 2012 12: 02
            You incorrectly suspect - I am from the Southern Urals. Not a country is ugly ... I won’t comment anymore.
            In our Urals, young people (the Pepsi generation (tm)) consider Victory Day a great holiday.

            Counting is one thing and showing your perception is quite another. When, after the city fireworks on Victory Day, there are mountains of garbage and beer bottles, which were previously thrown into the crowd - a "worthy" attitude to the holiday. At least tell me what - but people have never been such boors and such evil in Russia as they are now.
            1. DYMITRY
              DYMITRY April 27 2012 13: 02
              Quote: Prometey
              people have never been so boorish and so evil in Russia

              There is such a problem, but in comparison with the 90s there are shifts in the positive direction, don’t you? I don’t know for sure, but I suspect that in the early 20s the situation was even worse. As for the beer bottles in the crowd, the moral freaks of the unit, they are in any society, well, + the police apparently do not work well. The situation is similar with garbage: lack of culture + elementary shortage of ballot boxes. There is a similar problem in Yekaterinburg, but already in the morning the city shines, because the teams of street cleaners literally lick the places of mass festivities starting at dawn. You can still recall the lack of public toilets. However, I do not consider the lack of culture to be tantamount to disrespect for the holiday. These are precisely the problems of culture, the same thing happens after any mass events, whether it’s a new year, a city day or football.
        2. танк
          танк April 27 2012 12: 27
          I have not met such
  3. vozn_ser
    vozn_ser April 27 2012 10: 10
    From the directive of A. Hitler to the Minister for Affairs
    eastern territories A. Rosenberg
    on the implementation of the Ost Master Plan
    (July 23, 1942):

    "The Slavs must work for us, and if we no longer need them, let them die. Vaccinations and health protection are superfluous for them. Slavic fertility is undesirable ... education is dangerous. It is enough if they can count to a hundred ...
    Every educated person is our future enemy. All sentimental objections should be dropped. It is necessary to rule these people with iron determination ...
    In military terms, we must kill three to four million Russians a year. "

    “Acting against the USSR, the political goal should be set to systematically shake this pivot of Russia (the Russian people) in order to provide an opportunity for development in other areas” (Rosenberg) For this purpose:
    - ruin the state administration of Russia without the subsequent organization of a new effective state apparatus;
    - take deep and ubiquitous measures to deindustrialize, disrupt and eliminate the economy by removing all stocks, dismantling equipment, confiscating vehicles, etc .;
    - transfer a significant part of the indigenous Russian lands to the competence of the newly formed territorial units - Ukraine, the Don region, Belarus;
    - “Muscovite Russia” should be used as a place for dumping unwanted elements from other regions of the former USSR to increase crime, aggravate food problems and destabilize it in general.
    Reichsführer SS Himmler supplemented the master plan for the enslavement of Russia “Ost” with the following proposal:

    “We must defeat the Russians as a people and divide them.” For this:

    a) divide the territories inhabited by Russians into various political units with their own governing bodies in order to ensure separate national development in each of them. To inspire the people of these regions so that they do not under any circumstances focus on Moscow;

    b) establish a special imperial commissariat in the Urals, work out the option of secession of Northern Russia, and pursue a policy of separation and isolation in Central Russia
    its constituent parts;
    c) carry out the systematic genocide of the Russian people, that is, its "racially weakened", "undermining its biological strength";
    d) to ensure that “in the Russian territory the majority of the population consisted of people of a primitive semi-European type”. This mass of “racially inferior stupid people” was not supposed to cause much concern to the German leadership to control the crowds of obedient and cheap slaves.
    1. Shuriken
      Shuriken April 27 2012 11: 03
      I would like to read these lines to those idiots who say: “If you lost the war, you would drive Audi and drink Bavarian!” Also, by the way, it was not inspired by God ...
  4. Jackyun
    Jackyun April 27 2012 10: 17
    = Russia carried a different development model for all of humanity, therefore, it was the main enemy of the West on the planet. =
    May 9 is the holiday of the Great Victory. 67 years have passed. What has changed? Fascism has now been replaced by the "correct" democracy, disrespect for the mentality, the way of life of others, who were appointed incorrect for not submission, the peoples have not gone anywhere. The animal fear of Russia, regardless of its socio-political system, is in place, as well as the great national pride of the Russian people has not gone anywhere. Moreover, the Russian people should be understood as a supranational community of people living in Russia.
    Thus, Hitler is another attempt by the "correct" Western civilization to curb the "barbarians". The same as the campaign of the crusaders who fed the fish of Lake Peipsi, the Polish and Napoleonic aggression, which ended in a shameful flight and other, not so large, inclinations with the obligatory participation of the "correct" France, Britain and others like them.
    Attempts to curb have now begun again. However, the next "correct" gentlemen have forgotten the lessons of history. Where are all these "correctors" and where is Russia?
  5. Aventurinka
    Aventurinka April 27 2012 11: 22
    Nothing. We stand still. Hold on .... And there are examples. Examples of how representatives of the generation of the 90s behave with dignity. When everything seems to be lost.
    “If there is only one farm left for the Russians, then Russia will be reborn”
    N.V. Gogol
    We hold on and we will hold on. Some "Russian runs" are worth something. But the youth organizes.
  6. Odinplys
    Odinplys April 27 2012 12: 13
    In fact, the Third Reich was created and given away Hitler almost all of Europe with one goal - to crush the Soviet Union, another civilization.

    The fascist Zionists ... the same Rokschilds ... Rockefellers ... and today continue their dirty business ...
    And today, France ... Great Britain ... the United States .... nothing has changed ... + Israel ...
    Quote: Aventurinka
    “If there is only one farm left for the Russians, then Russia will be reborn”
    N.V. Gogol

    True said ... Do not wait ...
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps April 27 2012 21: 29
      Quote: OdinPlys
      The fascist Zionists ... the same Rokschilds ... Rockefellers ... and today continue their dirty business ...

      not afraid to live with such paranoia? and these eloquent and ubiquitous dots ...
  7. demonuga
    demonuga April 27 2012 12: 52
    Russia was, is and will be. And in order for the "right countries" not to achieve their goal, you just need to: create a strong and friendly family, raise children correctly (in the Russian spirit), not abandon your own in trouble, and so on. And our children will do the same, and let those who do not like our "wrong" civilization try to break us.
  8. patriot2
    patriot2 April 27 2012 14: 00
    Russia will never die, even if they do not dream!
    Until the last Russian man, Mother Russia will be alive!
    Live for centuries and prosper Russia !!! smile
    1. revnagan
      revnagan April 27 2012 15: 25
      Quote: patriot2
      Until the last Russian man, Mother Russia will be alive!
      Somehow you expressed sadness. Better so: "And the last civilized European will survive and Russia will live!"
  9. Nilfgaard
    Nilfgaard April 28 2012 01: 35
    Why did you decide that everything is drunk and brainwashed? Maybe they inspired you? How many people I communicate with are wonderful, not organized, yes. The number of sane people is growing day by day.
    We lost the Cold War. There will be consequences. But the Occupant is weakening, and we are reborn.

    PS and in general, instead of whining about all the stupid and washed up, it is better to go and wash your entrance. Do not litter, do not drink or smoke. Podovat an example. As our great saint said, "Acquire the spirit of peace and thousands around you will be saved.
    1. Prometey
      Prometey April 28 2012 07: 43
      but in general, instead of whining that all stupid and washed it is better to go and wash your porch.

      Do you wash often?
      Do not litter, drink or smoke.

      I do not litter, I do not drink, I do not smoke. But this is not only about that. And about the relationship of people to each other.
      The number of sane is growing day by day.

      Believe in fairy tales? Well, if it will not be reduced. The action of 3 Pussy Riot degenerates in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior - such a cultural desecration, even in Soviet atheist times, was hard to imagine - here it is a revaluation of cultural values.
  10. Kair501
    Kair501 April 28 2012 07: 15
    I don’t know why you got the idea that all young people with brainwashed myself 18
    and I know the history of Russia no worse or even better than many of you and at school we were taught that TV is a zombie box and it’s sacred to believe everything that is said there
  11. asavchenko59
    asavchenko59 April 28 2012 08: 03
    Almost everything that Hitler planned for the USSR was done by the liberal democrats.
  12. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 April 28 2012 11: 13
    It is very good that questions are being raised on the topic of social and spiritual-moral degradation. Now this is especially evident, because over the long 25 years of glasnost and perestroika in Russia, the instinct of self-preservation apparently began to wake up and people began to turn to the true values ​​of Orthodoxy, family, and work.
    Now personally to Russian President Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. For me, there is no concept of "democracy". This is a word from the dictionary of murderers, robbers and neo-crusaders. And the concept is used to create standards for recognizing countries, peoples and specific people as undesirable.
    Russia has always been distinguished by greater decency, morality and high spiritual potential than the rottenness called "democratic countries".
  13. Alone
    Alone April 29 2012 01: 44
    Hitler’s case is growing and prosperous ... Although everything is so simple ... Maybe the centuries-old envious and provocateur are the British who have always fought with us through the wrong hands?
  14. mars6791
    mars6791 April 29 2012 20: 55
    These indigo and schnapps in the trenches for a couple of days, so that the shock did not go down and order an interview. I read Rezun (Suvorov), many references to him are made, but the same reason he himself admitted that he is a traitor to the motherland, for good or evil, but a traitor, although you can betray only for evil. That war was really for survival, regardless of system, this is the whole mystery of the Russian peoples. The history of the USSR is not a Pythagorean table, and not for the children's mind, which is black and white, the past, present and future are closely intertwined, do not forget about it, and do not believe in children's fairy tales.