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Swarm drone. Darts, bullets and stings

Recently, I have been increasingly tracking the increasing flow of reports on the first developments in the creation of swarms (harmonious flocks) of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). At the same time, more and more alarming publications appear on the need to create special weapons to protect against these future swarms. Particularly worried about the appearance of such swarms from the smallest and smallest UAVs. After all, now they are especially difficult to detect and destroy, and they are capable of bringing substantial damage, because they can effectively and accurately target and pinpoint highly accurate targets. weapon. And if, with such terrain, hang warheads on them so that they themselves attack the right targets with these charges? Such a swarm will break through, and how it will start to blow everything up! Oh, oh, oh, what will be, what will be ...

But there are also competent reasoning from our specialists, which I absolutely share. Well, yes, Americans do not spare money and are actively working to ensure that drones of various sizes and purposes can fly and maneuver in packs under the control of just one operator. It is assumed that such swarms will more effectively conduct reconnaissance of targets, direct high-precision weapons at them, perhaps, they will attack some objects like kamikazes themselves, and it will be better to “unmask” enemy air defense systems in the form of false targets, allowing the EW systems to scan frequencies, which operate radars, communication systems and control of the enemy, to suppress them without prejudice to their radio facilities.

All this sounds weighty, but in the massive and very mobile battles that will be waged in full-scale wars of the modern type, all these swarms will become simply useless, well, maybe they will be able to play some role at the very beginning of the fighting, in their preparation. Large and medium long-range UAVs are slow-moving, easy to detect and interfere with conventional types of air defense and aviation, especially if they will fly in a bunch. And the smallest and smallest UAVs fly close, not high, slowly and can still act only in clear, calm weather. That is, the launch and control platforms for these UAVs should be in the nearest front line and, therefore, will be in the zone of destruction of light artillery and even mortars. Or these swarms of UAVs will need to be launched from airplanes or helicopters, which will also be subjected to immediate attacks, even when approaching the point of release of their UAVs.

We make an assumption that after all the swarm of the smallest UAVs managed to be released, and he pushed to the target. It is a clear windless day, otherwise these swarms do not work. In any case, this size of the UAV does not fly fast or high. A flock will be easy to recognize even with a glance. If this is a swarm of spotters reconnaissance, then they can fly for a short time, otherwise they will not return. If this is a swarm provocateur for opening frequencies, then after identifying it, it is possible to include false beacons at false frequencies, which will detect the enemy’s radio intelligence, and the “birds” will fly and fall, and they will be disposable. Suppose this is a “kamikaze” swarm for undermining something there ... You cannot install a large charge on small devices, therefore such a swarm will fly tightly and attack the target in a heap for maximum undermining. Again, such a swarm will obviously not be launched for the destruction of platoon and even regimental targets. These will be objects of divisional and even higher value. And they are covered and, respectively, good radar and powerful weapons.

And the classic documentary film that captures the attack of Japanese suicide planes on an American aircraft carrier arises in my memory. At maximum speed, kamikazes are trying to crash into an almost-standing giant ship, and from there, along with the entire perimeter, the multi-barreled anti-aircraft guns of the Oerlikon system are poured fire on the landing zone. Kamikaze fly into this fire curtain, who fly apart and those who lose control, are thrown off course, in general, everyone ends up in the water instead of an aircraft carrier. So I imagine how a bunch of small kamikaze UAVs are trying to “bang”, say, the division headquarters, and the landing zone to the headquarters is being watered with a small fraction of multi-barreled smooth-bore anti-aircraft guns. A small drone even from hitting a single pellet fails. A swarm of scout-spotters who circle the kamikaze above, shoot from the same shotguns from an ordinary helicopter, and all the “love”. Cheap and angry!

In general, at present, a UAV is a weapon only against an adversary who is technically obviously weaker than his enemies. And so it will be a very long time, no matter how they swarm. However, I consider the work on the creation of these flying schools to be necessary and very promising, which should be adjusted and carried on with us at least as hard as possible in other countries.

I explain. UAVs have been and still remain a policeman’s weapon, designed to combat terrorists and other armed criminals in order to minimize losses, especially human, in anti-terrorist units. It is usually necessary to fight with terrorists either in the conditions of urban development, or in remote areas, where they are reliably strengthened and capable of long, not sparing themselves, fiercely fight off until they manage to completely destroy them. Quite often one has to read that here somewhere in the house or the forest dugout they blocked the terrorists, and during the assault or in the shootings there were losses among the special forces, no less than all the killed bandits. So I dream, on the basis of, among other things, the already existing technical developments that surrounded a strong house or else where a group of terrorists with machine guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, and they don’t have another weapon, they started a firefight. The special forces are firing at themselves, it follows that no one sneaks out, he does not climb into the fire, only fixes who is where they are located. So everything goes before dark. And behind the special forces, an armored car arrived and stood in safety, but nearby. And as darkness came, so a silent gaggle of small ones like hummingbirds flew out of an armored car, and even the devil does not joke, even like large mosquitoes, dronchikov. They fly on electric motors with batteries, which means they do not make noise. The power reserve of their minutes on the 20-30, each aboard has the smallest video eye and one more thing ... And in the armored car, the operator at the console looks at the monitor. The swarm flew up to the hole in the house or dugout, it can be done in advance and specially from the cannon, flew there, spotted where each thug was, distributed the drone against each - and the attack! Straight into the faces or other unprotected points of the body from the closest distances, either the darts were let in, or small bullets fired, or they themselves were stuck with some kind of stings, and the darts, bullets, stingers - with the strongest poisons. Maybe from the first time and not all will be overwhelmed, but panic among the survivors will induce more, and you can launch the next swarm to panic, which will finish the rest. So the special forces will only ship the corpses and take them to the morgue.

PS My first article with the suggestion of shotguns to fight the smallest and smallest drone I опубликовал in 2016 year. And recently it came message, which says that the concern "Almaz-Antey" began experiments on the installation of shotguns on drones to fight swarms small UAVs. A month ago, I saw on TV how in America sparrow-sized drones were shown, on which the smallest video cameras and charges in 2 gram of TNT equivalent are installed. Such a charge, having exploded near the head of a person, gouges it into pieces, despite any helmets. The Americans showed these "birds" in order to discuss what they would have to do when such technologies were in the hands of terrorists, and they would try to apply them in cities?

Yeah! Military technological progress is jumping ahead of the wildest fantasies. And those who will not rush after him will choke with their blood. All история humanity clearly shows it.
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  1. Chertt
    Chertt 31 March 2018 07: 22
    The other day, military expert Mikhail Mikhailovich Khodaryonok, Colonel of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In the "hour of the militarist"
    touched on the subject of drones. And honestly said. There is no effective means of struggle. We are at the very beginning of the road, the struggle between the creators of the "swarm of drones" and the creators of the means of struggle against them. The classic struggle of "armor and shell" at a new scientific and technological round of development
    1. dauria
      dauria 31 March 2018 14: 27
      at a new scientific and technological round of development

      Electric motors, batteries ... You just need to imagine how scanty the energy reserve in them is compared to the simple powder engine of the rocket of the same MLRS Grad. Here's an example of racing !!!! model. Size 25x25 cm, weight under a pound. Engines guzzle 8 A each from acc 12 V
      As a result, a maximum of 90 km per hour for 5 minutes with a battery of 15 V or 60 km per hour from 12 V for 9 minutes. Any wind of 5-10 m / s is already a problem. So this fool is at least heavy. And the size of a sparrow? She will not fly five kilometers unless she is given a wing. And if you give it, it will blow away in the other direction. Dead end.
      Then it’s easier to “hail” - the first projectile with a parachute and a camera for targeting another, “normal” correctable. Yes, and this is all garbage. Well, where might this be needed? Front to break? so for this whole science and means are thought out from a soldier, a tank, artillery, aviation, to a tactical nuclear strike.
      The only devastation from her is a broken ceiling in the chandelier, a frightened cat under the sofa and a “lyuli” from her wife. Replacing the ceiling and one screw.
      1. Chertt
        Chertt 31 March 2018 15: 16
        Quote: dauria
        The only devastation from her is a broken ceiling in the chandelier, a frightened cat under the sofa and a “lyuli” from her wife. Replacing the ceiling and one screw.

        I understand your problems laughing good But I think our gunsmiths are "droneologists" who will soon find a way out of this critical situation. hi
      2. Hoplit
        Hoplit April 3 2018 18: 35
        “As a result, a maximum of 90 km per hour for 5 minutes with a battery of 15 V or 60 km per hour with 12 V for 9 minutes. Any wind of 5-10 m / s is already a problem. So this fool is at least heavy. And the size of "Sparrow"? She will not fly five kilometers if she doesn’t give a wing. And if she does, she will be blown away in the other direction. Deadlock. "

        Can be dropped from an airplane instead of bombs.
    2. Hoplit
      Hoplit April 3 2018 18: 38
      The simplest thing, by analogy with aviation, is to create against a flock of shock drones, a flock of drones - fighters, a wedge, a wedge is knocked out.
    3. naitedj
      naitedj April 4 2018 10: 54
      all right and wrong. Now the swarm consists of 8-9 drones. The Americans specifically created a defense for them. 1-2 of the total swarm survive, so they want to expand their number. You should not be so optimistic, they will definitely need to build a special defense against them.
      chshe-5ac126d8168a91ffeae4413a watch the video especially carefully. An interesting video in itself, but most importantly in the end, the world is already trying to warn of a serious threat.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 31 March 2018 08: 50
    Particularly worried about the appearance of such swarms from small and tiny UAVs. IN

    There is a threaded bolt on every nut. And on a special nut - a special threaded bolt. bully
  3. tasha
    tasha 31 March 2018 09: 11
    In general, at present, UAVs are weapons only against an adversary who is technically knowingly weaker than his enemies.

    I can not agree. At a meeting of US special forces commanders, they recognized that during the assault on Mosul, the simplest UAVs caused serious damage to coalition forces.
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 31 March 2018 11: 03
      The attack, albeit not a coordinated swarm, but the entire hedgehog of the UAV group at Khmeimi, showed its effectiveness. I’m not talking about the number of victims (although there shouldn’t have been any), but about how you can collect such a "flock" from "shit" anywhere and attack ALL at all. Any military facility that does not have a call of alienation of a hundred kilometers and echeloned defense of air defense.
      Also, the legal side has not been worked out right now - well, all sorts of UAVs are flying around the same Kremlin and what, how to distinguish whose whose purpose and for what purpose? By the way, this is another argument that World CIA is controlled by the CIA or simply the West - the complete absence of terrorist drones in the West. Remember September 11, all sorts of trains on a slope or chopping niggas into pieces on the street of an English warrior negative Muslims in the West and the USA are a fool to do, to make cheap UAVs from the "corrugation" and to "bomb" some sort of air base in the USA and it’s easier than the lungs (there it’s not at all ready for this).
  4. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 31 March 2018 12: 41
    ((Directly in the face or other unprotected points of the body from the closest distances, either darts were fired, or small bullets fired, or they stuck themselves with some kind of stings, and darts, bullets, stings with the strongest poisons. Maybe the first time and not everyone will failbut the panic among the survivors will be a big one, and you can start the next swarm of panic, which will finish the rest. So the commandos will only have to load the corpses and take them to the morgue. ))
    Oh, and you are a good man, Misha! wink
    1. Shahno
      Shahno 31 March 2018 12: 51
      Yes, and I thought, very much. We would have to train one such “mosquito” and his girlfriend, so much so that Josie Drucker does not go fin again. demand an increase from Lieberman ...
    2. Rostislav
      Rostislav 31 March 2018 14: 26
      Of course he’s kind. He suggested a quick death to the terrorists.
      I would replace the poison with a paralyzing compound so that I could only move my eyes and stay in this state until the end of my days.
    3. Hoplit
      Hoplit April 3 2018 18: 50
      Not he is so "kind", but life is so "kind." laughing
  5. sabakina
    sabakina 31 March 2018 13: 15
    charges of 2 grams of TNT equivalent. Such a charge, exploding next to a person’s head, gouging it into pieces, despite any helmets
    What? In WWII, a helmet saved a 152 mm shell from breaking. The author clearly wrote after a smoke break.
    1. Shahno
      Shahno 31 March 2018 13: 20
      Yes, yes, I also noticed. Rather, you need to fly into the nose. And this is aerobatics ...
    2. trak
      31 March 2018 13: 21
      This is how this projectile stuck right into the helmet, but did it save? I do not know how the author, but you obviously with a singing!
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 31 March 2018 13: 23
        I’m not from a heavy drink, I’m from a hangover, but these are two big differences. I wrote that the shell in the head? And something obviously hit you in the head.
        1. Nikolaevich I
          Nikolaevich I 31 March 2018 14: 19
          Quote: sabakina
          I'm having a hangover

          So now you are not bored ...... and this pleasure awaits me tomorrow ... recourse
      2. meandr51
        meandr51 April 1 2018 13: 16
        Yes, she saved from small fragments. A modern helmet holds a rifle bullet, but the vertebrae are broken. I think the energy of this bullet and 2 g of TNT are comparable. Since there are just 2 grams of gunpowder in the sleeve.
    3. Setrac
      Setrac 31 March 2018 17: 21
      Quote: sabakina
      What? In WWII, a helmet saved a 152 mm shell from breaking.

      Only if this shell exploded at a distance.
  6. Nikolaevich I
    Nikolaevich I 31 March 2018 13: 59
    Authors write well! Wrote an article, squeezed it on the site and ... aside to the "prevailing heights"! And here ... the author lamented over the drones either "for health" or "for repose" ... erected "rubble" ... "swept all the gyrus"; and we rake up these "rubble"! In general, I’m article "approvals": an interesting, relevant, contemporary topic .... (and the thoughts are familiar ... and they flashed to me ...). But maybe in vain the author is trying to present the story in one page? Maybe a series of articles ... such as "Aviation against tanks"? And the author is well ... moral (and not only moral) satisfaction; and we would take a look at the development of an “antidote”! And then many gentlemen in pessimism are now ... you have to shake things up for people! And the "multi-barreled smooth-bore" anti-aircraft machine guns, shotguns are, perhaps, too much! This is against micro-drones ... and then there are Eres, mortar mines, artillery shells .... and against all this, do you own your barrel for installation? And what happens?

    All in all, one headache! Then, indeed, can it be better to spit on the military use of drones? And limit yourself only to police functions! wink
  7. dgonni
    dgonni 31 March 2018 15: 06
    The author simply does not fully understand the concept of swarm! A swarm is a disposable device operating in the direction of a given task. They will not fly in droves from the word vaabsche. If easier! The task is to disable the over-the-horizon radar! A rocket arrives, this swarm falls out of the container at a low altitude. And unnoticed calmly steers to such a radar. In this case, not in the form of a swarm of bees, but a stupidly scattered stream. then each UAV, in accordance with others, determines its object of attack and strikes. Voila! No radar. And in fact there are no protection methods either. For small and very dofiga. on one antenna feeder 2-3 small with a head. They are controlled not by man but by IE. What about the battlefield? That decision has not yet been made, because there it is necessary to give the leadership on the destruction of enemy personnel to artificial intelligence, which has confused the general leadership of the states as well as their general leadership. By the way, the problem of landing a swarm from a quick carrier mattresses have already been solved, and this was a key problem.
    1. Avenich
      Avenich 31 March 2018 18: 44
      Quote: dgonni
      And unnoticed calmly steers to such a radar.

      have mercy, dear! What are these drones next to the radar. Over the horizon or not. Take your cell phone and put it in the microwave. If you are a thrill buff. As my colleague used to say: "Injection is a powerful thing." Your drones, God forbid, will get the maximum to that very horizon, and you will not have to strain hard on this very radar. Radiation will lead to any small drone, and more precisely to printed wiring, conductors, inductors, and motor anchors such an “indication” that drones fall like ripe apples. Or they will have to be screened so that your "mosquitoes" turn into, at best, heavy dung beetles. And they gradually evolve into the good old anti-radar missile.
    2. meandr51
      meandr51 April 1 2018 13: 20
      Small devices cannot have serious protection against EMP or shock waves. Easy to make a protective dome. Put them all the batteries. Or blow off grenades by shooting.
    3. ZAV69
      ZAV69 April 1 2018 13: 34
      A strong wind from the radar (to organize a real air curtain) and not a single small drone will reach it, and a large drone will shoot off the shell.
  8. Wilderness
    Wilderness 31 March 2018 16: 07
    A flock of trained woodpeckers will cope with any swarm.
    1. meandr51
      meandr51 April 1 2018 13: 21
      I watched with pleasure as five dragonflies in 2 minutes. destroyed a cloud of mosquitoes ...
  9. TOR2
    TOR2 31 March 2018 23: 08
    Particularly worried about the appearance of such swarms from small and tiny UAVs. Indeed, now it is especially difficult to detect and destroy them.
    If you take the classic means, then yes. If you add a little classic, then all these gizmos are even detected and destroyed. From the laser locator, this swarm will not hide anywhere even if the UAVs are completely made of plastic. Of course, its effectiveness decreases in bad weather, but rain and snow are not allies for UAVs either.
    I published my first article with the offer of shotguns to combat small and smallest drones in 2016.
    In one container, this garbage can be quite a lot, chasing each predator UAV will take too much time. Cover the entire sector at once with the help of the microwave module will turn out faster.
    This raises another question - do the swarm developers really not know how to neutralize such threats. Of course they know that the enemy should not be underestimated. Apparently, the calculation is made on the absence of a counteraction system, but not everywhere it can be. If you produce a lot and not expensive, then you can try on the principle of "ride - not ride."
    But to create such analogues will be more difficult for us. In order to produce a lot and not expensive, our defense industry needs to be able to work in the civilian market, and moreover in the consumer goods sector. Not so long ago we discussed an interview with a representative of RosElectronics. Gentlemen in the civilian market are not going to work, and apparently without a shout from the top they will not.
    1. Wilderness
      Wilderness April 1 2018 08: 42
      Specialized assets have one minus - in the absence of a target adversary, they will be ballast. You can consider the remote detonation of conventional ammunition (high-explosive fragmentation or volumetric explosions), the strength and stability of small UAVs is low (birds, for example, sometimes quite peculiarly react to the close "broads" of an aircraft moving to supersonic).
      Regarding the civilian market, I completely agree, I myself am surprised at the manufacturers ignoring it (there is demand, and not small).
  10. Operator
    Operator April 1 2018 10: 57
    Comrade Goldreyer - you argue with yourself: first you came up with a way to use a UAV (flock), and then you successfully fight it laughing

    Nobody will be:
    - use a relatively expensive gadget in packs;
    - hang on a small UAV with an electric motor something heavier than a video camera in 100 grams;
    - launch a small UAV in an open area, since such devices are intended for use in urban development;
    - let the small UAV fly closer to the target than 100 meters (HDTV cameras give excellent resolution from 500 meters).
  11. Olddetractor
    Olddetractor April 1 2018 13: 47
    Yeah! Military-technical progress jumps ahead of the craziest fantasies

    It is unlikely. One of the fantastic scenarios described by Stanislav Lem in the novel "Peace on Earth." There, the final stage of the evolution of armaments is “dust,” the smallest necrorganisms that can be imagined as a swarm of tiny drones. The novel is worth reading, Lem is a great satirist
  12. Arabfun
    Arabfun April 1 2018 21: 03
    The Israelis turned to civilians with the revelation that all wars are waged against them - the main goal is the civilian population .. therefore, someday, the author will want to buy a shotgun so that his idea does not survive him.
  13. Kerensky
    Kerensky April 3 2018 00: 29
    Well, we are a little fixated on the word Flying. And they are quite able to swim. And here it becomes interesting. They have great autonomy, a swarm can control large spaces, and IE work with goals. And the ship is quite a tasty target.
  14. Hoplit
    Hoplit April 3 2018 18: 31
    This is how it will look like in real life

  15. vetlan19
    vetlan19 April 6 2018 17: 15
    And you can run a "swarm" over the take-off. Sits, such a swarm on the runway, waiting for the victim, waited, took off at the heading .....
    And in the forest belt at the airfield, cluster mines with "swarms" were pounded. As one "swarm" is completed, another mine releases its "swarm", the surviving "mosquitoes" join it and again sit either on the strip or in the bushes. And if all the mines work, the cluster munition will fly in, and the mines will drop again. Or a cruise missile, flying by, will add a couple of mines, but will fly further, scatter these mines according to the combat mission. And mines can be with different fillings - both large and small. Large filling - for attack, small - for defense. Or vice versa.
    I propose to collectively throw ideas for the use of "swarms", talk about it with the children, let them think. A young unbroken, unlimited mind throws so many ideas that "mother, do not worry!"
    And there are grains useful in these ideas.
    And do not give a damn, whatever, we are all much, especially from the couch.
    Although, I’m brushing that a SKEPTIC should always be!
    And not even one.
    Remember the show "You Can Do It"?
    There was one nasty fat man, his mother really did not like him ....
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 April 10 2018 10: 48
      He, this fat man, seems to have been an engineer and a teacher at one of Moscow's technical universities. It seems that he was not a fat man, but just a very large man with a wide-boned type. Well, a little plump at the same time.)