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The armament of anti-aircraft gunners at BBO received the next set of C-400 SAM systems.

One of the parts of the association aviation and air defense of the Eastern District received a set of anti-aircraft missile system S-400, RIA News message press service BBO.

Anti-aircraft gunners master the resulting equipment at the Ashuluk training ground (Astrakhan region). C-400 calculations have already completed the first training (electronic) launches. In April of the current year, a tactical doctrine was planned with the combat launch of rockets,
says release.

It is reported that "after the docking firing new equipment will be sent to the point of permanent deployment."

"Thus, in the Eastern Military District already in several anti-aircraft missile military units there will be combat duty on C-400 SAM systems," the press service added.

The district recalled that the C-400 is a long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system that “is designed to destroy all modern and promising aerospace attack weapons, in particular, aircraft of various types of aircraft, tactical, operational-tactical ballistic missiles, hypersonic targets, jammers. "

The system is able to work using more than 4 types of missiles with different starting mass and launch range to create a layered defense.
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  1. URAL72
    URAL72 30 March 2018 09: 54
    Recently there was an article about the deplorable state of the air defense of the Far East. This is good news, I think they will replace the C 300, but in general you still need to cover Svobodny, there is an airfield of the 1st class, and next to it is the new Bureyskaya hydroelectric station, Blagoveshchensk, trans-Siberian railroad, BAM ...
    1. Don
      Don 30 March 2018 12: 11
      Quote: URAL72
      Recently there was an article about the deplorable state of the air defense of the Far East.

      That's right, a good analytical article. There, the air defense and air force units were reduced so much that only 8 long-range air defense divisions of the S-300, S-400 type remained on the entire Far East. So it is definitely necessary to strengthen so that no one is tempted to meddle there.
    2. turbris
      turbris 30 March 2018 13: 12
      And you read less of these Google “analyzers”; they also collect all nonsense about the air defense and fleet on the Internet and give it out as truth, although they don’t know anything about the real situation.
  2. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 30 March 2018 10: 11
    Good regular news. smile
  3. Romario_Argo
    Romario_Argo 31 March 2018 09: 11
    some sort of mess in the news.
    Is this a regiment of those that were put on Ashuluk from a party in the 4 of the 2017 regiment of the year, which went to the Saratov region ???
    or is it a division or regiment from a new party for 2018 year ???