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Situation in Syria

135 thousands of civilians were evacuated from the Eastern Guta war zones. The pro-Turkish forces announced the imminent storming of Manbij. Reports about it FAN with reference to Syrian sources.

Inspection of baggage fighters who agreed to leave the Eastern Guta.

During the day, the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) conducted artillery shelling of strongholds of irreconcilable armed opposition near the city of Duma (Damascus province). According to the SAR Army Command, the storming of the city will begin after other militants who agreed to leave Eastern Guta will be evacuated from the region. In the already liberated areas of the south-eastern part of Damascus, work is underway to clear the debris and eliminate the fortifications of militants. The CAA engineering brigades work in Arbin, Ain Tarme, Zamalka and Jobar. Since the beginning of the humanitarian corridors, the militant-occupied areas of Eastern Guta have left 135 thousands of civilians.

The Ankara-controlled Syrian Free Army (SSA) has blocked roads leading to Manbiju (Aleppo Province). The militants said that a military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), based in the city, will begin in the next three days. Sources report that several thousand civilians from Afrin and the surrounding settlements left their homes and left for the city of Nubol, located in the north-west of the region.

In connection with the activization of the militants of the IG (the group was banned in the Russian Federation), government forces based near Abu Kemal established a temporary curfew in the city. At the same time, the allies of the CAA began to explore the neighborhood of Meyadin, but the operation against the IG had to be suspended due to a sand storm.

In the south of the province of Idlib, the operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian army against the terrorists "Dzhebhat an-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation) continued. UAR government forces fired on Islamist strongholds in the vicinity of Khan Sheikhoun. In addition, the CAA began shelling the positions of terrorists in the south-east of the region.
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  1. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 30 March 2018 09: 37
    Shelling, shelling, shelling .... Routine of war. It’s good that it is on our part.
    1. Samaritan
      Samaritan 30 March 2018 09: 47
      And also the “news”: More than 7 militants and members of their families were taken on Thursday through a humanitarian corridor from Arbil settlement in Eastern Ghouta to Idlib province in Syria, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry said.

      A convoy of buses with militants and members of their families leaves East Guta in the direction of Idlib. March 24, 2018
      Reconciliation Center in Syria extends humpauses to withdraw militants to Idlib
      "On March 29, 129 militants and members of their families were taken by 7 buses to Idlib province via an organized humanitarian corridor," the statement said.
      According to the agency, from the beginning of the rally, 31 militants and members of their families were taken from Arbil to Idlib province.
  2. sagitch
    sagitch 30 March 2018 11: 02
    These 7 thousands of militants to send to America!
  3. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 30 March 2018 11: 07
    Bulletins from Colonel Kassad
    East Guta. Xnumx

    1. The removal of militants from Zamalka, Irbin and Jobar continues. 5290 people were taken out yesterday. Of these, 1374 action movie. Today, the export will continue. In the areas previously controlled by the militants, the Russian military police and the Syrian military have already appeared. In the coming days, these areas will come under the complete control of Assad.
    2. Regarding the Duma, negotiations are ongoing. Most of the issues have been agreed, but the militants continue to bargain for better conditions, trying to persuade the Syrians to release them not in Idlib, but in East Kalamun. The Syrians stand their ground and say that there will be no exceptions. And if they refuse, then Suheil has already stated that, if necessary, the city will be taken by storm. According to incoming information about the negotiations, the militants want to take out 900 million dollars in cash from East Guta, but the Syrians refuse to do so. Bargaining continues.

    Underground tunnels under East Guta.
    Regarding questions about tunnels, they ran at different depths from 3 to 40 meters and had a length of several tens of meters to several kilometers. In some cases, they had a multi-story structure. Important infrastructure facilities for militants — weapons, ammunition depots, and command bunkers — were additionally reinforced with steel beams.
    Tunnels were divided into pedestrian and automobile, through which underground communication could be maintained even with intensive airstrikes. Some branches of the tunnel network led outside the enclave and were used to smuggle and communicate with other parts of the country through Syrian territory.
    In general, a very remarkable object, which is likely to attract many researchers after the war.
    3: The total number of civilian militants released from power has exceeded 180 000 people. The Syrian authorities and humanitarian organizations are making every effort to somehow establish life in the areas liberated from militants and provide necessary refugees. The process of normalizing life in Eastern Ghout will obviously take more than one month.
    4. After the surrender of Harasta and the southern cauldron, under the control of the militants, 13% of East Guta remained. Very nice achievements compared to February. In the European media there is a nagging on the uncompromising position of Russia, which does not allow the militants to stay in Eastern Ghout and squeezes them into Idlib under the BCC.
    5. A very funny moment is that the Ahrar al-Sham militant group, which wished to remain in East Ghouta, wants to fight ISIS in Yarmouk together with the Syrian army. It is very likely that they will be given such an opportunity - in a number of surrendered enclaves, a certain percentage of former militants after filtering are used by the local police.
    In general, everything gradually goes to the final.
    After the removal of all the militants from the Eastern Cauldron, only the Duma will remain, which will either capitulate on the model of other enclaves or be taken by storm. The militants do not have a chance to repulse it and they understand this very well, therefore the first option after some trading is more likely.
  4. iaroslav.mudryi
    iaroslav.mudryi 30 March 2018 11: 13
    British Pomegranate in Eastern Ghouta

    During the search of one of the smuggled goods for militants in East Ghouta, among other weapons, smoke grenades with British markings were equipped.
    Grenades are intended for making smoke. The manufacturer is located in Salisbury.

    Of course you can’t get into the matter of chemical weapons, but you can indicate how things from the "most peaceful place in the world" are in the hands of terrorists in Syria.
    source: https: //