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Results of the week. “How can they beat Russia?”

Those who crucified Him divided His clothes by casting lots (Ev. From Matthew, 27: 35)

Network users came to the source of dirty fake about the "hundreds" who died in the shopping center "Winter Cherry". The source was a Ukrainian pranker named Yevgeny Volnov (N.Kuvikov). This creature, which is difficult to call a person, decided to arrange a fake call on behalf of the alleged Emergencies Ministry representative in the Kemerovo region in one of the city morgues.

Results of the week. “How can they beat Russia?”

This tragedy literally stirred up Russia. Millions of people rallied in compassion and sorrow. Millions of people tried to somehow support those compatriots who lost their loved ones in a terrible drama that broke out last Sunday in the Kemerovo shopping center.

Unfortunately, it is impossible not to say this: among the overwhelming majority of PEOPLE (with a capital letter), empathizing with terrible grief, there were little people who, in fact, are unworthy even of such a definition. This, forgive, frank moral freaks who are still trying to engage in self-PR on a colossal tragedy and sneer at the victims of the Kemerovo fire. You can call for their calculation in the Networks, capture and terrible punishment, but in this situation only one thing so far: God will judge them.

And from the whole "IN": Kemerovo, we're with you!

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
First you have to catch this hamster and shake it and all your soul and customers and then give it to the relatives of the dead children.

Tragedy in Kemerovo. Monstrous. But there are geeks who are fueled here on the general grief.

And it would be worth punishing. To others it was not known. To look towards Russia were afraid with such thoughts.

And aren't the mob's anger trying to focus on this unworthy body? Even if it is annihilated to zero, it will not protect us and our children from repeating the tragedy. No need to indulge in emotions and respond to manipulation. Let us act thoughtfully, consistently and systematically for the benefit of society and the country (Russia).

The dollar taxis?

During the week, the American ambassador, John Huntsman, finally dispelled the illusion that the financial resources of Russia can and should be stored abroad, since this is “profitable and reliable”. According to Huntsman, he personally does not exclude the possibility of the seizure of Russian assets in the United States of America. This is a plus to the fact that Russia already, excuse me, has wrung out diplomatic property, that according to all legal norms the definition of a raider seizure at the state level can wear?

And why freeze that, and so in fact belongs to the United States? To this end, the economic model of the “Gaidar” system was built at the beginning of 90, so that all future savings would become a factor in supporting the “main democratic” currency of the world. And for how many years there has been talk of a transition in trade even with the closest (at least regionally) countries to mutual settlements in national currency, but the words in most cases are not supported by deeds.

On the other hand, and in what currency reserves to keep? In hryvnia, or something ...

And, maybe, and not in currency these reserves to store, but all the same already citizens? In what is called human capital, which is an unimaginable number of times in any economy more efficiently than cut paper.

Comments from our readers:

The late Z. Brzezinski was a wise politician - "... do you still figure it out: is this your elite or is it already ours? .."

Ingvar 72
We will still be forced to sell oil and gas for a dollar, ensuring its stability in the global foreign exchange market.

Mountain shooter
This topic has been going on for a long time ... Therefore, we are buying gold. To break, finally, this dependence dollar ... Where are the gold reserves of Russia? Partially - in amerovskih papers ... And where are YOUR money when you have only a bank card in your pocket?
This is the whole problem - any bank exists ON CONFIDENCE. No trust - no bank. And there is no financial system.

The private debt of Russian business is about $ 560 billion. Let them arrest. Russian business will sigh with relief, the state will “forgive” to the West all our net debts, both private and public. It will be impossible to do business, Doy-Jones and others get into the USA. This is the effect of the domino wake up. There, and China is creeping with its $ 4 trillion, and this is not even the dragon's tail, but there will be a monetary tsunami. Come on, bang more on finance, if there is absolutely no brain left.

How do they beat Russia? History disease

The demonization of Russia and the strengthening of Russophobia in the West are manifestations of world war and a big game for the place of the “king of the mountains” on the planet. There is a constant and ever-increasing squeezing of Russia.

If you collect all the foreign scenarios of the destruction of Russia in the entire history of our state, then you get a separate library, possibly with additional underground storage. Toms a lot. The latter: "How to poison a spy and defeat Russia."
By the way, there is an additional library with volumes of a different content. For example, “How did I prevent Russia from winning the General Frost” or “Everything went according to plan, but then Russian hackers appeared ...”

So they live. Their thoughts about going east are like the embodiment of a gene mutation - they visit until they come into contact with the “doctor” directly.

Comments from our readers:

Come on ... with England we have a war if not since the reign of Ivan the Terrible ... And the one who thinks that she’s a very narrow-minded person for even a minute stopped ...

We can well close the supply of titanium, rocket engines in the United States. And even stop the delivery of their astronauts to the ISS. Even one of these measures will sober up hotheads in Washington. But is there a will for all this?

Jews in Nazi Germany also hoped to pay off. Did not work. So they can donate a dozen or so Russian oligarchs. Their rules on the protection of capital and property in Russian do not apply.

All of this will look more convincing if you name at least two or three names of children from the "elite" who have completely moved to the West and were accepted there as equals. The latter is very important, as far from all, and not even a large part of our elite, the height of happiness, sees being lackeys under the western elite. Personally, I do not know any such name. A few assholes entrenched in London are, firstly, not the elite at all, they are thrown out of it just for the desire to reach an agreement, or rather to surrender to Western capital without any conditions, and secondly, at the moment the Westerners themselves show that happens to those who surrender without any conditions. They are stripped to their underwear and well, even if they do not poison them with gas or with a scarf. Someone seriously believes that after such an example, our capitalists will rush to surrender, happily dropping feces? Yes, not in life. They will now be even stronger to love their homeland, because only a strong and independent country allows them not only to be, but also to dictate conditions. Do not be like stupid western dreamers, there is no quantity of convinced traitors in our elite. There are no sincere patriots either, we will not deceive ourselves here. But purely pragmatic considerations will force them to fight on our side, as is happening now.

The president, who clearly catches mice, has been ruling for the third decade, has clearly said that the world without Russia does not make sense. So at the right moment they will press the red button, do not hesitate. And the order in general will be executed by military people, not oligarchs and directors.
The army is arming, the necessary factories are being built, preparation for the military scenario is in full swing. New weapons Already quite enough, for what is the point of the whole world to rattle about him when his pair of units and those prototypes? So you will not scare anyone. Sworn friends should know for sure that there will be enough of any "Sarmatians" with "Daggers" for them. So the point about bad preparation for war is also deleted.

The revolution because of how someone bleated there, "impoverishment" and "falsified elections" ?? Ha three times. 76% percent of Putin seems to hint that not so impoverishment reigns in the country, and the paragraph about the elections gives out in the obvious liberalist. If only because the Maidan on the occasion of "rigged elections" is possible only in a tiny piece of the cerebellum of the liberaste, who has long lived somewhere in the fictional country of elves popping a rainbow.

Commonwealth with its capital in Washington

On March 21, naval exercises took place in the Baltic Sea, during which a unit of unmanned aerial vehicles from the Kaliningrad region worked out actions to monitor and correct ship artillery fire. The teachings did not go unnoticed in neighboring Poland.

If Russia did not manage to do in a short time what Poland militarily did for years, then it would be safe to disband the Ministry of Defense and disband the army “home”. Well, in fact: Poland, whose territory is such as it is, due to the obvious patronage at the time from the USSR, has enough manners for the whole “Burn to the Pospolite” ... But the Polish authorities clearly forget that you cannot become a Speech Commonwealth, if your capital is in Washington ...

Comments from our readers:

Oh, great Poland! How poor you sausage: From the "empire from sea to sea" to "all is lost."
What the almighty drone does.
But the second question is more mundane: why does the operator have old windows. Where is our import substitution? and where is the secrecy for that kind of control points?

Yeah ... survived ... Poland compares us with us ...

Sometimes, my father, who liberated Warsaw, who had fought all over Poland, sang with a smile: “Ische Polish did not perish,” and then, winking, invariably added: “But we really drew it!” How accurate and modern.

And none of the Polish commentators did not think: “why should we resist with Russia at all, can we be better friends, eh?”

MFA is very concerned

Only after 4 days in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia officially responded to the detention by the Ukrainian border guards of the Russian fishing vessel "Nord" with 10-th crew members on board. Recall that the Russian ship was escorted by Ukrainian coast guard ships to the port of Berdyansk on March 25. At the same time, the detention of “Nord” was carried out in international waters.

And on Friday, a Ukrainian court decided to completely arrest the Russian vessel “Nord”. In this regard, the question is: what is the Ukrainian side going to do with this vessel? There is only one way out: to cut into metal and hand over to the nearest Berdyansk item of scrap metal. After all, any way out of the “Ukrainianized” “Nord” with the aim of “fishing” will be his last under “Ukrainian jurisdiction” - the Russian border guards, “redeeming the blame”, will simply take him home to Kerch. Take to Kerch with a call to Berdyansk before the Ukrainian cut, - speak? Nooo ... It will also cause irreparable harm to diplomatic relations, the Minsk process, the Norman format, and, oh, horror! - will undermine the system of expression of concerns of our Foreign Ministry ...

Comments from our readers:

I do not understand what problems with the answer?
We put the barrier under the famous Bridge, lower it and that's it. The next day, all will be returned and never touch again.

You can, of course, block the Mariupol and Berdyansk ports or impose a ban on passage through the Kerch Strait, but these are not our methods, we have Zakharov and Lavrov, and even on the outskirts and Surkov with Medvedchuk are super negotiators. Do not worry, the Imperials, everything will work out, we have an excellent foreign policy, now we will take up our domestic policy.

SRC P-15
Where were our patrol ships? Why didn’t you come to the rescue? Aviation finally! - They would give a warning volley.

Do you think aircraft builders sit on every fishing trawler or seiner? How do you imagine this process, going to the radio frequencies of VKS or Navy?

Bridgehead held?

Liberals and, especially, national liberals love to speculate about possible historical alternatives to Russian statehood. In their opinion, everything would have been different if, instead of totalitarian “Horde-Byzantine” Moscow, Russian lands were united by “pro-Western and advanced” Novgorod, or even more “civilized” Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Yes, the West does not need Ukraine developed and democratic. After all, the implementation of such a project would require colossal funds with a multimillion and motley population of the “Square”. But as a springboard for anti-Russian provocations with limited funding by the American "MNT" - quite, completely ... Stigma, terror, provocations, civil strife, Bandera marches, rewriting history. Which we have already which year at our side.

Comments from our readers:

“Liberal excrement,” Ukraine, was doomed to failure from the very beginning. And not only because "excrement", and not even because, ostensibly, liberal. The fact that overseas "excrementists" were pursuing did not initially aim at any economic prosperity, not to mention the cultural flourishing ... For the "civilized political" pressure on Russia, the Baltic was completely lacking in the Baltic, whose population incompatibility is smaller. Clean, fully fed on the content of the EU, they were and are, as it were, advertising, "how to get a good job if you constantly spoil Russia." But they also needed "dirty", hungry, freezing ... To constantly create armed problems on our borders. Only "hungry and dysfunctional", with brains washed Bandero-Nazi propaganda, Ukrainians and the West needs. So the “excrement” is half successful. Donbass residents, not Russians, are shot and killed, and the Russian base in Crimea, not NATO. And the rest is a complete success.

You can organize a mutually beneficial exchange with Kiev: they send separatist specialists to Russia, engineers from Yuzhmash, Antonov, MotorSichi with their families, and we, respectively, liberastov activists, any Akhedzhakovs, Sobchachek, Makarevichi, Amnuels .... and others most valuable frames. They want, as in Europe - go ahead!

... But at least they tried. Yes, it hurts, but also because it is free!
Field tests of laboratory speculations on the topic of more productive alternatives I propose to consider “already long ago” conducted. With the result "non-viable". With the postscript "only in the form of a territorial resource in the interests of third countries."

Feed Nadia! (# feed)

In an interview with Apostrof, the former deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine (2014-2015), Viktor Yagun, in fact, accuses the current prosecutor general of being unprofessional. According to Yagun, Lutsenko made the first legal puncture when he launched a video in the Verkhovna Rada building, which actually proves that a people's deputy of Ukraine was directly followed in the presence of deputy immunity from the people's deputy.

Meanwhile, Nadezhda Savchenko, who announced a hunger strike after the court decision, through her sister reported a sharp deterioration in her health. Nadya, and in fact we warned: the hunger strike in Russia and the hunger strike in Ukraine are “two big differences”. If after the Russian hunger strike, Nadia has seriously increased in weight and volume, then as a result of the hunger strike of the Ukrainian Nadia, it can completely disappear.

Comments from our readers:

The pattern in this tent is not observed? February 12 Sahak was deported to Poland, March 23 arrested Nadia. In fact, eliminated the two most active and reckless competitors of the Ever-Blue, who could act as a "ram". Moreover, they were eliminated in the same way: accusations of organizing a coup on the instructions of the Kremlin. What I need to do is that the planned presidential elections in / in Ukraine should take place on March 31, 2019 of the year. Operation "Stripping" is in full swing. It remains only to guess who is next in the “Valtsman list”. PS Immediately make a reservation, don’t prophesy Yulu in the list, she has already sacrificed Savchenko.

Nadia starves 30 hours 34 minutes! The whole world is in us!))

evil partisan
Buy a T-shirt with "Freedom of Nadia Savchenko!". Pure neighing ...

Hunting "Armata"

Well-known expert in Ukraine Sergey Zgurets declared the need to revive the Soviet project promising tank Object 477A1 "Note", which subsequently will be able to "hunt" for the Russian "Armata".

Experts say that the Ukrainian tank will be equipped with the latest weapons systems and at least the latest technologies. Thus, a special horizontally oriented armor box will be placed on the armor, in which will be the place of a fighter engaged in visual intelligence in the search for “Almaty”. A fighter, at the sight of “Almaty”, with three strokes of a tarpaulin boot on the turret, carried out through a constructive hole in the armored box, tells the driver about the detection of the object. That, according to the instructions 2018-2М-bis, using the entire lifespan, should plan to retreat to the previously prepared positions in the area designated (from the command point in the sauna) by the generalite of the bridgehead.

In the case of force majeure, in case the Armata’s T-14 crew suddenly turns out to be unaware of the planning of the actions of the Nota’s crew, and begins persecution, Plan B (Bandera) is launched. The plan implies the departure of the “Notes” crew from the tank, the construction, burning of portraits of Stepan Bandera and a curse against NATO - in order to mislead the “aggressor”. As a result - a complete peremoga!

Comments from our readers:

An interesting approach to arming the tank. Buy in the west of a non-existent gun. Immediately would lay in the project annihilator! The queue of customers would go round the globe.

just exp
there is not enough machine gun coupled to the 5.45 gun and the 23 ZU-2-23 on the roof.
the more gauges a machine has, the larger the wafer is the wunder.

There are so many Russian components in this “object” that for a long time it will be “Ukrainianized” ...

By that time everyone will live on Mars!

Pentagon vs Damascus

No matter how many telephone conversations between Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov and Chairman of the Committee of the US Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford took place in the coming weeks, one thing remains intact: the headquarters of the US-led international coalition continues to develop a large-scale military operation against the Syrian government forces aimed at ousting the Syrian Arab armies from the environs of the southern area of ​​the Dar-A-Suweida-E-Quneitra de-escalation, as well as from the 420-kilometer southern section four provinces (Es-Suwayda, Damascus, Homs and Deir ez-Zor).

For the Buk-М2Е anti-aircraft missile battalions acquired by the Syrian army, as well as for the Russian Triumph C-400 deployed to strategically important objects near the foot of Anti-Lebanon, the sudden appearance of Tomahawks directly from mountain ranges can become a critical moment, since All these air defense weapons simply do not have time to work out one, two or more hundreds of enemy missiles. The use of the C-300В4 anti-aircraft complex with the new 9X82MB missile defense system capable of over-the-horizon interception thanks to the active RGSN also does not guarantee the destruction of a part of the Tomahawks in the mountains, since target designation from A-50U must be. But after all, the A-109U A-50U aircraft, which is away from the flight sites of the RGM-XNUMXE cruise missiles, may not find them behind the “screen” of mountain elevations. The fact that a massive missile attack by the US Navy on the Syrian Arab Republic through the Antilivan mountain chain will be carried out with full military support from the Israeli air forces, which pursue their own interests, cannot be disregarded. And this means that the tactical picture becomes even more unpredictable.

Comments from our readers:

For all these clouds of axes, there is a proven method already tested in Syria: EW, which has already dropped the clouds last time. Not one fell on the airbase - they themselves undermined something so that the "partner" was not so insulting. Those who remember the photographs of those fallen axes, noticed that they all collapsed from hitting the ground and for the most part did not even detonate. For remote sites, there are EW helicopters, they are also to cover a larger area of ​​suppression from a position above.
And most importantly, no defense of the enemy will not scare - only the threat of a guaranteed defeat. Therefore - a blow to the ships and bases in Syria. "Dagger" will not reach the Indian Ocean? And Iran? And the base Hamadan, already familiar to our aviation?
Just blow to blow! And EW dropping axes.

Vladimir 5
With such a shock superiority, the answer of the General Staff MO is correct: a full blow to the carriers and add. In case of a quantitative strike of the Kyrgyz Republic, a retaliatory strike will follow with the use of tactical nuclear weapons on the aggressor and the United States AUG (otherwise, a possible strike will not be reflected). It is high time to agree with Iran on the device bases (at least temporarily, on 10 years) with the “Calibers” and “Iskanders” and air defense on the coast of the Persian Gulf, in the underbelly of the main bases of the US region in the Saudi Kingdom and Qatar. For Iran, it would also help in the confrontation of the United States. Although our pro-Israeli government is unlikely to go to such a confrontation with Israel and the United States ...

The purpose of this operation is the same as the previous ones: to provoke a major military conflict with the participation of Russia, but so that at the same time their forces were outside the retaliatory strike, and to draw Europe into a mess. The blow has not yet been dealt because they do not have complete confidence that the ships, carriers of the Tomahawks, will not be allowed to sink.

Bay their, to others were afraid!

The foreign portal The Aviationist publishes details of the use of American Patriot PAC-2 systems by armed forces of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian air defense and anti-missile defense systems had to be activated in connection with a massive rocket attack carried out by Hussites from Yemen’s territory. Saudi media reported seven shot-down Hussite rockets, three of which were shot down near Riyadh International Airport.

Initially, a story appeared on the Al-Arabiya TV channel, stating that fragments of a Hussite missile hit by a Patriot fell on a residential building, which caused the death of one person and severe injuries of several others. The Aviationist reports that in the immediate vicinity of the residential area fell the very anti-missile, which was produced by the Saudi military. This is an American-made MIM-104C rocket. It is reported that the "failure" gave at least two such missiles.

With such “failures” that look like regular ones, the “Patriots” in the hands of the Saudis should be renamed “Boomerangs”. And treat them accordingly. Evacuate people from cities before launching. An option with bomb shelters and alarm announcements should also be considered.

Comments from our readers:

And how to understand this? Errors in the deployment of missile defense systems or errors in their application?

Yes, unsuccessfully placed complexes. Bungling, no different name.

Well, everything is clear with the Chinese, they love fireworks, a habit. And “Patriot” got moles. Rocket traitors ... Or maybe Russian hackers put their hands?

London patriots will go to Moscow

United Kingdom Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson announced that London “is preparing to take measures against“ Russian capital of criminal origin ”in response to Sergey Skripall’s poisoning in Salisbury. According to Mr. Williamson (the one who, turning to Russia the other day, demanded to “step back and shut up”), in Britain, a law begins to operate, which implies the arrest of property of “dubious origin”.

This means that the British government buried the hopes of Russian dubious capitalist leaders who dreamed of the quiet harbor of Foggy Albion. It seems that the city of London has ceased to be considered a suitable place to store other enterprising Russians of bags of loot, excuse me, of suitcases with currency.

Consequently, Russian businessmen and ex-officials who fled to London can soon say goodbye to their “washed” and “washed” property in Britain. It is time for runaways to move to Moscow ...

Comments from our readers:

It's time for our oligarchs to take by the balls. Since we cannot do it ourselves, so thanks to the English, they will take care of it.

Broad powers, however, the local Minister of Defense)))) is engaged in including and bank deposits ... Maybe the premiere marks, or so it pushes. And the fact that they decided to get to these capitals was just a matter of time. Here the rich have no choice: either share the money, which will then go to destabilize the situation in Russia, or take it that way.

I do not understand what to rejoice? What money stolen in Russia will replenish the budget of England? For a year now there has been talk of confiscating property in the West, the oligarchs had time to make the right decision.

And you can rejoice that more money has nowhere to take.

Russian planes? They are paper!

Russian Su-35 and MiG-35 are well-placed only on paper, and not in reality, according to The National Interest. "Russian fighters offer good results on paper, but India is disappointed with poor after-sales support and frequent malfunctions of most Russian equipment, including on MiG-29 and Su-30МКИ", the author of the article "" quotes.

In addition, according to the analyst, “Indian officials are increasingly becoming disillusioned with the Su-57, publicly complaining about low-power engines, the low faintness of the fighter and the lack of transparency regarding what is behind these problems.” The publication believes that the American F-35 or F / A-18E / F Super Hornet "had good chances to become the next super-weapon of the Indian Air Force."

Recall that India has a difficult choice: the state is entangled in fighter jets and is considering the American F / A-18E / F Super Hornet, the Eurofighter Typhoon, the French Rafale, the Russian Su-35 or MiG-35, then all at once. The circle has no end.

Should I believe the opinion of the authors of the "National Interest"? Of course no. The same magazine in February 2018 wrote the opposite about Russian aircraft.

On the pages of the “distinguished edition” it was reported that the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II pilots of the US Air Force “have little chance of holding out against the Su-35 in close combat”. At the same time, the Russian fighter was called the best machine ever created “for combat in the line of sight”.

Comments from our readers:

The whole point of journalism.

Order for pushing mattress letakov. Another example of "fair" competition from the United States.

Weathervane, in one word. What they pay for is printed. Democracy, however.

Hindus need technology, otherwise they come up with a million excuses. And mattress flyers run from Russian planes in a race.

Red "Death Star" maneuvers in space

British expert on Russian and American space programs, Phillip Clarke, noticed that the Russian secret space satellite Kosmos-2521 began to maneuver slowly with respect to Cosmos-2519, which for the last three months had hardly moved, reports, citing a magazine "BIS Spaceflight".

Recall that in October 2017, the press reported that the Russian space forces successfully tested the Kosmos-2521 maneuvering satellite. As a result of the tests, ground and orbital communications were tested, ballistic calculation techniques and software were tested. The possibility of automatic satellite undocking from the platform, remote control of its flight and use of on-board equipment was also confirmed.

Such satellites-killers, in the long term intended not only to monitor other devices, but also their interception, should become an element of the Russian orbital group, playing a deterrent role in the space military race.

The British expert was afraid of the "movement" of the satellite? Why did he not make any bold hypothesis? For example, about Putin entrenched on the satellite? And about the secret gas ray from the satellite that Mr. Squall had poisoned in Sobsbury?

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
Wipe your cases, Phillip, this is not a satellite ... This is Putin Kraken released ... Fear, wretched, the wrath of the gods.

Of course. Something has stirred in space, and here the “aggressive” Russia is to blame. Even if the satellite began to move, so what? Previously, such "incidents" were a lot of narrow specialists, and now on every detail from all sides of the hysterics to the skies.

Tremble, Englishwoman, now nothing will save you. But it looks like they looked at something there. Red "Death Star" on the way.

Russian tank will not break through and you will not kill

In recent weeks, the T-90A tanks as part of the Tiger Forces brigade have been actively involved in a large-scale operation in Eastern Gute, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “Tanks demonstrate exceptional survivability during urban fights. This is facilitated by machine-mounted opto-electronic suppression systems “Curtain”, which create a field of continuous interference to a depth of 2,5 km and a width of more than 800 m. As a result, the enemy’s anti-tank guided missiles are effectively neutralized, ”the article says.

Thanks to the “Shtore”, the tanks are also capable of covering the armored vehicles of old modifications coming with them in combat formations. The effectiveness of the T-90A is also promoted by the presence of a modern ESSA night-vision thermal sight, which makes it possible to detect and destroy various targets, including those disguised by grenade launchers. Another feature of the tank is a closed anti-aircraft machine-gun installation, hitting the enemy at a distance of 2 km. The 12,7-mm machine gun fire rate reaches 700 shots / min.

Recall, T-90 have long shown themselves in Syria. She has been on the territory of the SAR since the beginning of October 2015. These tanks participated in all major battles of recent years, and suffered minimal losses. It can be said, the tank has established itself as “unkillable”.

Comments from our readers:

“Tanks demonstrate exceptional survivability during urban fights.” Best advertising UVZ and you can imagine!

The tank is simply a masterpiece, however, the "Curtain" TOW2 (namely 2) does not jam, but the forehead of the tower keeps its direct hit.

"... are also capable of covering the armored vehicles of old modifications coming with them in combat formations." Well, if only through him fly. The exception rather than the rule. It would have been the easiest to do a special vehicle, which would specifically cover up the other equipment in this way.

Cataly from the boulevard

The US Embassy in Russia threw out another trick: did not allow for an interview to obtain visas for members of the Russian wrestling team. The wrestlers wanted to fly overseas for the upcoming World Cup. The tournament is scheduled to take place from 5 to 9 in April in the US town of Iowa City. But our fighters, apparently, will not get there. The ambassadorial motivation is standard: due to the acute shortage of staff, we don’t have time to serve everyone who wants to travel to the United States. But this shortage arose solely due to the fact that the Russians, you see, sent a whole battalion of employees of the US embassy in their time - in response to measures taken by the Americans. “The decision on which employees to reduce as part of the introduction of parity was not made by us, but by Washington,” said Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, commenting on this excuse. She added that the United States simply decided to prevent the participation of Russian athletes in the Cup.

On the one hand, complete nonsense. On the other - everything is extremely logical. The lining of this solution is obvious, and white threads stick out from it in bunches. Americans are well aware that Russians are going to America not just to win. They are going to tear the Americans on wrestling mats - like a bulldog napkin. And they will be torn in front of a stunned public. And all of America will be watching this public shame. I must say that the White House has every reason to fear: our national team is golden. There were fighters who passed a sieve of the most severe qualifying competitions. Whatever the name, the legend ...

Comments from our readers:

"They are weaker than we thought." This is what we think. And they are different. They believe that they are exceptional, and they are all allowed. And we have taught them to this and still have not moved away from it ... We are not able to play proactively ...

The US should be ignored simply ... Do not go there ... But many have children there, those who are in our power ...

Americans explain the refusal by the “late” filing of a visa application and the “impossibility” of issuing visas by the “specified” date, and not at all by a “refusal” of a visa in general. Allegedly, they (the Americans), due to staff cuts, do not have time to process all visa applications and are forced to extend the deadline to 60 (and longer) days. Actually, since September 2017, it is almost impossible to get an American visa in Russia, those who need it, are forced to go to get it in countries neighboring Russia.

Recognize, mop up and win?

Russia is accused in the West literally of everything, without bothering itself with at least some kind of argument. And we are talking not only about journalists or even about politicians. Even those who, seemingly by virtue of their profession, have to be extremely precise and concrete, come forward with lengthy and unfounded accusations.

Thus, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force of Great Britain Stephen Hillier spoke out with the accusation of Russia of preparing an attack on British space satellites. He argued this by saying that if Moscow “was ready to make a chemical attack in Salisbury,” then it could also attack satellites, ignoring international norms prohibiting the use of cyber attacks, laser beams or electronic suppression devices to destroy valuable spacecraft.

The following happens: our country is not simply unproved, groundless and unreasonably accused of ignoring international law, but also frees itself on the basis of these slanderous slanders from any legal framework in actions against Russia. Indeed, unlike the West, Russia clearly adhered to its obligations and the framework of international law.

What to do?

Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov in an interview with the Federal Agency News"Proposed in response to the expulsion of our diplomats to recognize the independence of the people's republics of Donbass and to conclude a defensive alliance with them.

Another very convincing solution would be to strengthen and expand military-technical cooperation with Iran.

Another step very sensitive for our enemies would be the “clearing” of the information and socio-political space of the Russian Federation from the “fifth column” and agents of Western influence. In the context of hybrid war against our country, this measure is absolutely necessary.

The arsenal of answers, as we see, is wide.

Comments from our readers:

The title of the article is intriguing, the content is about nothing. There is only one sensible thought: we have many options ... But only after the world championship ... And after the world championship, there is still good reason to show only concern.

It is interesting to read the opinion of representatives of individual countries, who are still confident that the peninsula in the west of Eurasia and their sinking overseas host - this is the whole world. This is not the case for a long time. But cute, and a little infantile, that you continue to think so.

Recognizing LDNR also means recognizing most of their territories occupied by Ukraine. And having concluded a military alliance, it is necessary to free these territories from the invader. But if this happens, then from Kharkov to Odessa will begin the process of separation from Square. And what to do if a full-scale civil war begins there?

New Year day
And most importantly: how to finance such vast territories? At present, such a financial burden for Russia is very heavy.

In such publications, the authors somehow lose sight of the fact that confrontation has roots that do not lie in the plane of politics. In this case, politics is only an instrument for reducing trade through sanctions on political challenges. The vector of squeezing Russia's economic ties with Europe and reducing them to zero was not set yesterday. To avert the eye in the West, it is called the isolation of Russia, and in fact, Europe’s isolation from Russia is deliberately conducted in the hope of reducing the external debt of Britain and the United States and leveling the trade balance. And neither Europe nor Russia can do anything with this course - they did not initiate it, they did not consistently conduct it. What can you do in a situation of limited sovereignty of EU countries? Nothing. The leadership of our country can either delay this process or speed it up. Therefore, it is not necessary to harbor illusions that in response to the unfriendly steps of the European Union, the government will mount horses and start waving drafts. They will “work” with partners, trying to defend what is possible, but no more.
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  1. 210ox
    210ox April 1 2018 06: 18
    All members of the forum with Palm Sunday! Regarding fakes about the tragedy in Kemerovo .. Well, these bastards will be if they are not caught and not held accountable. I hope their punishment will overtake. Regarding the "Nord" .. Unfortunately, the fact is that we there is nothing we can do about it. More precisely, our leadership. Well, the mundial, the image (what the hell he is) Well, we are "bad guys", maybe it's time for everyone to actually show it?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 April 1 2018 11: 37
      In the UK, bad luck again:
      "A mutated virus infects the British with a sexually transmitted disease that cannot be cured."
      Is Putin again to blame? belay
      All a happy day! drinks
    3. dSK
      dSK April 1 2018 17: 27
      Quote: 210ox
      All members of the forum with Palm Sunday!

  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 1 2018 06: 33
    You can call for their calculation in the Networks, capture and terrible punishment, but in this situation there is so far only one: God be their judge.

    This is if in a Christian way. But after all, these subhumans exposed and opposed themselves to every Faith, therefore, one can take another measure of punishment. angry

    And since today Palm Sunday - with the Feast of members of the forum, your family and friends!
  3. igordok
    igordok April 1 2018 06: 49
    By April 1 there were more fakes than jokes.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic April 1 2018 07: 50
      Today there was news that Tuleyev resigned at his own request.

      Aman Tuleyev 73 years old, he came into politics in the late 1980s. He headed the Kemerovo region in 1997, was re-elected four times by the head of the region with a result of 93,5-96,69% of the vote. His powers on the next governor term expired in 2020

      RIA Novosti
      1. Golovan Jack
        Golovan Jack April 1 2018 08: 12
        Quote: Ascetic
        Today there was news ...

        IMHO is already funny laughing
        With the holidays of all, with all that happened today.
      2. 210ox
        210ox April 1 2018 08: 26
        Well, I think this news is not an April Fools' incident. By the way, a person needs to be supported morally.
        Quote: Ascetic
        Today there was news that Tuleyev resigned at his own request.

        Aman Tuleyev 73 years old, he came into politics in the late 1980s. He headed the Kemerovo region in 1997, was re-elected four times by the head of the region with a result of 93,5-96,69% of the vote. His powers on the next governor term expired in 2020

        RIA Novosti
        1. sabakina
          sabakina April 1 2018 10: 54
          I don’t know how anyone has, but I personally have no complaints against Tuleyev, as the governor.
      3. pomorAL
        pomorAL April 1 2018 11: 03
        the mummy so desired.
  4. Herculesic
    Herculesic April 1 2018 07: 40
    First, all with Palm Sunday! hi Peace, Health, happiness, love to all of us! drinks
  5. Herculesic
    Herculesic April 1 2018 07: 44
    And again about the birds, that is, about the gunner’s sava. According to the information from there, namely from her sister, I’ll also find that in the ukrozastenki they hurt something, the “heroine” is vomiting blood there. Apparently, she didn’t have long to be present in this world! Here is the “purely English murder”!
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 April 1 2018 08: 30
      Herculesych (Vitalievich) Today, 07: 44
      And again about the birds, that is, about the gunner’s sava. According to the information from there, namely from her sister, I’ll also find that in the ukrozastenki they hurt something, the “heroine” is vomiting blood there. Apparently, she didn’t have long to be present in this world! Here is the “purely English murder”!

      ukronaikists easily make salisbury-2 ... personally, the Darkest brought to the cell, and forced to drink poison.
    2. sabakina
      sabakina April 1 2018 10: 57
      Maybe the lungs beat off? recourse
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 April 1 2018 12: 53
        sabakina (Vyacheslav) Today, 10: 57 ↑
        Maybe the lungs beat off? recourse

        Everything can be expected from the ukronazists. But after all, Nadia the gunner will not be silent ... will find a way to deliver the "little thing" to freedom ...
    3. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 April 1 2018 12: 36
      Quote: Herkulesich
      "purely English killing"!

      Povetkin already smeared one.
      1. Tilkus75
        Tilkus75 April 2 2018 11: 16
        Handsome !!!
  6. izya top
    izya top April 1 2018 07: 53
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov April 1 2018 09: 43
      Well, in the same topic Izy ..))))

      Eh Russia, we just need to neighing .. hehe
      1. 23rus
        23rus April 1 2018 11: 02
        Right! To already legalized reflective vests, you also need to oblige minibuses with gas masks! laughing
    2. Giants
      Giants April 1 2018 17: 02
      I heard a slightly different version in which the plane was present
      1. _Sergei_
        _Sergei_ April 5 2018 16: 00
        Neighing already tears flowed good
  7. Vard
    Vard April 1 2018 09: 10
    How to defeat Russia .. It's very simple ... Make a dollar for five rubles ... We will do the rest ourselves ...
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov April 1 2018 10: 23
      Quote: Vard
      How to defeat Russia .. It's very simple ... Make a dollar for five rubles ... We will do the rest ourselves ...

      Ek, you’re angry and I don’t know whether to laugh or wipe yourself ..? hi
      1. pomorAL
        pomorAL April 1 2018 11: 00
        Can you imagine, these are colonels in Russia? and that generals there ....
  8. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov April 1 2018 09: 41
    Well, guys, Russia is alive! Barking is going on all over the world, and as Putin said to us, to the question "How do you react to the persecution of Russia ..?" And I have a "bad word", calmly like that ..)))
    All Orthodox brothers happy holiday ..!

    Everything will be fine with us, I believe in Russia!
    1. Herculesic
      Herculesic April 1 2018 09: 57
      Thank you, Vitaly, with a kind word, and you with the holiday too! !! hi
      1. pomorAL
        pomorAL April 1 2018 10: 59
        Today in Russia there is one popularly beloved holiday, the day of the fool. congratulations on that.
        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov April 1 2018 11: 10
          Quote: pomorAL
          Today in Russia there is one popularly beloved holiday, the day of the fool. congratulations on that.

          Well, I would not say that .. Here's a historical reference! Our partisans raided such brilliant operations .. Eternal memory to them! soldier
  9. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky April 1 2018 10: 34
    On the other hand, in what currency should reserves be held? In hryvnias, or something ... And maybe not in currency to keep these reserves, but still citizens? In what is commonly called human capital, which is an unimaginable number of times more efficient in any economy than cut paper.
    Yeah. Let's move on to the slave trade. They give us palm oil, and we will pay human capital with them.
  10. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  11. Snowblast
    Snowblast April 1 2018 10: 41
    The main thing is not that 41 children died, the main thing for a patriot is that a crest spread a fake about 300 dead - he would kill a reptile! Tuleyev killed only 67, but he says about 300 !! Where is this seen ?! Patriot, long live dear Tuleyev and beat the Khokhlak reptiles!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    PANTELEIMON April 1 2018 10: 52
    What the Bolsheviks led Russia to, beginning its collapse back in 1917, they led to that. The results are very sad: a significant part of the population has been exterminated, the huge and powerful once Russian power was destroyed.
    1. japs
      japs April 1 2018 11: 41
      Dear Valery Ilinichna, I do not recognize you in makeup ...
    2. Nyrobsky
      Nyrobsky April 1 2018 18: 51
      Quote: PANTELEIMON
      What the Bolsheviks led Russia to, beginning its collapse back in 1917, they led to that. The results are very sad: a significant part of the population has been exterminated, the huge and powerful once Russian power was destroyed.

      Two of you on the story. The tsar was overthrown by the liberals, who, led by Kerensky, plunged Russia into turmoil. The Bolsheviks merely seized power and, by and large, saved Russia from collapse, preserving most of the territories and building them up following the Second World War. By the way, the second arrival of Liberota in 1991 led to the loss of territories through a parade of sovereignty. And today they, together with their helmsmen from the West, dream of dividing Russia along the Stone Belt (Urals), fearing its size.
      1. Baloo
        Baloo April 1 2018 20: 20
        Quote: Nyrobsky
        Quote: PANTELEIMON
        What the Bolsheviks led Russia to, beginning its collapse back in 1917, they led to that. The results are very sad: a significant part of the population has been exterminated, the huge and powerful once Russian power was destroyed.

        Two of you on the story. The tsar was overthrown by the liberals, who, led by Kerensky, plunged Russia into turmoil. The Bolsheviks merely seized power and, by and large, saved Russia from collapse, preserving most of the territories and building them up following the Second World War. By the way, the second arrival of Liberota in 1991 led to the loss of territories through a parade of sovereignty. And today they, together with their helmsmen from the West, dream of dividing Russia along the Stone Belt (Urals), fearing its size.

        Correctly, moreover, the tsar asked Miliukov for guarantees that he would not be persecuted, but would be allowed to travel with the servants to the Crimea in Livadia, where he intended to stay alive. Or to ensure departure through Murmansk to Naglja. King George, with the hypocritical courtesy inherent in the dignitaries, first sent a letter in which he expressed his participation. Milyukov asked the ambassador of Naglia when? The ambassador of Naglia wrote to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Naglia that the transfer of Nikolai 11 to the Naglia was undesirable. He reported to George. Georg wrote to Nicholas in yet another letter in May that he could not yet receive the king, i.e. for 2 months, under the pressure of US Jewry, the king’s fate was determined. Well, you already know that Sverdlov and Trotsky were agents of the influence of the arrogant Saxons. And about the half-center pants with diplomatic passports to all Sverdlov’s relatives, found in 1937 in his safe, forgotten by everyone, and about the brother-small-banker in the USA, who opened the bank in 1916 and closed after Sverdlov’s death, and about Trotsky’s life in the USA before the revolution itself ...
  13. APASUS
    APASUS April 1 2018 10: 54
    Considering Skripal’s case is a typical provocation, but here’s what’s interesting. It seems that the intelligence services used the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the dark, which until then was not supposed to be done. Specialists did not use politicians of this level, though there is also a nuance, whose it's specialists, maybe it's Americans. Then a lot can be explained
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa April 1 2018 12: 47
      Quote: APASUS
      It seems that the special services used the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the dark, which until then was not supposed to be done.

      Does this talking horse have a head just for eating organon? Or brains completely flew away from the mortal body as unnecessary? Who prevented her from demanding evidence? And then, she has the right to change the leadership of the special services at her discretion, but in the interests of the cause and Britain ... So, "the dog does not want, the dog does not jump up!" - a popular saying in the subject.
      Well, a little remark. Boris Johnson - with a professional holiday: Fool's Day !!!
    2. Baloo
      Baloo April 2 2018 06: 43
      Quote: APASUS
      intelligence services used the prime minister of the United Kingdom in the dark

      The Prime Minister of Naglia submits to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and counterintelligence, Boris-foreign intelligence. At the request to extradite the captured and eastern Ghats, they were told that it was in the competence of the Syrian army. Hence the bad ressure, in a hurry and in a hurry neglected logic. The rest of the versions (the desire of the skripal to return to Russia, to communicate with the Kiev mafia mafia, etc.) should be considered very little information.
  14. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 April 1 2018 10: 54
    The results are as follows: to make people fight, you need to convince them that they will be attacked. (I don’t remember who said it, but one of the Nazis may have a slightly different but one meaning) we all know the relationship of England to them hi
  15. pomorAL
    pomorAL April 1 2018 10: 56
    fabulous patriots! yes this is no secret to anyone. defeating Russia is easy
    a) have no business with us. it is possible. in world cooperation we are nothing.
    b) do not stop us from drowning in our own shit, vigilantly overseeing that shit remains inside the borders.
    and the rest is already seemingly done.
  16. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  17. Fedorov
    Fedorov April 1 2018 12: 15
    Too complicated, you need to be a specific baboon, what would poison poison poison, and even what. I am sure that the FSB is not completely dumb-headed.
    Although the subscription was given, everything is possible.
  18. Procyon lotor
    Procyon lotor April 1 2018 15: 48
    In the beginning I did not understand what was at stake, then I remembered that today is April 1. After all, the problem, “How can they defeat Russia?”, Was invented and cultivated mainly by the Russians themselves in order to feel more important. And then after all, they (in the west) may not go round, bastards.
  19. NordUral
    NordUral April 1 2018 16: 51
    If we had such power that we believed, then these would not blather! Neither by personal decision, nor by anyone's orders. And so - bitterness and doubt!