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Kedmi told how Russia should respond to sanctions

The attitude of the West to Russia, in fact, has not changed for almost a century. With the beginning of the "cold war" in our country they see an enemy with whom it is impossible to be friends. Even after the collapse of the USSR, when the economy of Russia, its army, its people degraded, the NATO countries did not stop trying to finish us off. The war was unleashed in the Caucasus, the terrorists received almost undisguised support from Western countries, where they were called freedom fighters.

Today, when the West realized that Russia no longer intends to act to the detriment of its own interests, desperate attempts are being made to curb our country. Crises are artificially provoked by Russia, and after the natural reaction of Moscow, sanctions are imposed. They are the only instruments of pressure on us, since the power option is excluded.

As the Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi is sure, Russia needs to stop making excuses to the West for its actions. And the reaction to any restrictions on his part should be many times more powerful and more painful.

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  1. Dashout
    Dashout 28 March 2018 16: 19
    It's like that! The answer should be many times more powerful and painful
  2. The hunchbacks
    The hunchbacks 28 March 2018 16: 45
    Kedmi is a simple agent of influence of Israel (a good friend of the United States and, alas, our enemy). Its task is to provoke reckless retaliatory actions on our part on US provocations. For this, he floods with flattery everyone and everything. All his speeches can be reduced to one thing: "You are well done, great people, you stood up standing on the very edge. They are fighting, war, aggression against you. Everyone offends you. You must answer it with all your might." Petty Zionist provocateur.
    They understood that they were waging a war even after the "honest" coverage of the atrocities of Islamic terrorists in Chechnya. The attack of Georgia, the support of our enemies from all sides, polonium, the Olympiad, radiation pollution of geyrops from Chelyabinsk, chemical attacks in Syria, the violin - these are all one line of the event. And in response to all this, we must, according to this Zionist, get involved in the war and annihilate.
    1. Igar
      28 March 2018 16: 49
      And what do you suggest? Share your precious opinion!
    2. iomoe
      iomoe 29 March 2018 21: 00
      Sometimes I also think that Kedmi is engaged in provocation.
    3. Thomas Thomas
      Thomas Thomas 30 March 2018 15: 52
      You suggest, as Haley said, to confess everything, to obey and bow to the "masters" in the belt, as well as return Crimea and carry out complete nuclear disarmament unilaterally. Only then will they allow the owner to kiss the pen and sit on the very back row.
  3. Ravik
    Ravik 28 March 2018 16: 53
    Cedmi is right.
    And if you answer, then fist in the snout. Everything goes to that.
    These democrats do not disdain anything.

    One pleases - they will take away money from traitors)))
  4. 452336
    452336 28 March 2018 17: 15
    Many times more powerful. Yeah. But nothing that the West has more trump cards in his hands. They are 10 of our diplomats, and we are 30. They are 10 more, and there is no one else to send us. They give us new sanctions, and we .... xs how to respond laughing
    Or will we smash the McDonalds into chips?
  5. farik68
    farik68 28 March 2018 18: 16
    Bravo Kedmi ... at least one person has told the truth in person How long will we fawn in front of these bitches one on one two on two How long .... ???? Spirit is not enough to give a decent answer .... ???
  6. Thomas the Unbelieving
    Thomas the Unbelieving 28 March 2018 19: 09
    Catholic countries have been fighting against Russia since the 12th century, remember Alexander Nevsky. They destroyed Jews from the 4th century until they had their own state. The Slavs also had problems only when the rulers of the Slavic countries succumbed to the promises of the pope or recognized the protectorate of the Protestant and Catholic states. (Greece, Bulgaria. Montenegro, etc. ..) Russophobia, anti-Semitism, Nazism are phenomena of the same order. Therefore, when idiots try to put Nazism and Stalinist internationalism on the same level, it is all from the same gateway. As for the answers, we must trust our leaders. They are not stupid, and when you can coolly solve the problem: remember Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Crimea, Syria, etc. We will continue to live and "I will repay to everyone according to his works,"
  7. jurijsv
    jurijsv 28 March 2018 19: 13
    Here I completely agree with Cadmi. Arrogant Saxons always behaved like a yard punks and she understands only a fist. I do not mean the hot phase of the war. They need to be answered adequately, but on a large scale. Better if they feel it in financial terms. For them it was always especially painful for their mongrel. By the way, today is a noteworthy event of Peter's past-searches among sectologists of Scientologists. It's not bad.
  8. 452336
    452336 28 March 2018 21: 38
    Yeah, give you the power would you break firewood. Third world would be unleashed laughing

    PS. Politics is the art of the POSSIBLE.
  9. aleks.29ru
    aleks.29ru 28 March 2018 22: 52
    Someone threatened to beat first, but as it came down to the matter, they cannot give change.
  10. Div Divich
    Div Divich 29 March 2018 07: 15
    As Israeli expert Jacob Kedmi is confident, Russia needs to stop making excuses to the West for its actions.

    He is a Russian expert ...
    Nobody is going to justify, but it is necessary to express our point of view on the world stage so that reporters do not speak for us (this is done simply, a phrase breaks out of the context, is substituted into the context of the desired direction, and the same words already lead in the opposite direction).

    And the reaction to any restrictions on his part should be many times more powerful and painful.

    These are emotions that lead to rash acts - mistakes.
    No need to degrade your life in order to take revenge on others. It is necessary on the contrary to preserve what we have. And to respond to actions in such a way that something decreases for them, and for us it comes or improves. As a result, after many of their provocations, we will be in the black, and they are in the black. So to answer in a mirror is harmful, you need to do the answer judiciously, in general terms, so as not to reveal the plan of action. And inside the country it is already fully discussed. Whether or not Americans will obtain information from within the country is their problem. The main thing is that the life of the population of Russia improves.
  11. ont65
    ont65 29 March 2018 09: 39
    Fortunately, Kedmi is not a politician, but a political scientist. Of course, publicly revealing the background of the intricacies of events without bearing responsibility for the analysis and conclusions is more advantageous than voicing unpopular decisions of the authorities in this regard. Nevertheless, with the definition of the term war, as they do in Israel, he should not play. Confrontation, here is a more accurate definition of what Russia has been and is since. And there is nothing new or unusual for the Russians in it.
  12. bald
    bald 30 March 2018 03: 37
    It is very useful to listen to a reasonable man who says the right things and it does not matter which state he belongs to. To analyze and act on us and the opinion of a competent person will only benefit us.
  13. master2
    master2 April 15 2018 14: 47
    Well, what did you decide to answer? Although you can take away Medvedev’s iPhone and solemnly smash it. Now let's see who depends on whom:
    - Where are the daughters of Putin? In Holland and South Korea.
    - Deputy Pekhtin. With a son in the USA.
    - Minister of Transport of the Moscow Region - Katsyva. With a son in the USA.
    - Children of the deputy Zheleznyak - live in Switzerland.
    - Children of Astakhov. One in France, the other in England.
    - Children and grandchildren of the “chief patriot of Russia”, the head of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin, live outside the country - in England and Switzerland.
    - The daughter of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Ekaterina, lives and studies in the United States.
    - The son - Deputy Speaker of the State Duma A. Zhukov lived and studied in London for a long time.
    - The daughter of the vice speaker of the State Duma, Sergei Andenko, studies and lives in Germany.
    - The eldest son of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak - Alexei lives abroad and is engaged in the construction business.
    - The younger brother of Alexei Kozak, Alexander, works at Credit Suisse
    - The eldest son of Deputy Remezkov, Stepan, recently graduated from Valley Forge Militar College in Pennsylvania (a year of study costs 1 million 295 761 rubles).
    His youngest daughter lives in Vienna, where she does gymnastics. Masha Remezkova represented the Austrian national team (!!!) at the children's competitions in Ljubljana.
    - The daughter of deputy V. Fetisov, Anastasia, grew up and studied in the United States. Nastya never learned to write and read in Russian.
    - The daughter of Svetlana Nesterova, a State Duma deputy from the United Russia fraction, lives in England.
    - My son Nikolay studied at Oxford, the main fighter for "traditional Orthodox values", E. Mizulina, received a diploma and moved to live on a permanent basis in tolerant Belgium, where same-sex marriages are allowed.
    - The daughter of deputy Vorontsov, Anna lives in Italy. There she moved from Germany.
    - At United Russia Elena Rakhova, who became famous for the fact that she called Leningraders who lived less than 120 days in the blockade “unblockers,” her daughter lives in the United States.
    - The daughter of the ex-speaker of the State Duma, one of the founders of the United Russia party, and now a member of the Security Council, Boris Gryzlov, Eugene lives in Tallinn. And even recently received Estonian citizenship.
    - The son of the former Minister of Education Andrei Fursenko lives on a permanent basis in the United States.
    - The son of V. Nikonov (Molotov’s grandson), the president of the Politics foundation, is a US citizen.

    And this list is incomplete and without taking into account real estate in one way or another belonging to our political masterminds. Yes, and you should not discount the accounts in whose securities most of the Russian assets are placed.
  14. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 April 24 2018 10: 10
    The question is, why the patriots of Donbass in Russia are not called freedom fighters? In Russia, too, there is a double morality ??