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Shock group of the Pacific Fleet destroyed the submarine of the conditional enemy

Today, the Varyag missile cruiser and the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Panteleev, as part of the ship’s attack group, conducted anti-submarine exercises in the Sea of ​​Japan, reports Interfax press service of the Pacific fleet.

According to the report, “Admiral Panteleyev, in the Peter the Great Bay, conducted a search for a submarine of a conditional enemy, which was played by one of the submarines of the Primorye flotilla of heterogeneous forces.”

To solve the problem was used deck antisubmarine helicopter Ka-27.

After establishing contact with the submarine, information about its location was transferred to the missile cruiser Varyag. "Admiral Panteleev" attacked the underwater target with jet depth bombs. In turn, the flagship of the Pacific Fleet also fired rocket bombs at the specified sector and fired torpedoes with a salvo,
says release.

The press service recalled that on Monday the similar tasks were fulfilled by the large anti-submarine ships of the PF “Admiral Vinogradov” and “Admiral Tributs”.
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  1. Herculesic
    Herculesic 28 March 2018 15: 08
    Interestingly, but Japanese submarines are more "noisy" than ours? That would be to drive their boat in order to get the characteristics from it!
    1. gippernano
      gippernano 28 March 2018 15: 15
      nothing interesting noisy for each other, it's no secret
    2. Brylevsky
      Brylevsky 29 March 2018 01: 18
      All boats are noisy. Our "Varshavyanka" is already heard at speeds above 4-5 knots (in favorable hydrological conditions). As for the Japanese, they make very good cars, but their ships and ships are quite ordinary. The acoustic "portraits" of them have long been taken off by special vessels and kept in memory of the BIOS of our ships. Like ours in theirs ...
  2. cats
    cats 28 March 2018 15: 22
    You would be gentlemen, the authors are more careful with the headlines ..
    Until the word "conditional" I read as much as my breath caught .. what
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 29 March 2018 01: 26
      Quote: Kotovsky
      You would be gentlemen, the authors are more careful with the headlines ..

      Konstantin, I support you completely! Well, complete nonsense: the strike force, which has the task of fighting the NK and striking at the BC, and suddenly - destroyed the submarine!
      And how! According to the Ka-27 PLO helicopter, it attacked the submarines with deep-water jet bombs! Well, then they would have led the probability of defeating submarines from RBU! And she's just 0,16% (!)
      And the second one. And why didn’t you immediately get the 2's torpedo salvo? It seems to me that "not everything is in order in the kingdom of Denmark ..."
      Maybe a new generation of primers did not read under the name TRPLK !? Well, tady .. OH!
  3. Borik
    Borik 28 March 2018 15: 35
    The Pacific Fleet strike group destroyed a probable enemy submarine.

    So far, belonging to which fleet has not been established, since the boat sank at a depth of five kilometers.
    Balm on the heart - be such a message true.