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The Czech President instructed the security services to check the possibility of the production of "Novice" in the republic

President Milos Zeman instructed the director of the Security Service of the Czech Republic to investigate possible production or storage in the past in the country of the “Novice” nerve agent, which in Britain had been poisoned by ex-KGB officer Sergei Skripal, TASS.

The President of the Republic instructed the Security Service of the Czech Republic to establish whether nerve gas was created or stored in the Czech Republic at industrial or research facilities,
told the press secretary of the head of state Jiri Ovchachek.

It is reported that on Monday Zeman received Defense Minister Karl Schlechtov and Director of the Security Service Michal Koudelka. They discussed the “Case of the Violin”, poisoned in Salisbury with her daughter, and the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the country as an expression of solidarity with London.

On the same day, the expulsion of three employees of the Russian diplomatic mission was announced.

We will remind, earlier the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova listed the countries in which they could produce the substance used for poisoning.

Most likely, the source of origin of this chemical is from countries that have been conducting intensive research on substances from the Novice project since the end of the 90s. This is the UK, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, the question about the United States should be raised,
she said on the Russia 24 channel.
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  1. evil partisan
    evil partisan 28 March 2018 11: 58
    "Novice" may not find request but "" will definitely find yes .
    1. vlad66
      vlad66 28 March 2018 12: 23
      conduct an investigation into the possible production or storage in the past of a nerve agent of the Novichok type on the territory of the country,

      Yeah, "Beginner" will not be found, but they will find gas "Fool"
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 28 March 2018 12: 23
      A234 ("newbie") was developed based on the English VX, and its chemical formula went to the USA. There you need to look for ears. winked
    KVU-NSVD 28 March 2018 12: 07
    And of course they won’t find anything ... How can you? The Czech Republic, after all, is very respectable ... Objects controlled by foreign corporations or all kinds of "harmless" bio-laboratories there will also be checked? And like garlic? Vague doubts torment ..
    1. Vasilenko Vladimir
      Vasilenko Vladimir 28 March 2018 12: 12
      Quote: KVU-NSVD
      The Czech Republic is very respectable ...

      of course of course, then Hitler tanks something else
    2. sib.ataman
      sib.ataman 28 March 2018 12: 29
      “Respectable” was not shy about 3 tons. And then they would be tanks for the sandbox and garden carts. By unjust enrichment they strengthened their “integrity”. So it is with CMEA. Where would their Tatras and Skoda go if not for the social camp? Now something is not very visible on the world market, if not for the Vilkopopovets goat? But Czech maladenki are present on all porn sites of the world. We switched, t.s., to natures. au pair.
      1. Bad_santa
        Bad_santa 29 March 2018 02: 47
        Their Tatra and Skoda were much better in the Wehrmacht. Especially before the attack on the USSR. If I’m not mistaken, at least 1/3 of the entire tank group of the Germans before the invasion consisted of Skoda tanks
    3. alstr
      alstr 28 March 2018 12: 30
      Everything is simple.
      If they find it, they will not say it and will clear all traces.
  3. taiga2018
    taiga2018 28 March 2018 12: 08
    It seems that the Czechs' first reaction was indignation, even the assumption that they could produce OM ... what has changed?
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 28 March 2018 13: 36
      Quote: taiga2018
      It seems that the first reaction of the Czechs was indignation, even an assumption

      The keyword is "first." yes The same Slovaks immediately thought, began to find out from themselves. As a result, the Slovaks did not expel anyone. By the way, in the Czech Republic there existed (and still exists) a completely serious chemical industry. Just a couple of years ago, reagents with the marking “Hemapol” (Prague) came across, of the eighties, but they were quite suitable. So ... let them check. And the headline of the news sounds twofold - as if the Czechs, by order of Zeman, decided to confuse themselves with the production of this poison. laughing
  4. lance
    lance 28 March 2018 12: 09
    I wonder how the Czechs will be looking for a newcomer to a military facility in the usa? boldly.
  5. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 28 March 2018 12: 11
    The Czech President instructed the security services to check the possibility of the production of "Novice" in the republic
    Well, Your Majesty You have already begun to bargain
  6. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 28 March 2018 12: 16
    Look more thoroughly! And the little guy who washes the flasks, make your hands wash, and at the same time ears and neck!
    1. a housewife
      a housewife 28 March 2018 12: 44
      And the language. Bleach?
  7. Sands Careers General
    Sands Careers General 28 March 2018 13: 07
    The formula of this substance has been known for a long time, they could do fine shaving and call it what they want, I do not believe that this is a Soviet development, the name cuts the ears.
    In Russia, chemical weapons are no longer there.
  8. Rey_ka
    Rey_ka 29 March 2018 14: 26
    you don’t need to look much here in the basements of the Russian Embassy; all the equipment is worth