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New weapons 2018 of the year. Self-loading carbine ORSIS K15 "Brother"

ORSIS rifles and carbines are known primarily for their accuracy and quality. Despite the relatively young age of the company, it managed to establish itself only on the good side, as in the global market. weapons, and on domestic.

This year, the company introduced a new self-loading carbine called ORSIS K15 "Brother" under the patron of 7,62х51. Like any new weapon, especially from a company that boasts a very good reputation, this sample is of particular interest. The carbine is positioned as a weapon for hunting, as well as for shooting sports, let's try to examine it closer.

The appearance and ergonomics of the ORSIS K15 carbine "Brother"

It is difficult not to notice that in the K15 “Brother” carbine there are a lot of details borrowed from an AR-like weapon. This was done not because of the great love for the development of Eugene Stoner, but because of the fact that the market is full of various additions for similar rifles and carbines. So, the butt can be replaced in the weapon, instead of the standard adjustable one, with a more convenient one for the shooter. Shops from different manufacturers can be used, even a muzzle brake-compensator of return can be installed not on a specific manufacturer, but on a variety of different ones. That is, the owner of the weapon gets the opportunity to make the carbine more convenient for himself, gets the opportunity to choose, and this can be met infrequently. Typically, manufacturers of various weapons add-ons choose the most popular model and produce a number of parts for it, different from the original ones, in this case for the new weapons on the market there are already many options for individual items.

Not to mention that the weapon is completely "two-sided", although the release of a spent cartridge case is carried out only on the right side. The cocking handle can be swapped from left to right. The safety switch located above the pistol grip is duplicated on both sides. The store eject button can also be duplicated, but this is already available as an additional option.

In addition to the two mounting plates at the top and bottom, on the forearm of the ORSIS K15 carbine “Brother” two more additional mounting strips on the sides can be installed. However, since the carbine is positioned as a hunting and sports weapon, the need for these additional attachment points is unlikely to arise.

The karabiner’s open sights are absent, which would be a flaw in military weapons, but since the ORSIS K15 “Brother” is a purely civilian carbine, the case of failure of the telescopic sight is not so critical. In addition, no one bothers to install folding pillars and a fly on the long upper mounting bar, the benefit at the moment on the market there are a huge number of options for such aiming devices, in various versions.

Weapons can be made in several colors: dark gray, "desert" and green, the standard color, obviously, black.

In general, the weapon apparently makes a positive impression, although the standard butt looks a little out of place.

The design of the carbine ORSIS K15 "Brother"

As with all ORSIS weapons, for the K15 “Brother” carbine, the designers selected the optimum materials for the individual assemblies. So, all the mechanisms subject to wear during operation, and structural elements that experience increased loads when firing, are made of high-strength steel. The elements with which the shooter constantly contacts are made of plastic. Those parts of the weapon that are subjected to minimum loads are made of aluminum alloys, which reduces the weight of the weapon.

The basis for the new carbine was the automation system using the energy of a part of the powder gases discharged through the bore with a short piston stroke. The barrel is locked when the bolt is turned to two stops. Also in the design of weapons provided gas regulator.

The manufacturer claims the operating temperature range for the ORSIS K15 carbine "Brother" from -50 to + 50 degrees Celsius. Of course, the performance will depend largely on the owner of the weapon, who will not only have to clean the carbine in a timely manner, but also apply the appropriate lubricant for a specific temperature range. Well, you should not, of course, wait for miracles, you can’t argue against physics, because the weapon will not be operational with an abrupt change in temperature. That is, when the carbine is cooled to -50 degrees Celsius and, for example, when a weapon gets into a room with a temperature of + 20 degrees Celsius, the carbine will be covered with a thick layer of hoarfrost and ice and will not itself be ready for firing. Oddly enough, but such obvious things need to be specified.

Characteristics of the ORSIS K15 carbine "Brother"

As mentioned above, the carbine can be completed with two different lengths of trunks - 406 or 508 millimeters. The manufacturer recommends the use of a short version of the barrel for sports shooting, apparently implying practical shooting that is gaining popularity, since in this case it is easier to maneuver with a weapon. The long version of the trunk is proposed to be used for hunting. The length of the rifle with a long barrel is 1208 millimeters, with a short - 1106 millimeters. The mass of weapons without cartridges, bipods and sighting devices is 4,6 kilogram. Height without sights - 182 millimeters, thickness - 76 millimeters. The carbine from detachable shops with 10 capacity of 7,62x51 cartridges is powered.

Pros and cons of the ORSIS K15 carbine "Brother"

The main advantage of the new weapon is its compatibility with the most various additions that are widely represented on the modern market. And it is not only about sights and bipods, but also the butt, which can be replaced by a more convenient without any problems related to compatibility.

Disadvantages of weapons can also be found. First of all it should be noted that the carbine comes without sights and bipod. On the one hand, this is of course good, since the owner of the weapon is not imposed on what the manufacturer has chosen. On the other hand, even some open aiming devices would make the weapon more attractive, however, this is already on the conscience of the sellers, and not the manufacturer specifically. The selected 7,62x51 ammunition is certainly suitable for the ORSIS K15 “Brother” carbine and most of the tasks assigned to it, but it would not be superfluous to create several variants for different cartridges, which may be done later, the new carbine. So far, the most popular cartridge has been chosen, which allows you to sell weapons with equal success in the markets of different countries.


Summing up this brief acquaintance with weapons, one cannot but say that the attitude towards this carbine is biased. The ORSIS company has proven itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, accurate and reliable weapons, and therefore new models from this company, which, incidentally, does not appear as often as we would like, can be attributed in absentia to the highest category.

The truth is that you have to pay and pay a lot for quality, at the moment the price for this carbine on the manufacturer’s website is 200000 Russian rubles, while it is indicated that the number of weapons at this price is limited. At such a price, many will give preference to a cheaper weapon for a given ammunition, which is not a big surprise. It is quite logical to assume that the main part of the buyers of this carbine will be those who need to fit the weapon as much as possible for themselves, for example, the same athletes. Among hunters, weapons are unlikely to receive high popularity, primarily due to not at all “popular” value and the absence of at least a minimum set of weapons.

In any case, we look forward to the first reviews of the owners, among which information on the accuracy of weapons is particularly interesting. At the moment, in the company's catalog, this is the only self-loading carbine, and therefore a completely natural question arises: did the designers of ORSIS manage to “overcome” the automation system with maximum preservation of weapon accuracy and reliability? Let's hope that the designers, as before, have coped with the task and in the near future the company will be pleased with other variants of self-loading weapons.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 29 March 2018 15: 08
    It’s not entirely clear ... a self-loading carbine for hunting ... to shoot a herd of wild boars ...
    1. Borik
      Borik 29 March 2018 15: 47
      It looks like a beautiful toy. Judging by the cartridge, it is intended for hunting any wild boars and two and four-legged. Who is ready to hunt for what.
    2. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 29 March 2018 18: 34
      Quote: Vard
      It’s not entirely clear ... a self-loading carbine for hunting ... to shoot a herd of wild boars ..

      SCS is the same self-loading, quite convenient and practical. On the same boars. request I agree with the author of the article on the cartridge - is the NATO cartridge 7,62x51 so much better?
      1. Shelest2000
        Shelest2000 29 March 2018 19: 54
        There is also a SVT-40. Very comfortable and handy, but with a couple of minuses - an inconvenient gas switch and the lack of spare stores for sale. And those units that are sold at exorbitant prices from 6 thousand and above.
      2. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 29 March 2018 20: 16
        Quote: Ingvar 72
        I agree with the author of the article on the cartridge - is the NATO cartridge 7,62x51 so much better?

        The most universal and common cartridge for most tasks, that's all. I think they will continue to release a line for different cartridges.
        1. AlexMark
          30 March 2018 02: 46
          Actually this is mentioned in the article and wink
      3. Siberia 9444
        Siberia 9444 30 March 2018 14: 49
        SCS is convenient? I’ll express my opinion, the army box, that logs are neither comfortable nor handy, I’ll not even say charging for the last century BUT after the tune, replacing the box and doping you can insert a store. SVT as a TIGER is a very long weapon for hunting, hunting is short, well, maybe someone from the tower and even then the bait doesn’t lie down, it’s not convenient to transport! And most importantly, it’s our hunting cartridge’s cartridge. Look at the bolistics of any cartridge (I’ll hinder pile 51 by 300 m, drop 59 cm) and so on, that is, there’s no difference. CBT 40 is interesting as a legend. About the protest 7.62 * 51, by law, you can hunt from a hare to a bear, choose only a bullet. 54 only with kasuli. And if you want to achieve a good shot (further, more closely - a bolt)
        According to Orsis, a very interesting machine with such a cartridge as beautiful, I think the price will be, but this is another story.
        I’ve been hunting for 19 years as an officer, and so Dad was hunting from school, he shot from the MC 8 BI to the R93 blazer, this is my personal opinion and you can not agree with him. The best carbine for hunting price quality is the CZ with a Mauser lock - thing
  2. Catfish
    Catfish 29 March 2018 15: 24
    Quote: Vard
    It’s not entirely clear ... a self-loading carbine for hunting ... to shoot a herd of wild boars ...

    SCS, the Tiger with us, the mass of models in other countries are also self-loading. And to beat a “herd of boars”, or to work for a single goal, this is your personal matter.
    The machine looks nice and handy. But this is only by sight, and there is no real data on it yet. But then the price will scare away from it not only the buyer, but also the beast. hi
    1. Rader
      Rader 30 March 2018 02: 01
      Quote: Sea Cat
      The machine looks nice and handy. But this is only by sight,

      Last year’s Mileks had the opportunity to get it. Then there were other body kits (bipod, DTK, butt). To the touch, too, it seemed very solidly made (although, for such a price they would try to release a “product” requiring file processing ...). In general, a solid, but relatively simple rifle for wealthy shooters. There is a buyer.
  3. Engineer
    Engineer 29 March 2018 15: 44
    It’s strange that the rifle does not have a full-time open sight - it’s still not a rifle. Well, yes, sales managers know better what is needed for the commercial success of weapons.
  4. senima56
    senima56 29 March 2018 15: 58
    To produce weapons by a private company in our country, where the state dominates the arms market .... it really needs to be a genius!
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 29 March 2018 18: 35
      Quote: senima56
      it really needs to be a genius!

      Or have a strong lobby.
  5. Old26
    Old26 29 March 2018 18: 37
    Quote: senima56
    To produce weapons by a private company in our country, where the state dominates the arms market .... it really needs to be a genius!

    Or a son. Indeed, some time ago, the son of Ragozin owned this company EMNIP
  6. san4es
    san4es 29 March 2018 19: 14
    Self-loading carbine ORSIS K15 "Brother"

    feb. 2018 year soldier
  7. tracer
    tracer 29 March 2018 19: 47
    Weapons have one more important parameter - Price. This shooting miracle is unlikely to surprise with accuracy. Semi-automatic all the same. The trunk of vibration of all this wisdom from above was overheated. A bunch will creep. That is, he is a semiautomatic device for a quick shot, but here you can’t shoot quickly from it. First you need to sit down, lie down, etc. there is no need to search for logic in creation; it is a fashionable commercial product and nothing more.
  8. Leomobil
    Leomobil 29 March 2018 20: 13
    This is a real business approach, non-waste production. Now all the crooked trunks from "Precision" - drilled a hole in the side and voila - "Brother" :) And the name is honest, otherwise they started here "accuracy" - this is just the name. We take an example from the Chinese, if we ourselves can’t, then draw ... :)
    1. AlexMark
      29 March 2018 22: 12
      Could you elaborate your thoughts in more detail? In particular, the information about the “crooked” trunks is very interesting, and where is it drawn with the Chinese?
      Looked at the user information, of course, a competitor smile
      We, as consumers, in fact, it does not matter which company’s name will be drawn on the weapon, we would have higher quality and lower prices. laughing If Lobaev’s rifles are interesting to site visitors, you can also make review material on them, and if you give the contact details of a person who can learn specific details about the weapon, first hand, so to speak, you will be the second weapon company that went to contact for such issues) The first was Steyr smile
      In particular, your DVL-10 seems very interesting, as does the .40 cartridge Lobaev Whisper. Well, if 0,5 MOA on dialing, then it's just a holiday, not a weapon.
  9. Denimax
    Denimax 30 March 2018 00: 23
    Campaign is an attempt from ORSIS to try yourself in automation. Personally, I approve. I think the specialists can appreciate and the MO can fork out. Such a barrel, depending on the theater of war, would be preferable in an open area than Kalash, like Syria, Afghanistan, etc. I would also put the collimator sighting unit along with the optics as on the G36. And the latch for the store turned 180 degrees.
    1. tracer
      tracer 30 March 2018 04: 05
      There is still a rail for the flashlight and the MP3 player remains. You can also attach GO pro.
      The product is Commercial and this logic does not carry any logic except for taking money from a bluff population. Now imagine how to clean it? There is a German Walther semiautomatic sniper but a lot of money. There is no data on accuracy. Go hunting there is a whole gamut of good hunting semi-automatic weapons. And by the way, this gun is designed for an overseas buyer.
  10. Sedoy
    Sedoy 30 March 2018 11: 35
    well ... thing, probably ....
    if there are grandmothers and show-offs ...
    looked at cartridge prices - with an "accurate" bullet an average of 150r
    I think it's not cheap ...

    generally agree with the author in the context - not for the people ...
    1. AlexMark
      30 March 2018 12: 01
      For the people, we can buy 4 "Tiger" and a set of files for this money. good
      1. tracer
        tracer 30 March 2018 16: 29
        I would take a tiger. But in our market they are not allowed. Such is the free competition.
  11. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer April 2 2018 15: 20
    Trying to play "on the field" of Marxman rifles?