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A Sindzhar trap is being prepared for the US Armed Forces. Will Turkey decide on a profitable share of the three parties?


Having played on the traditional lack of negotiability for the YPG National Self-Defense Units, as well as the tacit consent of the command of the Syrian Arab Army, dependent on Russian-Turkish agreements, the units of the regular Turkish army with the opposition-terrorist groups "Free Syrian Army" and "Al-Nusra" (banned in Russia ) managed by cunning, as well as technological and numerical superiority to intervene in the Kurdish canton of Afrin. The successful military action allowed Ankara to join the forces of the “Idlyb Gadyushnik” with rebels in the Azaz region, thereby creating a powerful northern assault backbone, capable of launching an operation to block and continue the occupation of Aleppo today. It is for this reason that the Turkish armed forces near the town of Anadan (in 10 km northwest of Aleppo) were sent in advance to a front-line observation post, a military convoy, which included bridge layers (assault bridges); obviously, to force the small river Quake.

Fortification work carried out by the engineering units of the Turkish Land Forces in the Aleppo sector of the front, as well as increasing the capabilities of the offensive armored "kulak" near Anadan and Hadera, did not go unnoticed by the defense structures of the Syrian Arab Army. As a warning about the inadmissibility of further advancing NE of Turkey in the direction of Aleppo, 19 in March 2018, the site of the observation / stronghold in the Anadan region was hit from the 122-mm rocket system 9K51 “Grad”, deployed in the vicinity of the city of Khandarat. This countermeasure led to a tangible result: the regular operation of the Turkish 155-mm Firtina self-propelled self-propelled artillery systems in the cities of Nubl and Zahra ceased, which ensured the free transfer of the remaining units of the pro-government Syrian National Defense Forces to the southern part of the Afrin canton. ), the Kurdish YPG units, as well as units of the regular Syrian army, which were in possession of heavy armored vehicles.

Danae mixed grouping was established in the city of Tell-Rifat, as well as in small towns of Shatal al-Ziyar and Deir al-Jamal to push the pro-Turkish SSA and Turkish army units into the 4 - 7 km distance from the government-controlled territory of Aleppo province. A very important point in the formation of this defensive "barrier" of the city of Aleppo is that its main purpose remains even in the case of the occupation of the city of Tell-Rifat by pro-Turkish rebels and the NE of Turkey. Thanks to tough measures from Damascus, further attempts by Ankara to knock out a foothold from under the feet of the Syrian army near the city of Aleppo in the foreseeable future (about six months) are not expected.


Today we will try to consider in more detail the scenario of the offensive operation announced by Erdogan on the Iraqi city of Sinjar, located in the province of Ninawa, most of which is actually under the control of the Iraqi Armed Forces. Interest in the occupation of the city of Sinjar by the Ground Forces of Turkey began to slip more and more frequently in the statements of the Turkish President is not at all accidental. Indeed, according to the chronology of events, this interest clearly coincides with the loss of the possibility of occupying the Kurdish region of Manbij, which was one of the main points in the military operation “Euphrates Shield”. Back in late February - early March 2018 of the year (a month after the start of the “Olive Branch”), it was known that the Turkish Armed Forces, as well as the “green militants” supervised by them, would not dare to attack an offensive against Manbij, since the headquarters of the Western coalition a worthy response was prepared - the transfer of the central city of mixed paramilitary patrols, consisting of American military personnel and trained in the Hasek detachments of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The point in this matter was put by units of the US Special Operations Forces (“green berets”), who unexpectedly arrived in the Kurdish village of Kurt Viran to reconnoiter transport interchanges and strongholds of pro-Turkish rebels-militants in the area of ​​the “El Babskii bridgehead”. This is not for you Syrian NDF militia armed with RPGs and 12,7-mm machine guns, which, without air support and network-centric linkage, should have been compelled shoulder-to-shoulder with Afrin YPG / YPJ troops to resist the Turkish invaders. Behind these guys is a link of air artillery batteries of direct support for the troops of the AC-130 "Specter" and the squadron "Strike Needles", the pilots of which are ready to tear the pro-Turkish forces at the most critical moment to shreds. It was here that Erdogan backed off, quickly finding an excellent alternative in the form of Iraqi Sinjar.

As you already understood, the main argument in favor of preparing the ground operation of the Turkish army in northwestern Iraq was the presence in Kurdistan of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in Sinjar and its environs, as well as in most of the province of Ninewa, as the most terrible terrorist threat to the Republic of Turkey. Recep Erdogan’s fears about the formation of Iraqi Kurdistan and the buildup of military power by the units of the “Kurdistan Workers Party” are quite justified historical the background. The fact is that as far back as the mid-80s. XX century, the PKK in Turkey was banned at the legislative level in connection with the participation in the military coup of the 80th year. Further repressions by the Turkish security forces against the entire Kurdish population, as well as the involvement of the Gray Wolves (their modern “wing” was seen as part of the Ukrainian military forces in the Kherson region, on the border with the Republic of Crimea) awakened the southeastern The Kurds of Turkey have a real postulate of hatred towards the Turkish leadership, which, for obvious reasons, became the foundation for the formation of the Kurdistan People’s Liberation Army, which by the year 2000 was reformatted into the People’s Self-Defense Forces, for which Ankara turned into the main enemy in the Near Asian region.

One of the most controversial issues successfully used by Erdogan and his entourage in arguing for military actions against any Kurdish currents (without clarifying their affiliation) is quite aggressive militaristic ideology of the PKK, according to which terror (in some cases) is classified as “active self-defense”, in Therefore, by the second decade of the 21st century, the main Kurdish political stronghold was almost completely isolated, legally ratified by the European Parliament, governments nyh European countries and the United States. Nevertheless, both the USA and the EU countries, “bypassing” their own bills with all kinds of methods and tricks, continue to support both the PKK and the “Syrian Democratic Forces” in Syria (on the east bank of the Euphrates), fully welcoming the replenishment of the SDF’s ranks. ISIL jihadists, of whom a very capable “wing” of the “Army of the North of Syria” is being formed today in the province of Haseke for the upcoming confrontation with the Syrian Arab Army on the west coast of the Euphrates.

Based on the above, as well as information about the preparation of the coalition forces and the SDF for the storming of the “Husham pocket” with the further entry into the “game” of the US and British army units in At-Tanf, we can draw a serious conclusion. The 26 of March, announced by Erdogan, and the military operation that has already entered the first phase of the attack on the Iraqi city of Sinjar for the first time in all time will bring a lot of operational and strategic bonuses not so much to Ankara itself as to Moscow and Damascus. If the Turkish army finally decides to conduct the ground phase of the operation in the province of Ninawa, then to occupy Sinjar with mechanized units of the Turkish army it will be necessary to overcome 160 km along the Ibrahim Khalil-Sinjar highway. In the absence of resistance from the militias of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, as well as Iraqi ground forces, such a march may take about 3,5 — 4 hours. The capture of Sinjar will solve the most important strategic problem of Russia, Syria and Turkey - will stop the transfer to the eastern bank of the Euphrates (to the cities of Essaouvar, Hasek and Kamyshly) a large number of light and heavy armored vehicles of the US armed forces, and will not allow to deliver to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) multi-kilometer convoys with military cargo in the form of anti-tank and small weapons

In essence, the buildup of the offensive potential of the “New Syrian Army” formed by American instructors will be reduced to a minimum, which will allow the Syrian army and the Russian military contingent on the west bank of the Euphrates to ensure relative parity with the forces of the Western coalition and the SDF under their auspices. A question may arise: how will the traffic of large military cargoes and armored vehicles of the US Armed Forces to Rozhava with the occupation of Sinjar be suspended? We are looking for the answer on the map. The lower branch of the highway from the Persian Gulf coast to the Syrian city of Al-Shaddad passes through this city. The upper branch of Mosul-Kamishli passes through a section of the province of Nineveh, which should also be under the control of Ankara. The occupation of Sinjar by the forces of the regular Turkish army will block this important “artery” for the Pentagon, which Baghdad once gave to the exploitation.

But the question remains far from being resolved in our favor, for the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, was not a timid and just yesterday ordered the transfer of a powerful backbone of the Iraqi army to the Iraqi-Turkish border against the backdrop of the threat of an offensive NE of Turkey. There is plenty of technological and numerical potential for pushing the Turkish army out of the border near Baghdad (from Panzeri-S1 to intercept high-precision rocket weapons of the Turkish air force to the Abrams’s M1A1, which can easily withstand the slow and poorly protected Turkish Subram and Leopar-i-2014 -e-an-i-ray Amet-2017 Turkish Institute of Abrams. ). Whether Turkey will decide on such an attractive military action, will show the next few days.

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  1. Lynx33
    Lynx33 28 March 2018 06: 37
    I sincerely do not understand such an enthusiastic description by the author of green berets. The author, wake up, these are enemies, and Turkey, on the contrary, is currently acting as an ally. Yes, she has her own interests, yes, then she will betray, as always, but now she is important, restraining the US ambitions. The United States cannot rely on Turkey, forced to reckon with its most powerful army in the region.
    1. Vard
      Vard 28 March 2018 08: 57
      Assad ... like that monkey ... it’s more profitable to sit on the tree and watch the dragon and the tiger fight ... There it looks like there will be that dog dump ... everything is against everyone ...
      1. Safevi
        Safevi 28 March 2018 09: 52
        Damantsev will not calm down in any way)) I’ll “delight” him - Turkish troops ALREADY entered the Tel-Rifat. The surrounding villages are also captured. And the “stubborn Kurdish units” praised by the Damantsevs did not offer any tangible resistance. In addition, Turkish paratroopers have been in the Sinjar area for quite some time. A week ago, they defeated the PKK camp. killing a couple of dozen terrorists. Damantsev “forgot” to mention this.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. Ramzay121
            Ramzay121 28 March 2018 11: 30
            now it’s clear where you got such a nickname) everyone thought who was hiding, and you got pierced
            1. Black Guard
              Black Guard 28 March 2018 11: 35
              What does it have to do with it?
              1. Ramzay121
                Ramzay121 28 March 2018 13: 02
                And despite the fact that under your every post you can write- And here it is? Enough to clog the ether already
          2. businessv
            businessv 28 March 2018 12: 19
            Quote: Black Guard
            No negotiations, no Turks. If cho, then Rida Albasha is a Syrian journalist in Tel Rifat.

            Dear, if I understand correctly, then I have not forgotten the Arabic language alone. Be kind, translate, and only then post, it will be more convenient for everyone, in my opinion.
            1. Ramzay121
              Ramzay121 28 March 2018 13: 02
              this is his native language
            2. The comment was deleted.
          3. Fulcrumxnumx
            28 March 2018 19: 01
            Yes, they are great dreamers .. they already have Turkey and Manbij and Aleppo captured .. laughing
            1. Ramzay121
              Ramzay121 29 March 2018 11: 50
              you get a good tandem with the Black Guard, I'm talking about the level and the baseboard. Well, you understand me
        2. Fulcrumxnumx
          28 March 2018 18: 58
          "Turkish paratroopers"! wink Sefevi, do you personally head the MTR section of Turkey in Sinjar? And how are things with the Iraqi air defense? Has Turkish F-16C broken her HARMs? And look at the tactical online maps: Tell-Rifat under government forces, negotiations are underway ..
          1. Ramzay121
            Ramzay121 29 March 2018 11: 49
            Fulcrum29 (Eugene Damantsev) - Well, so excited, took or did not take Tell Rifat). Paratroopers, HARM, Hercules, no need to list, we understand, understand). We remember how the author warned in his “analytical” articles that the Turks would not dare to enter Syria, how the F-16s would fall when birds in the sky above Afrin, the leopards would drown in olive groves, and the Turkish commando take flight at the sight of the invincible Kurdish terminator. And what happened, we all saw. Afrin was taken as the Kurds fled, leaving huge stocks of ammunition, equipment, they also saw it. In the same way we will see how there will be Turks in Manbij and in other border cities. Nobody talked about Aleppo, calm down. For less need to fantasize, or go to the genre of fiction)
            1. Ramzay121
              Ramzay121 29 March 2018 12: 34
              And here is our previous correspondence;))

              Ramzay121 (Maxim) 1 February 22, 2018 14:28
              I can’t understand one thing, is the author trying to pass off wishful thinking? I wonder what kind of "analytical" article will be written when the Turks take Afrin, and this will happen for anyone, there is not the slightest doubt.
              Reply Quote Complaint Ramzay121
              1 Fulcrum29 (Eugene Damantsev) February 22, 2018 20:14 ↑
              Take in your fantasies laughing
              1 Ramzay121 (Maxim) 1 March 7, 2018 15:16 ↑
              I’ll remind you of fantasy, and you can follow the news yourself. Very soon
              1 Ramzay121 (Maxim) 1 March 20, 2018 13:02 ↑
              See, and you spoke in your fantasies. Now I hope it is clear which of us is a dreamer. I can tell you the script too ... if that
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      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. DMB_95
        DMB_95 28 March 2018 16: 44
        Quote: Buka001

        And what is there to understand, the author is an Armenian who hates the Turks. And he does not care about the harm that his articles cause to the union of Turkey and Russia. Unfortunately, the Russians do not want to understand that the Armenians are pro-Western people, with large lobbies in the USA and France. The fact that they transmit deliberately losing information from the West does not give reason to give the Russian Foreign Ministry to their hands. While the Armenians are sitting in your power, Russia and other major media outlets will only lose.

        I see, here some Armenian-Azerbaijani disassembly is on the Syrian war ... Maybe create a separate topic for this ??
    3. unregistered
      unregistered 28 March 2018 10: 50
      betray as always?
      Would read history. Why repeat Armenian agitation.
      when Turkey "betrayed" Russia.?
      Turkey NEVER betrayed Russia.
      Not when she took the remnants of the White Guard army, despite the fact that the Russian troops fought against Turkey in the First World War, or when she took the persecutor of the White Guards L. Trotsky.
      And after Soviet Russia helped the formation of the Turkish Republic, Turkey became a faithful and reliable friend of the USSR.
      even during World War II, Turkey supported the USSR, despite the huge concentration of Soviet spies there.
      And if it were not for the USSR’s ultimatum, filed at the request of Mikoyan for the provision of Turkish territories and the Bosphorus, Turkey would never have joined NATO.
      Millions of Russians come annually to friendly and hospitable Turkey, which is why Armenian agitators writhing and raving, experiencing animal hatred and pathological anger towards modern Turkey.
      This article is one of such manifestations.
      Turkey is simply obligated to protect its national interests from the encroachment of creating a Kurdish state on the territory of Turkey, inspired by Israel and the West.
      1. businessv
        businessv 28 March 2018 12: 26
        Quote: unregistered
        even during World War II, Turkey supported the USSR, despite the huge concentration of Soviet spies there.

        Gotta look for the middle, buddy! If it weren’t for Turkey, then Germany would not have recovered so quickly! And today 17% of the German population are Turks. If they are such friends of Russia, why are they, such same 17% are not in the federation under the name, for example, Turkestan? Or the Turkish Autonomous Region. hi
        1. unregistered
          unregistered 28 March 2018 13: 36
          What is the middle?
          Armenia .in which there are less than a million Armenians left, and nine million Armenians outside it. Mainly in Russia are agents of hatred towards the Turks. This is the meaning of the life of Armenians.
          The Armenians will not bring anything good except crime and conflicts to Russia.
          Nevertheless, Armenia is an ally of the Russian Federation.
          What benefits and benefits does the impoverished and parasitic Armenia bring to Russia?
          Only harm. And the Armenians penetrate into all layers of Russian reality. Starting from the Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the media, media, public services and business.
          And everywhere they promote hatred of Turkey.
          Bagdasarov alone is worth ...
          but about the Turks ..
          Tsar Nicholas II once said that the Tatars and Mohammedans are the most faithful subjects of the Russian Empire.
          This is the foundation of the empire.
          And to other nations ... we won’t call them here ... tree men ...
          And where does guest workers in Germany ..
        2. Yeraz
          Yeraz 28 March 2018 20: 13
          Quote: businessv
          And today 17% of the German population are Turks

          Comrade, what are you SMOKING ???
          The population of Germany is almost 83 million and of which 15 million are TURKS ???
          Maybe you mean this IT ????
          Turks are the largest group of foreigners in Germany (17,1% of all foreigners, according to 2015)
      2. garnik
        garnik 31 March 2018 09: 33
        12 wars, comrade, and all of them were accompanied by betrayal.

        On the fingers of the hand you can count well-wishers of the existence of Turkey and mainly Turkic-speaking countries ..
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. zoolu350
      zoolu350 28 March 2018 12: 46
      The enemies of Russia and the secondary school and Turkey, an ally of the SAR - this is correct and logical. The oligarchy of the Russian Federation, Turkey and the school have partners, and the ATS do not understand that (some sort of loose change), so we have this situation.
      1. mgero
        mgero 28 March 2018 20: 40
        Vo vremja vtaroj miravoj turcija poderjala SSSR. Nu marazm kakoj to. Hot istoriju uchili dvoishniki.
        1. zoolu350
          zoolu350 29 March 2018 04: 09
          You wouldn’t be bothered to learn a story in Eurorech No. 2. Turkey entered the war against Euroreich No. 1, when the victory of the anti-Hitler coalition became obvious, and before that it fully supported and supplied Euroreich No. 1.
    6. Dam
      Dam 29 March 2018 01: 34
      Damn, poor Assad. How much more shit to clear the Syrians then. And the Turks and Pindos, and then another Israeli woman with Gollan will have to ask. Work, edge
      1. Ramzay121
        Ramzay121 29 March 2018 11: 53
        then you need to bomb less and destroy ...
  2. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 28 March 2018 07: 45
    If Turkey squeezes the Americans even a little, then she can safely hang a second star on the flag, next to the crescent. smile
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Black Guard
    Black Guard 28 March 2018 10: 24
    I love experts. They always have a lot of words.

    Shengal autonomous region of Iraq. There are no problems between Baghdad, the PKK and the Yezidi self-defense units.
    “For the Yazidis, the last four years have been a period of revival in freedom. The Yazidis have established contact with the Iraqi government after ISIS was liquidated in the Shengal region and began to make efforts to resolve their problems through negotiations. The Iraqi government also expressed understanding in response to requirements of the Yezidis.

    As a result of negotiations with the Iraqi government, the Yezidis stated that they were in the process of creating conditions to meet their demands. The threat against them was partially eliminated after the defeat of ISIS in the region. The behavior of the Iraqi government and the transformation of the Kurdish people into an organized society have led to a satisfactory level of security in the region. Those problems that caused the partisan forces to intervene in the situation have been largely eliminated. "From a statement by the KLA.
    The Iraqi Ministry of Defense issued a written statement in response to Erdogan’s comments.
    In a statement to the Ministry of Defense, Erdogan’s comments were called intervention and violation of the territorial integrity of Iraq, and also said that Turkey’s attack on Shengal would be seen as an attempt to violate the territorial integrity of the country, in which case Iraq would not “sit idly by.”
    The statement said: "Iraq will not sit idly by if an attack on its territory occurs."
    Iraqi Defense Minister Ibrahim Al-Jafari previously stated: "Iraq will not allow the presence of any forces from neighboring states conducting military operations in the country." SOMETHING ELSE?
    1. businessv
      businessv 28 March 2018 12: 34
      Quote: Black Guard
      “Iraq will not allow any forces from neighboring states conducting military operations to be present in the country.”

      Now intelligently, clearly and absolutely does not raise questions! Thank! drinks
      1. Ramzay121
        Ramzay121 28 March 2018 13: 07
        What does it mean not allow? Turkish special forces have been doing what they want there for so long.
    2. Ramzay121
      Ramzay121 29 March 2018 14: 38
      Speak about territorial integrity) Are there no Turks in Iraq? Read google to help
  4. Romka47
    Romka47 28 March 2018 11: 16
    Stocking up popcorn? you will excuse me, I will say cowardly, how, for me, let them cut themselves into zero there and the Turks and Kurds and Zealberets and SDS and Nusra. Yupiji and RPK, I repeat, shorter to spit on me at all, I am for the sovereignty of Syria under the control of the SAA!
  5. Ramzay121
    Ramzay121 28 March 2018 11: 26
    Allegedly, the author wants to convey the idea of ​​how beneficial this is to Russia and the Syrian army, but the title of the article is that). But this is only one proposal, and everything else, as always, is against the evil, cruel Turkey. I suggest that the author change the subject, regardless of the content of the article, he is always the enemy of Turkey. Write about the expulsion of more than 100 diplomats from more than 20 countries (there is no Turkey among them), show real enemies, for example, a case with PMCs, because there along with the Americans and Kurds against the Russians participated, etc. Or is the fuse enough only for the Turks, or maybe there are other motives? And to write what is horrible and at the same time incorrect information is not worth it. Iraq did not send any troops against the invasion of Turkey, but on the contrary, they assured the Turkish side that they would clean the PKK themselves, moreover, this was done promptly, because they know Turkey will not wait. Tell Rifat has already been taken, and not today and not yesterday, but the day before yesterday.
    1. Fulcrumxnumx
      28 March 2018 16: 04
      Ramzay121 (Maxim), and you, along with the Turkish MTR from the C-130 “Hercules” ramp, landed in Sinjar or commanded the “Hercules” cover, giving orders for F-16C Turkish anti-radar strikes? Or forced the Tiger, couch commando? Tall Rifat under the control of the pro-government forces of Syria, not the FSA! As proof of this, the online map of syria.liveuamap and Twitter laughing
      0929268741 Stop carrying a snowstorm ..

      Now there is a close negotiation process regarding the status of Tell Rifat ..
      1. Ramzay121
        Ramzay121 28 March 2018 16: 18
        They made us laugh, you two pretend to be the couch commando more) You don’t know me and you don’t need to rush into empty words. I don’t know where you get this information or cat nonsense. write, or you just dream about it, but one thing is clear, you are more than working out your fees and that anti-Turkish howl with your super "analytical" articles. you must bear. To whom and what you serve, think about this. Obviously not in the interests of Russia. I am glad for you that you know how to use online maps and twitter, surprised)). At the expense of information, cat. I wrote all the truth. Bother and find out
        1. mgero
          mgero 28 March 2018 21: 22
          Ramazay121 mi vas koneshno ne znaem eto k lutchemu a mojet vi ....
          1. Ramzay121
            Ramzay121 29 March 2018 14: 40
            mgero and you already ...
    2. Black Guard
      Black Guard 29 March 2018 07: 26
      Iraq did not send any troops against the invasion of Turkey, but exactly the opposite, they assured the Turkish side that they themselves would clear the PKK

      Not true. There are no problems between Baghdad and Kandil. It’s not good for a kid to lie.
  6. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 28 March 2018 11: 37
    In short - a snake ball. And it is not clear why the American Armed Forces are better for Russia than the Turkish in the geopolitical sense?
  7. John Steinpreiss
    John Steinpreiss 28 March 2018 12: 46
    The outcome of the Syrian war will not be expected for everyone, everyone will receive, including Turkey.
  8. usador12
    usador12 28 March 2018 13: 13
    the author is a sucker and not an expert, he didn’t even read this nonsense
  9. Scorpio05
    Scorpio05 28 March 2018 14: 28
    Again Damantsev. Again, a lie ... Nusru again sailed. Gray wolves seen by whom and where? Docks? Credible evidence? Dreamer...
  10. Gomel
    Gomel 28 March 2018 14: 36
    crazy little
  11. Usher
    Usher 28 March 2018 15: 45
    I don’t understand, but what did the Turks completely forget in Syria and Iraq?
    1. Black Guard
      Black Guard 28 March 2018 15: 58
      So why did you say bad things about your business partners?
    2. Yeraz
      Yeraz 28 March 2018 20: 15
      Quote: Usher
      I don’t understand, but what did the Turks completely forget in Syria and Iraq?

      Well, as a country that borders on these countries more than Russia, which is three nine lands from there.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Bypassed
    Bypassed 28 March 2018 21: 54
    when Turkey "betrayed" Russia.?
    Turkey NEVER betrayed Russia.

    Evo how.
    And then, as it were, to understand the downed (by proven) 2 planes, a helicopter and the killed Russian military - the work of Turkey and Turkoman.

    But they still get off with tomatoes - when they will pay off the loan for S-400
  14. Servisinzhener
    Servisinzhener 29 March 2018 11: 55
    Not so long ago there was an article about how Kurds, under the guise of Americans, will repulse the attack of Turkey and the Turkish forces on Afrin. So where?
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Servisinzhener
        Servisinzhener 31 March 2018 00: 50
        No, neither one nor the other. And therefore, we can conclude that the level of analytics is no good.
        1. Black Guard
          Black Guard 31 March 2018 06: 51
          And who is easy?
  15. Scorpio05
    Scorpio05 29 March 2018 15: 30
    Quote: Servisinzhener
    Not so long ago there was an article about how Kurds, under the guise of Americans, will repulse the attack of Turkey and the Turkish forces on Afrin. So where?

    So Damantsev wrote) These articles are now archived under the heading "Children's Fantasy" smile