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Hello from China. Russian-Chinese naval exercises "Maritime interaction - 2012"

All the media talk about the next Russian-Chinese naval exercises "Marine Interaction - 2012". Which this time will naturally exceed in scale all previous ones, and most importantly will differ in content. It is believed that so far the interaction has been directed solely at anti-terrorist activities, and now, among other things, at countering the challenges of external enemies ...
It is clear that the exercises are planned, but against the background of the large joint exercises of the US and Philippine Armed Forces, which are also scheduled (annual "Balikatan" - Shoulder to shoulder), but this time with some unthinkable scale, all these activities look very intriguing. Among other things, this year for the first time Japan, South Korea, Australia, Vietnam and Singapore joined Balikatan. In addition, they changed the location of these exercises, before they were held in the southern Philippines, now - near the disputed areas of the South China Sea claimed by China!

Well, all right, let it all bother big minds, but our business is small, to show how it all looks through the eyes of Vladivostok sailors.))

Hello from China. Russian-Chinese naval exercises "Maritime interaction - 2012"

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  1. Joker
    Joker April 27 2012 09: 43
    Thank you so much for the pictures. It turns out that the Chinese even stole our form laughing from the back you can’t tell ours or the Chinese are standing.
    1. 755962
      755962 April 27 2012 09: 59
      The Chinese have better caps ...
      1. VAF
        VAF April 27 2012 20: 10
        Quote: 755962
        The Chinese have better caps ...

        And not only +!

        Their previously built destroyers have already been modernized. constantly monitor what the leading maritime powers are doing and immediately "clone" (or modify)!

        those. successfully enter paradise on someone else's hump !!!

        Not so long ago, both destroyers of project 052 went through modernization, they removed 4 twin 37mm gun mounts of the Type 76A, put two seven-barrel 30mm Type 730 guns, replaced some radars, etc. and now they look like this:
    2. Dr. Pilyulkin
      Dr. Pilyulkin April 27 2012 10: 01
      The uniform was probably stolen. But the caps did not steal. Under it, the Chinese can not be seen. In the first photo, the uncle on the right is not a cap, but a whole helicopter carrier Mistral. Yesterday I saw through the box how he held this headdress with his hand so that it would not blow down the wind. Yudashkin sewed? laughing
      1. Joker
        Joker April 27 2012 10: 02
        It’s just that you can walk in ours even in the rain, it’s a kind of umbrella, but the Chinese ones, for beauty only.
    3. mizantropi
      mizantropi April 27 2012 14: 00
      We can already distinguish cross-eyed from ours in any form. Friends, damn it ...
    4. VAF
      VAF April 27 2012 20: 05
      Quote: Joker
      It turns out that the Chinese even stole our form

      And not only, but the ships we sold them ourselves!

      At the moment, the “956th” form the “Russian line” of the destroyers of the Chinese fleet, whose uniform strike force, possessing powerful shock (32 anti-ship missiles) and anti-air (192 missiles), is capable of operating in the ocean zone.

      Below is a quote from an article from the Atrina website:

      ... Project 956-E destroyers built for the Peoples Republic of China at the Severnaya Verf shipyard have proven themselves in the Chinese Navy, so the Chinese leadership decided to continue the series.
      But the next two ships, it was decided to build on the amended project 956-EM, which was developed in the Northern Design Bureau under the leadership of the chief designer V.P. Misha.
      Work on pr.956-EM (export, modernized) was started in 2001. It was immediately assumed that the ship would be significantly different from its predecessors.
      It was planned to upgrade weapons systems, navigation, radar equipment, control equipment of the main power plant.
      Work on the project was largely driven by the successful implementation of the 1997 contract for the supply of two naval destroyers of Project 956-E to the Chinese Navy.

      After negotiations at the beginning of 2002, the FSUE “Rosoboronexport” concluded a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the People’s Republic of China. The total amount of the foreign economic contract was, according to various estimates, from 1 to 1,4 billion dollars. It was expected that the ships would be handed over to the customer in the middle of 2006.
    5. TAN_a_TOS
      TAN_a_TOS 2 May 2012 00: 28
      The Germans were also friends before the war ...
  2. TiGRoO
    TiGRoO April 27 2012 09: 49
    America with NATO - our greetings! drinks laughing
  3. Pravdoruba
    Pravdoruba April 27 2012 11: 37
    Our shoulder straps, but the Chinese without - demoted laughing
  4. Prometey
    Prometey April 27 2012 11: 40
    I remember once the USSR helped German pilots in Lipetsk study ...
    You can’t trust the Chinese - they are somehow rapidly building up military muscles. And when there is a lot of strength, there will always be a temptation to apply it. The Chinese need to smile, holding a sharpened sword behind their backs.
    1. smile
      smile April 27 2012 15: 21
      About the Chinese - I agree. Regarding Lipetsk, you are absolutely wrong.
      A flying school in Lipetsk was established in 1925. Created by the Germans, with German money (about 2 million gold rubles), aircraft were brought by the Germans at their expense (purchased by the Germans in Holland).
      The teaching staff is entirely Germans, pilots of the 1st World War.
      Over the entire period of the school’s functioning, 360 cadets graduated. Of these, 160 are Soviet. 45 Soviet aircraft mechanics trained. When Hitler came to power - cooperation was curtailed, the Germans exhausted the house, the school remained. The entire material base was left to us for free.
      Over the same period, more than 2000 German pilots were trained in illegal flight schools in Germany.
      And the relationship with China, here I agree with you, suspiciously looks like a brief period of fierce friendship with Germany in 1939. They alarm me.
  5. Redpartyzan
    Redpartyzan April 27 2012 11: 58
    Thanks for the most beautiful photos of our ships, there is still something to be proud of.
    1. VAF
      VAF April 27 2012 20: 15
      Quote: Redpartyzan
      Thank you for the beautiful photos of our ships.

      Well, ours, theirs is the same nothing, +? Yes, and the same photo, in my opinion?

      On Thursday evening, the parties completed the active phase of the exercises with a joint parade, in which the Chinese KJ-200 AWACS took part
  6. Pon69
    Pon69 April 27 2012 12: 49
    The larger the mess in the army and navy, the greater the wagon's tulle. This is so that the knees on the trousers do not fade under the sun.
  7. ikrut
    ikrut April 27 2012 12: 51
    Interestingly, how do the Chinese distinguish each other by rank? Neither shoulder straps nor buttonholes. On sleeve patches, or what ???
    1. mizantropi
      mizantropi April 27 2012 14: 02
      Probably by facial expression.
  8. ikrut
    ikrut April 27 2012 14: 53
    So they have very similar faces. it’s difficult somehow :)))
  9. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus April 27 2012 18: 05
    In vain you are talking about caps, I like naval caps, on the one hand it’s not kommelfo, on the other hand it’s cool - big, probably it’s necessary)))
  10. almost demobil
    almost demobil April 27 2012 19: 54
    God be with them, with these caps. The main thing is not to lose vigilance and not relax from a warm embrace. The Chinese do not already consider Russia an equal adversary, they cut out their Asian charm, by all means showing that we are friends do not spill water. But all this until the first serious clash of interests. And if in this case Russia is unyielding, the Chinese will stop smiling.
  11. Spartak
    Spartak 1 May 2012 14: 38
    Damn, as ours are in the second photo. What a rack. Why is that????