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President announced 28 March is a nationwide day of mourning

The deputy governor of the Kemerovo region, Sergey Tsivilev, suggested that citizens who had gone to the rally in connection with the tragedy in the Zimnyaya Chery shopping center create an initiative group that can visit all the city morgues and inspect the burnt-out building. According to Tsivilev, it is quite possible to do this in connection with numerous fakes from provocateurs, who allegedly proclaim “hundreds of people who are withheld.”

There are really enough provocateurs, and quite a lot of them among those who go to various kinds of rallies. A person appears in the crowd who starts shouting obvious fake statements, provoking the crowd to mindless actions.

Sergey Tsivilev asked for forgiveness from all Kemerovo residents and stood on the knees before the assembled people.

President announced 28 March is a nationwide day of mourning

The deputy head of the region noted that in a difficult situation he kneels, because "it is painful and difficult for every Kemerovo citizen these days."

Against this background, it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree, on the basis of which 28 March in Russia is declared a national day of mourning for those who died in the fire of the Winter Cherry shopping center. This decree strikes one more group of provocateurs and feikomes who claimed that “the non-announcement of national mourning is a spittle on the part of the president in the Russians”. Now provocateurs will look for new reasons for their hectic activities?
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  1. Falcond
    Falcond 27 March 2018 13: 27
    Memory of the dead!
    Children forgive us ...
    1. Vend
      Vend 27 March 2018 14: 07
      There are really enough provocateurs, and quite a lot of them among those who go to various kinds of rallies. A person appears in the crowd who starts shouting obvious fake statements, provoking the crowd to mindless actions.
      I’ll never understand or accept this.
      1. Anarchist
        Anarchist 27 March 2018 14: 36
        Quote: Wend
        I’ll never understand or accept this.

        And I will not accept this:
        Whoever wants, let him be silent ... But I - never!
        1. ASDik37
          ASDik37 28 March 2018 00: 35
          Alexander, you would have left a koment under your photos, which you will not keep silent about! Why did they all fall into one pile? You have photos from two different tragedies - the first from Odessa - horror deliberately arranged by sadists and fascists, and the last - a tragedy in Kemerovo - the result of someone's greed and stupidity ...
    2. Witness
      Witness 27 March 2018 14: 57
      Amen! For the most lively touched ...
  2. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
    Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 27 March 2018 13: 30
    My condolences to the relatives and relatives of the victims.
  3. PalBor
    PalBor 27 March 2018 13: 30
    Damn, but do not kneel down and humiliate, and responsibly fulfill our duties.
    And so, he flirted a little with people, portrayed remorse and went on to cut the budget.
    1. Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
      Aristarkh Lyudvigovich 27 March 2018 13: 35
      The guilty ones will certainly get their own, once the guarantor keeps control. And repentance is also important.
    2. tomket
      tomket 28 March 2018 00: 37
      Quote: PalBor
      Damn, but do not kneel down and humiliate, and responsibly fulfill our duties.

      There was a slightly different situation. This deputy behaved like a boyar, who went out to teach people what would it mean to not rock the boat. Well, he said to one that he was stupidly promoting here at the rally, but it turned out that the man had lost his whole family. He has already been shown on air several times, but the deputy head is almost celestial, he is not interested in the faces of those affected by the tragedy. In general, the slip came out, and he either realized that now he was unlikely to become Tuleev’s successor, or they prompted him, so he plumped onto his knees. Not for the sake of humiliation as you thought, but for the sake of saving a career.
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 27 March 2018 13: 34
    Kemerovo! Mourn with you. Strength to you to overcome the bitterness of loss of people.
  5. Black water
    Black water 27 March 2018 13: 45
    provocateurs on a note and understand where the "wind blows". I’m already used to a fraudster and a looter who wants to easily cash in on someone else’s grief, as well as to SMS about a won car, etc. ..... But here are the individuals who disseminate knowingly false data on the dead .... who are these people and what are their goals!?! ....
    1. spirit
      spirit 27 March 2018 14: 31

      Here you go! You need to look at the lists of the dead, I think few people will remain indifferent if you have grief and they still ignore him. What kind of doctor is this? I didn’t even introduce myself. The truth will come up anyway, and we will find out who is actually a hypocrite
      1. tomket
        tomket 28 March 2018 00: 40
        Quote: spirit
        if you have grief and are still being hushed up. what kind of doctor is this? I didn’t even introduce myself

        Well, this is also the moment. In the crowd, in addition to the victims, there are obvious provocateurs. Law enforcement agencies what are they doing? What are the special services doing? Pick your nose? Ask what kind of doctor, check the documents. Ask where he got such data. Why is he shouting them out here. Not? You can’t?
  6. Monetniy
    Monetniy 27 March 2018 13: 50
    All Russia mourns and cries! But that would not be necessary to change the whole system, and fish bend from the head. While matchmaking and nepotism, corruption will flourish in the highest echelons of power and the common people will not live differently. All those guilty are brutally punished. All and Serdyukava and Vasiliev and Chubais. Until this happens, I won’t believe that something has changed.
    1. K.A.S.
      K.A.S. 27 March 2018 14: 21
      Read what the article is about !!!!
      And try to understand we are talking about dead children, people. Which burned and suffocated. Relatives will never see them again, parents will not see their children, children of parents, this is a tragedy !!! How much stubbornness do you need in order to scream a speech about a change of power and common people in a painful moment of mourning and sadness? You and people like you are not ashamed?
      Just be silent and commemorate the dead !!!!
  7. K.A.S.
    K.A.S. 27 March 2018 13: 51
    Courage to the relatives of the victims, in the face of a severe ordeal!
    May this cup pass by me.
  8. Fidel
    Fidel 27 March 2018 13: 54
    the eternal memory of the dead. Let's see how this initiative group will be, after the examination, to say, regarding the number of victims
  9. Zubr
    Zubr 27 March 2018 14: 34

    Let their souls rest in peace
    And by God, that would not be repeated anymore.
    A provocateurs ..... need a law. Well thought out.
  10. Tsoy
    Tsoy 27 March 2018 14: 47
    And what's the use of kneeling? It is better to work to prevent this from happening. And your prayers for forgiveness and regret for the dead will not return.
  11. Witness
    Witness 27 March 2018 15: 00
    We grieve with all of Russia. Patience to parents and relatives. Woe .....
  12. mydanik
    mydanik 27 March 2018 17: 18
    Where are the special services? It is visible that the Landfill and Fire is connected with each other arcs!
  13. Million
    Million 27 March 2018 17: 27
    Instead of analyzing the situation, the authorities are looking for "provocateurs."
  14. shuravi
    shuravi 27 March 2018 19: 53
    But after all, do not tell, the fault is our nonsense and false bashfulness. Have we ever voted with our feet? So no. We will come to a cafe, a restaurant and do not give a damn about the problem with emergency exits, there are no fire extinguishing means.
    We won’t leave anywhere, because the place is nice, cozy, and do not change plans.
    Report to supervisors? Well, no, we are not informers. It's a shame.

    In short, the film must be shot, cruel, truthful. So that everything is as it is, including shots of children burning in a locked cinema. Maybe at least this will change something in our souls.
  15. Tests
    Tests 27 March 2018 21: 19
    Shuravi, dear, and what is the oversight body? Over the past 25 years, a caste of thieves children and grandchildren has grown. nieces and mistresses called "Press Service". The Administration of the city of Severodvinsk these parasites about 10 people today. On "Sevmash" and "Zvyozdochka" also a dozen people saw the state. budget. Apparently, the speed and noise of our boats directly depends on these "sharks of the pen." About the exploits of the soldiers of the invisible front in the Arkhangelsk region from the TV screen tells the well-groomed FSB lieutenant colonel with eyebrows plucked according to the latest fashion. The charming lieutenant colonel of justice broadcasts about the hard work of the Investigative Committee. No less charming from the Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service is the lapushka that works on the television regional screen with a "talking head", but only the captain ...
    But for the whole of Severodvinsk out of 11 inspectors of the State Fire Supervision Service, there are two, for today, optimization, however, 1 - on vacation, 1 - on sick leave. Moreover, according to the Kemerovo scheme, two cinema halls in the Central Department Store of Severodvinsk are located on the top floor of a 5-storey building. I’m not sure that in case of a fire on the 2-3rd floor the smoke will not block the escape routes. The building, though brick still Soviet-built. In recent years, Arkhangelsk has set up ugly shopping centers from obscure materials, right on Troitsky Prospekt, cinema halls on floors 4-5.
    Maybe the hero of "Dog Heart" was Professor Preobrazhensky and the devastation begins in the minds? Who signed the orders to reduce the inspectors of the State Fire Supervision ?! After Lame Horse several years ago, it turned out that neither the Sevmash Shipbuilder House, the Zvyozdoch Scientific and Technical Center, the Zvyozdochka Ship Repair Center, the Center for Culture and Social Events, or the Children and Youth Center were ready to accept in Severodvinsk the mayor’s Christmas tree. The inspectors of the State Fire Supervision did not sign permission to hold children's holidays. It seems that the problem was solved radically, the inspectors were reduced, the Ministry of Emergencies reported on optimization.