Military Review

As a Soviet officer revealed the location of Hitler’s “weapons of retribution”

8 September 1944 of the year. London. Suddenly, a powerful hum rang out over the capital of Great Britain. A luminous ball appeared in the sky, and then in one of the districts of the city there was an explosion that shocked not only the British, but all the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. On the battlefields of the Second World War, a new weaponwhich, as it seemed before, was only in futuristic novels.

Vundervaffe - this is how the Germans called the world's first ballistic missiles V-2. Their invention opened the era of intercontinental wars and paved the way for humanity into space. And at the time of the Second World War, it was able to snatch victory from the hands of the coalition and completely change the course stories.

Following London, the German command planned to send its "weapon of retaliation" to New York, and then to Leningrad. But one man prevented these plans from coming true - Soviet prisoner of war Mikhail Petrovich Devyatayev.

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  1. Skifotavr
    Skifotavr 27 March 2018 20: 43
    An exciting story. It would be nice to make a high-quality feature film on these real events.
  2. Vol4ara
    Vol4ara April 1 2018 21: 53
    One thing prevented them - the fact that this weapon was about nothing, expensive to manufacture with a deviation of several kilometers, getting into the city was already a success ...