Military Review

Syrian army won the battle for Eastern Guta

The events in Eastern Gute, where the operation to eliminate hotbeds of terrorist resistance has been underway since the beginning of February, is approaching its logical end. The Syrian army is one step away from a complete sweep of the suburbs of Damascus.

Competent actions of the Syrian military, as well as officers of the Armed Forces of Russia, forced the militants to sign agreements on the withdrawal of their forces from densely populated areas. The entire territory of Eastern Guta should leave about 7 thousands of fighters of a number of terrorist groups.

All the militants will somehow be taken out to the province of Idlib, which becomes the main site of the concentration of terrorists in Syria. In any case, we can already say with confidence that the battle for the suburbs of Damascus has been won. Taking control of the remaining territories is only a matter of time.

Thus, the territory surrounding the capital of Syria will be cleared of gangs who regularly launch missiles at government buildings in the center of Damascus.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 27 March 2018 09: 48
    And it pleases ... and you read ... the Russian embassy was fired from a mortar ... you just feel a shock ...
  2. Romka47
    Romka47 27 March 2018 12: 51
    And where will they take me from Idlib? Or will they be leveled there?
    1. meandr51
      meandr51 27 March 2018 13: 29
      Just turn off the gas.
    2. sib.ataman
      sib.ataman 27 March 2018 14: 25
      They say that after Idlib they open a large new cemetery. Funeral services at the expense of the state, veterans a substantial discount! So they rushed to take places!
    3. Plate
      Plate 27 March 2018 20: 53
      Maybe they will take them "their" (we will not point the finger), or maybe they will arrange a concrete war with them there request
      Why is it impossible to arrange so that buses with terrorists "do not reach" their destination?
      1. Newone
        Newone 28 March 2018 00: 10
        Because in the next village no one will sit down in them and EVERY village will have to be captured. And people who have nothing to lose will defend themselves. It is much easier to get to Idlib and wait a little while they halve themselves there.
  3. tTshka
    tTshka 27 March 2018 18: 50
    Tin of course, that they agree with the terrorists, but even so ... it is necessary to somehow separate them from the civilian population. The only problem is that they will go to other regions and also mix with the local ....