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Terror and the fight against it. How it is done in Hamastan

24 March 2017, a high-ranking activist of the Hamas organization Mazen Fukha (Fakha) was shot dead in a car park near his own apartment in one of the districts of Gaza. The identity of the victim, the method, and most importantly - the place of his liquidation make this event not only remarkable, but perhaps unprecedented.

Terror and the fight against it. How it is done in Hamastan

According to reports coming in from Gaza a year ago, 38-year-old Fukha brought the family home, and he went to park the car. In the parking lot and waited for him - the terrorist received four bullets. The absence of noise, as well as the fact that they missed him only after an hour and a half, allowed the liquidators to leave with impunity.

It is these facts that are first, but not least of all, perceived in Gaza as a sign that Israel is behind the incident. He lived killed near the sea, and therefore among the local population the most common version is that the killers came exactly from the water and left the sector in the same way.

In the 2003 year, this native of the Samaritan town of Tubas was sentenced to life terms by 9. It was his court that recognized the organizer of the terrorist attack, which resulted in the death of 9 near the town of Safed and about Israeli citizens were injured around 50: a suicide bomber exploded on the Egged company bus.

Fukha, one of the most wanted Hamas at the time, was arrested by the soldiers of the Duvdevan army anti-terrorist unit. Despite the fact that he had a Kalashnikov assault rifle at his disposal, he chose not to offer resistance.
Judging by the sentence, he would not have seen the century of freedom, but Shalit’s deal on the exchange of everything has been erased: Fukhu was released and deported to Gaza.
Mazen Fukha was one of the most prominent otpushchennikov, released from the exchange of Gilad Shalit in 2011 year.

A group of terrorists released under the Shalit deal. Fukha second right.

Gilad Shalit is a soldier of the Israel Defense Forces who abducted 25 on June 2006 from Israeli territory by terrorist organizations: the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade (military wing of Hamas), the National Resistance Committees (which include members of Fatah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas) and the Army of Islam, and held as a hostage by the Hamas movement. October 18 2011, after five years and four months in captivity, Gilad was released and transferred to compatriots in a deal in exchange for 1027 Palestinian prisoners, more than 400 of whom were convicted by an Israeli court on charges of terrorism and murder of Israelis near 600.

You should be aware that all those released from an Israeli prison under the “Shalit deal” in writing have pledged no longer to engage in terrorist activities. In contrast to the usual procedure of pardon, “within which prisoners leave prematurely as a result of their forgiveness,” Shimon Peres, then President of Israel, noted in the document on clemency that “he does not forget their crimes and does not forgive them”.

What did this terrorist do when he was in Gaza after being released from an Israeli prison? Like his fellow-comrade Yahya Sinuar, he did not retire.
İsmail Haniya and Yahya Sanoir
And if Sinuar made a political career (in February, 2017 was elected leader of the Hamas movement in Gaza. Responsible for many terrorist attacks and executions of dozens of Gaza residents accused of collaborating with Israeli intelligence services. Sanoir was sentenced to 450 years of imprisonment, but spent in 22 prison .), then Fukhi’s specialization was much narrower: he became one of the main external curators of Hamas’s terrorist activities in Judea and Samaria.
Despite the fact that, thanks to the effective actions of the Shabak, the IDF and the police, as well as the assistance of the Palestinian Authority's special services, the military structures of Hamas in Judea and Samaria are under severe pressure, foreign and “Gaz” headquarters are constantly making efforts to reanimate the old ones and create new ones operational capabilities of the military wing of Hamas in these places. Confrontation, most of the vicissitudes of which remains unobtrusive to the media, does not stop for a minute. As for the headquarters in Gaza, its objectives include recruiting, instructing and funding both new and existing cells. Well, modern technology allows you to keep in touch much more efficiently than 10, and even more so 20 years ago. It was in this confrontation that Mazen Fukha, who settled in Gaza, played a huge role.

In this context, it is important to note that the “unwritten rules of the game” are in Israel’s relations with Hamas, which are a condition for the cease-fire established in 2014 following the results of Operation Unbreakable Rock. For example, within their framework, Israel does not carry out pinpoint liquidations in Gaza. Directly in the area of ​​the border fence, periodically clashes and various excesses occur, but this kind of incidents do not apply to point liquidations. Since the departure of the IDF from Gaza within the framework of the so-called demarcation, the vast majority of pinpoint liquidations (and even earlier) were carried out by air attacks. Additional options are strikes from the sea or from the territory of Israel. So, if the same Fukhi were eliminated with the help of a similar strike, this would undoubtedly become a pretext for escalation - like that in 2014. Since Israel is not interested in an escalation - essentially a new war - high-ranking Hamas activists felt almost completely safe. In fact, if you do not fear the Israeli aircraft, what could happen to them ?!

Yes, an engineer Mohammed ha-Zouari, who was making drones for Hamas and, as it turned out after his death, was a prominent member of the organization’s combat wing, was eliminated in Tunisia.
However, there is a huge "but": one thing - Tunisia with its many tourists, border checkpoints and weak intelligence services, and quite another - an isolated Gaza. To penetrate into the sector to a stranger, and even quietly dissolve into it, is not just difficult, but daunting. The entire line of contact with Israel - a kind of front line, almost always closed the border with Egypt - is also not a checkpoint between Belgium and France, and, of course, the sea ... And if it is not easy to get into Gaza from the outside, it’s even more difficult to leave it without being noticed as conceived fulfilled. It must be remembered that the Gaza Strip is by no means a field or a forest, but largely a gigantic building, where, among others, tens of thousands of Hamas security officials are based ...
And the most important thing: if the liquidators leave a mark, Hamas will have clear evidence against who did all this, hypothetically - against Israel. And if so, what's the point of this operation? After all, there is a huge risk for its performers plus an undesirable escalation. Given all these reservations, it is not surprising that Fukha and members of the leadership of the Islamist movement felt confident, because the current Gaza is far from Schem, not Hebron, not Tunisia and not even Beirut. But, as it turned out, such layouts were inappropriate. If (purely hypothetical) take the version that Israel stands behind the liquidation, then we can say that this is the first time since the withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza, when a high-ranking terrorist was eliminated in this way - in the spirit of the special services operations. No air strikes, special forces landings (at least, someone noticed) - nothing ...

Was the activity of the deceased a problem for Israel? Certainly, and very serious. Direct confirmation of this is an interview with the father of a murdered Hamas citizen living in the Samaritan Tubas, which he gave to both the Israeli and Arab media. Fukha Sr. said that Shabak officers came to him more than once and absolutely explicitly recommended to influence his son to stop his terrorist activities. Otherwise, the guests said in plain text, “Israel’s hands are long.” Moreover, judging by the publications, once the visitor even talked on the phone with Mazen Fukha himself ... The fact that all these visits did not have the desired effect is quite obvious, as well as the fact that if you judge at least them, Israel’s activity in Gaza Hamas terrorist was very disliked.

Hamas authorities in Gaza accused Israel of eliminating Mazen Fukhi after the murder was committed and threatened with revenge. Due to the complete absence of any evidence of a classic response in the form of rockets on Israeli settlements, no one followed. However, the threat of revenge at the “right time in the right place” sounds continuously and at all levels. Just two days later, the Gaza Interior Minister said that after the murder of Fukha, “more than 45 Israeli agents were arrested”. Very quickly, several people named “Mossad agents of Israeli foreign intelligence” were executed in the sector, but as you know, in fact, the Gaza Strip is overseen by the internal Israeli General Security Service (SHABAK).
Today, Fukha is the last pinpoint liquidated high-ranking member of the Islamic terrorist organization, the Islamic Resistance Movement HAMAS. The last and last was a close friend and “comrade-in-arms” of Fukhi, “the Chief of General Staff” of Hamas, the organizer of the abduction of Gilad Shalit, Ahmad Jabari, eliminated by an air-to-ground missile launched from the IDN helicopter 14 of November 2012.

Mazen Fukha and “Chief of General Staff” of Hamas, Ahmad Jabari (photo after Shalit’s deal on October 18 of 2011 of the year)

Fukhi’s liquidation was a painful and, most importantly, serious psychological blow for the Hamas leadership. After the incident, many activists of this organization, even during a lull, are forced to significantly increase security measures. For some, this is a transition to a semi-legal position, and for someone, the need to guard, change their way of life and be on the alert all the time. For Israel, this is useful if only to ensure that Hamas and other groups will now be forced to allocate additional human and material resources to ensure their own security. So, those, as well as time, will remain less for other “useful” cases.

Sharpe David. Newspaper "News of the week
Wikipedia articles, etc.
Recording from a camera that captured the elimination of the terrorists in Gaza 27 June 2014. From the plane of the Israeli Air Force a rocket was fired at a car traveling in the central part of the Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian sources, at that moment there were two people in the car: Osama al-Hasumi and Mohammad al-Pasiah. Both were field commanders of the terrorist group "Committees of the National Resistance".
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  1. AntiFREEZ
    AntiFREEZ 26 March 2018 05: 59
    The normal work of normal specialists. good
    I dream that someday our people will also have all the right-wingers and multiply other non-humans by zero.
    1. Mar.Tirah
      Mar.Tirah 26 March 2018 06: 06
      Pravoseki is dust raised specifically for averting our eyes. There is a more formidable enemy that threatens us from all sides. We had a pennant, there were special units for working abroad. I hope with the revision of Russia's strategy, they are recreated, strengthened, and are already working, take the same MTR in Syria. Hamas, like Hezbola, defends the interests of the Palestinian people from arbitrariness and the seizure of their lands by Israel. Therefore, their fight against the Zionists will receive support. Israel itself gives rise to this.
      1. Vard
        Vard 26 March 2018 06: 18
        Alas ... they killed this ... another will come in his place ... Israel must solve the Palestinian problem, otherwise it will be so ...
        1. karish
          karish 26 March 2018 07: 31
          Quote: Vard
          Alas ... they killed this ... another will come in his place ... Israel must solve the Palestinian problem, otherwise it will be so ...

          In Dagestan, special forces destroyed an armed militant involved in terrorist crimes. This was reported in the National Anti-Terrorism Committee.

          They killed it. others will come in his place.
          Russia needs to solve the Dagestan problem. Otherwise it will be so. wink
          1. Ingvar 72
            Ingvar 72 26 March 2018 07: 39
            Quote: karish
            Russia needs to solve the Dagestan problem

            Finger nothing to confuse? wink
          2. Korax71
            Korax71 April 5 2018 00: 55
            As a man who has drunk a little in this amazing land, I can say that it can only be resolved by completely isolating the region. The republic is too multinational, and no one has canceled the clan system. And which clan you don’t put in power will always be the same. It’s like in the two thousandth, when Basayev climbed. in one village he is an enemy, in a neighboring friend recourse
            1. Crane operator Nahamkinson
              Crane operator Nahamkinson April 5 2018 05: 55
              But Basayev, in Dagestan did not climb into
              1999, is it?
              Where did the two thousandth come from?
              Tales Again ....
              WHO, started in 1999
              And in 2001,
              ended (active phase).
              Just then, March 2001,
              brought out of the mountainous part of Chechnya,
              in the roadblock, (Yurga city) our 74 brigade.
              And you tell all the tales.
        2. A. Privalov
          26 March 2018 08: 57
          Quote: Vard
          ... Israel needs to solve the Palestinian problem ...

          The fact is that a long time ago, this phrase turned into an empty sound, into a mossy cliché from the leading articles of the Pravda and Trud newspapers of distant 70s of the last century. Tell me, Vard, what is the meaning of the term "Palestinian problem"?
        3. Warrior Hamilton
          Warrior Hamilton 28 March 2018 17: 55
          There is a Palestinian - there is a problem, there is no Palestinian - there is no problem fellow
      2. Pax tecum
        Pax tecum 26 March 2018 19: 01
        Mar. Thira ↑
        We had a pennant, there were special units for working abroad. I hope with a review of Russia's strategy, they are recreated, strengthened, and are already working

        Again, this is how the state looks at the question of whether it is worth keeping a terrorist, a gangster, an insurgent in prisons, unlike a people / society who do not need this “content”, but need to contemplate the corpses of these ghouls.
        For example, a lot of soldiers of special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB in the North Caucasus died (several dozen a year! And these were by no means military operations.) Since the beginning of the 2000, only because the leadership of services, ministries and departments put priorities for capture, not destruction and liquidationbringing to court.
        It seems that the Kremlin and the State Duma wiser over time ... Or not?
        Or do we have any life that is valuable, according to lawmakers, under the Constitution, and a special forces hero, an action movie, and a terrorist?
        1. Pax tecum
          Pax tecum 26 March 2018 19: 19
          After all, it was the same! The highest measure of social protection! Sounds like think about it!
          And now it’s all the more relevant ...

          The Criminal Code of the RSFSR. 1938 year. 58 Article. State crimes.
          58-8. The commission of terrorist acts directed against representatives of the Soviet government or the leaders of revolutionary workers and peasant organizations, and the participation in the implementation of such acts, even by persons not belonging to the counter-revolutionary organization, entail -

          supreme measure of social protection - the shooting or declaring the enemy of workers with confiscation of property and with the deprivation of citizenship of the Union Republic and, thereby, citizenship of the USSR and expulsion from the borders of the USSR forever ...
        2. Mar.Tirah
          Mar.Tirah 27 March 2018 05: 54
          So who is in power with us? It’s correct the LIBERALS who paid for their loyalty to the West and its values. And now we’ll see. There is an initiative to return the article of execution. Such an initiative was made by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Constitutional Legislation and state building Vadim Soloviev. He proposed the return of the death penalty for convicted criminals. According to Solovyov, the presence of this type of punishment in the country will deprive many potential terrorists of the desire to kill people. Now in Russia there is a moratorium on the death penalty. In 1996, the Russian Federation agreed to invite the Council of Europe only subject to the abolition of this type of punishment
  2. Professor
    Professor 26 March 2018 07: 24
    Today, Fukkha is the last pointly liquidated high-ranking member of the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement.

    Not the "last", but the "extreme".
  3. KonoGon
    KonoGon 26 March 2018 07: 58
    It is about such people that they say "Maxim died" (there is also a continuation), and in Arabic, marra wahad (another), or ahsan mennu rahum (there is also a continuation).
  4. Strashila
    Strashila 26 March 2018 08: 13
    Based on the information provided ... the group works inside Gaza ... its own among strangers. For example, someone did transmit information about the route of the car, it had to be linked with aviation ... at least to appear in Rody’s air carrier in real time to carry out target designation, it is possible to install a radio marker or highlight the target. And maybe not one, the first works and dissolves quietly, the second creates traces of the group’s withdrawal, if any, are required to lead the pursuers and investigators in a certain direction.
  5. high
    high 26 March 2018 08: 45
    Quote: Mar. Tira
    Hamas, like Hezbola, defends the interests of the Palestinian people from arbitrariness, and the seizure by Israel of their lands.

    Nonsense, Arab countries, except Syria, consider Hisbollah and Hamas to be terrorists.
    What lands ,, Palestinian people ,, captured Israel?
    ,, The Palestinian people ,, are the Arabs of Egypt, Jordan, Syria ...

    Learn history, Arabs in the territory of today's Israel have never been.
    Adriani Relandi, (1676-1718) - Dutch scientist, geographer:
    “Year - 1695 - the country is mostly empty, abandoned, sparsely populated, the main population in Jerusalem, Acre, Safed, Jaffa, Tiberias and Gaza. Most of the population are Jews, almost all the rest are Christians, very few Muslims, mostly Bedouins.
    The only exception is Nablus (Shkhem), in which approximately 120 people from the Muslim family of Natsha and about 70 Shomronim (Samaritans) lived.
    About 700 people lived in Nazareth, the capital of Galilee - all Christians.
    There are approximately 5,000 people in Jerusalem, almost all Jews and few Christians. ”
    1. Vard
      Vard 28 March 2018 18: 15
      He never traveled outside the Netherlands and wrote all his works on the basis of written sources
    2. Warrior Hamilton
      Warrior Hamilton 28 March 2018 19: 34
      Quote: alta
      About 700 people lived in Nazareth, the capital of Galilee - all Christians.
      There are approximately 5,000 people in Jerusalem, almost all Jews and few Christians. ”

      And how did Erdoganchik-omanders miss such sweets?
  6. Opera
    Opera 30 March 2018 08: 37
    It’s ridiculous to read about “I’m dreaming that I’m also a young woman and I’ve been successful !!!” It makes no sense to pay attention to those who in any article and on any topic are trying to kick the power. It’s just squeamish even like that! Well, I can tell naive nonsense - special forces in Russia, including in their multidisciplinary component only amplify. I can say that today they are equipped like never before! I don’t think about the potential of our soldier here! Now about Israel. Jews well done indeed! That they are the most affected and at the same time the strongest! I can also add to this quite sincerely that they are also the smartest and most cunning and chosen and their children are the most beautiful and there is always money even when not! At least they convinced everyone of this long ago. I really wish some of our forever-mourning eyewitnesses overlooking the Jews to learn self-conceit - useful things you know sometimes! And here is such a small detail. Enemies of the state must definitely be destroyed. Let us leave without comment a similar type of activity with us ...) Everyone is literate and knows how to read what is in the public domain! But! If on the heads of our leaders, who were always delighted with foreign achievements and belittling the achievements of their special services, from time to time, different cashboxes would regularly pour in, which sometimes explode, I can imagine what kind of howl would be then !!!!!!! About constant attacks on citizens and military personnel of Israel using cold steel, firearms, explosives and motor vehicles involving unfortunately numerous victims, I think it is not necessary to tell? Everywhere is good where we are not, yes guys ?!
  7. Korax71
    Korax71 April 5 2018 01: 11
    Alexander hi our respect for you. the article is a definite plus. I think it’s clear who performed this operation, but the catch is only in the absence of evidence and evidence. Of course, the operation was performed beyond praise, without noise and dust in the immediate vicinity, you can even say at home, adversary. in general, on the basis of materials that I came across your special services can boast not the only such operation. in terms of, so to say, Israel’s creative approach is ahead of the rest. good most likely this is the work of one of the units where Arabs or apparently very similar Israelis are recruited. They really pay a lot of attention to their preparation, up to makeup and the study of dialects. Israel can only be envied by the ability to defend its interests good