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Zrada or peremoga? What is now fed the Ukrainian army

Habitual discussion of the Ukrainian army: either bad or nothing. There are, of course, enough reasons, but such an approach frankly reminds complacency in the fact that to the west of the Russian borders there is a completely disorganized and demoralized army that can be filled with hats, and generally “defeated by one hand”.

Both disorganization and demoralization against the background of the ongoing civil war are, of course, present in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but it is clearly unacceptable to underestimate those who are frankly trained as a force directed against Russian interests, against Russian sovereignty, not to mention the Russian mentality (in including in Ukraine itself).

Annual spending on the military sphere about 6% of Ukraine’s GDP (Poroshenko personally sounded such data) with all cuts and kickbacks by definition could not help but play its role. Could not not play - it means played. You can, of course, try to brush aside this fact. You can continue to engage in a strange shuffling about the fact that all this is "not a problem." You can be ironic about and for no reason.

But, by and large, the Western sponsors, making considerable investments in the Ukrainian (read - anti-Russian) military, and without Ukraine’s acceptance into NATO, were able to achieve a lot for themselves. Not only finances from the West have done their work. They have done their job: Western military instructors, taking control of the most important segments of Ukrainian military logistics, and, of course, the total impoverishment of the country's population in exchange, including the increase in military spending. Loss of Ukraine's sovereignty? The thing is obvious. But for those who are at the helm of this country, is it really important? Not for this they were brought to power in the 2014 year, in order to endow Ukraine with real sovereignty. The main goal is separation from Russia. And this goal is systematically achieved. Although the ratings of the Maidan government are slipping to the level of statistical error, but for the organizers of this whole action, the goal justifies the means.

So, what is changing in the Ukrainian army? One of the areas that, by definition, can not be ignored - the power system. Of course, you can continue to discuss eating “freshly prepared” snakes by “atoshniki”, having fun about mouse tails in bread for Ukrainian recruits, and the lack of spoons “for everyone”. But if objectively: in the yard 2018 year. And since the year 2016, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, on the urgent recommendation of advisers from NATO, has undertaken to reform the food supply of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The NATO partners explained to the Maidan authorities that it would be extremely difficult to hold on to their seats without the support of the armed forces, and therefore it is necessary to invest in the armed forces — to steal, but to invest ... They do so, relying on the fact that the army shuhera "will substitute a shoulder of the help to this mode. Substitute or not substitute - a separate question, for another material. In the meantime, the facts.

Until 2016, the list of standards for an individual soldier of a certain type of service was in effect in the food supply system of the Supreme Court of Ukraine. The rules prescribed about 40 positions, which could be used for cooking for the Ukrainian military. One of the examples cited by Diana Petrenya, the head of the power system reform project in the Ukrainian Armed Forces: the bread soldier of the armed forces of Ukraine were assigned to 650 g of bread and 70 g of bread every day, and the soldier should have received these bakery products (of whatever quality, but received).

Diana Petrenia:
But this is insanity, no one eats so much bread. We offered to completely abandon the rules and developed an alternative - Product Catalog. Today it includes about 400 product names.

The matter is actually about 348 product positions, in which the command in one or another military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is free to make changes in the framework of the released funding. In other words, instead of "extra" 300-400 gr. bread and 300 g pearl barley is proposed to diversify the menu with other positions. With an increasing overall level of funding for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, this becomes (de jure) possible. Naturally, not everywhere; Naturally, through the format of "but you can and less."

For obvious reasons, the expansion of the product mix dictates the need for more professional competencies on the part of cooks. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine agreed to solve this problem with the help of the outsourcing system known in Russia, which is actively attracting civilian personnel. At the same time, civilian cooks in Ukraine receive the status of military personnel and pass into the subordination of the chief product. The problem for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is that today their staffing level does not exceed 50%, and therefore, with responsibility, to put it mildly, not everything goes smoothly.

The new power supply system, in fact, on the “buffet” system appeared in the 22-s of the 23-s “experimental” parts. First of all, we are talking about training centers. It is clear that these are exhibition parts, where not only internal ministerial checks, but also journalists often visit them, and therefore “mouse tails” will not be by definition, and by definition, it will be a weighty percentage of showing off. But where is it not? Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the intermediate results of the reform of the power supply system in the APU. As an example, the 184 training center of the National Academy of Land Forces in the Lviv region, which made Mr. Poltorak an exhibition with an eye on the “NATO level” with chicken shashlik, Greek and “crab” salad, an abundance of vegetables and other things unheard of for the average Ukrainian soldier menu items.

This video:

What specific positions are now included in the reformed power system in the APU (in the same directory)? This is reported by the head of the department of food supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine) Colonel Nikolai Kuklyuk
Vegetables - 67, cereals - 28, spices and sauces - 27, meat and meat products - 65, honey, jam, chocolate - 20, drinks - 32, fruits, berries, nuts - 30, etc.

According to Kuklyuk, such a catalog “brings the power supply system in the Armed Forces of Ukraine closer to NATO standards.”

In 2019, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine plans to complete the reform of the power supply system and introduce the use of the above-mentioned catalog in all military units of the country.

Now that the Ukrainian command and the Ukrainian command, that the launch of the reform does not at all mean its real and universal embodiment into reality. Nutrition varied - yes, nutrition improved - yes. But this is 22 military unit from hundreds throughout Ukraine. The percentage is low, and in fact until the end of the reform remains about a year.

And against the background of the fact that the Ukrainian authorities are trying to show how far the support system has stepped on the funds invested in the army, representatives of the same support department talk about big problems in the widespread implementation of the system.

The mentioned above project leader of the reform of the power supply system in the Armed Forces of Ukraine Diana Petrenya notes that outsourcing is outsourced, but the reform is “hampered” by the monopolization of the Ukrainian market. Affiliated with those responsible for the organization of catering to the military companies, they actually divided the market, which allows them to dictate prices at a level that clearly does not correspond to the “store” (market) market.

Each of these monopolistic companies has a number of affiliates, which, in fact, allows them to win tenders for ProZorro (bidding system). They come to 16-th companies and start bargaining, and if some other, third-party company comes, they complain to the Anti-Monopoly Committee. They do not hide, it is not even a secret. Everyone knows very well, for example, that Geos Group is Voentorg, and vice versa. The same people come to bidding, to negotiate. But the real owners, I can only guess. I know the official directors of these companies, but the final beneficiaries are unknown to me. In these companies there are a lot of former colonel of security and deputy commander for the rear, because they know the system from the inside and understand what military food is. Monopolistic companies know that they win half of the courts because it is difficult to make this assessment. And sometimes it is easier for these large supplier companies to pay penalties and do everything the same way.

So, the fact is that, in fact, huge amounts of money in Ukraine are allocated for food security. At the same time, this fact stratifies the Ukrainian army. Why? Because there are exhibition parts, where sparkling kitchens, attractive chefs and full (by army standards) abundance on the menu and on the table. And there are others. Where there was no decent security system, there is no.
Well, here ... It would seem, in the end, about the Ukrainian army is still bad.

In fact, with the funding that is provided to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they could well be reformed “from one to the other,” including a high percentage of rearmament, not to mention the food security system. But the Ukrainian army, with all the NATO desire to make it "European", is an unkillable nuance - corruption. And this is the very “aggressor” that the APU doesn’t “overthrow”.

While some take a variety of food in the spacious dining room, others knead the dirt and burn from insecurity and their own razvstveydstva at the sites. While some have a buffet, others have an overdue NATO suhpay from volunteers, resold to the neighboring pidrozdil to buy several packs of cigarettes.

The lion's share of these 6% of GDP allocated Poroshenko, Poroshenko's “falconists” and goes into the pockets.

And if we consider the current Ukrainian army as one of the potential adversaries, then we can openly say: “Glory to Ukrainian corruption!” If it were not for it, we could have much more problems. But we must not forget that Ukraine’s overseas partners always have a printing press for this case - the holes at the right time for themselves can be plugged if the situation starts to spin out of control. In general, hats and moods are superfluous anyway.
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  1. Sergey985
    Sergey985 27 March 2018 06: 53
    That's for sure: you don’t want to feed your army, you will feed someone else’s. I immediately remembered 1985. Entered the first outfit in the kitchen. They threw half the carcass of pork onto the scales, everything is ok, everyone signed it. Then came three warrant officers with dimensionless leather briefcases. Ten minutes and bones can be sent to the paleontological museum, perfectly clean. They (bones) were loaded into the boiler. So, inspired.
    1. akunin
      akunin 28 March 2018 11: 01
      and we were fed boiled sauerkraut, boiled lard and boiled horse mackerel of spicy salting, we didn’t see meat for 2 years, although they received them in the warehouse. A separate song was bread - one white + 2 pieces of plasticine black (very sour). The sugar stole a bread cutter and drove on the territory of the regiment samagon, which successfully sold us a bottle for 4 rubles (then vodka cost 3.62)
      1. Sergey985
        Sergey985 28 March 2018 21: 03
        Nachprod retired, personally controlled the preparation of dinner for the entire regiment. They could not get up from the table. The Zampotech company asked me: did you get a lot of meat, Sanya? The answer of all was shocked - today nothing was stolen !!!! ZhDV, 10th company, 1986. Yaroslavl
  2. raw174
    raw174 27 March 2018 06: 54
    In general, capricious moods are in any case superfluous.

    That's right! Of course, the APU will not rush to Russia with a saber, yet ... But you need to be ready! They will not be accepted in the EU and NATO, but as partners of the alliance they will become a springboard for the deployment of NATO contingent. They will create the infrastructure and put their missiles in order to keep Crimea under the gun, and there, where the curve will lead! One thing is clear, Western strategists have not yet shown themselves to be fools. And about nutrition, BIGUS - our everything! And if for some reason breakfast is not eaten, be sure cutlets for lunch good
    1. saigon
      saigon 27 March 2018 19: 33
      I read the weight layout of the APU and it is not clear is it just lunch or for a day?
      In CA, 175 g of meat in the snout for a day or 125 g of carrots, 80 g of cereals, I don’t remember exactly vegetables but for a lot., Two eggs a week, and fish every day. Not a lot of mercenaries of world imperialism are fed, they don’t even give butter, and they don’t deserve to be fed.)))))
  3. siberalt
    siberalt 27 March 2018 07: 01
    An APU soldier, having a weapon, can feed himself. winked
    1. Sergey985
      Sergey985 27 March 2018 07: 24
      In this case, this is not a soldier, but a looter.
      1. siberalt
        siberalt 27 March 2018 07: 25
        Are there others there? belay With starvation and mocking. They in shops in the anti-terrorist operation zone do not pay for products. All traders are intimidated.
        1. Sergey985
          Sergey985 27 March 2018 07: 30
          Yes it seems (unfortunately) is. Otherwise, this army has long fled to their homes.
          1. Egoza
            Egoza 27 March 2018 08: 44
            Quote: Sergey985
            Otherwise, this army has long fled to their homes.

            What should they do at home? Go to work - go find it, and get used to work. And so ... take a walk, Petro! Automatic machine - and here it is vodka and snack.
          2. saigon
            saigon 27 March 2018 19: 35
            So it is easy to run, but here you can steal without consequences and take it away.
  4. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 27 March 2018 08: 09
    Yes, it’s unpleasant when under the “spoon” it constantly sucks, it doesn’t really pull on military affairs, it’s as if permissible before the fight, and so our cabbage soup smile
  5. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 27 March 2018 09: 13
    Alexey, do not overestimate the role of these instructors! They also prepared the army of Saakashvili, armed, morally set up and ... It has been said more than once and not 100 that mattresses are no warriors! If you just don’t judge by Hollywood fakes? .. It’s better to read the statistics - how many wars were organized and how many won. They can fight only with an obviously weak enemy at a good distance. They can only teach others this! And their weapons are not super-duper! More than once proven!
    The main thing, absolutely in any soldier, is fighting spirit and its motivation in battle and in war. These two elements are key! Everything else is related elements.
    Only geeks can fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and even against their own people! Of these "warriors" the Nazis completed detachments of policemen and a probe. teams that could only fight with civilians. Anyone who has at least a gram of conscience only imitates the service.
    Normal nutrition gives the soldier physical stamina in battle. But the norm is normal from the word. That is, the norm of necessary products and their high-quality preparation, and all sorts of foreign twists like: "variety" and a wide list, to increase morale does not matter, in principle! Another memorable example is when the Amerz marines refused to participate in pre-action in the Lebanon war, when they were not served ice cream for dessert. Mercenaries, they are mercenaries in Africa!
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 27 March 2018 10: 48
      I very, very agree with you in the field of "spirit." I myself can’t know how things were with the provision of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht, but according to all sources, the Nazis were much better. And still, our grandfathers defeated them good !! Yes - pearl barley is still that “delicacy”, but its difference from “strawberry pudding” is often only in psychological perception. Whereas there is practically no benefit for the "warring" organism. Yes, in peacetime at the places of deployment - a full and comprehensive meal simply has to be (with the financial possibility, of course), because a soldier is not a slave and not a prisoner, and ensuring his comfortable conditions during the service is at least a worthy “reward”. good
      1. saigon
        saigon 27 March 2018 19: 40
        Yes, not the beam, the Hans had about one norm (when given). But the Fritz did not have company field kitchens only in the battalion, and the question of the ray is, or worse, debatable.
      2. sib.ataman
        sib.ataman 28 March 2018 07: 52
        I don’t know, dear Mih 1974, will you come back to this article or not, but especially for you.
        Food in the Red Army during the WWII was much better and better than in the Wehrmacht. Firstly, our products were natural, and the Hans had a lot of ersatz (from cigarettes and coffee, to chocolate, margarine and biscuits); secondly, we always had hot meals (first or second course, ideally both) at least once a day (regardless of conditions), preferably two, and ideally three meals a day, cooked in a boiler; at the Hans in the field they prepared for themselves. The quality of the dishes, respectively, is different!
        I am especially interested in food in different aircraft: I downloaded everything I found on VO, in YouTube, and even bought NATO dry packs in the 90s, which would be comparable in kind. Our pitans are definitely better!
        I have had this kind of affection since serving in the USSR CA. I had to somehow serve in a military school of cooks. Very, very interesting!
    2. NordOst16
      NordOst16 27 March 2018 19: 42
      Well, it’s not bad they taught, but the planes were beaten there. And, as I heard from friends, she was not very successful (counted down). As a result of this campaign, they decided to reform the army
  6. Senior manager
    Senior manager 27 March 2018 10: 09
    A rat driven into a corner rushes at the enemy fiercely, the military APU has weapons, it will shoot. No matter how frail the army of the horses is — it is the army, and therefore this formation must be taken seriously.
  7. izya top
    izya top 27 March 2018 10: 16
    no numbers needed No. in the 90s they fed children air, but there was no thought to hand over or sell anything.
    no need to compare, there are no (vsu, navy) heroes ... only ensigns from jokes ... although what admiral tanker request also sounds good Is this the case not Kars? love
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 27 March 2018 10: 48
      Quote: izya top
      does the admiral tanker sound like this is not a kars case?

      Not. He is still in the personnel reserve. yes Waiting for appointment to the post of commander of the space forces of Ukraine.
      Hello, isotopic! drinks
      1. izya top
        izya top 27 March 2018 11: 28
        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        Hello, isotopic!

        Quote: Angry Guerrilla
        He is still in the personnel reserve.

        sorry, sorry what and I would read about bulat, strongholds .... wassat
  8. Mih1974
    Mih1974 27 March 2018 11: 05
    Yes, there should not be haters, but there should be - a sufficient-necessary supply of LDNR with everything necessary, if we do not want our guys to be planted in the trenches against the ukrovermaht !!! fool You need LDNR thermal imagers, ammunition, rangefinders or counter battery systems - you need to provide. The troops need to be "relieved" of food — it’s better to pay for local products now than to deliver millions of tons of humanitarian aid or feed millions in the “refugee camps” in Rostov. I’m not talking about the defenders of Novrosia as mercenaries (if someone else had this impression), but I’m saying that the Army can’t fight if it doesn’t have a REAR !! And Novrossia has not yet formed and settled down so much that it would be able to withstand in the supply (and without it it would not even defend) its army against even "all" Dreyny_sumerii.
    Someone can blather - "and what kind of chiasms, or put them on our neck again?", Well, firstly - what does it mean on the neck, this is the war against the new fascist West led by the USA and expenses are inevitable here, secondly - it’s do not "put" on the neck and increase your Army !! Oh, I beg you, Russia, it is high time it was already time to increase our Army and not at the expense of the draft of the sick or "blind", but just at the expense of those who are ready (and will be professionally trained) to fight !!! soldier And until it comes to exchanging nuclear strikes, Russia needs to have an abundance of manpower (infantry) to wage such indirect warfare. For we have only two options - either "fight and defeat" or surrender. It was not we who started or declared war, we were attacked by the West again in 1941 and understand - this ukrovermaht, with all its "weak spirit" or unwillingness to fight (rather than marauding), in any case, will have to be DESTROYED to the last soldier fool . They - ALL should die and be buried. am 60 years ago, our grandfathers "failed" in the extermination of past fascists, and here Fascism raised its head again and again the Russians (collectively) again in the war.
    And it’s time to forget the words “fraternal Ukraine”, I want to remind you that (by parable) one “brother” did kill another Abel negative .so sho
    1. NordOst16
      NordOst16 27 March 2018 19: 43
      But I just have a certain feeling that they will merge the Donbass.
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 30 March 2018 09: 10
        Will not merge, soon the junta Bad & Co. will leave, another will come, but there will be no time for Donbas (I really want to eat), and when it comes to Novorossiya, the term of office will end and it will be like this for a long time. And everything is profitable for everything, because the war is a lot of floating money.
  9. Dashing
    Dashing 27 March 2018 11: 54
    I remember 1981, the first time I went on guard at the fleet. At about three o’clock in the morning I see our ensign coming with the head of the guard - I’m fist, say nothing, and, - they leaked a can of gasoline. In a week - in an outfit in the kitchen. In the evening, chu !, the same ensign, butter, canned food, the meat was “capitalized” and was like that. So, robbed, it was, it is, it will be so.
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 30 March 2018 09: 02
      We Slavic peoples are not thieves, but a thieving people.
  10. adma
    adma 27 March 2018 15: 42
    We are actually talking about 348 product positions in which the command is free to make changes in the framework of the allocated funding in various military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In other words, instead of the "extra" 300-400 gr. bread and 300 g of pearl barley is proposed to diversify the menu with other positions.

    Something tells me - most likely "other positions" will be replaced by bread and pearl barley, and not vice versa. laughing
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 30 March 2018 09: 01
      Bread will be replaced with barley and barley with bread. In the American army, a soldier should eat well.
  11. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 27 March 2018 15: 44
    Well, the author did not discover America that there are thieves in the whole of Russia and there are in the whole of Russia, it is not clear what is necessary for us to know what the food is eating and how much it affects the morale of the ukrovermaht, their manna of heaven but at the first real serious clash with regular cocktails All of Russia will run all over with sparkling heels, will give up in packs, understand their mentality; the principle of Selyuk-peasant principle is my hut from the edge, it’s one thing to loot in the Donbass, another to chop meat with Russians, they’ll also bring foreign instructors to the chain, that’s all in 2014
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 30 March 2018 08: 59
      You're wrong, the spirit of both our and the Belarusian and Ukrainian soldiers is about the same (judging by the army of the USSR, where I served) for no reason he cannot fall. The Khloptsevs are well trained by the NATO instructors (Jimmy, who is not black, will go on the attack on the 7,62 mm PC.) They threw up his belongings a little, equipped a quiet tablet with different devices with a mortar and artillery shooting program, and other devices. So the army has become at the level of the Bundeswehr or better than that of the "paddling pool" and can’t compare it with the countries of the limitrophes. And do not underestimate the enemy.
  12. Victorio
    Victorio 27 March 2018 17: 26
    on YouTube posted a video about the Ukrainian dry land, it is more modest than the Russian
  13. andrewkor
    andrewkor 27 March 2018 18: 39
    I read the whole article, all the comments (19), but not a word about fat. This is not Ukraine !!!
    1. tihonmarine
      tihonmarine 30 March 2018 08: 48
      It's time to know that fat is strictly forbidden in the American army. (bacon and that have not been used for more than 15 years).
  14. Aqela
    Aqela 28 March 2018 00: 20
    I recalled an old joke. "And here you are lying! A soldier cannot eat two buckets of rutabaga!" laughing
    300 grams of pearl barley is boiled 1: 4 - 1: 5 (if cooked properly, not shrapnel), i.e. the pan comes out at 1,2-1,5 liters ...
    1. Wened
      Wened 29 March 2018 12: 36
      My brother cannot stand pearl barley after serving in the army, and more than twenty years have passed ...
      1. tihonmarine
        tihonmarine 30 March 2018 08: 45
        But in vain, for me, the best pearl barley porridge, of course, on fried bacon with onions, or with butter, beauty !!
  15. Curious
    Curious 28 March 2018 00: 53
    "I read the whole article, all the comments ..." I remembered Okudzhava with Nikitin.
  16. tihonmarine
    tihonmarine 30 March 2018 08: 41
    "Vegetables - 67, cereals - 28, spices and sauces - 27, meat and meat products - 65, honey, jam, chocolate - 20, drinks - 32, fruits, berries, nuts - 30 "
    65 grams of meat is minuscule, in prison they give more. According to the layout of the Soviet era, the merchant fleet of meat products had 300 grams per day, but in kind about 400 grams were released. Generally eat son American jam, berries, nuts.