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Thrust to rename. French disease!

Not so long ago, I had to hear the phrase of a foreign historian and political scientist who is related to France, that, say, you, the Russians, have an irresistible craving for renaming. It was expressed at the end of January, when St. Petersburg "celebrated" (it is possible without quotation marks) another anniversary from the date of the renaming of Petrograd to Leningrad. Like, you, the people of Russia, just give me a reason - they are immediately ready to change the name: from the alley to the whole country.

On the one hand, the person, it seems, is right. Indeed, there is a tendency to rename us - depending on the political system, the mood of the elites or the attitudes of the elites, at the moment current, to the elites, at that time previous. First, the streets and cities in honor of the kings, then to the base, and then ... lanes, squares and settlements - in honor of party comrades, then again, "return line", but not brought to the end. Therefore, some pearls such as the Order of Lenin's institute named after the emperor Nicholas II remained for some time ... In July last year, the name was changed.

On the other hand, the thought immediately arose, and who is talking about the “Russian burden” of changing signboards? Excuse me, didn’t you infect the Great French Revolution? .. Didn’t the “freedom-loving” French people become the collective subject who so actively began to get rid of the “hated monarchism” not only by the method of guillotine, but by the change of names - and literally everything and everything.

It was decided that the names of kings, queens and saints are outlived and cannot “stain” the new French history. New time dictated new names. True, the heroes of the new time were typed in a little, therefore they often had to repeat themselves.

The Paris sections begin, almost every day, to contact the Executive Council with requests to rename their streets, communes, cities. And the Executive Council warmly welcomes the initiative “from below”. Thus, the street of St. Anne, on which the philosopher Claude Helvetius was born, gets his name. The Street of the Daughters of God, which was a haven, as they say now, women with reduced social responsibility, turns into a street of Virtue. Themselves "lowered" a new likeness of law enforcement agencies in the face of virtually complete anarchy is trying to put the right path, but it does not always work. Someone takes the "spirit of revolution", someone moves to the next street and - for the old ...

Forges of Good News appear in Paris. Villages receive “demonarchized” and “desacralized” names: Rocks of Freedom, Mother Svobodnaya (instead of the Mother of God), Svobodny Dol, Free Valley, villages of Voltaire, Marat, Rousseau. And the villages and neighborhoods of Voltaire and Marat became so much that even the residents themselves were confused.

But the change of place names seemed small. The players decided that it was useless to use cards or chess pieces, where the word "King" is. Thus, the Jacobin Guiton de Morvo, who voted for the execution of Louis XVI, proposed his own version of the chess reform. He proposed the king to be renamed the Banner (the Banner of the French Revolution), and the queen the adjutant. According to de Morvo, a game in which it is necessary to protect the king will be strange in a revolutionary country. "Therefore we will defend the Banner of our revolution on the chessboard as well." According to de Morvo, even pawns were to be renamed, as this is a derogatory name. And the new name for the pawns was picked up quickly - arrows.

In the playing cards also carried out a "reform".
Of course, one of the “renaming peaks” was the change of the calendar. By decree of the National Convention in the whole of France, 5 of October 1793 was introduced a new, revolutionary calendar. The convention decided to keep track of the years since the proclamation of the republic - from September 22 1792.

The new calendar also had 12 months, but in each month there were 30 days. The old month names, associated with the names of the Roman emperors and mythology, were replaced by new ones that reflect the phenomena of nature. The seven-day week was abolished, a new unit of time was introduced instead - a decade consisting of 10 days. The month was divided into 3 for decades, and each of its last days was a day off.

By the way, decades have firmly entered not only calendar matters, but also purely mathematical things that have survived to this day - for example, the decimal metric system. True, with the division of the right angle not by 90, but by 100 degrees, it was clearly overdone, which led to numerous difficulties in geometric studies. As a result, returned to 90.

To match the length of the calendar year with the duration of the sun, it was necessary to add 5 at the end of each simple year and 6 days for a leap year. The entire period from 17 to 22 September was named after the insurgent people "sankyulotidami" and declared non-working, each of his days was devoted to a special holiday: Day of Valor, Day of Talent, Day of Labor, Day of Opinions, Day of Awards, Day of Revolution.

The inventor of this calendar was a mathematician Charles-Gilbert Romm, who himself said that his work was aimed primarily at de-christizing the life of the country.

It is particularly noteworthy that the "freedom-loving" French as easily abandoned this calendar as they accepted. And then, by the way, they reintroduced that the Paris Commune, with its first dictatorship of the proletariat in history, had to “lean” on something.

So there is a craving for renaming, it seems to be in the genes of humanity. Even in ancient Egypt, arranged his total renaming of the pharaoh reformer Akhenaten. True, later his own name was tried to wipe out “grateful descendants” from history. Somehow, archaeologists "discovered" the fact that those same "grateful descendants" did not have time to break it.

Today is, of course, Ukraine.

Thrust to rename. French disease!

There are few heroes altogether, but because the monuments to Lenin have been brought down, and they cannot decide who to supply in exchange, for Bandera is not always everywhere in Ukraine. Decommunization, sort of like, held, but the soul requires more. Maybe they will get to chess, because they are played in Russia too ...
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 22 March 2018 06: 15
    I am opposed to changing ... replacing ... replacing ... renaming of historical names and places ... it’s painfully quick then after this they begin to replace history (real history) with pseudo-history.
    This is clearly seen in the actions of the nearest neighbors from the former socialist camp.
    Ultimately, after rewriting their history, they already propose to review the results of World War II, putting the Nazis and our glorious ancestors on the same level as our country.
    Of course, this must be fought at all levels.
    1. Vladimirsky
      Vladimirsky 22 March 2018 14: 18
      Recently I filled out a questionnaire, I will not say why ...
      It was necessary to indicate the address of stay - actually from birth. I looked at the Yandex map - and almost all of the addresses (streets) in the dill have changed. There are practically no USSR-ovsky It was somehow not customary to find Ivan Sirka Street instead of Kalinin Street.
      1. 24rus
        24rus 22 March 2018 14: 55
        We do not get better- Lenin police department two incompatible words ...
      2. andrewkor
        andrewkor 22 March 2018 14: 55
        A Russian, a native of Uzbekistan, told how he was tormented by receiving some kind of certificate from his homeland. He was born in Tashkent, which is now Tashkent, so prove that you are not a camel.
        1. Maksus
          Maksus 23 March 2018 21: 06
          This is both Ashgabat and the current AshGab.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 22 March 2018 07: 46
    Today is, of course, Ukraine.

    Let ukrokakliya go on going crazy thereafter! And even the figs draw on their pointers, because the mass escape from chamber No. 6 cannot be stopped, and even more so they cannot be overcome by anything - the ancients, they are the ancients and this campaign is very long, if not forever. bully
    1. goblin xnumx
      goblin xnumx 24 March 2018 23: 03
      in general, the pointer is not Ukrainian, it seems like ...- they do not write “ul” ... but “vul.” .. but where they write ul .....- I can’t even imagine, is it really in Russia? - yes can not be...:)
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 22 March 2018 07: 52
    And at us - St. Petersburg, Leningrad, orders of Lenin and the October Revolution, the area!
    1. Volodin
      22 March 2018 08: 23
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      And at us - St. Petersburg, Leningrad, orders of Lenin and the October Revolution, the area!

      So Peter separately, Leningrad region separately. But St. Petersburg - the city-hero of Leningrad - then yes.
    2. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 22 March 2018 12: 04
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      And at us - St. Petersburg, Leningrad, orders of Lenin and the October Revolution, the area!

      But do not mix the city and the region - these are two different entities. smile The Leningrad region has no regional center at all. Although recently the government of the Leningrad region began to relocate from St. Petersburg to Gatchina - they seem to want to make it the regional capital.
      If we take the renaming that is half a step, it is better to recall Yekaterinburg, which is the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region. smile
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 22 March 2018 12: 11
      We have St. Petersburg and the Hero of Leningrad City in one bottle in the Leningrad Region. But with the renaming of Stalingrad clearly hurried. winked
      1. Nikitin
        Nikitin 23 March 2018 12: 08
        Quote: siberalt
        But with the renaming of Stalingrad clearly hurried

        Yes, it is necessary to return the historical, centuries-old name -Tsaritsyn
  4. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 22 March 2018 09: 34
    In Kazan, contrary to the protests of residents, Esperanto Street was renamed Nazarbayev Street! Our Khan licked.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 22 March 2018 20: 07
      Quote: leonardo_1971
      In Kazan, contrary to the protests of residents, Esperanto Street was renamed Nazarbayev Street! Our Khan licked.

      And before that there was Zhdanov St., the same one who brought strawberries to blockade Leningrad on an airplane for the New Year. But streets named after famous scientists are not enough.
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 22 March 2018 20: 38
        Quote: Balu
        was Zhdanova St.

        In Togliatti, we still have the street of the "great" Marshal Tukhachevsky, and there are some in Samara. And the street of Yasha Sverdlov is the same in Tolyatti. But there is no Stalin street. Unfortunately. angry
      2. Aviator_
        Aviator_ 22 March 2018 23: 11
        About Zhdanov there is a recently written good book of the ZhZL series, the author is Volynets. There, these liberalistic fakes about the siege of strawberries from the "Spark" of the times of the editor-in-chief Korotich are also well sorted.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 22 March 2018 10: 02
    In different countries, everyone goes crazy in their own way, but the medical diagnosis in Latin sounds the same.
  6. Igor V
    Igor V 22 March 2018 11: 26
    In Kaliningrad there was Stalingrad Avenue and the Stalingrad District. When Khrushchev was renamed Prospect Mira and Central District. It's a shame.
  7. Some kind of compote
    Some kind of compote 22 March 2018 11: 39
    Brownian motion
    Don't eat well
    1. atesterev
      atesterev 22 March 2018 15: 27
      How will we measure the temperature without Brownian motion?
  8. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 22 March 2018 11: 57
    Forges of the good news appear in Paris. The villages receive “demonarchized” and “desacralized” names: the Rocks of Liberty, the Free Mother (instead of the Mother of God), the Free Valley, the Free Valley, the villages of Voltaire, Marat, Rousseau.

    Somehow I immediately remembered the Strugatsky ...
    Rumata wrapped himself tightly in a cloak and threw the reins. There was no point in rushing. There was an hour until midnight, and the Icicle was already over the horizon with a black scalloped edge. Plowed fields stretched along the sides, swamps flickered under the stars, reeking of inanimate rust, dark mounds and decayed stockade from the time of the Invasion. Far from the left, a gloomy glow flashed out and went out: the village must have been burning, one of the countless monotonous Dead Dead, the Hangmen, the Ograbilovka, recently renamed to Zhelannye, Gracious and Angelic by August order.
    © TBB
  9. komrad buh
    komrad buh 22 March 2018 13: 54
    Rename Volgograd to STALINGRAD
    1. atesterev
      atesterev 22 March 2018 15: 24
      In Tsaritsyn and no other way!
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 22 March 2018 20: 08
      Quote: komrad buh
      Rename Volgograd to STALINGRAD

      And that would be correct, but the word belongs to the Volgograd residents.
      1. goblin xnumx
        goblin xnumx 24 March 2018 23: 05
        and let the residents calculate how much it will cost to replace the documents ...
  10. atesterev
    atesterev 22 March 2018 15: 31
    Thrust to rename. French disease!

    Once called syphilis wink
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 22 March 2018 20: 10
      Quote: atesterev
      Thrust to rename. French disease!

      Once called syphilis wink

      And this is not the only name. whether Columbus infected America, or from America brought ... wink
      One thing is clear, in vain he discovered America, it is high time to close it or rename it to Vampiria
  11. Aviator_
    Aviator_ 22 March 2018 23: 13
    In South Africa, itching is also renaming. Since 1994 there has been no apartheid, but the streets were renamed in huge numbers, on the signboard there are 5-6 names. It’s a pity I didn’t guess to take a picture.
  12. A. Privalov
    A. Privalov 23 March 2018 19: 44
    The author with the name got a little hot. French disease is a venereal disease. lol
    1. Cossack 471
      Cossack 471 24 March 2018 23: 15
      Though . on the other hand . Sverdlov ghoul in each city is immortalized. and for what merit? Or Zemlyachka the executioner of Crimea or the executioner Uritsky? Initially, you do not need to give the streets names in the form of the names of the "greats". After a while, it turns out that they are not great and some are generally scoundrels ...
      1. Seamaster
        Seamaster 26 March 2018 21: 50
        They are not only a scoundrel, but also wizards.
        I read in the demo press that on the orders of Zemlyachki in Crimea, 100 thousand officers were killed.
        Then I read that the white army in the Crimea was TOTAL (officers and privates) in early November 1920 - 40 thousand, which were mainly evacuated.
        Where did she snake catch so many officers?
        The executioner Uritsky - whom did he mourn? The Bolsheviks abolished the death penalty, and the red terror began AFTER the assassination of Uritsky and the wound of Lenin. But how many white people outweighed during the Ice Campaign in March 1918, in the summer of 1918 and the White-Czech mutiny - Mama Do not Cry!
        But that doesn't count, right?
  13. Baloo
    Baloo 26 March 2018 06: 48
    [quote = Ingvar 72] [quote = Balu] was Zhdanov St. [/ quote]
    [quote] We still have the street of the "great" Marshal Tukhachevsky in Togliatti, and there is one in Samara. [/ quote]
    And earlier Tukhachevsky Street in Samara was called Machine Gun. Probably because the Pits were nearby. I lived there in childhood next to the cemetery on the 2nd. Nearby was a car repair plant. When digging trenches under the fence and the dining room, the excavator came across graves, and it was shallow.