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Syrian terrorist hunters got new KamAZ

Famous Syrian "IG hunters" (grouping banned in the Russian Federation) got off-road vehicles - KAMAZ-43118. This is evidenced by the photos appeared on the Internet, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Syrian terrorist hunters got new KamAZ

The photo captures the moment of preparation for the transfer of units in the Eastern Guta.

“The new 6 × 6 trucks for Syria have improved performance. They belong to the heavy class. With their own weight of more than 10 tons can carry loads weighing more than 11 tons. It is also possible to tow a twelve-ton trailer. The power of a diesel engine with turbocharging - 300 hp ", - stated in the material.

The maximum speed of the truck is 90 km / h. By car, there are two fuel tanks with a capacity of 210 and 350 l.

Previously, only the KamAZ-5350 of the Mustang family and the older KamAZ-4310 were seen in the government.
Photos used:
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  1. Yrec
    Yrec 21 March 2018 13: 32
    Gee-gee, "Famous Syrian" IG Hunters "(grouping is prohibited in the Russian Federation)." IS hunters also banned in the Russian Federation? This is after the factory tried to overcome the Americans?
    1. Vard
      Vard 21 March 2018 13: 35
      Well, we understood ... who is there and for what ... But trucks, it's good ... you won’t get much on foot ...
  2. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 21 March 2018 13: 38
    Why are cars blue?
    1. Romka47
      Romka47 21 March 2018 13: 53
      Maybe with a hint of it?) wassat
    2. WUA 518
      WUA 518 21 March 2018 13: 55
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      Why are cars blue?

      Apparently that would not be confused.

    3. sergei_55
      sergei_55 21 March 2018 14: 46
      Greens have not yet been brought.
    KVU-NSVD 21 March 2018 13: 42
    Well, it’s clear that they deliver trucks, it’s clear that they deliver from Russia, and the stump is clear that the “all-terrain” version. Well, journalists know how to give news out of the blue out of nothing ..
  4. Romka47
    Romka47 21 March 2018 13: 51
    The author is to edit the text, otherwise it turns out that the Famous Syrian “IG Hunters” are prohibited, and the question is: does the guy have a Ukrainian flag on 3 photos on his chest ??!
    1. WUA 518
      WUA 518 21 March 2018 14: 01
      Why do you think Ukraine is everywhere?

      1. Romka47
        Romka47 21 March 2018 14: 33
        Well, the truth does look like a patch of UKRs
        1. WUA 518
          WUA 518 21 March 2018 14: 54
          This is a stripe with an inscription in Arabic. She says: "I serve you, O Zeynab!" (in some interpretations it sounds like “Here we come, O Zeynab”). This is a well-known Shiite slogan that refers to the story of Imam Hussein’s sister, Zeynab, who publicly exposed the murderers of her brother, accusing them of deviating from Islamic norms. The patch is worn to reduce the likelihood of a "friendly fire" by the Syrian units. The photo shows a MTR fighter with this patch.
      2. Flyer_64
        Flyer_64 21 March 2018 19: 42
        Quote: WUA 518
        Why do you think Ukraine is everywhere?

        On some, even our pixel and slide.
      3. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 24 March 2018 03: 49
        Sasha, everything is simple! and a super-duper, all the more so with the “Dagger" of the so-called .. here the local mashals began to operate, although even physical laws reject his parameters. And even if they remade one machine and translated it! ё, then now ... now the enemy expects ---- information about the cartoons awaits, but, and the Dagger, and the Dagger, excellent ho this "Dagger" is unprecedented in history and heavy. weapons of interceptor-interceptors. Questions about when the squadron is withdrawn in the minds of the Urashks. I know that Guards. Maaioru and secret answer my question is impossible, but still zadolbali these ........ then continue to continue as you like, I gave you the pens, fall over Africa, your writer.
    JON IVAHOVISH 21 March 2018 15: 20
    they need a lot of unpretentious equipment and kamaz is what they need
  6. brdm
    brdm 21 March 2018 16: 46
    Serious guys. And transport only to the place.
  7. denisey
    denisey 21 March 2018 20: 22
    It seems to me that the Syrians have helmets -ShBM-P or 6B26?
  8. da Vinci
    da Vinci 21 March 2018 21: 51
    And why not KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon-K? belay
  9. Nikolay Dyaglev
    Nikolay Dyaglev 22 March 2018 00: 43
    In order to transport 30 people, the Lawn is enough, otherwise Kamaz will spread to the right and to the left
    1. Micfoster
      Micfoster 22 March 2018 19: 21
      For 30 people the Lawn may be enough, and for 30 fighters with ammunition and BC and KamAZ it will be small.