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Norway is concerned about Russia's "aggressive behavior"

The Norwegian authorities are concerned about the increasing incidence of "aggressive behavior" of Russia. This statement was made by the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom Frank Bakke-Jensen on Tuesday at a meeting with the head of the US military department James Mattis at the Pentagon.

Norway is concerned about Russia's "aggressive behavior"

We observe Russia's aggressive behavior near our borders and closely monitor the development of the Russian armed forces.
- Bakke-Jensen said.

He noted that the Norwegian military is particularly concerned about the exercises conducted by the Russian side in close proximity to the territory of Norway.

During the exercises, in a relatively short time Russia moved a significant number of troops to the north of the country. Russian missile systems were also redeployed to the Norwegian border. This causes us concern
- added the head of the Norwegian Defense Ministry, quoted by the publication of VG.

Mattis, in turn, called on the head of the Norwegian Defense Ministry to "increase defense spending" of the country and thanked the kingdom for its "commitment to international security."
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  1. dik-nsk
    dik-nsk 21 March 2018 09: 47
    baptized when imagining ... fables about aggression for their own population .. play out, sleek gayropeytsy and can fall into a tantrum)))
    1. INTER
      INTER 21 March 2018 11: 21
      Quote: dik-nsk
      sleek gayropeytsy and can fall into a tantrum)))

      Let them get used)))))
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 21 March 2018 09: 50
    cases of "aggressive behavior" of Russia
    So Norway from last year has already very much taken care of this.
    This is our concern.
    Behave decently and there will be nothing to fear.
    1. Cutter
      Cutter 21 March 2018 09: 57
      Well, what else can the Norwegian Minister of Defense say at a meeting with the US Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon, and most importantly WHY?
      Mattis, in turn, urged the head of the Norwegian defense department to "increase defense spending" of the country

    2. gippernano
      gippernano 21 March 2018 09: 59
      I think the Norwegians are perfect for a demonstration of modern Russian weapons. They are still afraid, why not justify their hopes?
      1. ArhipenkoAndrey
        ArhipenkoAndrey 21 March 2018 10: 39
        That damn Norway Russia is just not enough for complete happiness, but schiz mows not strong military brains in NATO and its environs.
    3. Lopatov
      Lopatov 21 March 2018 11: 02
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Behave decently and there will be nothing to fear.

      In 2002, exercises took place on their and Polish territory, "Strong Resolve", practiced "defense against Russia." More than 40 thousand people participated ...
      True, at that time Russia did not consider NATO a likely adversary, it was completely immersed in its own problems with terrorism ... But this was not a special obstacle for NATO.

      They began to “confront Russian aggression” long before even its minimal manifestation.
    4. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 21 March 2018 12: 22
      I read my mind right. They would sit quietly in their fjords, cod, halibut fished for life, rejoiced.
  3. Kent0001
    Kent0001 21 March 2018 09: 57
    The photo shows harsh callorite Vikings in a modern harness. Don’t be afraid of Norway, you don’t have anything that you don’t have (except for migrant Arabs), so sit quietly and your socialism will continue.
    1. Bad_santa
      Bad_santa 21 March 2018 12: 19
      In the photo are ordinary fat people who have no idea how to run 200 meters and so as not to get a heart attack or fall from a loss of strength. When you look at such warriors, and let them beat a squirrel in the eye from 1 km away, but live on the battlefield for a short time with such an excess of weight.
      1. sharp-lad
        sharp-lad 21 March 2018 22: 31
        Well-fed does not mean weak. While the fat dries, the thin dies. Well and so on. I have a friend who is fond of running, with a height of 170 with something weight per hundred! smile
  4. Altona
    Altona 21 March 2018 09: 57
    The arrival of an American major military official always aggravates the issue of "Russian aggression." National sign. wink
    1. gippernano
      gippernano 21 March 2018 10: 01
      Yes, all three Norwegians sleep in camouflage so as not to miss the official’s visit from the mother country.
  5. taiga2018
    taiga2018 21 March 2018 10: 01
    paraphrasing Vorobyaninov’s words: “note-your treasures! yours!” you can say this: “note-this is all on your territory! on your own!”
  6. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 21 March 2018 10: 03
    Judging by the chevron, they are skiers, probably uncomfortable for them in the forests devoid of snow --- here even "Swedish walking" will not help to escape from the wrath of Russian missiles.
  7. Ferdinant
    Ferdinant 21 March 2018 10: 11
    They have been saying this for decades, why should they invent something new.
  8. Denis Obukhov
    Denis Obukhov 21 March 2018 10: 16
    His concern was expressed in the nervous scratching of his anus, as a result of which he was combed to blood and became completely unusable.
  9. Dormidont
    Dormidont 21 March 2018 10: 18
    I would like to advise the Norwegians: if anything, a white rag up and a hand hoch
    1. olegyurjewitch
      olegyurjewitch 21 March 2018 11: 43
      they are afraid that deer of their frost would not be stolen smile
  10. K-50
    K-50 21 March 2018 10: 29
    We observe aggressive behavior of Russia at our borders

    Probably our border guard showed them along with “fak”, and they were stunned by such aggression. what laughing
  11. rocket757
    rocket757 21 March 2018 11: 08
    In short, he is scared! Tell me right away, the budget is small, let's give a little money!
    Shaw went for the warriors, a little sho, immediately concern ... not warriors.
  12. vredlo
    vredlo 21 March 2018 11: 18
    if you believe nato, we’ll be terrified of how terrible our penguins are not afraid of our aggression, and even that is not a fact
  13. arhPavel
    arhPavel 21 March 2018 13: 08
    In general, in order to remove this concern, you just need to comb and increase our alcohol tourism reserves in Karelia and the Murmansk region. 5-day tours to the forest, with a bathhouse and vodka. This is what interests most simple Finns and Norgs.
    Well, using them for easy recruitment will also not hurt.
  14. jurijsv
    jurijsv 21 March 2018 14: 07
    Russia treacherously pushed its borders to the borders of NATO. Especially in Eastern Europe
  15. Oleg Kozlov
    Oleg Kozlov 21 March 2018 14: 30
    Norway is concerned about the aggressiveness of Russia ... But what about Norway ... Iceland and Malta are also unusually worried. It is time for them to dig refuge, to stock up on food. By the way, the Russian herring has already oppressed the Norwegian several times ... Biting, cursing, promised to make all Norwegians gay ... Probably, the Norwegian embassy will present a note. And he’ll send someone ...
  16. AlexS
    AlexS 21 March 2018 14: 45
    As we are concerned about the aggressive behavior of the West, which unleashed World War II, was Hitler's godfather, unleashed organized more than a hundred aggressions and interventions in sovereign countries, organized coups d'etat, brought NATO closer to Russia's borders, etc. etc., just no words ...
  17. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 21 March 2018 20: 35
    Honestly, we won’t do it anymore. yes
  18. razved
    razved 21 March 2018 21: 00
    It would be strange if the norgs in such a company said that everything is calm and not in danger ...
  19. Simon
    Simon 22 March 2018 07: 50
    Norway is concerned about the "aggressive behavior" of Russia --- What sleep is gone! laughing
  20. chingachguc
    chingachguc 22 March 2018 16: 23
    If Norway remained a neutral country, it would not have to worry at all, because there are no reasons for the conflict between Russia and Norway. But since Norway is in NATO, a threat to Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and the entire Northern Fleet comes from its territory. Therefore, if there is a conflict with NATO, the whole of Northern Norway will be occupied, it's like giving a drink ... Norway! Take an example from the Finns and you will be calm.
  21. olegstaz
    olegstaz 22 March 2018 23: 57
    ... have the formidable Vikings put in their pants? Here is the news ...