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The Vietnamese military will visit the international mine action center in the suburbs

The Vietnamese military delegation will visit the international mine action center in Nakhabino near Moscow, reports Interfax the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

During the visit, a visit to the international mine action center and acquaintance with the organization of the training of specialists in the field of demining, as well as heads of peacekeeping units,
says release.

The ministry noted that “on the eve of the Main Command of the Ground Forces held a reception of the military delegation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam led by the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnamese People’s Army, Colonel-General Pham Ngok Min.”

During the meeting, the sides discussed cooperation in the field of peacekeeping.

The delegation will also visit the “Military Training Scientific Center of the Ground Forces - the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, where it will familiarize itself with the training material base and the organization of training for foreign military personnel”. A meeting with Vietnamese listeners is also scheduled there.
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  1. Russia
    Russia 20 March 2018 15: 41
    Yes, the Americans left many goodies in Vietnam, so they would have to unroll them and put them in the fields, and in the forests, and along and across.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 20 March 2018 15: 41
    The Vietnamese are good fighters and reliable allies ... you can rely on them.
    And it is very good that their military are trained in our military educational institutions ... we can only welcome the visits of their military delegations.
  3. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 21 March 2018 09: 47
    it’s difficult now to clear Vietnam - everything is rusty and overgrown
  4. Galleon
    Galleon 21 March 2018 14: 00
    Do not lie, even in my days, whether in 89 or in the 90th year on the Kamran peninsula, one of our workers blew up a mine. And in 1991, I also had the opportunity to meet with the lieutenant marine, the commander of an engineering platoon, and his sappers. So this lieutenant took several of his soldiers every day, went out on the road, caught a ride and they drove where the car was going. Somewhere they went out and searched. Every day - combat clearance, every day finds. So did all this officer on his own initiative, he kept some kind of card, although, he said, no one needed this card except me. On such a ride, we met him then.
    You may not believe it. For a long time I wanted to tell about this man, but I don’t even know his name. I hope everything went well in his life, though, who knows ... 2 Chechen ... marines ... But I still hope so.