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CEO Sevmash spoke about the construction of new submarines

The shipbuilding complex Sevmash, which is currently undergoing a major modernization, is preparing to launch the latest Borey-A missile carriers into the water, according to News With reference to the general director of the enterprise Mikhail Budnichenko.

In December 2017, the nuclear submarine (NPS) of the Borey-A project Prince Vladimir was withdrawn from the boathouse and is now being prepared for further tests. Other ships of the project are being built in accordance with schedules approved by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. I can only add that subsequent ships in the series surrender faster, because they are made according to the technologies already developed,
told the Budnichenko newspaper.

He also announced plans to build multi-purpose submarines of the Yasen-M project.

The fourth-generation head missile carrier, Kazan, is now located at the embankment of the enterprise and is preparing for sea trials. Other ships of the project, including the submarine "Ulyanovsk", pass the slipway period in the slipway,
said the general director.

According to him, “six Yasen-M submarines of the Yasen-M project and five Borey-A missile carriers are currently being built at Sevmash.

They will embody the best achievements of domestic nuclear submarine shipbuilding,
noted Budnichenko.

The general director added that the renewed facilities “will allow building all the projects of submarines, large surface ships for the Navy, as well as civilian marine equipment for internal and external customers.”
Photos used:
Press Service of JSC “PO“ Sevmash ”
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  1. NEXUS
    NEXUS 20 March 2018 13: 11
    Borey-A submarine is noble and necessary. But the promises that Borey-B will be much more perfect while they look fantastic.
    As for Ash-M ... Well, we’re not building it yet, but we’re creating visibility. It’s clear that Kazan is the main one in the Ash-M series, but 10 years before the delivery of the fleet ... guys, are you serious? year, and already have a program to take in two. We need a submarine of the Hunter class. Like air. With a smaller displacement that can be built quickly, a lot in order to somehow bridge this gap.
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 20 March 2018 13: 20
      NEXUS (Andrei)
      We need a submarine of the Hunter class. Like air. With a smaller displacement that can be built quickly, a lot in order to somehow bridge this gap.
      What for ? Well, in the sense of why chasing after them. This is pointless. Let’s better they are now chasing our nuclear torpedoes. But they are not cheap nuclear submarines even for them.
      1. NEXUS
        NEXUS 20 March 2018 13: 25
        Quote: Observer2014
        What for ? Well, in the sense of why chasing them.

        We have a very tangible bias in quantitative SSBNs to multipurpose ones. Pike-B in the ranks of only 4! pieces. Of the 15 that were built. Another 4 went into storage (apparently disposed of). A total of 7 more Pikes are waiting for modernization. At the same time, Grenades were removed from them, and this was their main caliber. How many ash-trees in the ranks? One! And now take a look at how many Dolphins and Boreev we have in service. And now the question is how to protect them? Tales of the new multi-purpose nuclear submarines that are just under construction?
        1. Andrey Yuryevich
          Andrey Yuryevich 20 March 2018 13: 45
          Quote: NEXUS
          We have a very tangible skew

          at this stop. sorry Andrey ... hi
          1. NEXUS
            NEXUS 20 March 2018 13: 47
            Quote: Andrey Yurievich
            not this stop. sorry Andrey ...

            The namesake, you’re all about Putin and his oligarchs ... but I’m talking about the fleet, namely the underwater component. All the same, the most effective part of the nuclear triad. But there is nothing to protect her so far. And in this regard, our submariners need to give an order for each autonomy without looking.
      2. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 20 March 2018 13: 36
        Quote: Observer2014
        What for ? Well, in the sense of why chasing them.

        Then, that someone needs to cover up the SSBN.
        At each of our SSBNs, 16 of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) is located, and in total, it turns out, 176 ICBMs. Considering 4 warheads for each rocket, we get 704 warheads. According to the START-3 agreement, the Russian Federation (as well as the USA) has the right to keep 1 550 combat units deployed. It is easy to calculate that the number deployed on submarines is 45,4%. Almost half of our strategic nuclear forces!

        But who covers them:
        To cover the FIVE strategic missile submarine submarines and counter enemy submarines, the Pacific Fleet today has an 1 (in words - ONE) a multi-purpose nuclear submarine. We are talking about the "Kuzbass", the ship type "Shchuka-B". And, frankly, our "Improved Shark" "Virginia" is no match.
        And the Pacific Fleet has nothing more.
        In the Northern Fleet, things are a little better - there we can have “Severodvinsk”, 3 MAPL of the “Pike-B” type, 1 MAPL of the “Pike” type (671РТМ (К)) and a pair of “Condor” can fight ASW to cover SIX RPSX we can use the whole Seven multipurpose atarin! And a couple of "Anteyev" is in reserve. It seems to be not so bad, if you just forget that of the seven ships mentioned, on an equal footing with the "Virginia" only "Severodvinsk" and, probably, the "Cheetah" can fight. And by the way, why do we consider only the "Virginia"? After all, there are also British Astyuts ...

        We have exactly one new ICAPL. And the rest are old people and will soon be written off, and the rate of commissioning of new ICAPLs does not cover this decrease.
        Based on the foregoing, it can be assumed that from the non-strategic atomarines in the 26 fleet (excluding Severodvinsk) by the 2025, the year will remain good if the 13 boats and the 2030 g remain 11. At the same time, the number of nuclear submarines of the 885 “Severodvinsk” project, which we will examine in detail in the next article, is limited to 7 boats, and there will be no new atomarins other than 2025-2030 except them. This means that the number of SSGNs and MAPLs in the composition of the Russian Navy continues to decline, and in the next 15 years it will decrease from 27 to 18. Of course, the quality of the nuclear fleet of the Russian Navy will become much stronger, but its number, which is completely insufficient today, will continue to decline.
        © Andrey from Chelyabinsk
        1. Kudrevkn
          Kudrevkn 20 March 2018 15: 03
          You are, of course, right, Colleagues! My dear KTOF is practically “naked” - but is this the most important theater for today? The fact that they built in B. Kamen is certainly good, but not enough - we need another Sevmashzavod in Primorye! As they say, "yesterday" ?! Alas, there is NO “understanding of this problem” in the heads and minds of our rulers !? Good luck to you!
  2. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 20 March 2018 13: 11
    So he did not really say anything. For example, when will the following boats be launched?
  3. Bad_santa
    Bad_santa 20 March 2018 13: 26
    I would say better how problems with long-term construction are solved. Or either build ships of one project (servicing will be much cheaper than serving a motley fleet), then the latter will be put into operation already hopelessly outdated with the current long construction period, or build with 2-3 submarines of one project, then develop a new project and again 2-3 ships to enter and so in the fleet there will be submarines of 5-6 different projects and one direction
  4. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 20 March 2018 13: 42
    And what does the respected general director of the enterprise say about the nuclear submarine of project 09851, which is also Khabarovsk? wink
    The same submarine, the appearance of which was restored by souvenir pens and pennants, muddy pictures on the formidable toggle according to “Status-6” and screen shots of monitors in the article on 3D modeling of nuclear submarines in Sevmash.
    1. meGrail
      meGrail 20 March 2018 20: 13
      Everything goes according to plan! According to a secret plan that you are not supposed to know! And in general, are you a spy, my friend?
  5. Geonezis
    Geonezis 20 March 2018 14: 41
    In general, he did not say anything new. The pace of construction is low. Reprofiling the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur IMHO was a mistake.
  6. vasilkovichi
    vasilkovichi 20 March 2018 15: 31
    How many omniscient specialists are there. Especially for comments in the Military District, have you come off the pockets and why are foreign intelligence agents sending spies to Russia? Enough to read the VO commentators.
  7. Urantian
    Urantian 21 March 2018 10: 07
    Great ... but you need to make the next generation boats already ...
  8. komis55
    komis55 21 March 2018 10: 07
    I’m honestly glad about such articles, but this is not even an attempt to misinform foreign spies, they are already not getting stuck in the fences, but they will fall into the face and are glad to not enter.