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Situation in Syria

As a result of the bombings laid by the Kurds in Afrin, civilians were killed. The terrorists resorted to a suicide bomber attack northeast of Damascus. Reports about it FAN with reference to Syrian sources.

During the day, fighting between illegal armed groups and the government army continued to the northeast of Damascus. Radicals briefly managed to seize several buildings on the outskirts of the village of Duma, but later they returned under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (CAA). In addition, CAA units occupied several farms and a laboratory on the outskirts of the village.

Humanitarian aid arrived in the city of Sakba, which was in a catastrophic humanitarian situation. Civilians reported that the militants did not care at all about providing Syrian citizens with food, but, on the contrary, confiscated food from those who refused to fight on the side of jihadists. On the eve of the Eastern Guta, more than 6500 people left. Meanwhile, Islamists "Dzhebhat an-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation) attacked the strongholds of the SAR forces, engaging a suicide bomber in a mined car. However, according to military sources, Syrian troops suffered no casualties.

Last days, another Turkish military convoy arrived in Aleppo. The military occupied territories northwest of the regional capital, not far from the neighboring province of Idlib. The reinforcements arrived to create strongholds to monitor the observance of the regime of silence (Turkey is the guarantor of the truce in Idlib). Meanwhile, it became known that before leaving the city of Afrin, Kurdish troops mined the entire town and its environs. The explosions of the mines laid by the Kurds led to the death of not only 13-ti fighters of the pro-Turkish “free army”, but also seven local residents. At the same time, about 20 Syrian citizens were injured.

The Syrian Air Force conducted combat missions throughout the day in the eastern part of the province of Dara after the announcement of al-Nusra about its readiness to launch an offensive against government forces. Under the blows of the Syrian aviation the fortified areas of the radicals found themselves on the outskirts of the settlement of Busra Al-Hariri, from where the militants intended to attack the city of Isra.

In the south of the province of Idlib continued air attacks of the Syrian Air Force and the Air Force of the Russian Federation. According to the information, targeted air strikes fell on the fortifications and military equipment of the terrorist coalition on the outskirts of the settlement of Al-Hibat, as well as not far from the city of Khan Sheikhun.
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  1. Vard
    Vard 20 March 2018 08: 59
    In war as in war ... thank God our people made a fuss about chemical weapons and it seems they will not be used ...
    1. Crowe
      Crowe 20 March 2018 09: 07
      Quote: Vard
      Thank God our people made a fuss about chemical weapons and they don’t seem to use it ...

      They will apply, they will certainly apply, but not now and in another place. "If in the first act a gun hangs on the wall, then ..."
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 20 March 2018 09: 41
    Each in his corner plays his own "melody". That's just the "music" is too sad.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 20 March 2018 09: 42
    Well done. Guta will be cleared "tightly" ... And soon enough. Hysteria with Guta and the cries that Assad MUST use chemical weapons are still relevant ... But it’s quieter and quieter. All the same, the General Staff warning that we will shoot down, and together with the carriers wassat action taken ...
  4. askme
    askme 20 March 2018 09: 47
    And where is the US blow to Syria promised by the trolls and fake guns? "48 hours" have passed)) This will not happen after March 1)
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 20 March 2018 10: 36
      The foreigners entertained themselves with the hope that the GDP would not go through the first round, or at least not get 45% of the turnout, then then, supposedly under the uncertainty, they would have fallen apart. And now the engine is gone, only the clowns are left.
      1. askme
        askme 20 March 2018 10: 50
        And so it can be. I write all the time: we walk on the brink. This is not a waddle, but a struggle for survival, where the error is death. Literally...
        1. g1washntwn
          g1washntwn 20 March 2018 11: 07
          The Russian Federation is just not on the brink, it is in Syria in accordance with international standards, but the actions of the so-called "coalitions" have long been beyond the boundaries of these norms and rules. The West has stepped over the line a long time ago, for them it is the norm (they think immortality ate, or what?).
          1. askme
            askme 20 March 2018 11: 36
            You yourself decide what you are writing about. You have a confusion in your head. You write about Russia in Syria as a whole, with our elections including, or exclusively about Syria. You stated your view of Syria in the context of the elections here and you received the answer in the same vein. And if about walking on the verge in general ... - both sides of the confrontation walk along this verge, if it arose and exists just like that, in this form. Is always. Otherwise, this is not a fight)
  5. Chichikov
    Chichikov 20 March 2018 10: 51
    Correctly stated in the article - terrorists! No matter how lofty goals those who conduct military operations by the method of terror, the result of which is the death of civilians, are covered, these are terrorists. It doesn’t matter who does this - an individual, a certain community or the authorities in the country.
  6. Nikolay Fedorov
    Nikolay Fedorov 20 March 2018 13: 44
    Quote: their articles
    Last day, another Turkish military convoy arrived in Aleppo. Military personnel occupied territories northwest of the capital of the region, not far from the neighboring province of Idlib. Reinforcements arrived to create strongholds to monitor compliance with the silence regime (Turkey is the guarantor of the ceasefire in Idlib).

    This is called - an unknown author made an informational stuffing to fool people. Each word is deceitful, but to make it seem believable, all lies are based on the foundation of twisted truthful facts. In the West and in Russia in liberal media, this is exactly what is happening. Now get to VO?
    1. askme
      askme 20 March 2018 19: 11
      And for a long time and steadily ...
  7. Urantian
    Urantian 21 March 2018 09: 57
    Militants come out of eastern Guta with civilians .... they regroup ...