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X-51A: How the US Hypersonic Rocket Works

As part of the concept of "Fast Global Strike", the US military-industrial complex is developing a hypersonic weapons, in particular the X-51A rocket. According to the design specification, the rocket must accelerate to 7,5 thousands of km / h, which will help to significantly reduce the flight time to the target.

The first tests of the X-51A took place back in 2009 year. The bomber was a B-52 bomber. The tests were deemed successful at 95%. The problem was interruptions in communication with a hypersonic device. During its three-minute flight, the rocket was able to accelerate to 5 Mach numbers.

The next few tests failed. However, in 2013, X-51A was able to fly 430 km, reaching speed in Mach 5,1. The flight lasted six minutes. To date, this test is the most successful.

According to the original plans, the hypersonic rocket should have been put into service in the 2017 year, but now the Pentagon states that the X-51A will enter the army no earlier than the 2020 year.

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  1. Vard
    Vard 19 March 2018 19: 03
    The problem is in the ionized layer that dampens the signal ... It seems ours have dealt with this ...
    1. Artek
      Artek 20 March 2018 09: 22
      X-51A: How the US Hypersonic Rocket Works

      Yes still does not work.
    2. Jerk
      Jerk 20 March 2018 15: 48
      Just not) Startup is 95% successful ... 5% - communication doesn’t plow - uncontrollable, that is, in principle, it’s impossible to get anywhere))) And they successfully tested it, og))))
      1. 78Rey
        78Rey 22 March 2018 18: 17
        ahaha ... did you look at the masked boy?
  2. Egorovich
    Egorovich 19 March 2018 19: 10
    lol "Hegemon" was in the anus with its hypertars. Crawling from behind is awesome! Get used to it !!! yes
    1. telobezumnoe
      telobezumnoe 20 March 2018 15: 39
      rather ahead, and they scramjet works, and ours have to grind with an oxidizer, and this greatly affects both the mass and the range
      1. Vkd dvk
        Vkd dvk 22 March 2018 19: 58
        Quote: telobezumnoe
        rather ahead, and they scramjet works, and ours have to grind with an oxidizer, and this greatly affects both the mass and the range

        On an air oxidizer, of course, flying at altitudes of 50 km or more is easier. There is no ballast.
    2. PrattAndWhitney
      PrattAndWhitney 28 March 2019 00: 06
      So like this is our rocket, it was shown in Russia 24. Believe the US program Xplane 60s say the opposite.
  3. Simon
    Simon 19 March 2018 19: 25
    Quote: Egorovich
    lol "Hegemon" was in the anus with its hypertars. Crawling from behind is awesome! Get used to it !!! yes

    Yes..a, they will have to climb out of this anus for a long time. I remember that in the Union, something similar was already experienced. Russia is on the beaten track, and will have to work it all over again! request wink
  4. 35EVP35
    35EVP35 19 March 2018 20: 00
    At 18200, the speed is 5.1M -
    is this a breakthrough?
    1. pol_ovnik
      pol_ovnik 20 March 2018 12: 09
      if it is guaranteed to pass air defense, then what is the difference 5 or 25 max
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Beltasir matyagu
    Beltasir matyagu 19 March 2018 21: 35
    How does it work? Yes, six seconds until it explodes
  7. Charik
    Charik 20 March 2018 11: 34
    what about X-22 we have them
  8. Oberon_13
    Oberon_13 20 March 2018 19: 01
    And who can explain to a layman why a glider flips (2 times) in flight? Does the air somehow go over a friend, ohm goes into the direct-flow tank?
    1. 78Rey
      78Rey 22 March 2018 18: 25
      it's a rocket, not a glider.
      Glide - slide (without engine).
      1. Oberon_13
        Oberon_13 22 March 2018 22: 37
        Well, I agree - a rocket. I asked a different question: why are the air inlets turning up and down. Can it be without coups?
    2. gridasov
      gridasov April 11 2018 22: 38
      And nobody will explain to you. Because few people know elementary physics and understand why, when the speed of the hydro-gas-dynamic flow around the body inside it increases, this body begins to rotate. Correspondingly, at hyper-speeds of flight, the body cannot be kept from rotation, But! You can create a rotating magnetic flux that will not rotate the body. And the main thing is that the rotating magnetic flux is not alone! Therefore, with hyper speeds again, if you do not compensate for the rotating magnetic fluxes, the body will break. I will not explain in more detail since these are questions of fundamental physics and how to consider magnetic fluxes around bodies in accordance with changes in linear polarization in interaction with rotating magnetic fluxes and more
  9. Operator
    Operator 20 March 2018 19: 36
    The problem of a hypersonic rocket with a ramjet engine using chemical fuel is kerosene - at a supersonic air flow rate in the combustion chamber of the engine (the flow is inhibited in its air path), kerosene manages to mix with air only by 10-15 percent, the rest of the fuel flies out through the nozzle unburned.

    Therefore, all existing hypersonic missiles with ramjet on chemical fuel have a flight range of 6-10 times less than the calculated, which does not allow them to go into series.

    The only solution is to use cryogenic fuel - methane, the injection of which into the combustion chamber cools the air flow, reduces its volume and reduces the speed to subsonic, at which 100% fuel combustion in ramjet is ensured.

    Zircon rules bully
    1. gridasov
      gridasov April 11 2018 22: 18
      Most likely you mean that another ill-conceived only solution is to play with fuels. At the same time, it seems like everyone understands what needs to be done, but on the other hand, everything is done the other way around. Obviously, the problem is not in the theoretical solution and its implementation, but in the clogged brains of those who are engaged in the fundamental foundations for the development of engines not only for flying at high speeds, but also in different environments.
  10. Ivan Andreevich Seledkin
    Ivan Andreevich Seledkin 21 March 2018 10: 20
    And by 2020, the Russians will come up with something else to the already existing “daggers” and “vanguards” and so the game of wand will be until the end of time ...
  11. sanyasn
    sanyasn 25 March 2018 17: 56
    I hope our defenders do not play tetris, these two years will be
  12. PrattAndWhitney
    PrattAndWhitney 28 March 2019 00: 02
    As already American, was our not so long ago? Circus OFF already?