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ZRPK "Shell-C1" near Kaliningrad destroyed conditional helicopters and armored personnel carriers

The official representative of the Russian Navy, captain 1st rank Roman Martov told the media that at the Baltic fleet in the Kaliningrad region conducted live firing with the use of self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems "Shell-C1."
From the statement of Roman Martov:

The unit of the Baltic Fleet's anti-aircraft gunners, equipped with the newest Pantsir-S1 air defense missile system, made a multi-kilometer march to one of the training grounds in the Kaliningrad region, where it carried out combat shooting at targets imitating armored equipment and aerial attack equipment of a conventional enemy.

It was noted that 4 of the Pantsir-С1 complex was involved in the firing.

ZRPK "Shell-C1" near Kaliningrad destroyed conditional helicopters and armored personnel carriers

The targets were models of a helicopter and an armored troop-carrier, reportedly located at a considerable distance from anti-aircraft missile-gun systems.

From the statement of Roman Martov:
Targets were successfully hit from rapid-fire cannons, the fleet said.

For reference (from MO RF):
ZRPK "Pantsir-S" is a short-range air defense complex. With the introduction of anti-aircraft weapons into groups, their maximum effectiveness and stability in the conditions of electronic and fire counteraction and maximum adaptability of the entire air defense system to changes in the tactical and technical characteristics of air attack weapons and methods of their combat use is ensured.
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  1. Simon
    Simon 19 March 2018 18: 22
    Well done, let them train! Europe needs to be kept locked. good negative
  2. newcomer
    newcomer 19 March 2018 18: 22
    Well done, let them practice. Kaliningrad is a very tasty morsel for the adversary, probably as valuable as the Crimea.
    1. Incvizitor
      Incvizitor 19 March 2018 19: 29
      Well, in Kaliningrad, they can’t place a fleet, and of course it is also important.
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 19 March 2018 19: 51
        so there Kaliningrad in the ring of enemies, around there is enough of every creature in a pair. in Kaliningrad, of course, the fleet will not be deployed.
  3. Dezinto
    Dezinto 19 March 2018 18: 47
    In Kaliningrad, everything is calm and very sunny. yes If the "what" I will keep you posted.
    And a lot of gulls! How gagged these gulls are !! Sorry for them you can’t be beaten from the "Shell"!
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 19 March 2018 18: 51
      I hope you don’t have to write Bulletins from the front, as I do in Donetsk.
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto 19 March 2018 18: 55
        Well, sincerely I wish you something no longer "from the front" you wrote.
        It seems to me what NATO forces have accumulated around us here, it’s also dumb to imagine how all this will move!
        War is just some kind of rake on which mankind loves to walk.!
        1. Romka47
          Romka47 20 March 2018 11: 27
          With all due respect to our Armed Forces, with all our heroism and equipment, I honestly doubt that Kaliningrad will last long in the event of a major war, it is too heavily taxed, there is too much “meat” around. And they have a lot of teachings against Kaliningrad, and cutoff will make a contribution, but as history shows, the Brest Fortress lasted longer than France!
          1. white.eagle
            white.eagle 20 March 2018 13: 32
            exaggeration. The Poles fought in the Brest Fortress for only two weeks. The battle for Brest (1939)
            1. Romka47
              Romka47 20 March 2018 13: 42
              And the Russians in 1941 for at least a month (the recording on the wall “I am dying but I don’t give up July 23, 41”), most historians believe that certain centers of resistance continued in August
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  7. alex86
    alex86 19 March 2018 19: 52
    Some time ago it was said here that the “Shell” has problems with hitting high-speed targets with guns - no one knows how it is now?
    1. san4es
      san4es 19 March 2018 20: 03
      Quote: alex86
      ... no one knows how things are now?

      The main advantages of the Patsir-C1 air defense system are the automatic functioning mode, including as part of the unit, as well as the ability to fire at targets from a place and in motion with both cannon and missile weapons.
      However, to date, the developer has not eliminated the following main problems and disadvantages: .....
      The rest is here hi :
      1. alex86
        alex86 20 March 2018 21: 19
        1) real results of firing tests showed a low possibility of a complex for firing targets that maneuver and fly with a heading parameter of more than 2-3 km
        2) the possibility of firing at targets flying at speeds greater than 400 m / s has not been confirmed, although a speed equal to 1000 m / s is given in the technical characteristics of the complex
        3) the maximum firing range of 20 km is provided for aerial targets flying at a speed of no more than 80 m / s (on the E-95 target), since the available overloads of SAMs at this range do not exceed 5 units.
        4) the main disadvantage of a bicaliber missile ***** is the lack of an engine in the march stage of the SAM, as a result of which, within the declared damage range, the rocket will move with negative acceleration of the order of 50-30 m / s 2, which leads to the appearance of such non-linearities in the input signal missile control loop, which lead to an increase in errors of its guidance on actively maneuvering target
        5) the capabilities of the complex to defeat the TBR, OTR and their warheads when using a hypersonic missile with a warhead weighing 4 kg have not been confirmed
        6) the presence of only two methods of pointing missiles ***** (according to the three-point method; according to the half-straightening method) limits the capabilities of the complex to defeat various types of air-defense systems with difficult environmental conditions (maneuver, interference, NLC, a hovering helicopter, UAV, etc. d.).
        7) The system for controlling the detonation of the warhead of a hypersonic SAM, functioning according to the signal from the SAM system in accordance with the established range difference between the target and the missile, can be effective only when the SAM is guided ****** by the full straightening method, and when the SAM is guided by the "three points ”and half straightening only works when the target moves directly to the firing combat vehicle ZPRK
        8) in the aforementioned last case, the effectiveness of hitting a target may turn out to be low due to the phenomenon of ricocheting of the striking elements of the combat chat, since in this case their velocity vector will be directed at a small angle to the target’s surface
        9), effective coordination of missile defense missile equipment (the area of ​​operation of the non-contact target sensor, NDC and the area of ​​the strike of striking elements of warheads), as well as the prevention of the operation of NDC SAM missiles from the underlying surface when firing at the NLC, is not ensured
        10) the influence of weather conditions (rain, fog, hydrometeors) on the decrease in target detection range for the millimeter wave range developed by the RLSSSR in the 10-50 times is stronger than on the version of an air defense system with a centimeter wave radar, and this drawback cannot be compensated for by the presence of Patsir-S1 "optoelectronic kaal for supporting the CC, due to the negative dependence of the latter on weather conditions
        11) the large overall dimensions of BM ZRPK on a wheelbase, especially in height (in combat position 5,65 m), as well as the lack of armor protection of the fire set, equipment compartment (SOTs, SSSR, SUO) do not allow the use of air defense systems at the leading edge in combat and pre-battle formation covered forces
        12) the dimensions of the BM ZPRK in the stowed position on the wheelbase (4, 374 m) do not allow transporting it by rail, since the permissible loading height (1T) is 3,8 m, while dismantling the equipment compartment and loading it onto the platform for transportation with the help of a special crane it takes 3 hours for one BM, and also requires the presence of a special crane and equipment.
        Unloading and installation of the equipment compartment during railway transportation require the same labor costs (3 hours) and the presence of a special crane.
        13) BM dimensions increase labor costs for the engineering equipment of the launching position in comparison with other air defense systems (air defense systems) of military air defense
        14) the time of transferring the complex from traveling to combat when using the "OES Mode" (with thermal imager) exceeds the stated 5 minutes (actually 8-9 minutes)
        15) the loading time of the full ammunition with the help of TZM is quite large and is 25-30 minutes.
        I looked, the results disappoint from the word "completely." The E95 target is a mini Fau 1, no maneuverability, low speed, (the manufacturer, by the way, complained that he was paid only for a downed target, and he incurs losses - ours do not hit the targets, although the Indians hit, and if they didn’t hit, the fuel ended, the target falls, driven to recovery - and this is for your money ...)
        1. alex86
          alex86 20 March 2018 21: 21
          I cited this in order that our especially cheers-patriotic colleagues, whom it would be a break to watch, would read ...
  8. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 19 March 2018 22: 08
    And the armored personnel carrier ... Hmm, the Hermes were launched from the shell of the PU? One form factor, yes. :)
    On the other hand, the initial warhead missile will have enough to halve the box.
    1. Romka47
      Romka47 20 March 2018 13: 43
      APCs were struck by cannon weapons
  9. Zomanus
    Zomanus 20 March 2018 00: 23
    Without real work experience in Syria is not considered.
    Although no one canceled the training, yes.