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A fighting helicopter crashed near Khabarovsk

A fighting helicopter crashed near KhabarovskA military helicopter Mi-8MT during a training flight made a hard landing near Khabarovsk. As a result of the incident, the helicopter was severely damaged, and the crew members got off with minor injuries.

A hard landing occurred in 12: 10 Moscow time. “The tail boom was chopped off with screws, the helicopter was badly damaged, it cannot be restored,” RIA told News source in the power structures of the Far Eastern Federal District. Also, according to his data, Mi-8MT sat two kilometers north of the village of Druzhba. It is noted that there was a spill of fuel, but there is no fire on the spot.

Three crew members of the military machine were slightly injured, they refused hospitalization. At the same time, according to Interfax, only two permanent crew members were on board the helicopter, and the Mi-8MT was under the control of a young pilot. Aviators have first aid. The circumstances of the incident will be investigated by a special commission, its members will include representatives of the district headquarters. The military prosecutor's office has already begun verification.

According to some information, the helicopter platform of the Ministry of Defense is located in Garovka, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Confirmation of this information is not yet available, but a representative of the headquarters of the Eastern Military District reported that the Mi-8MT helicopter made a training flight, and a hard landing occurred during the landing approach.

Note, Mi-8MT - transport and combat modification of the Mi-8TV helicopter. To combat the ground-to-air missiles, the vehicle has installed systems for dispersing hot gases of engines, shooting off false heat targets and generating pulsed infrared signals. In 1979-1988, this helicopter was used in a military conflict in Afghanistan.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek April 25 2012 11: 24
    I watched the morning news. The main thing is people are alive. Another helicopter can be done.

    Human life is priceless.
    1. domokl
      domokl April 25 2012 11: 32
      I agree. The helicopter is a machine, the iron ... and the pilots are people! Probably the young one could not cope with the gust of wind ... I think the human factor is pure water ...
      1. esaul
        esaul April 25 2012 11: 39
        pah-pah-pah! Thank God at least this time there were no casualties. And the car - to know her fate is so ... The main thing the pilots escaped with a minimum of injuries.
        1. 755962
          755962 April 25 2012 15: 45
          Alive .. And the young pilot henceforth .. And in the Temple to thank God !!!!!!
          1. Neighbor
            Neighbor April 25 2012 16: 38
            crew members escaped with minor injuries
            Thank God!!!
            In 1979-1988 - and the helicopter was far from new to be seen. Although there is a new technique - it beats sometimes - there are many factors. Short circuit, malfunction - yes you never know.
            Quote: urzul
            in the same USA for 3 months of 2012 3 fighters crashed

            They don’t feel sorry for them - they beat high. The main thing is for us to have as few repetitions of such disasters as possible. And even more so - human victims.
            1. Vanek
              Vanek April 26 2012 08: 05
              Quote: Neighbor
              They don’t feel sorry for them - they beat high.

              I allow myself to disagree with you. Neither + nor - I will not put it.

              But be that as it may, and whatever they may be, they are people too. This is one thing in war. And when a military plane crashes, a helicopter in peacetime and people die, no matter what they are - it's bad, these are living people.

              First of all, he is MAN. Living person. And then anything.

              Like a hole. From a technical point of view - Hole. But first of all, she is a HOLE, and then anything.
  2. urzul
    urzul April 25 2012 11: 53
    They fall always and everywhere, all the same, these are cars. The main thing is the life of the pilots, and they are safe.Список_авиационных_потерь_международной_коалиции_в_
    Afghanistan # 2012
    just for information to users who will write that we have a fig technique.
    1. Ziksura
      Ziksura April 25 2012 14: 03
      Quote: urzul
      just for information to users who will write that we have a fig technique.

      Mi-8MT since 1977 in a series. A fighter proven by both time and wars. What doubts can be in him.

      I join everyone. People are alive - this is the main thing.
    2. snek
      snek April 25 2012 14: 12
      Quote: urzul
      Just for information to users who will write that we have a fig technique.

      There is a war going on in Afghanistan, so the comparison is not entirely correct.
      1. urzul
        urzul April 25 2012 14: 38
        And you read the reasons, I’m talking about non-combat losses, in the USA, for the 3 of the 2012 month, the 3 fighter crashed. And this is only in the United States
  3. Zlu
    Zlu April 25 2012 12: 31
    People are alive the main thing, but the car didn’t seem to get much
  4. gagar1n
    gagar1n April 25 2012 13: 02
    write the headings correctly, not the tabloid newspaper.
    1. max73
      max73 April 25 2012 13: 57
      Well, this question should be addressed to the original source, here is only a reprint from another resource .... but, in general, journalists do not bother too much ... here is an example: "According to some reports, the helipad of the Ministry of Defense is located in Garovka, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta." it is enough to look at the Yandex maps - not a platform, but a full-fledged airfield and "turntables" can be seen with the naked eye
      1. Cripple cross
        Cripple cross April 25 2012 14: 08
        Yes you are right. There are many turntables and planes. There is no secrecy long since the advent of satellites. Only if you build underground bases.
  5. Kolchak
    Kolchak April 25 2012 13: 52
    it’s a pity of course that it happened .... from all cases of protection there isn’t everything you can’t foresee
  6. Login_Off
    Login_Off April 25 2012 14: 42
    I don’t know how to insert YouTube
  7. suharev-52
    suharev-52 April 25 2012 19: 23
    We walk under God. It happens. Thank God that the guys did not die. Well, a helicopter, if not restored, will be dismantled for app. parts. Sincerely.
  8. Odinplys
    Odinplys April 26 2012 02: 07
    Alive ... and thank God ...