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A referendum on independence from France will be held in New Caledonia

Today, in the overseas colony of France, New Caledonia, the local parliamentary assembly (Congress) approved historical decision to hold a referendum. The main issue of the referendum is independence from France. The majority of deputies of the Congress of New Caledonia supported the idea of ​​holding a referendum (38 - for, 14 - against, two more deputies abstained).

A referendum on independence from France will be held in New Caledonia

It is reported that the decision on the date of the referendum was already taken in the New Caledonian Congress. Plebiscite will take place on November 4.

The text of the referendum document was developed by local nationalist movements. Speech on the "National Union for Independence" and "Kanak (Melanesian) socialist front of national liberation."

It is noteworthy that exactly 20 years ago in New Caledonia a referendum on independence was to be held on the basis that in 1988, New Caledonia received the right to self-determination under the so-called Matignon agreements. However, in 1998, the French authorities declared the need for New Caledonia to postpone the plebiscite. Instead of a referendum, agreements were signed, on the basis of which the local administration would receive more authority over time. At the same time, security issues under this agreement remained for New Caledonia the prerogative of the French colonial authorities.

For reference: New Caledonia is a territorial entity in the Pacific Ocean with a population of about 275 thousand people. Ethnic composition: Kanaks (Melanesians) - 40%, French - 27%, Uveans and Futunans (futun) - about 9%, the rest are Polynesians, Indonesians, and other ethnic groups and ethnic groups. The majority of the population (90%) are Christians.
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  1. Russia
    Russia 19 March 2018 13: 56
    Urgently there observers, it is possible and greenbacks smile
    1. Vend
      Vend 19 March 2018 14: 14
      21 century, and all the west can not be cured of medieval manners. Give them the colonies.
    2. Terenin
      Terenin 19 March 2018 17: 07
      Quote: Rusland
      Urgently there

      Vitaly, congratulations hi Why did the American aircraft carrier fail? drinks
      1. Russia
        Russia 19 March 2018 18: 27
        Hello Gene hi If, as they say to you, it’s funny, but I’d get married drinks
  2. bazzbazz
    bazzbazz 19 March 2018 13: 58
    And the second question should be the question of joining the Russian Federation!) We will go on vacation, build a military base ... Polite people can help with the elections)
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 19 March 2018 14: 20
      There, more than half are likely to vote for the preservation of France. And the local nationalist separatists do not feel any special sympathy for our country. More precisely, they are not connected with Russia politically, culturally, or economically. Indonesia, China and Australia are closer to them.
    2. cormorant
      cormorant 19 March 2018 14: 21
      How will you protect our bases? We have practically no fleet for such distant enclaves. New Caledonia is nickel deposits, 25% of the world's proven reserves. The French will not give up such a valuable asset.
      1. bazzbazz
        bazzbazz 19 March 2018 14: 25
        Comrades, what do you think in my words was something serious?
  3. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely 19 March 2018 13: 58
    Caledonia, Catholicism ... Sounds like. The result, I think it will be 100%.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. svp67
    svp67 19 March 2018 14: 08
    Well, let’s see .... we are still in meddling in a referendum in Caledonia, God still would not know where it is, they have not blamed ...
    In the meantime, London ... the night of March 18-19, the facade of the British Foreign Ministry .... "Did you miss me?"
  6. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 19 March 2018 14: 17
    From a legal point of view, the term "French colonial authority" is incorrect. This is an autonomous entity with special status as part of the French Republic. Residents of New Caledonia are French citizens, participating in the election of the President and the National Assembly of France. And local deputies participate in elections to the French Senate, which is elected by an indirect voting system.
    1. cormorant
      cormorant 19 March 2018 15: 53
      Moreover, they consider themselves French. France is very respectful, and the standard of living there is quite decent. Was there about 5 years ago.
  7. bubalik
    bubalik 19 March 2018 14: 29
    ,,, 2018 vote of the year recognized by the UN and the French government. The economy is based on nickel mining. A substantial income comes from tourism, as well as financial subsidies from France. Industries: nickel and iron mining, non-ferrous metallurgy, fishing.
    Minerals: deposits of nickel (25% of the world's proven reserves) and iron. In addition, there are deposits of ores of chromium, cobalt, manganese, silver, gold, lead, copper.
    In agriculture, coffee trees, coconut palms, potatoes, sunflowers, wheat, corn, yams, taro, sweet potatoes, and cassava are grown. Cattle and pigs, goats, sheep and horses are bred.

    Exports (2,207 billion dollars to 2014) - ferronickel, nickel ore, fish.
    The main buyers are China 31,7%, Japan 15,1%, South Korea 10,6%, Australia 8%, France 7,1%, Belgium 5,1% (2015).
    Import (4,4 billion dollars in 2014) - machinery and equipment, fuel, chemicals, food.
    The main suppliers are France 35%, Australia 11,3%, South Korea 8,5%, Singapore 5,3%, Malaysia 5,2%, China 4,4% (2015).
    1. bubalik
      bubalik 19 March 2018 14: 35
      ,, honestly news manejo with a ducky laughing
      French PM Edouard Philippe announces political referendum agreement in New Caledonia November 2 2017 year

      ,, three attempts are given laughingif most New Caledonia residents oppose secession from France, proponents of independence may hold two more referendums before the 2022 year.
  8. Herculesic
    Herculesic 19 March 2018 14: 31
    But what's the point, all the same zilch all in Spain will end.
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 19 March 2018 15: 11
      And what, Russia should be beneficial separation of this region from the French Republic? In my opinion, we should have a neutral attitude towards this event. I rather sympathize with France.
  9. faterdom
    faterdom 19 March 2018 15: 18
    Canals vs. Kanaks ... Or vice versa. I like the Cossacks more than the Kanaks or canals. They usually go, they go either in Berlin or in Paris. We haven’t traveled around London yet - it would be necessary to broaden our horizons and erudition.
  10. AlexS
    AlexS 19 March 2018 17: 29
    Freedom to the oppressed people of New Caledonia !!! There are French occupiers !!!
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 19 March 2018 19: 17
    As I understand it now, the Foreign Legion from France will be sent to persuade the local population? All who disagree will be recognized by the separatists as an expense, a purely democratic procedure, as in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya.
  12. Alexander Belov_2
    Alexander Belov_2 20 March 2018 03: 45
    Caledonian Autonomous Region))
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 20 March 2018 12: 10
      It already has a status close to an autonomous region or republic.
  13. 72jora72
    72jora72 20 March 2018 09: 44
    Quote: cormorant
    How will you protect our bases?
    YOUR bases, we will not protect.