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The first joint Russian-Belarusian exercises this year started in Ulyanovsk

The first Russian-Belarusian exercises on peacekeeping with the participation of units of the Russian Airborne Forces and the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus started on Monday in the Ulyanovsk region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

About 600 military and 80 units of military and special equipment are involved in maneuvers.
- said the military department

The first joint Russian-Belarusian exercises this year started in Ulyanovsk

The active phase will take place at the Polivna military training ground from a landing from a height of up to 8 thousands of meters

During the exercises, the Russian and Belarusian paratroopers will work out a complex of peacekeeping tasks with the neutralization of conditional detachments of illegal armed groups. High-altitude jumps (from 4 thousand to 8 thousand meters to the ground) Russian paratroopers will be parachuted with the help of the Arbalet parachute special-purpose system using oxygen equipment.

It is noted that during the maneuvers, the units involved will use only standard means of communication, reconnaissance, armament systems, special equipment in service.

The maneuvers are held in accordance with the plan of cooperation between the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

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  1. izya top
    izya top 19 March 2018 13: 00
    provoke again recourse ganba Shoigu and the Supreme recourse
    1. himRa
      himRa 19 March 2018 13: 05
      Quote: izya top
      provoke again

      So the vodka is not enough !!! BUT ...
      delight such news and inspire confidence! dad with us! laughing
    KVU-NSVD 19 March 2018 13: 05
    They convey to their Belarusian colleagues experience with the latest parachute systems ...
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 19 March 2018 14: 21
      It seems that during the exercises these systems will be used exclusively by Russian paratroopers.
  3. Russia
    Russia 19 March 2018 13: 08
    Brotherhood of Arms. Good luck! The monthly rainfall fell on March 18, there is a lot of snow.
  4. Monarchist
    Monarchist 19 March 2018 13: 21
    Are special operations forces an analogue of our airborne forces?
    "The active phase will take place at the military training ground of Polivna" is to save the Baltic states from a heart attack, otherwise last year they dropped out all the valerian and took a corvalol
    1. Sergej1972
      Sergej1972 19 March 2018 14: 23
      Probably, this is the Belarusian analogue of our airborne forces and MTRs. Due to the significantly smaller number and financing, Belarusians cannot afford such fragmentation of organizational structures as ours.