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US aircraft carriers remained in bases. Why?

The extremely high degree of confrontational rhetoric in relations between Russia and the United States does not necessarily indicate the fatal proximity of a direct military clash between two nuclear superpowers.

On the eve of the General Staff of the Russian Federation, within one week, warned about the preparation of the United States to attack Syria.

"We note the presence of signs of preparation for possible strikes," - said the Head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy. According to him, in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, the United States created strike groups of sea cruise missile carriers.

This position of the Russian military leadership, previously voiced by the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov, is certainly based on the totality of operational information received by this military command and can be considered as a reliable basis for any analysis of the situation around Syria.

However, it should be understood that the conclusions from the same set of facts can be quite adequate in a fairly wide range of possibilities. Including quite far from each other.

It is from these positions that we will try to examine the current military-political situation. In order to evaluate the measure of the real military threat emanating from it.

First of all, it should be noted that such harsh statements can be made for preventive reasons, in order to forestall possible wrong and too dangerous actions on the part of a potential adversary. Given the extreme lack of communication and understanding between the political leadership of the Russian Federation and the United States, this can be explained by the uncertainty of both sides in each other’s real military-political plans and more than understandable fears about the threat of an uncontrolled escalation of military confrontation.

And now let's look at what the military-strategic situation in the region of the Middle East crisis actually is. If you believe some Internet sources, then the situation is very bad and the situation is almost completely out of control.

“The situation around Syria continues to deteriorate rapidly. Not all information related to the confrontation between Russia and the United States officially gets into the media. While all the attention is focused on the scandal between Russia and the UK, the Americans, apparently, do not give up an attack on Syria. Washington is not even stopped by the warnings of the Russian General Staff that the Russian military will respond with a blow to the strike, which will also hit the American "carriers" of missiles. Based on open data, the US and its allies are throwing Aviation on the border with Syria, in particular, we are talking about air bases in Jordan, Turkey, Cyprus and Iraq, and the US Navy is located in the Mediterranean Sea. A number of Western publications claim that in the last day additional S-400 complexes were deployed to Syria, the media reported the transfer of dozens of Su-30SM and Su-35 fighters, the frigates Admiral Essen and Admiral Grigorovich entered the Mediterranean Sea, BDK "Orsk" and "Minsk", the patrol ship "Inquisitive", reports In general, the Russian group of ships in the Mediterranean Sea has increased to two dozen, including up to six submarines - this is an unprecedented cluster for Russia fleet in a limited area. "

Russia and the United States urgently throw large military forces to Syria

Let's try, without prejudice, to evaluate such an extremely alarmist interpretation of events. Firstly, it is worth noting that the information on massive transfers of various military forces in the direction of Syria has not been confirmed for four days by any other sources. In particular, Western publications that track Russian military aviation flights and regularly report on them (such as the recent arrival of the Su-57 fighter jets in Syria) keep a deadly silence about dozens of Su-30CM and Su-35 fighters allegedly sent there . It is also not clear, on the basis of what “open data” a massive transfer of US aircraft and their allies to the borders of Syria has been established? Given that the operational information about the movements of American troops, including the US Air Force, in principle is closed and not available to open publications, including in the West. In general, the aforementioned “information” seems to be an obvious exaggeration.

Of course, this does not mean that the parties do not take measures to strengthen their armed forces in the conflict region. For example, Russia recently sent two missile frigates and a patrol ship to the Mediterranean. It is not excluded the deployment of a certain number of additional air defense systems. However, no data on the emergency transfer to the region of really large forces of the Russian Federation is recorded anywhere. In particular, the Turkish “spotters”, who carefully monitor the movement of the Russian Navy ships in the Black Sea straits, do not report anything extraordinary about this. Although, if necessary, the massive movement of troops and equipment, no transport "Ruslans" of the Air Force will not replace the maritime traffic on this strategically important waterway.

As for Western counterparts, then, again, according to open sources, there are no signs of extreme military activity indicating large-scale military preparations, I stress once again that large-scale, within certain "final and irrevocable" strategic decisions, are also not visible. . Meanwhile, we are talking about such a scale of concentration of military forces, which is basically impossible to hide. In this case, the level of their "flare" in the media is zero.
It is noteworthy that at present there is not a single carrier-based strike group (AUG) of the US Navy either in the Mediterranean Sea or on the approaches to it. Moreover, at present, or more precisely as of 14 in March 2018, in the world ocean, in the operational areas, according to the American edition of the Stratfor, there are only two AUGs, led by the aircraft carriers "Carl Vinson" and Theodore Roosevelt. Of these, only one - "Roosevelt" deployed in the Gulf region, where his planes, in principle, can get to Damascus. Unless, of course, they are allowed by the Russian C-400.

In addition, according to US naval doctrine, one aircraft carrier generally cannot be considered as a force sufficient to carry out an effective air offensive from the sea.

True, the so-called "American coalition" has quite enough combat aviation forces on land airfields located around Syria. But even taking this circumstance into account, the obvious fact of the absence of a buildup of a group of US aircraft carriers in a given area may indicate, at a minimum, the fundamental unwillingness of the US military command to make the main stake in striking Syria against aviation as such.

The reason for such restraint is quite obvious. The deployment of a powerful and sufficiently effective air defense system on the territory of Syria has actually turned the territory of this country into a “no-fly zone” for Western military aviation, which, in the case of an attempt to deliver a massive strike, is guaranteed to suffer heavy losses.

And this is completely unacceptable for the political leadership of the United States. First of all, because it is currently extremely concerned about the American military prestige, seriously shaken by Russian military-strategic innovations. Which the West, judging by many signs, safely overslept. Otherwise, why would US President Trump suddenly, immediately after the announcement of the Message of Vladimir Putin, begin to promise his military emergency financial investments in the program for creating a hypersonic weapons? In fact, this is the recognition of American backwardness in this area and the need to urgently fix the matter.

In other words, it is highly undesirable for Washington under these conditions to receive another knockout blow in the military field, this time right on the battlefield from the Russian C-400 complexes. Or even to win there a “Pyrrhic victory” at the cost of huge losses. That is why the US military aviation, in the course of planning a strike on Syria, will either be completely out of the game, or it will be assigned a secondary role.

And this means that the Americans have only one, traditional for them trump card - a missile strike of sea-based cruise missiles "Tomahawk" from surface and submarines of the US Navy. What, in fact, refers to the repeated warnings of the Russian General Staff.

The possibility of such a blow is impossible to completely eliminate. If only because he will not be the first in this war. The previous salvo 59 "Tomahawks" from two destroyers, as we know, took place last year. However, its military significance turned out to be very doubtful, since the Syrian air base that had been hit had resumed its flights the very next day.

In this case, the alleged bombardment of Damascus’s government quarters by the Americans might have zero consequences. Similar to the Yugoslav ones, when American cruise missiles exploded in empty boxes of administrative buildings in Belgrade and army barracks, from where all of the personnel were evacuated and even the equipment was removed. Moreover, the effect will be even more insignificant, the more limited such a blow will be.

Meanwhile, no signs of large-scale US missile combat ships in position to deliver a truly massive strike with hundreds of missiles have been observed. In any case, according to official data from the command of the US 6 fleet, operating in the Mediterranean, cross-confirmed by other open sources, there is currently a very limited number of American warships - about 2-3 URO destroyers (USS Laboon DDG 58, USS Ross (DDG 71, USS Carney DDG-64). Several other attack units of the same rank are deployed as part of the American Navy 5 operating in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, and can also be involved in a missile attack. Even this is enough to deliver a limited missile strike on the model of Shiratsky, which is not only military but demonstrative.

However, even with such limited objectives, the likelihood of such a strike seems far from absolute. First of all, it will be very strange if this relatively small ship grouping proceeds to active hostilities with very weak air cover from the sea. Which in the Mediterranean Sea is completely absent. In any case, it will be, if at all, almost the first time in storieswhen the US fleet will attack another country without the full support of its aircraft carriers. And this is in the context of a direct warning of the Russian side about the readiness to destroy not only the missiles, but also their carriers - that is, the very same destroyers of URO!

Thus, when analyzing the overall military-strategic situation around Syria, based only on available information in open sources (and they now know, if not all, very much), we can state the following.

Signs indicating an extraordinary scale and speed of the massive buildup of the military potential of the great powers in the region of the Middle East, corresponding to the preparation of a large-scale military conflict between them, is not currently observed. The overall picture of the military activity of the USA and Russia in this region as a whole fits into the framework of routine military activities.

Given this circumstance, the American military preparations observed by the Russian General Staff, which undoubtedly take place in reality, are either preparations for the next demonstrative “retaliation strike” modeled on the attack on Shairat air base, or the whole demonstrative play with military muscles to provide psychological, deterrent influence on their opponents in Syria.

Given the new dimension of the situation associated with Russia's clearly stated readiness to strike back, the probability of the above two scenarios should, in my opinion, be evaluated in the ratio of 30 to 70 in favor of a second, purely demonstrative option.

As for the current surge in extreme confrontational rhetoric between the West and the Russian Federation, it should be understood as timed mainly for the attempts of certain Western circles to organize massive psychological pressure on Russia and the population of this country on the eve of the election of the Russian President.

If this assessment of the background of current events is correct, then in the perspective of the next days and weeks we can expect some reduction in the intensity of verbal confrontation due to a certain loss of its relevance and practical relevance. What, in particular, is indicated by the already begun partial decline in activity in another component of the West’s comprehensive plan for increasing pre-election pressure on Russia, in the part of the so-called “Skryl poisoning”. Already today, there is a certain reversal of the British organizers of this provocation to positions close to the original, with a minimum level of real disengagement from the Russian Federation.

Which, of course, does not in any way mean the abolition of the historically conditioned confrontation between Russia and the West. But at the same time, it may indicate a systematic winding up of a regular special operation, timed for the presidential elections in Russia, by the western side that has reached its logical end.
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 19 March 2018 06: 53
    may indicate the systematic coagulation by the western side of its next logical operation, which reached its logical end, timed to coincide with the next presidential election
    I would be glad to believe and trust the analytics of the author of the article, but something suggests the opposite. And our General Staff probably still knows better what the Americans and their allies can or are going to do.
    1. Vard
      Vard 19 March 2018 07: 37
      The moment of truth ... A direct collision will put everything in its place .. And it seems the United States is not sure that they will win ... And therefore they pretend ... We just ... passed by ...
      1. Mih1974
        Mih1974 19 March 2018 10: 10
        Or maybe they should add a “directing kick” to them, so that they would “pass by” faster? repeat No, it’s not necessary to take an example from Israel and bomb their ships and bases, it’s enough to fill up a couple of “inhuman” aircraft. And it’s not just to bring down and arrange right there = A media outreach to the whole World with the accusation of Merikas in everything and with the threat of “pour them the first number if they still turn up”. good
    2. cormorant
      cormorant 19 March 2018 11: 07
      Yesterday LHD 7 left Haifa, didn’t ask for a code ... But judging by the rust on the sides, it’s been in the seas for a long time ...
      1. chingachguc
        chingachguc 20 March 2018 20: 13
        because there is a quarter of our former people))
    3. Proclus Proclusus
      Proclus Proclusus 21 March 2018 15: 02
      What, Americans are completely stupid people? Two dozen Russian ships and 6 submarines against! Yes, they will not remain wet! Yes, to all aviation - SU-57; SU-35i and others. This is not counting the air defense! Well, maybe we'll see the actions of the S-400?
  2. raw174
    raw174 19 March 2018 07: 39
    In addition to diplomatic channels and political shouts, there are military channels through which the military communicate. I think that the generals have long decided everything, if politicians press, exchange pendals, mutually destroy a couple of goals, so that diplomats let off steam and begin to express concern ... There will be no big war, everything will remain within the framework of the Syrian location.
    1. cedar
      cedar 19 March 2018 07: 54
      How to say, how to say ... A third force under the wrong flag can manifest itself and inflate a military fire of the scale it needs. You will find plenty of such provocations on the part of arsonists of various kinds of wars, including world ones.
      So, in no case should one relax and hoping for the best, one must continue to prepare for the worst.
      1. raw174
        raw174 19 March 2018 08: 48
        Quote: cedar
        So, in no case should one relax and hoping for the best, one must continue to prepare for the worst.

        It's right! Armored train boilers need to be kept warmed up!
      2. Mih1974
        Mih1974 19 March 2018 10: 12
        There is just a suspicion that the "direct telephone" was "laid" between the military to quickly figure out and separate this "third force", "catch up" with it and - tumble down the first number repeat
      3. Dead duck
        Dead duck 19 March 2018 14: 03
        Quote: cedar
        How to say, how to say ...

        they will not throw nuclear loaves; tea is not fools.
        it is they who are showing off before the people of the third world threaten.
        limited to local skirmishes with the use of cast iron and the sinking of a pair of troughs.
        1. bayard
          bayard 20 March 2018 02: 16
          The author missed that in the American military plans for a big war, the aircraft carriers are just not going to drive forward, they should be kept away in the first phase in the oceans or offshore. The insufficient number of surface carriers can be easily compensated by one or two Ohio with winged axes in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Persian Gulf. Aviation against a serious enemy (and the enemy is serious) should go even not in the second wave, but perhaps in the third. And she’s completely at her on ground airfields, all the more so the Allies have already expressed solidarity and can keep their word ... There is still a factor of "uncertainty" - Israel - how will it behave in the mix expected?
          A few more words against aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean: the Bastion coastal complexes have an official range of 500 km. but in recent years there have been assumptions that this figure is underestimated and maybe almost 800 in the latest modifications - there were publications, there were justifications ... Who will check the risk? But carrier-based aviation has a maximum radius of about 800 and, therefore, holding an aircraft jackpot about 850 kilometers away, they can barely reach the coastline ... But to fight? Are frigates in the sea rocket? After all, they also have Onyx yachting? And if the "Daggers" under the belly of the MiG-31 at a base in Iran lurked? A big air spike is an enviable goal ... and inappropriate.
          But someone really needs a war. Because the matter is seams at supranational hegemony ... up to the restart of civilization, on the principle of “Why do we need this world if we are not a Hegemon?” ... Anything can happen, both from the third force, and from the second ... and from fourth ...
          Hence the powder must be kept dry ... well, and berries - for partner buttocks.
          1. antivirus
            antivirus 20 March 2018 08: 18
            Because the matter is seams at supranational hegemony ... up to the restart of civilization, on the principle of “Why do we need this world if we are not a Hegemon?” ... Anything can happen, both from the third force, and from the second ... and from fourth ...

            -Many times wrote about "... Asia is on the rise ..." "- there they consider a step in history 1-2 years, and not from Columbus to the Great French Revolution (?). Western hegemons for Asia are foreign
            1. bayard
              bayard 22 March 2018 17: 02
              History can be considered any steps, but the hegemon, and not cardboard so far, is not just Asia, but quite Atlantis ... in all its rainbow beauty. But Gaius Julius, who Caesar (not to be confused with a horse) had his motto: "Better to be than to seem."
              In the two previous wars we were caught in the process of rearmament ... As Hitler and Goebels said about the reasons for the attack on the USSR in the 41st: "If we were late for another year or two, the Soviet Union would not have stopped." But at the same time, they themselves were not ready for such a war and for such conditions, including climatic ones. So the current heirs of Hitler and Goebels, although they themselves are not ready for war, see that tomorrow they can’t stop Russia, hold back and push them into the corner ... and only "sixth priority" remains ... Maybe that's why ours " Status "number 6?
  3. Proton
    Proton 19 March 2018 07: 58
    They are carriers of no carrier, because why should they be drowned, after all, there are enough of them in the airdrome district there, that Israel and Turkey, enough for the strikes on the tonsils. With cruise missiles you can hit almost from the Atlantic, the range allows So it’s not a fact that nothing is being prepared. Our General Staff will not be in vain warning wassat , these are not mattress generals, who wave the three-mans in vain.
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 19 March 2018 08: 33
    In short, the hegemon was blown away. Which does not increase its significance in the eyes of vassals. And this is fraught.
  5. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 19 March 2018 08: 52
    Aircraft carriers at the bases, everything is fine, as far as we know the proportion of aircraft departures from aircraft carriers in all operations of mattresses is negligible, they were used rather for the sake of a beautiful picture, and here around the bases like shit. Is Situevina dangerous? So, yes rather than no ******** as they say in one Russian city temporarily occupied by banderlogs.
  6. konstantin68
    konstantin68 19 March 2018 09: 02
    A good photo in the title ... and something fun would have flown there! And then the tsunami. We have nothing to do with it.
    1. novel66
      novel66 19 March 2018 09: 11
      I understand .... also somehow combed
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 19 March 2018 10: 19
      Stupidity, say, it will be like an attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harble - stupid, useless and provoked the US population to "allow" the government to war with Japan and indulge in losses. Here it will be the same thing - the “Aviks” themselves no longer have such military significance either against Russia or against China (we are not considering shellups yet), the very presence of them in the USA makes them weaker precisely in view of the enormous costs of maintaining these “white elephants” who understood lol ), and finally - the population of America itself turned its leadership for calling for a war against Russia on the well-known "organ", because the population did not give up, there are a lot of idiots, but not enough to support such a controversial war negative .
      1. 4ybys
        4ybys 19 March 2018 10: 39
        Now you don’t give a dream :)
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 19 March 2018 10: 40
          Let's dream about the "Strait of Stalin" good repeat
          1. bayard
            bayard 20 March 2018 02: 35
            This is a good dream that can become true. Recently, the number of space guests on our planet has increased dramatically. And there is a very high probability that in the case of inadequate behavior of some island and overseas partners ... a certain number of quite polite asteroids can fly. Of course, in the water area of ​​the world is okeyan, off the coast of these unreasonable. And causing neat tidal waves to wash away all unnecessary and unwanted. In addition, impact on lithospheric plates can slightly modify them ...
            Then the Stalin Strait will become a reality, and ... and there won’t be any pirate islands ... And why are they?
            Dream! Dream great!
      2. Proclus Proclusus
        Proclus Proclusus 21 March 2018 15: 14
        What do you mean by that? What in the Russian Federation is full of idiots who are waiting for the shortening of the USA? But it seems to me that the position of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will perish, but we will not give up Assad’s brother!
        1. bayard
          bayard 22 March 2018 17: 10
          The adversary must perish - when his malicious inadequacy becomes apparent.
    3. cormorant
      cormorant 19 March 2018 10: 57
      This is the main naval base of the Atlantic Fleet of the US Navy Norfolk. The base is too deep in the bay, the tsunami will not reach there.
      1. businessv
        businessv 19 March 2018 17: 51
        Quote: cormorant
        The base is too deep in the bay, the tsunami will not reach there.

        Colleague, the tsunami from there, from the bay, and begin! lol
        1. bayard
          bayard 20 March 2018 02: 39
          On the tsunami issue, SIZE MATTERS. THIS SIZE WILL REACH.
          And not only to the bay ...
  7. flicker
    flicker 19 March 2018 09: 05
    Even if we assume that the United States smuggles Damascus and, in response, their AUG “Theodore Roosevelt” goes to the bottom of the sea (and this is at least), what will cause more resonance in the world: destroyed Damascus or the sunken “Theodore Roosevelt” with 5000 sailors? And how will the fact of the death of the pride of the American fleet "Theodore Roosevelt" and several thousand sailors affect the dollar? What will they write about Trump in the American media: we destroyed Damascus (already several years as on the front line) at the cost of the death of 5000 sailors?
    1. Mih1974
      Mih1974 19 March 2018 10: 22
      And much worse - what should the US leaders do? There are only two options - “swallow” and pretend that it was there, that is, there was no AUG “Theodore Roosevelt” repeat or - to build up a conflict already directly against Russia, and this is already fraught not so much with a loss of image, but with life itself, the Country and the whole of humanity. negative
      So decision makers in the USA are also not so unicellular stupid people not to see such a “plug”. So they will avoid getting into it.
      1. flicker
        flicker 19 March 2018 10: 31
        Or the third (as during World War II) - that they defeated ISIS and triumphantly return home victorious, while retaining the opportunity to carry out a new technological breakthrough and again begin to dominate.
        1. Mih1974
          Mih1974 19 March 2018 10: 38
          So again - what is the third option, what kind of igil did they defeat if Assad and Russia in addition were publicly designated their enemy? It’s either “to put on cowards or take off the cross”, because to write off AUG as “drowned itself” - it won’t work, lying to its people “wow how we showed these Russians” - it won’t (the Internet will show the truth anyway). And I also suspect that in this case we will no longer put up with US bases in Syria and will also wipe them off the face of the earth - which will also be hundreds and hundreds of corpses !! Forgive me after their "little Eun" on the "little dragon" asheltered as he wanted, no Goebbels slogans about false victories no longer roll negative . Here it is already necessary to show the picture of the flaming capital of the "enemy", otherwise no one believes you.
          1. flicker
            flicker 19 March 2018 10: 53
            According to the third, it is implied that it does not lead to the massacre, and now the mattresses go aside, explaining that they achieved their goals - ISIS was defeated by them (the destroyed Raqqa to help them). AUG is floating, losses are minimal, the dollar is the world currency, global influence (slightly shaken) is still preserved. This is better than in practice to prove your military superiority (which is already gone) over Russia.
            For them, it is better to return home by the victors of the igil than the losers of Assad.
            1. bayard
              bayard 20 March 2018 02: 52
              That would be reasonable, but there is one point. The regional committee (Washington) received a directive from the Central Committee (Lodonsky) ... But the Central Committee has, in addition to a higher status, another problem - public debt is not 110% as in the regional committee, but something about 800%. This is because the Central Committee’s GDP is so-so, and the appetite is always good ... It’s not even bankruptcy - it’s a disaster ... So the City is moving to eastern Asia ...
              And where did you think these tantrums are? And who has it more powerful?
              1. bayard
                bayard 20 March 2018 03: 08
                The best option here would be - the collapse of the stock markets of both Anglo-Saxons, and hence the pound and the dollar. The collapse is sharp and crushing, after which their armies turn into a bunch of poor mercenaries ... Mercenaries do not fight for free.
                This is all real and most importantly - the least traumatic for the planet. But for this, the Panda Kung Fu must pack up his courage and ... pick up his dumplings from the striped one. And the clubfoot will hedge - he has a big club ...
                1. helmi8
                  helmi8 21 March 2018 23: 28
                  Quote: bayard
                  The best option here would be - the collapse of the stock markets of both Anglo-Saxons, and hence the pound and the dollar. The collapse is sharp and crushing, after which their armies turn into a bunch of poor mercenaries ... Mercenaries do not fight for free

                  A sharp collapse will not only lead to a crisis of the entire world economy, since it can provoke them to inadequate actions to save their empire ... But a gradual and systematic departure from the dollar is the thing.
  8. Dr. Hub
    Dr. Hub 19 March 2018 09: 31
    I think the author is right in his conclusions. And the risk of a direct collision is not so high. Too big risks for merikos. And the purpose of the hype, it could well be our election. Although, how to know. In a word, I hope there are smart heads and on the one and the other hand, do not unleash the 3rd world. From the exchange of cruise missiles in their normal form to nuclear, the path is very short, and this will not be a Syrian conflict, but a global one.
  9. lance
    lance 19 March 2018 09: 40
    most likely, with the transfer of additional air defense assets and the presence of ball and bastion divisions on the coast, the border along the coast, including Israel and Lebanon, is accepted by the a2 / hell zone. we must wait for action in the area of ​​the Euphrates bridgehead.
  10. Yar_Vyatkin
    Yar_Vyatkin 19 March 2018 10: 11
    Very balanced analysis.
  11. Vlad Petrov
    Vlad Petrov 19 March 2018 10: 18
    As of January 1, 2018, 39218 military personnel of the Armed Forces are taking part in the ATO. How long will this Kodla grimace a hundred kilometers from the champion stadium in Rostov-on-Don? Will there be Karabakh No. 2?
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 19 March 2018 12: 13
      And why? Putin clearly said, Let them drink this cup of poison. That would continue to be immunity. Donbas will not go anywhere, the Serbian version here they certainly do not shine. Yes, and actually there is little to wait.
      1. Vlad Petrov
        Vlad Petrov 19 March 2018 14: 32
        I think with sadness that Bandera will not go anywhere not to remake them. Zhlobsky farmer's worldview does not change. Slavishly loyal and reptiles in front of a strong pan, turning into fierce beasts in front of the defenseless. The psychology of a farmer who sees nothing wrong with sawing a neighbor alive for fun only because of this. that he speaks Russian or goes to the synagogue. Only insulation is needed.
        1. bayard
          bayard 20 March 2018 03: 18
          Well, about the synagogue ... you turned down. All Bandera are quite kosher guys from Vinnitsa, Uman and Zhmerinka. They in the synagogue still make up plans.
          And the president! And what a wonderful prime! And Yarosh with Birch? And Turchinov with Yule?
          No ! You are wrong!
      2. Gary zucker
        Gary zucker 19 March 2018 14: 59
        As history shows, a person gets used to everything. And in any shit you can live forever, without much desire to change anything. So it’s not worth waiting for it to blaze by itself. And in order for immunity to develop, brains are needed, but where to get them.
  12. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 19 March 2018 10: 57
    The photo is old - the Enterprise has been sawing the needles for a year already, and in the photo it’s still at the pier in the ranks negative
    Gentlemen, I understand that pictures are for beauty, but try to present the appropriate photos for the authenticity of the material, so that more sophisticated people do not have a negative on the data provided. Adults are already wink hi
  13. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 19 March 2018 11: 40
    Why does the author mention the presence of an underwater fleet, the adversary, only in passing? Toporov volley, with only one "Nut", exceeds the number issued by the Kyrgyz Republic, on both sides, during the time of the conflict in Syria.
    1. shinobi
      shinobi 19 March 2018 12: 07
      It’s expensive, salvo with axes. Even for them. Especially if the result is not predictable. Remember what happened last time? Half didn’t get there, the people who flew didn’t go there at all. Who is to blame, it’s not clear. What about the missing axes, silence.
      1. Korax71
        Korax71 19 March 2018 17: 45
        And is there a photo of axes that didn’t reach, hit, hit? The whole Internet rummaged found only a photo where one fragment was shown. Basically, they try to give out a point for them request
    2. Yar_Vyatkin
      Yar_Vyatkin 19 March 2018 12: 24
      What? You are wrong, the BC of one 158KR boat, we for 5 days in November 15, only 103 КР of the air and sea-based flew off.
      1. The Siberian barber
        The Siberian barber 19 March 2018 13: 03
        Rather, you are right. Honestly, I didn’t think so, but agree that the numbers are comparable)
        And then ... We are talking about one boat ... How many of them, in that area, we do not know
    3. Charik
      Charik 20 March 2018 07: 44
      A nut will be mastered by a volley of 150 axes
  14. shinobi
    shinobi 19 March 2018 12: 02
    Our general staff has very well mastered the ability to catch horror to knock out appropriations.
    PS: The fact that another Western attempt to remove the Dark Grandmaster failed, a fait accompli. With a devastating result. Not only didn’t succeed in frightening the Russian voter / layman, the opposite result was achieved. It doesn’t sound sacrilegious, but thanks to the complete devastation of the nightmarish 90s that served as a vaccine against Westernism for ordinary citizens. The attempt to seduce youth failed. This is a fact, a topic for a separate study.
  15. Tsoy
    Tsoy 19 March 2018 12: 46
    The BBC had an interesting article about life on Roosevelt. From the 5000 crew 1000 women. Chief in the medical unit opened amusing statistics. 10 women are diagnosed with pregnancy every month. Quite entertaining, considering that the non-statutory relations in the fleet are viewed extremely negatively, even dismissal. Another fun thing. You can eat as much as you like in the galley, but for 300 dollars per month. It turned out that this amount is deducted from the salary. I honestly did not know that the navy needed to pay for their food.
    1. businessv
      businessv 19 March 2018 17: 58
      Quote: Choi
      It turned out that this amount is deducted from the salary. I honestly did not know that the Navy needed to pay for its food.

      Yes, the local buffet is definitely not afraid of competition! Interesting news!lol
    2. Antares
      Antares 20 March 2018 12: 53
      Quote: Choi
      Another funny thing. In the galley there is as much as you want, but for $ 300 a month. It turned out that this amount is deducted from the salary. I honestly did not know that the Navy needed to pay for its food.

      Sailors eat three times a day.
      In my 5 tons of food a day can eat ... It's a floating city with its own rules.
      Their salaries are such that 300 should be a small part. A dining room with them ... everyone would have such a home.
      1. Tsoy
        Tsoy 24 March 2018 00: 46
        Sailors eat three times a day.

        Not necessary. You can even go there every five minutes. If you're not on watch, your personal business is what you do.

        Quote: Antares
        In my 5 tons of food a day can eat ... It's a floating city with its own rules.
        Their salaries are such that 300 should be a small part. A dining room with them ... everyone would have such a home.

        According to Discovery, food was said to be enough for a year to feed the entire crew. Each trek is loaded to capacity to minimize external supply. Nobody argues about their conditions, but still it is quite amusing to pay for food while on duty. It's like buying bullets, being an infantryman.
  16. antivirus
    antivirus 19 March 2018 13: 11
    tales of the Viennese forest.
    every president of the United States is obliged to defeat any country .. drag in the lasso to democracy.
    Trump withdrew the charges “the Russians elected”?
    does not work - return the charges!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Charik
      Charik 20 March 2018 07: 49
      so even 20 years ago someone from the Tan showed a list of countries that they should bomb: Yemen-Syria-Libya-Iraq were definitely
  17. Starik72
    Starik72 19 March 2018 13: 11
    In principle, I agree with the arguments expressed in the article by Yuri Selivanov. But still, you need to keep your eyes open and a clenched fist is ready. Because there is NO trust in these Western "partners."
  18. Sars
    Sars 19 March 2018 13: 49
    The Americans and the British have prepared a land fist. In the event of their offensive, the Iranian factor will surely turn on, well, Jews will begin to spoil from under the silence.
  19. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 19 March 2018 15: 21
    Quote: raw174
    I think that the generals have long decided everything, if politicians press, exchange pendals, mutually destroy a couple of goals, so that diplomats let off steam and begin to express concern ...

    That's for sure! The generals have already decided everything ... well, if politicians push down ... they will mutually destroy a couple of countries ... and that's enough, right? And diplomats will let off steam ... Our generals offered the Americans a choice: Poland, Ukraine and Britain ... The Americans are thinking ...
  20. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 19 March 2018 15: 32
    If you believe some Internet sources, the situation is very bad and the situation is almost completely out of control ... but in fact ...

    Deja vu? Something like that somewhere and someone already had ...
    And here it is:
    rumors about the "proximity of the war between the USSR and Germany" began to be circulated in the foreign press .... Despite the obvious senselessness of these rumors ... these rumors are a clumsy concocted propaganda of forces hostile to the USSR and Germany, interested in further expanding and starting a war.

    This is from a TASS message from 13 on June 1941 of the year ...
    Again couch analysts escalate?
    Draw your own conclusions!
    1. Shaska
      Shaska 19 March 2018 17: 45
      Are you worried about deja vu?
      Masturbation will save you ...
      The replay will be AWESOME !!!
  21. trump
    trump 19 March 2018 17: 07
    Quote: rotmistr60
    may indicate the systematic coagulation by the western side of its next logical operation, which reached its logical end, timed to coincide with the next presidential election

    Is always !!! always however one must prepare for the worst - so it is for the best
  22. ellada
    ellada 19 March 2018 17: 14
    All these efforts of the West rallied the Russian people even more in favor of Putin.
  23. Shaska
    Shaska 19 March 2018 17: 34
    Quote: Mih1974
    Here, or "wear panties or remove the cross"

    There is no third!!!
    I'm afraid that the US will have to AVERAGE to limit itself. (well, remove everything with a cross ..)
    And, still turn to the forest before .....
    and LITTLE BIT ... wassat
  24. businessv
    businessv 19 March 2018 18: 03
    Thank you Yuri for the article! Thoughtfully, carefully, sensibly! I’d like to add a little about Iran - whatever one may say, but so far it is in our allies, at least in Syria, which balances the situation a bit. Too many players want to participate in the production / transportation / sale of near (front) eastern hydrocarbons.
  25. Santor
    Santor 19 March 2018 19: 06
    Something the author has taken from somewhere .... Firstly, on the 7-14 photo, the piers of the Navy base in Norfolk, where the ships are in CONSERVATION. Secondly, according to my data, there was NO gain in the US Navy.

    In the Mediterranean, one nuclear submarine, John Warner, has an onboard 785, 5 destroyers Donald Cook, Labun, Ross, Karney and Porter, all old friends - they have not been rotated for at least 8 months, the Iwo Jima airborne helicopter carrier and the newer landing ship New York. The same group includes the NATO trifle Spaniard H. Columbus, Britt Duncan, the French Louise-Maria and Languedoc ... But they do not carry shock weapons like the Americans.

    In the Persian Gulf, the invariable grouping - Theodore Roosevelt and his shobla - the cruiser Bunker Hill, the destroyers Sampson and Higgins and the Apl Monterey ... And that’s all ... Nothing changed or intensified ...

    Again, they solder together and vtyuhivayut all together.
  26. Vladimir SHajkin
    Vladimir SHajkin 19 March 2018 20: 40
    the ss did not answer North Korea, and when our general staff warned, then everything fell into place.
  27. gladcu2
    gladcu2 19 March 2018 21: 40
    Thanks to the author, excellent analysis of the situation.

    We expect similar articles.
  28. yakisam
    yakisam 19 March 2018 22: 27
    I wonder what year the photo is?
    This is Norfolk, and the third from the viewer is the CVN-65 Enterprise, which is actually decommissioned from 02.05.2015/11/03.02.2017. located in the dry dock No. XNUMX of Newport News Shipbuilding for disposal, which was officially registered on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX .... This photo is repairing the track of the right catapult, that is, long before docking ...
    So the question is not removed - what YEAR photo?
  29. Antares
    Antares 20 March 2018 12: 44
    The main weapon of the United States in the economic war is the dollar.
    Carriers are intended for the last argument (not counting nuclear weapons) and then the coastal countries (in the availability of the long arm of the fleet)
  30. Serzh_R
    Serzh_R 20 March 2018 14: 41
    Russia is supporting Assad in the fight against terrorism.
    The USA fights against Assad and Russia immediately takes neutrality.
    The United States and Russia understand that there will be no direct collision and most likely in every possible way conceal possible incidents in an attempt to warn each other.
    77% of GDP reached its maximum just under the threat of war, which will not happen, but there will be an arms race that has never been in Russia's favor and the US task in this regard has been completed.
    War and politics, war and politics ....
    As in the 90-th Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia tried to control crime, so the United States is trying to control the IG.
    The Ministry of Internal Affairs was aimed at strengthening the controlled groups, weakening the mass of the rest.
    The US has strengthened the IS by weakening Assad.
    Russia drove away the IS from part of the territory of Syria and the United States nothing comes to mind how to send them to the slaughterhouse further, but how Assad is strong as never before and will easily destroy "pedestrians in the desert." What the United States is doing is targeting 600 Tomahawks in Syria to keep the song going.
  31. SVD
    SVD 20 March 2018 19: 04
    The situation is very serious. Moreover, our general staff is already re-making statements. The author of the article incorrectly writes that ours threatened to destroy URO destroyers. The General Staff announced the destruction of carriers of the Kyrgyz Republic. And they, in addition to destroyers, are some types of US military aircraft (for example, B-52). I think that the threat of destruction of carriers relates specifically to aviation, because any ship is the territory of the country of possession and attacking ships is another level of conflict - actually open war.
    1. chingachguc
      chingachguc 20 March 2018 20: 18
      it’s unlikely to come to this ... I think the Americans will scam Tomahawks at Syrian sites ... and ours will shoot them down ... as a result, both sides will declare themselves winners, and that’s where they disperse.
  32. chingachguc
    chingachguc 20 March 2018 20: 16
    Trump did not dare to attack North Korea, but here Russia ... Putin made the right conclusion: Russia cannot be restrained ... you cannot even contain the DPRK))
  33. Volga073
    Volga073 21 March 2018 04: 03
    Even if US carriers reach Syria and attack Syria,
    then NO ONE aircraft carrier will NEVER return back to the United States.
    For Russian submarines, this will be too easy to catch in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  34. VladimS
    VladimS 23 March 2018 02: 48
    Quote: Serzh_R
    77% of GDP reached its maximum just under the threat of war, which will not happen, but there will be an arms race that has never been in Russia's favor and the US task in this regard has been completed.

    Not certainly in that way. Borrowing from the future and servicing debt is more difficult for them.
    The recent interest rate increase ... has not yet reached everyone. Let’s take a look.
  35. Larum
    Larum 28 March 2018 09: 53
    Stupid article