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How to talk to liars

When you look at the hysteria of the government of England and the Western media around the poisoning with the supposedly nerve-paralytic gas “Novice” of the former GRU employee and MI-6 agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury (England), it seems that the main thing in her is Skripal, but "The use of chemical warfare agents in England", Skripal serves only as a pretext to attribute his use to Russia, and without proof and categorically, as the use of chemical weapons in Syria, attributed to Bashar Asad.

And I remember the special representative of the United States Kurt Volker, who was still in 2017 year, during negotiations with Vladislav Surkov, a journalist asked the question: what will happen if the deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbass fails according to the American scenario? Volker replied: Russia’s isolation in the world will increase. In other words, if Russia does not surrender the Donbass according to the Croatian scenario, with unacceptable damage for itself, it will further isolate itself in order to cause unacceptable damage to it in other ways.

I must say, our Kurt is just a prophet, indeed, we see an increase in attempts to isolate Russia by any means after the seizure of Donbas by “peacekeepers” according to the Croatian scenario, with the “disbandment” of LDNR, failed. The “doping scandal” was immediately promoted with the unsubstantiated accusations of the “informer Rodchenkov” in order to prevent Russia from attending the Olympics in South Korea. Then the initiator was WADA, registered in Canada. Now another loyal ally of the United States, England, picked up the baton with the help of a no less unsubstantiated “Russian trace” in the use in England of the “chemical warfare agent”.

What does Kurt Walker’s prophetic gift say? The fact that "Operation Scripal" is conceived and carried out by some international political force that is so powerful that it can take advantage of the whole of England, or England itself is a part of this force. The Theresa May government simply fulfills a plan drawn down from above, despite all its absurdities, exposing England in a foolish way.

There is only one such force in the world - the so-called global financial elite, led by neocons from America, whose agents include Senator John McCain and his loyal collaborator and prophet Kurt Volker. Our businessman Oleg Deripaska recently said that he personally knows representatives of the shadow power in the United States from a conglomerate of special services, media and financial elites, which is not at all identical with the White House in Washington. Thus, the hypothesis of Karen Shakhnazarov about the banal international conspiracy of globalists against Russia is confirmed.

Even a globalist conspiracy is still a banal conspiracy, even though achieving world domination, its failure can have disastrous consequences for the conspirators themselves, and this conspiracy is already failing - therefore, hysteria in the world fake media is growing. The consequences of this failure of the fake media give out the unexpected and shattering successes of the “Russian propaganda” in the face of the lonely RT and 13 “St. Petersburg trolls”, and they expect even greater success because the affairs of the global conspirators are bad.

In England, in view of the foolish situation that Teresa May found herself with the idiotic messages about the “Russian track” in Salisbury, the British on social networks divided about 50 / 50 in assessing the integrity of their government. This is the real split of the English society, which, undoubtedly, will be attributed to the “Russian propaganda”.

In the US, President Trump sent the shameful quick resignation of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and the American press is saying that such a rapid final of Rex was caused by his statement on the Skripl case. He immediately joined Teresa May, that in Salisbury “the trail clearly comes from Russia,” and he did not need proof. Trump asked Theresa for evidence.

Trump appoints Mike Pompeo, the director of the CIA, a conservative and hawk, but also an adversary of the neocon globalists. That is, Trump exhibited globalist Tillerson from the State Department and set up his Republican Pompeo. This means that the operation “Scripal” was not coordinated with Trump, and he was offended.

Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister, took the surest position with respect to “Operation Scripal”, stating that London will have to answer “for trying to mislead the world community”, for which he was personally insulted by the main engine of the scandal - Teresa May. Why? Lavrov, although in a diplomatic language, accused Teresa May of lying.

The ancient wisdom says that a lie has short legs, hence a lie must be beaten on its short legs, knowing that it is always planned for short distances, always of one-time use. Long-term strategies with reflection stories The question (of Western Russophobia) or the current political moment is always late here.

It is more appropriate to recall here that the ex-Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair, was forced to make a confession that the British intelligence services lied to him before the invasion of Iraq. The CIA then lied to US Secretary of State Colin Powell so that he came with a test tube to the UN, the English Sherlock Homs lied to Tony Blair. So they can lie now. It is appropriate to recall in this regard that the strange, not fully investigated and secret murders of Russian defector in England resemble the “sacral” murders of MI 6 that played their spies.

The sprint strategy of dealing with a lie implies that you need to present alternative versions of what happened and not be ashamed of your own suspicions about the liar. We will continue the idea of ​​Sergei Lavrov, because the diplomats did not need to further develop it.

The main question, the accusation of Theresa May in the Skripalevka campaign, is: how did the Novice Russian warfare agent turn up in Salisbury? This question, which implies the responsibility of Russia, is in fact illogical, stupid, so the answer to it must, according to Mikhail Zadornov, be given simple, so that it is understandable by the most stupid. The “newcomer” is very likely to have arrived in Salisbury from Porton Down's English base, which has not been tested by experts of the OPCW for 20 for years, and where there is adequate equipment for its production. It would be good to check it.

About the laboratory in Porton Down, which is located near Salisbury, our expert at the OPCW, Igor Nikulin, said, adding that in the 1999 year, Novice’s disposal in Uzbekistan was conducted by the United States, while “all the materials that were valuable and the Americans took the recipe with myself". In Salisbury, Western intelligence agencies may have tested the destructive power of the Western analogue of Novice on someone who is not sorry, and that suspicion should fall on Russia.

Essentially an "English scandal." Poisoning Skripal in Salisbury ranks with other provocations of the West against Russia and the world, such as the murders of Litvinenko and Berezovsky in the same England, the “doping scandal”, and the false reasons for aggression against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria. The thing is that the globalist elite of the West does not recognize Russia and the rest of the world as an equal party, and is trying to apply the colonial practice, as noted by Sergey Lavrov.

West takes the position: our accusations do not need proof, according to Paul Sartre: we want you to be guilty. Objectively, this is the position of racism and fascism. If possible, the West is trying to pursue its policy in the world in white gloves, with the help of "soft power", but when it encounters resistance, as it is today from Russia, it also resorts to black colonial gloves, as in Salisbury.

Racism is the true face of the globalist Western elites, so they do not see Nazism and fascism in Ukraine, so you can agree with Karen Shakhnazarov that "they will not stop." Until their plot completely fails. In general, it is necessary to introduce an assessment of the global globalist lies in Goebbels. English lies in Salisbury can be taken as a standard in one full Goebbels.
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  1. Egorovich
    Egorovich 16 March 2018 15: 32
    How much shit in the "democratic" West. And every year it is being produced more and more, trash the whole world. They dirtied everyone.
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 16 March 2018 16: 17
      Their mournful labor will not be lost
      And doom their low aspiration
      But it goes to fertilizer.
      Little or little spaghetti. Sorry, Alexander Sergeevich.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 16 March 2018 16: 50
      Well, Skripal cannot be an occasion, no way! Even because nothing personally came from him.
      Well, one must not confuse cause and effect and cause with pretext (an internal premise giving rise to a reason for the realization of a goal). The motive is preceded by motivation to achieve the goal. But not in all cases a reason is needed. And if a reason is sought, then it is preceded by a provocative plan (intrigue), to which it is addressed by design. But Skripal was neither the first, nor the second, nor the third. His name is chosen only as a sign of an organized (symbolic) event. The reason could be that Teresa was caught in some kind of financial fraud and she urgently needed to divert the vector of domestic politics aside, translating it into an international scandal. Fortunately, the latter corresponded with similar desires of the United States in relation to Russia in connection with the current international and domestic situations, including elections in the Russian Federation. But the fact that hastily stuck together just as quickly and falling apart. Good luck! hi
      1. svd-xnumx
        svd-xnumx 16 March 2018 20: 44
        But Skripal was neither the first, nor the second, nor the third. His name is chosen only as a sign of an organized (symbolic) event. The reason could be that Teresa was caught in some kind of financial fraud and she urgently needed to divert the vector of domestic policy to the side, translating it into an international scandal.
        This may be the reason for the inclusion of a "back" exit from the EU. Soon the arrogant Saxons will sing - "in connection with the threat from the east, we will unite with our European brothers."
    3. Beltasir matyagu
      Beltasir matyagu 16 March 2018 21: 56
      West in general is shit ...
  2. prior
    prior 16 March 2018 15: 39
    And why not the Duma to adopt another law: if officials of another state lie and unfairly accuse Russia of any violations of international law, thus causing harm to our state, Russia has the right to use all types of weapons, up to nuclear, to protect it. What will they sing then? The fact that Russia is an aggressor, we have already heard, is boring. And for the "rotten market" - you need to answer.
  3. ibirus
    ibirus 16 March 2018 15: 41
    And now let our liberals say that truth and objectivity, a law and an honest court rule there, that international law serves as the basis for interstate relations (this expression will soon be abusive), and we live in Mordor with the Dark One at the head. The glory of democracy and the fools of those who believe in it. hi
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 16 March 2018 16: 19
      Yes you that !!!! Swung to the holy for the liberists, to the west !!!! They never lie there! If you said that the truth, then it means the truth! And the truth is she really only in their little world. tongue
      1. Victor Kamenev
        16 March 2018 23: 09
        On the myth of the West holds our liberal, in fact, he is a pagan. The fall of the myth for him is like death, so he is happy to be deceived and lies with the West himself.
    2. Evdokim
      Evdokim 16 March 2018 16: 26
      Quote: ibirus
      And now let our liberals say that truth and objectivity, a law and an honest court rule there, that international law is the basis of interstate relations

      If Lavrov’s entrance to this scandal succeeds in hanging the skin of Teresa May in his office in the form of a trophy, convicting her and all of Britain together in a lie, it will be simply a shitty feat. Do not just fight back the lies, namely, hang her political skin. hi
      1. Victor Kamenev
        16 March 2018 18: 30
        Lavrov is a diplomat, the head of the foreign ministry, he has already said diplomatically, but clearly, he needs help with this, this is not a diplomatic matter - to deal with liars.
    3. naidas
      naidas 16 March 2018 19: 46
      They already said: Echo of Moscow:
      Russian intelligence agencies justifiably do not want their employees to dream of leaving Russia at some point, perhaps to sell state secrets and exchange the possibility of emigration and legalization of assets abroad for cooperation with foreign countries.
      By successively killing people who acted in this way, the Russian special services say to their current employees: it will be the same with you, don’t even dream about spending a pension abroad.
      1. Victor Kamenev
        16 March 2018 23: 13
        Echo is still for the murders of Patrice Lumumba, Salvador Allende and twenty attempts on Fidel Castro, as well as the murder of Kennedy and Princess Diana will answer!
      2. tank64rus
        tank64rus 20 March 2018 10: 44
        It can be seen that the Echo employees took it into their own account. well, the hat is on the thief.
  4. Radikal
    Radikal 16 March 2018 18: 25
    Now at the moment all these articles, discussions on talk shows, the reaction of officials, all this is “Yaroslavna’s cry”, and conversations in favor of the poor! As always, "adjusted" with a belated reaction! As soon as the first information appeared, it was necessary to immediately blame the British for the murder of his former agent, and his daughter in order to organize a provocation against the Russian Federation, and the unwillingness to pay him compensation for staying behind bars, to recall the fugitive chemist-developer of weapons of mass destruction, point to a nearby Crimes English WMD laboratory. That is, to carry out the whole complex of proactive counter-propaganda measures! However, instead, our Foreign Ministry political impotents preferred to get what they got, and with them all of us (Russians) for the company! Here, “loading” the brain of the country's population with Grudinin’s election revelations during the month in power is excellent, but timely reaction to attacks by foreign enemies that undermine the country's prestige is a problem! sad
    1. frols
      frols 16 March 2018 19: 18
      Guys, why if they can’t help you do something yourself? Show your attitude both to the lying west, and to how your government reacts to all this lies and hysteria.
  5. Radikal
    Radikal 16 March 2018 19: 37
    Quote: frols
    Guys, why if they can’t help you do something yourself? Show your attitude both to the lying west, and to how your government reacts to all this lies and hysteria.

    yes good
  6. demo
    demo 16 March 2018 21: 46
    The trouble with our grief leaders in general and V. Putin in particular is that when we play with dishonest players, with crooks and crooks, we remain committed to the rules of the game.
    "If a gentleman is not lucky in the game, then he changes the rules of the game, for himself."
    Famous maxim?
    So how?
    This is the first.
    This "audience" is ready to stand "to death" on their point of view.
    And no arguments can be moved from this.
    Except one!
    Gentlemen don't accept being funny!
    Now such a concert with the expulsion of British diplomats could be rolled up! Have a laugh
    And in such a stupid and ridiculous way to expose the British, that this could lead to a change of government.
    It is never too late to neutralize a barking male.
    To ridicule and omit, so that British diplomats would be ashamed of looking into their relatives ’eyes!
    I already had a script.
    But alas!
    The Stanislavsky and Nemirovichi with Danchenko were transferred to us.
    The strongest weapon against the Devil is laughter!
    The devil is afraid to be funny.
  7. ARES623
    ARES623 16 March 2018 21: 48
    “In general, it’s worth introducing an assessment of the global globalist lies in Goebbels. The English lie in Salisbury can be taken as a standard in one full Goebbels.”
    Do you propose immortalizing Goebbels's name? At least it’s strange ... Although about the prosperity of racism on the so-called "West" agrees 100%
    1. Victor Kamenev
      16 March 2018 23: 15
      Goebbels has already been immortalized, unfortunately, he still has a lot of fans. And the worse they are?
      1. ARES623
        ARES623 16 March 2018 23: 44
        Quote: Victor Kamenev
        he still has a lot of fans.

        But do you think that for non-worshipers it should be a unit of measure in the “language”. Kohl climbed into the mud knees, then let's dive now?
  8. Beltasir matyagu
    Beltasir matyagu 16 March 2018 21: 58
    Why are you so Goebbels. This stupidity does not draw on Goebbels. It's just a cheap talk, but it works because their population used to be under the ege earlier than here. They don’t know that the logic is a little less than not at all
    1. Victor Kamenev
      16 March 2018 23: 18
      But the consequences of the fans may be no less than they were at Goebbels.
  9. Procyon lotor
    Procyon lotor 16 March 2018 22: 44
    Is it where such “wise men” come from or is it just a seasonal phenomenon
    1. Victor Kamenev
      16 March 2018 23: 19
      Where did the trolls come from, is that the question?
      1. Procyon lotor
        Procyon lotor 16 March 2018 23: 52
        I see a “true” patriot, or judging by the number of comments, just working out your shift?
  10. reibert
    reibert 17 March 2018 09: 33
    It would be nice to humiliate Britain. for a long time. So that they don’t carry garbage anymore. Only ... ??
    1. ltc35
      ltc35 17 March 2018 15: 41
      Well thought out the response steps and their consequences. This should be done by the foreign intelligence service, and the Foreign Ministry should not allow such situations in principle. Now Lavrov and Russia have humiliated by canceling the visit. How to answer? Here you need to think. In the meantime, the collapse in foreign policy. The whole pack attacked us. They bite something weak, such is the West.
  11. A.
    A. 17 March 2018 20: 42
    Quote: Egorovich
    How much shit in the "democratic" West. And every year it is being produced more and more, trash the whole world. They dirtied everyone.

    The West is shit, more than one century. There is always plenty of it in shit.
  12. Ber
    Ber 19 March 2018 08: 43
    When you look at the tantrum of the British government and the Western media around the Novichok gas poisoning allegedly

    laughing laughing laughing This is when a newcomer swells his stomach with pea soup and beans, concentrated neuromuscular gas is released that paralyzes the nervous system, wealthy connoisseurs of luxury, rubies, sapphires, bruliks of the especially famous Blue Moon diamond? laughing From which even fighting the Moses delighted to sing, the roofing felts hit just a nutcracker or about the famous diamond ..... laughing

    But seriously, lactose is simply poorly absorbed by the British laughing

    I never would have thought that the descendants of Sherlock Homs, gentlemen with impeccable restraint will come to this .. lol
  13. Alex6633
    Alex6633 19 March 2018 22: 03
    a "globalist conspiracy" is a business strategy, nothing personal, only a monopoly and profit is ensured .. but "freedom", "equality" and democracy .. - this is for a minor naive
  14. Radikal
    Radikal 20 March 2018 11: 53
    Quote: Victor Kamenev
    Goebbels has already been immortalized, unfortunately, he still has a lot of fans. And the worse they are?

    They are no worse and no better - they are just worthy students and followers of one of the main fascists! sad