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How they buried the Chernobyl divers who saved Europe

How they buried the Chernobyl divers who saved Europe

In general, there are a few other words on the monument in Chernobyl near the fire station. "To those who saved the world." Like, what does the world have to do with a local, albeit a nuclear accident?

The inscription may seem immodest even, but ... As always, there are nuances. About which, oddly enough, it is not enough that people are not aware, and knowledge is often crooked.

Meanwhile, the monument lacks one group that made not only a significant contribution to the elimination. Everyone (hopefully) is aware of the 28 exploits of firefighters who were the first to arrive at the destroyed Fourth NPP unit and prevent the spread of fire throughout the station. I also hope that we are aware of the legendary group of "roof cats" who were working on cleaning the roofs of the Third Block and the machine room, making it possible to carry out further work to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

But almost no one knows about Chernobyl divers. And even if someone writes today, he writes, for some reason, it’s not unkind to say anything. It is clear that copying already written once is easier.

However, judge for yourself.

For a start, it is worth remembering once again how events developed. On the power unit №4 an explosion and fire occurred. The fire was extinguished by water, covered with sand, lead, boron, dolomite and clay. All this, together with the molten concrete and the metal of the power unit itself, turned into a lava-like melt that slowly burned through the sub-reactor rooms.

A feature of the power unit was the presence at the very bottom of the pool block-bubbler for the coolant. Water. The pool turned out to be filled with water due to damage due to the accident of both the pipelines and the de-energization of the pumps.

The reactor was plugged, but the fire inside continued. As a result, in a few days there was the threat of another explosion. When the hot melt comes into contact with the water in the pool.

In this case, the explosion could be stronger. As with the eruptions of large volcanoes. The biggest danger was that as a result of such an explosion, the remaining three power units of the Chernobyl NPP could be damaged. And this could already entail a chain of events that are less predictable, but no less destructive or harmful.

In general, somehow, but the water had to be removed from the pool.

The possibility of such actions was foreseen, and there were corresponding valves at the gate of the locks.

The whole problem was that they had to get to them. And not on the ground by any means. Underground passages, perhaps even flooded. Perhaps - already radioactive water.

Perspective? Definitely.

Send three. Naturally - volunteers. These three later and called "Chernobyl divers."

Unlike the firefighters who extinguished Chernobyl, who were not aware of what was happening, that they were working in conditions of receiving lethal doses of radiation, these people knew exactly what was happening at the station. And how it can end.

However, let's go.

Boris Aleksandrovich Baranov, shift supervisor at the Chernobyl station.

11.11.1940 - 06.04.2005.

The only one who at the moment really died. And it is listed in the Book of Memory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, who wishes, can be convinced of this.

Chernobyl Memory Book

Valery Bespalov, senior engineer of the turbine shop unit number two (right).

Alexei Mikhailovich Ananenko, Senior Mechanical Engineer of the reactor shop number two.

The roles are as follows: Alexey Ananenko knows the places of the valves and will take over one, Valery Bespalova will show the second. Boris Baranov will help them with the light and will come to the rescue if someone has a valve jammed.

All three of them dressed in wetsuits and began to descend into the black sub-reactor rooms, then went along the corridor to the pool-bubbler.

There was water in the corridor, but there was no need to swim. Fire engine pumps have significantly reduced the water level in sub-reactor rooms. According to the recollections of the participants, the water was knee-high.

The valves were found, opened, the water left the pool, and the threat of a thermal explosion was eliminated. "Divers" successfully returned.

Then the fun began.

Then for some reason everyone who wrote about this feat ... buried the heroes!

Usually the completion of all the stories looked like this:

“The group successfully completed the assignment and returned, as it seemed, completely unharmed, having even managed to give several interviews to the media, but the invisible enemy was already doing his job ...
... Alexey and Valery died in 10 days in a Moscow hospital. Boris lived a little longer. ”

Like this. Meanwhile, none of the three “divers” received a lethal dose of radiation. These were professionals from among the station workers, therefore, going on a mission, they had IR-50 radiometers, one pair per person, and Baranov took DP-5 with him.

That is why they were able to go through the "marked" with radiation sites and go back.

Why it was necessary to bury them is not entirely clear, to be honest. And the story of the heroically death-giving engineers replicating and retelling until now.

And it never occurred to anyone to find out, is it true everything told? Not true. But why spoil such a beautiful fairy tale? It is easier to add the horrors of a possible detonation from the thermal explosion of the three remaining power units and the complete Krantesu throughout Europe.

In fact, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant engineers who know and understand the situation have clearly fulfilled the task of preventing a thermal explosion.

As far as was known, everyone was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and in 2008, the President of Ukraine awarded Ananenko and Bespalov with an order for personal courage.

Alexey Mikhailovich Ananenko left the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and worked in the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. In our time, an employee of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum.

Bespalov and Baranov did not leave the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, according to Ukrainian sources, Bespalov still works there.

It is difficult to find exactly, there are almost no photos. But here, mainly, the Book of Memory of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant testifies. Alive.

So God bless Alexei Ananenko and Valery Bespalov, eternal memory of Boris Baranov. And our gratitude: a big deal did the men.

Long live will still be, probably. Once buried so many times ...
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  1. svp67
    svp67 19 March 2018 06: 41
    Why it was required to bury them is not entirely clear, to be honest.
    Why is it not clear? But how else to show all the "inhumanity" of the "regime". And here is the story that they were able not only to complete the task, but also to survive, and even thanks to their training ... no, this does not fit into the general scheme of "atu, communism". Well it will be necessary to tell that they received a HIGH-CLASS education, and did not study for the exam.
    1. Reptiloid
      Reptiloid 19 March 2018 07: 01
      Quote: svp67
      Why it was required to bury them is not entirely clear, to be honest.
      Why is it not clear? But how else to show all the "inhumanity" of the "regime" ..

      I am not against your answer, but I have such an answer ----- maybe "from above" would like to stop all talk, questions about the accident in this way? Witnesses are gone, everyone knew how? This is probably still a hidden topic?
      Yes! Well, that did not die! It is good that, thanks to knowledge and verified actions, they calmly and correctly did everything necessary in a difficult and dangerous situation.
      I respect the author for a difficult topic.
      1. svp67
        svp67 19 March 2018 07: 07
        Quote: Reptiloid
        I am not against your answer, but I have such an answer ----- maybe "from above" would like to stop all talk, questions about the accident in this way?

        After the collapse of the USSR, there were no secrets left.
        1. Reptiloid
          Reptiloid 19 March 2018 07: 47
          Maybe so. There is ambiguity. All the same, Ukrainian territory. Of course, I would like the article to be continued. What happened then, how everything happened and happens. Of course, the topic is complex, it continues today. At one time, I read articles on waste storage and problems .... But it would be nice if in one cycle.
        2. your1970
          your1970 19 March 2018 09: 24
          even if there were secrets - on the wave of "Stalker" people became interested and began to collect the information in even more powerful ways
          “We will search!” © BR
      2. Vladimir 5
        Vladimir 5 22 July 2018 12: 16
        The topic wasn’t fully disclosed - there were still heroes who sacrificed their lives, it was the miners who created a concrete pillow to contain the red-hot contents of the reactor, because the so-called “Chinese syndrome” could have been created, when the red-hot contents melted the base and fell down, and when meeting with groundwater explosion of superheated steam of enormous power. Here are the miners from Donbass and digging the mines to cover with a thick heat-resistant layer of concrete under the bottom of the reactor ... You can’t forget, it's time to write about their feat ..
        1. sviazist
          sviazist 24 July 2018 00: 02
          Bullshit. You also say that the melt to America through the core of the earth will flow.
          1. Vladimir 5
            Vladimir 5 24 July 2018 18: 37
            "If you know little, then this world is what you know" ...
            1. sviazist
              sviazist 24 July 2018 22: 03
              That's it. Sometimes it’s better to be silent about the Chinese syndrome. LTSM (well, you know what it is), when it gets into the bubbler pools, it turns into a foam mass, everything hardens. What are groundwater? Too lazy to explain for a long time. Here is the link, read, without physics there, anyone with a technical mindset will understand.
              And about groundwater it is strong. hi
              1. Ramzai
                Ramzai 20 August 2018 14: 56
                The man wrote everything correctly. There were fears that the melt would burn through the bottom and all the dirt would fall into the groundwater. Therefore, the miners were digging a tunnel under the reactor in order to bring pipes under it and to supply liquid nitrogen through them for cooling. Thank God it was not needed.
                As a proof to you, a reference to the frames of the real chronicle with the comments of the person who led the work on the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident
    2. Servisinzhener
      Servisinzhener 19 March 2018 14: 18
      Could and put a bunch of other stamps. They wanted to reward, but the presentation of the reward was lost. Or even better: some official from the high office received the award. Or they died unknown in a local hospital, etc.
    3. Serge Gorely
      Serge Gorely 21 March 2018 23: 42
      There were no managers of the menchandisers DIVERS at that time. Roof cats ... Author, is it not laced with tunnel rats? And then he is surprised when in the pseudo-historical film about the Patriotic War the “soldier” says WOW ... The mood of the article is supposedly patriotic but false.
      1. Romulus
        Romulus 22 March 2018 07: 07
        Quote: Serge Gorely
        There were no managers of the menchandisers DIVERS at that time.

        Do you want to talk about amphorae?
        1. Serge Gorely
          Serge Gorely 22 March 2018 17: 35
          Have you read the article title? Or is it not important to comment, just to comment?
      2. Weyland
        Weyland 9 May 2018 17: 38
        Quote: Serge Gorely
        in a pseudo-historical film about World War II, the "soldier" says WOW ...

        Well educated a soldier could, in principle, know this word - from the play "The Pygmalion" (1912). In St. Petersburg, it was put back in 1914 (and by this time there were at least 4 versions of the Russian translation).
        1. Igool
          Igool 23 July 2018 01: 18
          Quote: Weyland
          A well-educated soldier could, in principle, know this word

          He could know the whole play by heart, but this word was not used in communication. There are many words, but those that are heard are used
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 19 March 2018 07: 42
    But why spoil such a beautiful fairy tale?
    ...Really... smile
  3. tank64rus
    tank64rus 19 March 2018 09: 18
    There was another problem with hydrogen cylinders. He worked there as a volunteer in October 1986. They said: “Listen, captain, go downstairs to the room; there are hydrogen cylinders; take a crowbar and see how it’s doing and most importantly, can they be pulled out of concrete. Since the accident, there was nobody there.” I went knocked with a crowbar, looked, knocked good Soviet concrete and God forbid feet. I didn’t know how much further, after a day of work at block 4, they removed us from the area of ​​all one hundred volunteers altogether. This is October 1986.
  4. XII Legion
    XII Legion 19 March 2018 09: 35
    Yes, God bless the heroes.
  5. DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer 19 March 2018 10: 16
    The heroism of some is often the headlessness or negligence of others.

    Grigory Medvedev (deputy head of the main production department of the USSR Ministry of Energy for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants) in the story "Chernobyl Notebook" - examined in great detail the chain of events, who did what or did not, why the Chernobyl catastrophe was laid long before the events themselves, at the stage of the reactor project, why the reactor run-out experiment was carried out precisely at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and why, from a certain moment, the situation got out of control. How can the human factor affect even a very serious and protected facility, like a nuclear power plant.
  6. Engineer
    Engineer 20 March 2018 09: 56
    The reactor was plugged, but the fire inside continued.

    Unfortunately, this all turned out to be wrong. The reactor was not plugged: the circuit A is empty, and the circuit function is performed by the circuit E, which fell on the edge after the explosion. And there was no fire in the empty circuit A, since there is nothing to burn there, even the paint was left untouched in places. The bottom plate of the OR circuit was melted about a quarter in the first time after the explosion, and this melt containing fuel fell into the sub-pressure space, and from there through two steam vent valves into the steam distribution corridor further along the steam vent pipes to the first and second floors of the bubbler pool. (The water is still standing there. All the water cannot be drained in principle, since the pipes stick out about 35 cm above the pool floor level.) But no one knew about it then, they thought that in Scheme A up to 90% of the fuel remained and self-sustaining reaction, so they made that decision. Therefore, an undoubted feat was not needed. So they were buried, so as not to talk about the stupid decision of the leadership of the liquidation of the accident. Therefore, the feat of the miners who dug a tunnel from the 3rd power unit under the 4th to create a cooled foundation plate there was also not needed at all. And don’t have to sacrifice helicopter pilots. The plug is not created over the reactor. And send soldiers to the roof, too. A few months later, without any risk to life, all this work on the roof was performed by STR-1 and Wedge-1.
    1. Ramzai
      Ramzai 20 August 2018 15: 24
      And send soldiers to the roof, too. A few months later, without any risk to life, all this work on the roof was performed by STR-1 and Wedge-1.

      You are confusing the chronology of events. People were brought to the roof for the very reason that robots screwed up.
  7. Dr_Mad_71
    Dr_Mad_71 21 March 2018 11: 31
    MEN, with a capital letter, let the earth rest in peace, dead and living for many years !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Civilian
    Civilian 24 March 2018 23: 55
    Unlike firefighters who extinguished Chernobyl, who were not aware of what was happening, that they work in conditions of receiving lethal doses of radiation ..... [i] [/ i]
    But this could not be written. Immediately a darling is not good. And then, for some reason, it seems to me that if they were "in the know", then not everyone would refuse to complete the task.
    Not beautiful, comrade author. Not beautiful in relation to the dead children, not beautiful in relation to their families. Byak was told nasty.
  9. Olezhek
    Olezhek 22 July 2018 09: 39
    NDA ... I'm afraid not all of those who "saved the world" in 1986 could read the inscription on the monument ...
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Larum
    Larum 23 July 2018 09: 59
    Although it all ended well ...
  12. Cottager452
    Cottager452 20 August 2018 13: 47
    Europe in life owes us, let them close their mouths and pray that we are so kind and do not arrange Chernobyl every day.
    1. Skeave
      Skeave 2 June 2019 09: 49
      Sorry, but the general moral of the tragic history of Chernobyl is completely different. To continue to "arrange Chernobyl" - sacrificing tens of thousands of its own population to spoil the world - is really the only thing that Russia is capable of.

      Chernobyl is about what happens when a pomegranate is in the hands of a monkey. Note, similar in scale tragedies, did not happen anywhere in the world, except Soviet Russia. Chernobyl is about what happens when atomic energy is in the hands of savages.

      Today, Russia is slowly being deprived of these opportunities. Returning Russian serfs (the Soviet regime turned into absolute slaves) to where they belong. To their bugs, bends and priests. And this is absolutely logical, correct, fair, historically and rationally justified, predetermined.
  13. Gepirion
    Gepirion 20 August 2018 14: 10
    My father went to liquidation twice. On the river Pripyat deepened the dredger ...
  14. Vasily199
    Vasily199 5 June 2019 11: 50
    Quote: Summer Resident452
    Europe in life owes us, let them close their mouths and pray that we are so kind and do not arrange Chernobyl every day.

    Completely degraded?