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Poland plans to create a new division in the east of the country

A new division of the armed forces will be created in eastern Poland, said Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blašczak during the annual meeting of the leadership of the department and the command of the army.

According to him, in the framework of strengthening the eastern flank, Poland plans to carry out a partial "redeployment of troops from west to east."

Poland plans to create a new division in the east of the country

I plan to create in the east a new division of a professional army
- said Blashchak

In turn, President Andrzej Duda, who was present at the meeting, noted that Poland considers Russia to be its main adversary.

Russia shows that it is ready to resort to military force to achieve its goals, deliberately violates international law
- he says.

The division is the largest military formation existing in the Armed Forces of Poland in peacetime. Currently, the structure of the Polish army includes one tank division and two mechanized divisions under the command of the ground forces. In other types of armed forces there is no such organizational level.

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  1. worms
    worms 15 March 2018 15: 08
    I propose to implement the plan of the great humanist Sakharov and wash off the floor of the mattress in the sea, I wonder how they will behave after the death of the owner ?? mattress covers including Poland ... repeat
  2. Vik66
    Vik66 15 March 2018 15: 08
    I wonder from whom it will be formed, from the Gaster-Ukrainians? Poles left for foggy Albion to scrub out toilets laughing
    1. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 15 March 2018 15: 36
      What can I say ..?
      Only one thing - you can give the Polish new division a dog .. a Siberian shepherd named BALL !!
      ((“Four Tankers and Dogs” (Polish: Czterej pancerni i pies) - Polish black and white television series, shot by the same story by Janusz Pszymanowski. The series belongs to the military-adventure genre and tells about the fighting everyday life of the crew of the tank “Redhead” nicknamed the ball during the Second World War.))
      “” ”A ball (dog) is an extremely smart German shepherd (in chapter 3. Echelons go west Yanek says that the Ball of pure blood is a Siberian shepherd), raised by Yanek in the Far East and became his friend“ ”
      1. dm_Russia
        dm_Russia 15 March 2018 15: 42
        They have their own German dog.
  3. Finches
    Finches 15 March 2018 15: 08
    Pilsudski division ... In Lviv and Kiev, the sphincter has contracted! Because for Russia it’s not enough, but just for overcoming the Zapadenshchina ... laughing
  4. watchmaker
    watchmaker 15 March 2018 15: 10
    Banny Hill show, nervously smoking aside compared to these clowns ....
  5. Egorovich
    Egorovich 15 March 2018 15: 14
    Dreamers to confront Russia or conquer it, it is necessary to read and honor history more often. And then such desires, in stupid heads, sharply decrease.
    1. white.eagle
      white.eagle 16 March 2018 12: 08
      History shows that Russia without the help of Germany has no chance in the fight against Poland.
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 March 2018 15: 20
    Yes, at least two wassat Against two tank armies ... laughing
    1. Doliva63
      Doliva63 15 March 2018 18: 07
      Do we already have them? belay
    2. white.eagle
      white.eagle 16 March 2018 12: 09
      during the Polish-Russian wars there were several cases when a handful of Poles destroyed the entire Russian army
  7. Non liberoid Russian
    Non liberoid Russian 15 March 2018 15: 21
    well wort is another target for missiles with yao
    1. white.eagle
      white.eagle 16 March 2018 12: 12
      Too close to the border with Belarus. I think that the Russians do not want the brotherly nation to die from radiation sickness.
  8. K-50
    K-50 15 March 2018 15: 33
    A new division of the armed forces will be created in eastern Poland

    Probably the volcano will revive their hussars. what
  9. Dormidont
    Dormidont 15 March 2018 15: 35
    The invincible Polish army always stands to the last. Two whole weeks
    1. white.eagle
      white.eagle 16 March 2018 12: 16
      this time Russia has no chance to stab in the back
  10. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 15 March 2018 15: 53
    But where did the lords have extra servants, what kind of nonsense?
    It is possible that they will create a heavenly division from the saloids who have arrived ... this is very real ... And there will be proud pig farmers, as the Istari was told to serve the pan, not for fear, but for conscience! These can!
    1. white.eagle
      white.eagle 16 March 2018 12: 26
      like in America. Citizenship as a reward for military service. But such a decision in the future, when there will be a Polish-Chinese border laughing . Now the Poles are enough to create a new division. The problem may be with the weapon. This unit can quickly get armored personnel carriers and artillery of very good quality, but the problem will be in tanks and helicopters.
  11. Slovak
    Slovak 15 March 2018 15: 55
    Russia's position is really not predictable. The same Poland, then the face, then ..., then pulls his hand and teases, but Russia still does not tear, does not hurt.
  12. kagorta
    kagorta 15 March 2018 16: 23
    Shchira Ukrainians, or whatever you, pravoseki and others. This division is for you). The seeds of the Poles are very much wanted to be returned back. They are already preparing).
  13. APASUS
    APASUS 15 March 2018 18: 36
    Jackal of Europe set his sights on dividing Smolensk lands by NATO members?
    The pan itself would not have come under the hand, too much the stakes in the game are getting big.
  14. Beltasir matyagu
    Beltasir matyagu 15 March 2018 20: 28
    Judging by the buildup of forces in the West, they are counting on big riots in Russia.
  15. 320423
    320423 15 March 2018 22: 09
    By the way, we ernish in vain, after 1921, the lands from Rivne to Vilno were left to Poland with 10 million Russians, 120 thousand Red Army soldiers were captured and tortured, by hunger and disease.
    It is clear that they will not attack right now, but only the slightest slack and they will attack.
    And by the way, modern Poland at the constitutional level declares its legacy 2 speeches of the Commonwealth, which also, together with Nazi Germany, torn Czechoslovakia. for me, the same fascists as Hitler
  16. earloop
    earloop 16 March 2018 17: 57
    There is money, let them “create” everything! For "Sasha" - on the drum, how much!