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Harassment of defectors. English version

This has never happened before. "Foggy Albion" again burns, and not a child. Along its shores and villages suddenly wave resonance poisoning. Moreover, they are targeting a very specific public.

Harassment of defectors. English version

In December last year, Berezovsky’s son-in-law, Georgy Schuppe, took it over. He poured unknown yadku in his own mansion in the town of Oxshott. The oligarchic brother-in-law convulsed for a long time for the right to remain on the sinful earth and sin on it further. Long before this “one-way ticket” was written out more successfully by Evon legal father-in-law Boris Berezovsky. And also in his own mansion.

The magnate decided to take a bath, and the planned ablution ended either with poisoning or strangulation. Well, lucky: he left for the next world not with a clear conscience, but at least with pure flesh.

And then, unexpectedly for everyone, being in full health, his partner and accomplice Badri Patarkatsishvili “turned the flippers”. Officially - from a heart attack. In fact - who knows. And even earlier, former FSB colonel Alexander Litvinenko had fallen off into another world, having poisoned himself and everyone and everything around him. The other day english история poisoning replenished with new defendants. Absolutely “in Litvinenkovski”, double-agent Skripal used to cut pizza. Now here is another friend and comrade of Berezovsky, the former Aeroflot bonus Glushkov. And "on the glushnyak", without return. As the Chukchi say, the trend, however ...

In general, to poison all those who are wicked to you is a good old English tradition. Although the desire to quiet, without noise and polonium, to send to the world of another sworn enemies sin all the intelligence agencies of the world. But the British and Israelis in this high art ate a few dog bundles. This persecution is not similar to the “Mossad’s hand”. The Israelis did not have anything personal to these guys, and for the most part, the victims were ethnic Jews of various types of spills - from mountainous to Ashkenazi. This is not klyatyh Arabs bait, and their own! He may be a son of a bitch, but this is our son of a bitch. Then the Americans took the palm from them. They worked on a large scale, not a trifle - the Vietnamese with their “Agent Origins” poured into the jungle by the thousands. And hundreds of thousands of Japanese in Hiroshima were swept away from the face of the earth like a pile of rubbish. But here, it seems, the British took on the old. Their experience is colossal - not like the Yankees. At one time, having started the “opium wars,” the respectable Anglo-Saxons of the whole of China flooded with opium. For the Chinese, this has become not even a genocide, but some sort of lasting nightmare. According to historians, more than hundreds of millions of people in the Middle Kingdom died from an overdose of English heroin. And China itself has been cut out of world politics for more than a hundred years. The British have since enjoyed this business so much that the high art of poisoning, both mass and individual, has developed by leaps and bounds.

Although Skripal is a bit small, of course. Uncle Goebbels, for the sake of the purity of the genre, the whole Reichstag burned. And then he raised the howl to heaven, respectively, and began to extinguish the unwanted. “Merikatos” also came up creatively - two skyscrapers were demolished by airplanes, burying three thousand Negro guards and Mexican cleaners under his remains. The staff of the offices, for the most part consisted of Anglo-Saxons, Jews and all sorts of different Europeans, was not injured - the pilots (or autopilots) were surprisingly punctual and simultaneously crashed into buildings exactly fifteen minutes before the start of the working day. And then - some bald spy retired. Now, if KAMAZ, painted with Russian tricolors from roof to wheels, flew into the building of Buckingham Palace at full speed, and then drove, the terrorist would drive local Chopov people in fur hats across its territory, then stuck a fork with the inscription Made in Penza "Right in the rear facade of the prince himself, that would be yes. After that, you can raise the screech to the skies and sweep away the entire embassy. And so - it is not serious somehow, it is small-scale, not the level of serious intelligence of the world. Well, what is the intelligence - such and provocations.

And all our defectors, before tearing their claws into old, but no longer good England, it would be nice to study not only local legislation (which, for you, expected, but unloved, it will change at any second, as it was done by local puppeteers once offshore, where you also pumped stolen money), but also the morals of the local elite. For example - a brief insight into the history. The idol of the English of all ages and generations was and remains the “magician of the word, the genius of rhetoric,” Mr. Churchill. By the way, the true patriot of his “blessed island bordered by the silver of the seas” (as he called it), unlike you. He did not get tired of repeating: "England has no permanent allies, there are only permanent interests." Including the interests to get their hands on other people's money (which you so kindly provided them). Before the act of “acceptance certificate” in one of the local banks, local gentlemen will show you the manners of a ballroom dance teacher. But immediately "after" substitute your ass for a kiss. And what is almond. Moor did his job, you can score on the Moor. Live, poor - until our interests have changed.

And further. "English Bulldog" for his whole life initiated a lot of wars with different countries and peoples. Especially for you I cite a bundle of his statements regarding other nations (I do not emphasize my nationality specifically):
“Natives need to be poisoned with poison, it makes them fearful”
"These people are cheerful and obedient, but they have something from the cattle"
"Vile people with a vile religion"
"Disproportionate common sense pride of these Eastern Europeans"
"Let the Huns and the Bolsheviks kill each other."

... and lots of others. Absolutely any of these "human-loving" statements, you, gentlemen deserters, can try on yourself. And then all at once. And what makes you think that someone will stand on ceremony with you?

And now - the cherry on the cake. The latest “purely English murders” for all of you, the former oil tycoons, all sorts of “Alligarhs”, Chechen militants, gangsters of all stripes and subspecies, “thieves in retirement”, crooks and rogues are the most unequivocal signal: guys, you are no longer political refugees. Your status has changed. You are now "consumables" - in a large geopolitical game. You are invited to an English lunch not as a guest, but as a dessert dish. It will be necessary - any of you will be brought home the “right pizza”, polonium in porridge, or James Bond’s signature dessert called “mechanical asphyxia.” Simply put - strangle your own cord in your own bath. The formula "Stolen in Russia - screwed to England" now does not work. Works another. “Stole – Sintil – Consumer”. Your money is still interesting to us (and that is not a fact), but you yourself are no longer. You have forgotten who you are - uninvited guests, knights of knives and master keys, monkeys in a tuxedo, genetic trash. But because of what exactly you will begin to be disposed of wholesale or retail - in order to send Russian diplomats, to justify the introduction of new sanctions, to blame Putin and Moscow’s long arm, to raise the issue of annexing Crimea, to disrupt the World Cup, to divert attention the public from mass rape by Pakistani pedophiles of young Englishwomen in Rotherham or because of something else is not important. The reason is always there. You are guilty only that I want to eat. And here Tyapkina-Lyapkina! Where do we have polonium there?

Think, gentlemen, "consumables". The whole background of poisoning appeared before you with cutting distinctness. You live here. Or not here. Or die. Well, it's like someone lucky.
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Igor Moiseev
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  1. Vard
    Vard 17 March 2018 05: 28
    I wanted to go to London ... But now, well, him ... It really hurts ours to die there like flies ...
    1. AID.S
      AID.S 17 March 2018 06: 09
      Quote: Vard
      I wanted to go to London ... But now, well, him ... It really hurts ours to die there like flies ...

      What are ours? laughing
      1. lance
        lance 17 March 2018 06: 26
        there were not only oligarchs, but also lower Russians ...
        1. Tatar 174
          Tatar 174 17 March 2018 08: 27
          Quote: AID.S
          What are ours?

          That's it! But the author chose the following correctly, they write as if about us, although they are about themselves:

          “Natives need to be poisoned with poison, it makes them fearful”
          "These people are cheerful and obedient, but they have something from the cattle"
          "Vile people with a vile religion"

          -So who now has fear, moreover, an animal, who now howls with fear and rushes at everyone ?! That there is even an analogy with the evil bark from the kennel
          -Who has something from livestock, aren't they behaving like bestial? Let them shut up and stand apart from their wolf pack civilization!
          -Third and so it is clear who once introduced the poisoning and murder of entire nations in the rank of state policy? Those who poisoned the North American Indians with plague and poisons are not Africans nor Russians.
 17 March 2018 08: 28
          higher-lower measure only the thickness of the wallet? fool
          well, so the daughter of a non-poor, and that means a higher (?) Russian-Tinkov, ashamed to be Russian request
          here they are, moneybags hi
          and rightly so, whom they transferred and who did it, it’s not important anymore, the traitors are always badly treated! bully
          1. TRex
            TRex 17 March 2018 10: 24
            About Ms. Tinkova and her statements - there should be a separate conversation with dad and his business in Russia ... eating at Russian expense - and you are "ashamed to be Russian."
            Actually, guys, are you aware that this most advertised bank card requires a monthly "service charge" of 800 rubles? I had a friend who used to use such a card with pleasure for a year and a half, until they showed me the bill ... Now it’s scratching turnips - it’s been around half a year and didn’t know that free cheese is only in a mousetrap.
            And with regards to Skripal, the story is muddy ... Maybe the former military comrades conveyed fiery greetings, maybe the London political adventurers "used the dark" ... This is ..... it is not a pity anyway.
            1. svd-xnumx
              svd-xnumx 17 March 2018 20: 16
              Actually, guys, are you aware that this most advertised bank card requires a monthly "service charge" of 800 rubles?
              It was only possible to get profitable as drugs to get down from the beer business in the 90s and 2000s only in a more promising business. It would be foolish to wait for charity and some kind of benefit in dealing with money lenders. Not today so tomorrow Tinkov will “throw” his clients and take him from him to Russia there will be nothing but several offices, ATMs and probably there are none (I personally have not seen more than one)
            2. Okolotochny
              Okolotochny 19 March 2018 23: 45
              Don't you think that Skripal was easier in the zone? Heart attack and that’s it! At the extreme - fell to the pin, and so eight times in a row. No OPC, MI5 and 6, etc.
          2. NordUral
            NordUral 17 March 2018 11: 54
            What daddies, such and offspring. From the thief and scum of princesses and princes will not start. And indeed, the ancestors of almost all the upper ones were once robbers, thieves and stoops. Princes are a beautiful fairy tale.
            1. Alena Frolovna
              Alena Frolovna 17 March 2018 21: 32
              Conversations on Baker Street: 4. Salisbury poisoning.

              - Dear Watson, over the past three months, you have preferred Russian vodka.
              Today I see in your hand a glass of scotch tape. Curious, what motivated this change?
              “You cannot refuse observation, dear Holmes ...”
              - Speaking of whiskey. I think your choice is not very suitable for you. Of course, many of your colleagues in the medical profession also prefer Lafroig ...

              - But ... how did you guess that it was Lafroyg? ..
              “Nothing is easier, my dear friend.” You, as a doctor, usually smell like carbolic acid or menthol, and today you exude a delicate aroma of iodine, which is typical for this brand of scotch tape.
              - Incredible ...
              - Usually, Watson. But you still didn’t explain to me your refusal of vodka ...
              “I have to admit, Holmes, the reason ... uh ... the recent weird incident in Salisbury ...”
              - The case of the poisoning of two Russians in a local park?
              - You already heard ...
              - Still would. Peva was informed about this by our dear Mrs. Hudson, who was addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and other newfangled rubbish in my free time, which I would not have spent a minute, not to mention a few pounds a month.
              - Well, you are too categorical, Holmes ... I myself, I admit, sometimes with enthusiasm I follow a live magazine, for example ...
              “I hope not to the detriment of your patients.” So, dear Watson, you suggested that you can expect anything from treacherous Russians, and so you stopped drinking vodka. But you must admit, this should speak more about your strange phobias than about their monstrous ingenuity. Why should Russians poison more than one hundred fans of their signature drink at once? But in the park only two were poisoned, and not dozens of idle revelers.
              - I admit, Holmes, your arguments are fair ... But what do you think of this crime? Is this really a Russian trace? .. What do you, however, smile at?
              “Watson, buddy, as far as I know, no evidence has yet been presented for this.” And then, do you not know how clumsy guys from Scotland Yard and Mi-6 work?
              “But Madame Prime Minister herself ...”
              - Is this eccentric lady who has a degree in geography and started out as a specialist in other people's money? Watson, you know that my brother Mycroft Holmes is a member of the cabinet, and if I could give you at least a hundredth part of what he tells me about our ministers, you would grab hold of my head, my friend. Well, take, for example, our Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson or the Secretary of Defense ... whatever you like ... Williamson - these are typical psychiatric clients.
              “However, Holmes, if someone hears us ...”
              “None but Mrs. Hudson, who is now talking on Skype with her school friend from Essex.” And the bugs regularly placed here
              Poor Lestrade, I discovered and threw it this morning.
              “But, if not Russians, then who?”
              “Tell me, Watson, what is the benefit of the Russians cleaning up their former secret officer so many years after his escape, and in such a rude and exotic way, and even on the eve of the election of their president?” To collect a new portion of sanctions on your own head and add brushwood to the fire of general irritation against yourself?
              - However...
              “I assure you, my friend, the Russians are not the way our wise men wish to present them.”
              - Perhaps you are right, Holmes, I had to meet some of them in Afghanistan ...
              “And I’m ready to bet that after March 18, when Madame May is informed of the re-election of Vladimir Putin, this whole fake idea will begin to dissipate, like our London fog.” And I'm afraid some heads in the British intelligence services will fly. However, the world, as always, does not know anything about it. So, dear Watson, feel free to continue experimenting with Russian vodka, but remember
              that she needs a serious snack.
              - Of course, Holmes! .. By the way, how do you look at going to Russia for the football championship?
              - Watson, you know that I give preference to noble boxing, and watching how 22 gentlemen and a half hours in a row enthusiastically kick their feet on a leather ball is not a pleasure for me. Although Mrs. Hudson is an ardent fan of our local Chelsea.
              - What are you saying? .. But the team, by the way, is owned by Russian Abramovich ...
              - My dear Watson, you are inimitable! "Russian Abramovich" - it’s worth a lot ...
  2. Dart2027
    Dart2027 17 March 2018 06: 53
    Quote from the drama of Friedrich Schiller "The Conspiracy of Fiesco in Genoa":
    “The Moor has done his work, the Moor may leave”
    Irish proverb:
    “Fear three things: the hooves of a horse, the horns of a bull and the smile of an Englishman”
  3. sib.ataman
    sib.ataman 17 March 2018 07: 29
    You need to study classics! Remember the “Purely English Killing” thriller and detective in one bottle, how one aristocratic family tormented each other with a poison? And the Shakespearean "Richard III" and "Hamlet", where they also do not disdain the core! Which decided that Britain is old and kind? She is effervescent, explosive and extremely poisonous! And whoever has very, very tight brains, let’s say in Lepsian style, having rolled a couple of glasses, I’ll leave to live in London!
  4. alex-cn
    alex-cn 17 March 2018 07: 46
    Interesting, but why, only in England? I had not thought about this before. Or is it also in other countries, but not advertised? Enlighten who knows.
  5. Ravik
    Ravik 17 March 2018 08: 06
    “We will never agree with you, my darling: you only think about the benefits of England, but for me,
    if this island goes to the bottom of the sea today, I will not whine. ”

    Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov
  6. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 17 March 2018 08: 41
    Well poison and well? Only now, who is poisoning? What really, it is impossible to steal anyone from the "island" of those who know and interrogate, so to speak, with partiality?
    1. Danash I
      Danash I 17 March 2018 09: 19
      It seems to me that someone sighed and did not send you an SMS "ACCEPTED FOR PERFORMANCE"
  7. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 17 March 2018 09: 51
    Money loves silence in England, as subsequently their owners.
  8. Megamarcel
    Megamarcel 17 March 2018 10: 37
    They get rid of witnesses, yes, plus they save the budget, and plus they raise high-wai against Moscow. To crash a defector is for them just like a holy thing to do.)
    1. lance
      lance 17 March 2018 11: 00
      correctly, you need to get somewhere around 520 billion euros for Brexit without prejudice to the economy.
  9. Bogranz
    Bogranz 17 March 2018 12: 23
    The whole Western world is a big "Maidan": on it they always give for the slaughter of strangers starting from Nigonyan, continuing such as various "creaked"
  10. alex86
    alex86 17 March 2018 20: 43
    The article is fancy, it’s simpler to be, do not create unnecessary entities on the Occam’s razor: the most obvious - you’ve banged yourselves (all of you, including the author, are convinced and support this - what’s your soul), you have punished the traitor ("Where I like it, he says, I’ll find and cut the throat “Gentlemen of Fortune”) without regard to the consequences - look at Lugovoi - such an audience is not burdened with a special analytical mind. If it’s more complicated - an aggravation of the situation before the elections was deliberately created — we were “attacked” in response, this will raise Putin’s rating. Even more difficult - England will hit all the money Russians, some of them will squeeze out of the country, some will light up (officials and their children) and eventually they will leave England - some, of course, will not return to their homeland, but also to Latvia, for example started to run over (Americans).
  11. Cap.nemo58rus
    Cap.nemo58rus 17 March 2018 20: 52
    Rodchenkov, probably, is also on treason. And suddenly me ... with rat poison!
  12. Radikal
    Radikal 17 March 2018 21: 52
    And now - a cherry on the cake. The latest “purely English murders” for all of you, former oil tycoons, all kinds of “alligarchs”, Chechen fighters, bandits of all stripes and subspecies, “thieves in retirement”, crooks and crooks
    I would not list long, but would put it more concisely: for you - representatives of the Russian "elite" ... wassat
  13. VIN34
    VIN34 17 March 2018 23: 33
    Here they probably did not consider such a version ...)))
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 21 March 2018 09: 27
      Quote: VIN34
      Here they probably did not consider such a version ...)))

      Tin ... And if instead of her slender beauty stood - sweet death? bully
  14. DooM_DozeR
    DooM_DozeR 18 March 2018 02: 43
    Correct "asphyxiation" to "asphyxia" - the eye hurts.
  15. vladimirasha
    vladimirasha 20 March 2018 12: 48
    Something the Englishwoman was late with the persecution of rats. They hoped to increase their wealth there. Yes, they can’t read the press and they didn’t teach history at school.
  16. Old warrior
    Old warrior 21 March 2018 09: 38
    To dogs, dog death. But why so fearful? No need to be shy of justice. Let all this shushera know - it’s too early to send ice axes to retire.
  17. yurii p
    yurii p 21 March 2018 21: 17
    and that they pity them, the worked out material, can be put into the furnace for anti-Russian hysteria.
  18. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 23 March 2018 16: 18
    Harassment of defectors. English version

    Great Britain has always been able to get rid of already used agents in its favor either with poison or with the wrong hands since the Middle Ages, in order to arrange some kind of war when it is necessary to somehow replenish the impoverished treasury or strengthen its influence ...!