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Vasily Nebenzya: US Permanent Representative to the UN - "Experienced Chemist"

During the meeting of the UN Security Council, convened at the initiative of Britain, US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley declared Washington’s solidarity with London in relation to the “chemical attack” in the British capital. Haley said that the United States "believes in being involved in this Russian attack." Recall that we are talking about the poisoning of a former officer of the GRU (defector), Sergei Skripal and his daughter.

Vasily Nebenzya, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Security Council, commented on the statement of Ms. Haley (quote RIA News):
We live in a special time (...) There is a process of substituting the presumption of innocence for the presumption of guilt ... Today, Ambassador Haley, as an experienced chemist, an expert in the field of chemistry, declared crimes in Russia. We have known for a long time that you do not need any investigations to establish the perpetrators.

Vasily Nebenzya: US Permanent Representative to the UN - "Experienced Chemist"

The phrase “expert in the field of chemistry” in relation to an American official looks like a diagnosis for the entire foreign policy of the American-British geopolitical couple, since “chemistry” has long been the main focus of their activities and may well be considered synonymous with provocations throughout the world.

Vasily Nebenzia noted that Russia has nothing to do with Slippery poisoning and once again demanded that London provide materials to become familiar with the investigation. Also in Russian diplomatic circles noted the strangeness: Russian defectors are strangely poisoned exclusively on British territory ...
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  1. Vard
    Vard 15 March 2018 05: 47
    It seems she also understands sexually transmitted diseases ... A woman with reduced social responsibility ...
    1. Kondratko
      Kondratko 15 March 2018 05: 59
      In my opinion, such provocations need to be answered only by breaking the dip. relationship !!!
      Zadolbala war from abroad from this burning garbage dump, with their escalation of hysteria against our country and its demonization, they will achieve that one day it (the western garbage dump) really burns with fire. Playing with matches, you can get quite a toy fire in your own home. It seems that lately some young people want to kindle a war in Europe with our participation, but they still don’t understand that with the development of current weapons planet Earth may be the size of a sheepskin and in reality it will be impossible for anyone to escape from it. ..
      1. olefoks
        olefoks 15 March 2018 06: 38
        They want to rekindle war and surrender right there
        1. Serge Gorely
          Serge Gorely 15 March 2018 06: 55
          Quote: olefox
          They want to rekindle war and surrender right there

          Come on? Infa 100%?
          1. For example
            For example 15 March 2018 07: 41
            Nehru justified: "Russia has nothing to do with the attack ..."
            Need to press English speakers.
            To say that on the territory of their country an attempt was made on an citizen of Russia. That the British are guilty of this attempt, since this attempt took place among them. And let them prove that it’s not them. Let them investigate and present evidence that it is not they.
            Demand an investigation from England. Sanctions impose. Close for English goods the Russian market at least.
            And everywhere to say that they are scum and cannot ensure the safety of citizens on their territory. That they have arbitrariness and chemical terror in the country.

            One word - scum.
            1. Tatyana
              Tatyana 15 March 2018 09: 45
              Interestingly, in the case of Skripal's poisoning in London, the name of the Russian dissident scientist Vil Mirzoyanov appears, who turned 9 on March 2018 on March 83.

              Wil Mirzoyanov is Rodchinkov No. 2. It was he - Mirzayanov - who became the chap. informant about the "Novice" in foreign media.
              It is INTERESTING that Wil Mirzayaov is not just a disgraced Russian scientist from Bashkiria who has been living in the United States since 1996 and still has a deep political separatist TATAR trail.

              On the one hand, according to Russian dissident Mirzoyanov, it was he who allegedly developed “Novichka” - a poison that allegedly poisoned the 66-year-old former Russian military intelligence officer and his daughter. With this knowledge about OB, allegedly as an author, he ended up in the USA from 1996 of the year!
              At the same time, Mirzayanov is really a chemist by education. Since 1965 he is a candidate. Chem. Sciences, and with 1985 year doctor. sciences and professor.
              Mirzayanov also really worked with 1965. research fellow at the State Union Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology (GosNIIHT). There he was engaged in the development of methods for physicochemical analysis of chemical poisons. His last position at GosNIIHT is the head of the department for counteracting technical intelligence of foreign countries.
              Since 1992, Mirzayanov’s life has changed dramatically. In September 1992 in Moscow News, Mirzayanov’s article “Poisoned Politics” was published, in which he sharply criticized the Russian military-industrial complex, and also accused the Russian Federation of non-compliance with its international obligations to stop the production of chemical weapons. In this regard, Mirzayanov was accused of divulging the state. secrets (Article 75, part 1 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR). He was arrested twice: in October 1992 and in January 1994. And twice he was also released: in November 1992 of the year and in February 1994 of the year.
              HOWEVER acting The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Alexei Ilyushenko issued the FINAL resolution to terminate the criminal case “in connection with the absence of corpus delicti in Mirzayanov’s actions”.

              Now the "inventor" of the poisonous substance 83-year-old Mirzoyanov admits that subsequently he and his family allegedly had no place in Russia. And that allegedly “therefore” he was invited to the United States in 1996, where Mirzayanov worked at Princeton University, then at the Radcliffe Institute.

              And on the other hand, about Mirzayanov an interesting OTHER comes up interesting!
              Killer poison developer calls himself president of “independent Tatarstan in exile”
              Vil Mirzayanov notes that he is Tatar and proud of it. What else in Russia after the decision to terminate his criminal case, he was engaged in oppositional political activities. That he, a chemist, became the chairman of the organizing committee of the Tatar People’s Party, which was part of the Federal Democratic Movement of Russia. That he was vice president of the All-Tatar Public Center and a member of the Tatar Milli Majlis.
              He also calls himself the president of "independent Tatarstan in exile."
              And in 2003, Mirzayanov came to Kazan, where he was very warmly received.

              See Poisoning Ex-GRU Officer in Britain (229)
            2. keeper03
              keeper03 15 March 2018 12: 52
              Your words to the president in the ears !!! hi good
      2. watchmaker
        watchmaker 15 March 2018 13: 25
        the winner is the one who has a button that will make other buttons not work, otherwise why all this, for the sake of hegemony or opposition to it, you need to destroy planet Earth? I hope that they come up with something that can reset the nuclear buttons in time, and I really hope that this tool will be the first to appear in the country with common sense, until today such a country is Russia, the Russians!
    2. Finches
      Finches 15 March 2018 06: 02
      Since the time of Powell and his test tubes, Americans have a weakness for chemistry ... laughing Hedgehog it is clear that the Anglo-Saxons wanted to spoil our World Cup and primitive Skripal in order to inflate the universal scandal! Now all the ... prisoners will vote, although, at the UN Security Council, it was clear that even a Frenchwoman listening to the English was laughing in her fist realizing the absurdity of unfounded accusations! By the way, a good signal to all the escaped liberals and traitors - in Mordovia or in the Kolyma, is much safer, plus working in the fresh air is much more beneficial for your health than hanging out in the fogs of Albion! laughing
      1. New Year day
        New Year day 15 March 2018 13: 41
        Quote: Finches
        Since the time of Powell and his test tubes, Americans have a weakness for chemistry ..

        that's just the answers of Russia do not suit them
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 15 March 2018 06: 14
      The usual spring exacerbation. This happens twice a year. By the summer will pass.
      With the expulsion of diplomats, even in full force, it was already. But to recommend that members of the royal family not go to Russia to watch football, this is completely new. We won’t survive this!lol
      1. Romario_Argo
        Romario_Argo 15 March 2018 06: 53
        Russian defectors strangely etched exclusively on British territory

        The US CIA is replaying, this is becoming not only a tradition, but also their brand (!)
      2. Serge Gorely
        Serge Gorely 15 March 2018 07: 00
        Quote: siberalt
        The usual spring exacerbation. This happens twice a year. By the summer will pass.
        With the expulsion of diplomats, even in full force, it was already. But to recommend that members of the royal family not go to Russia to watch football, this is completely new. We won’t survive this!lol
        Honestly, our Duma, in response to the sanctions, is high time to pass a law on the undesirability of rotten royal family visits to Russia
    4. sgazeev
      sgazeev 15 March 2018 12: 30
      Quote: Vard
      It seems she also understands sexually transmitted diseases ... A woman with reduced social responsibility ...

      This stupid turkey worked in a daddy company in landfills in India. Naturally she was chemical and gained experience in defending the bachelor's title in garbage cans. laughing
  2. andrewkor
    andrewkor 15 March 2018 05: 49
    Churkin is not on them, the kingdom to him is heavenly and eternal memory!
    1. Alex-a832
      Alex-a832 15 March 2018 06: 40
      Nebenzya at this meeting quite competently jabbed the nose of the arrogant Saxons in their own kaku. It is in the style of Churkin, bright memory to him.
      1. Metallurg_2
        Metallurg_2 15 March 2018 06: 47
        And Safronkov would have done better. Where did Vovan go?
        1. Hagalaz
          Hagalaz 15 March 2018 07: 37
          Safronkov while on the bench. Hold up to tougher contractions smile .
      2. zhekazs
        zhekazs 15 March 2018 11: 23
        Vasily is growing old, nothing will grow up to Churkin. And he normally gave the Anglo-Saxons at the meeting, calling Amersotka a chemist. Such a breezy goat-teresa ...
  3. Streletskos
    Streletskos 15 March 2018 05: 57
    "chemist" and "chemistry" are defined a little differently
    in prison jokes
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 15 March 2018 06: 01
    He is not a defector, but a traitor exposed and exchanged ... By the way, a strange reluctance to figure out the real circumstances of the case leads to bad assumptions. That it’s not only a provocation that has adapted itself “to the situation” with poisoning. The poisoning itself is cartoonish. They worked with such a dangerous substance - it is not clear how ... And who.
    1. demo
      demo 15 March 2018 06: 12
      So there is no substance!
      No transferred samples!
      There is just a bunch of phrases and words!
      To work with such a substance, it is necessary to carry out a very complex operation.
      It’s like if you want to kill one ant, pour a bucket of boiling water into the anthill. Many will die around.
      We are offered to diagnose the disease, its occurrence, in the absence of the patient. And how to do this in practice?

      Just the American-English "experts" could not find another option. They have unhealthy craving for allegations of weapons of mass destruction. Since the time of Saddam Hussein.
  5. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 15 March 2018 06: 03
    etched solely on British territory ...

    . Even the dog to the master's yard. Dying always comes.
    S. Yesenin
    1. Metallurg_2
      Metallurg_2 15 March 2018 06: 48
      Yeah, even Berezovsky asked for his homeland, but somehow unsuccessfully went to the bathhouse ...
  6. lance
    lance 15 March 2018 06: 08
    It seems that so many toxic substances have accumulated in Britain and the USA that they don’t know where to push them.
  7. savage1976
    savage1976 15 March 2018 06: 08
    She (chemical substance) probably determined to taste the tooth. In general, it would be good for the Foreign Ministry and special services to take the practice of blaming the State Department and the British authorities for all the mortal sins committed by American and British subjects in Russia. Caught a drug dealer - the State Department and the British Queen are selling drugs in Russia, caught on a girl with low social responsibility - illegal entrepreneurship, propaganda of traditional relations (it will be horrible for them), etc. and to blame not the specific violator, but the authorities of our partners, they will have to make excuses and there will be no time for slander against us.
  8. Strashila
    Strashila 15 March 2018 06: 13
    "Also in Russian diplomatic circles, they noted a strange thing: Russian defectors strangely poisoned exclusively on British territory ..." ... in fact, they are used as experimental rabbits. If you carefully and thoughtfully approach the events, then in fact the British are working out terrorist methods of using weapons of mass destruction against local targets, and such a goal can be a child care institution or a public person, there are many variations ... in the case of Litvinenko, the isotopic / nuclear dirty was used in a closed in a public place, in today's chemical, it’s not yet clearly established whether a cemetery or a restaurant ... such benefits for terrorists ... where and how, the consequences and speed of their detection by the authorities.
  9. sxfRipper
    sxfRipper 15 March 2018 06: 38
    Russian defectors strangely etched exclusively on British territory
    Duc classic - Englishwoman crap! ©
  10. cedar
    cedar 15 March 2018 06: 40
    Chemists are "chemists" in full without regard to laws and treaties, no shame, no conscience, instead of these moral monsters the penis and vagina.
    Apparently, the Anglo-Saxons tore off the anchor. In a hurry. Time works for Russia and against these freaks.
  11. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 March 2018 06: 41
    Ambassador Haley as an experienced chemist ...
    Well done, well forged an aggressive American. But the fact that the Anglo-Saxons are experienced "chemists" in political provocations is for sure. It was worth yapping the Englishwoman, and undoubtedly from the submission of the United States, as soon as the most "democratic and philanthropic" in a single rush picked it up.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. K-50
    K-50 15 March 2018 06: 47
    Russian defectors strangely poisoned exclusively on British territory ...

    Campaign freedom etched. what
    1. emwave
      emwave 15 March 2018 20: 15
      How bitter the air of freedom ... I don’t feel like living.
  13. nikolaev
    nikolaev 15 March 2018 06: 48
    Haley stubbornly believes that Russia is taking part in chemical attacks organized by the United States. It seems she is dreaming of such cooperation, and her verbal fantasies are just reservations, as they say, in Freud (-a little fool)
  14. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 15 March 2018 06: 50
    It's time to publicly declare: "These are our traitors and only we have the right to send them to the next world."
  15. Pingo
    Pingo 15 March 2018 07: 20
    Here is her right to veto and deprive, let him go on with chemistry.
  16. rocket757
    rocket757 15 March 2018 10: 04
    Just a spring exacerbation, we don’t care about it anyway, besides the aggravation itself will go away or inject something soothing .... however, I can advise cyanide for the final t.s. reassurance!
  17. Leshy174
    Leshy174 15 March 2018 10: 10
    As always we’ll kill ourselves and do nothing
  18. Kostadinov
    Kostadinov 15 March 2018 11: 04
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    The poisoning itself is cartoonish.

    There is a big doubt that some kind of poisoning was beating. Everything is secret there. "Poisoning" two and they are isolation from the outside world. With them in contact is very limited circle of people. There is no serial investigation and will not be, and the British do not need it. They have already decided to try Russia and depend on the Russian answer how far they will go.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 15 March 2018 12: 19
      They themselves can go where Makar did not drive calves .... however, it will not be superfluous to send them to a specific address !!! Et in our opinion, as barbarians should! I'm all for it!
  19. emwave
    emwave 15 March 2018 20: 13
    I watched the speeches at the UN Security Council - as a lord from the Netherlands swore allegiance to the United Kingdom, it’s horrible. Fuh, the partners didn’t have any mind at all - just reading compiled texts on pieces of paper ..