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Syrian tankers are experiencing a lack of "reactive armor"

Active combat unfolding in the SAR showed that tank Syrian army units are in urgent need of dynamic defense systems or, as they are also called, "reactive armor," writes Messenger of Mordovia.

Syrian tankers are experiencing a lack of "reactive armor"

“If the most elite units, for example, the 4 tank division, have a well-developed repair base that allows them to independently upgrade their armored vehicles, then the remaining units and formations have significant problems,” says Dmitry Lemeshko.

Therefore, the old T-72М1 with hastily welded grilles, behind which are laid sandbags, appear on the battlefield. But such protection, according to the author, can cover up, "only from very ancient rocket grenades." Whereas the militants, thanks to supplies from Bulgaria, are armed with tandem ammunition with improved defeat capabilities.

According to observers, there is a great risk of increasing losses in both technology and personnel.

“Of course, battles in Eastern Gute are of great importance, but even after them armies and trained crews will still be useful to the army. Therefore, it is necessary to mobilize all the remaining power and more thoroughly modify the existing armored vehicles, the author concludes.
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  1. Leeds
    Leeds 14 March 2018 14: 27
    As you know, dynamic protection easily flies when driving in urban areas and ruins, where the main hostilities have now moved. It is necessary to fit.
    1. Dead duck
      Dead duck 14 March 2018 15: 15
      Quote: Leeds
      Need to fit.

      How long will it last? ...
      they never especially stood on ceremony with a "hitch" ... everything that was possible from the tank fell off of them.
      although they know very well (?) that without some little things it will be tight.
      "East is a delicate matter" request
    2. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 14 March 2018 15: 39
      Quote: Leeds
      . Need to fit.

      Taki need.
    3. RASKAT
      RASKAT 14 March 2018 16: 52
      Well, it is possible to establish the production of its DZ type Contact 5 in artisanal conditions. Two metal plates between them. Plastid. Box of tin. Well no plastid in Syria can supply a couple of tons.
      In Syria, the first problem is common sense. Perhaps from a lack of experience. Watch a video of some sort of assault, so everything is completely without bulletproof vests and helmets. If here the state or command cannot reach such an elementary level, what can we say about remote sensing for armored vehicles.
  2. Andrey K
    Andrey K 14 March 2018 14: 27
    ... Syrian tankers are deficient in "reactive armor" ...

    For seven years of carnage from technology, all the “boxes” have taken down. No wonder.
    It was reported that ours supplied kits for the modernization of the existing CAA tank fleet.
  3. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 14 March 2018 14: 28
    But this is sad. Prepare an intelligent tank crew - for a long time. And the feeling of security with dynamic armor gives the crew both strength and confidence.
  4. Ushly_bashkort
    Ushly_bashkort 14 March 2018 14: 49
    Their technique looks purely Mad Max or Kin-Dza-Dza!
    1. cats
      cats 14 March 2018 15: 22
      Quote: Ushly_bashkort
      Their technique looks purely Mad Max or Kin-Dza-Dza!

      So these are real, battle tanks .. And not a cinematic abrashka who didn’t smell gunpowder.
      1. Ushly_bashkort
        Ushly_bashkort 14 March 2018 15: 36
        There is no doubt, that means they can keep the equipment on the go for so long, despite constant participation in the battles. There, one strongest and, apparently, very generous army of the continent throws tanks into the field at the slightest breakdown.
  5. gukoyan
    gukoyan 14 March 2018 14: 52
    The war ... What else to say ... Resources are scarce, soldiers are scarce, I'm generally surprised that the Syrian fighters have not yet fled who and where ...
    1. Graz
      Graz 14 March 2018 15: 20
      Well, whoever wanted to, I think everyone fell down, there were those who want to live on these lands, and therefore they are fighting
  6. Hey
    Hey 14 March 2018 14: 57
    There is some solution to this problem.
    Syrians need to send a delegation to the DPR. They have manufacturing facilities for the manufacture of this protection. Excess funds for the DNI will not hurt. And it will probably be cheaper than in Russia. Well, delivery is organized by Russia. Export through Taganrog.
  7. Firework
    Firework 14 March 2018 15: 29
    Whereas the militants, thanks to supplies from Bulgaria, are armed with tandem ammunition with improved destruction capabilities
    and this is from the fraternal Slavic people?
    1. Bronevick
      Bronevick 14 March 2018 15: 35
      As they say, we have no allies. Only the army, navy, winter and Russia Today.
    APASUS 14 March 2018 18: 54
    In fact, it is necessary to supply equipment for the production of dynamic armor. Organizing production on site is easier than carrying across three seas ...........
  9. Sukhoi
    Sukhoi 14 March 2018 19: 45
    Does it seem to me, or is the tank missing a piece of goose on the photo?
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 14 March 2018 22: 26
      It seems yes, not enough. But he is going!
  10. sabakina
    sabakina 14 March 2018 22: 24
    Therefore, the old T-72M1 appears on the battlefield with hastily welded grates, behind which they lay sandbags. But such protection, according to the author, can cover "only from very ancient rocket-propelled grenades."
    And if instead of sand we allow cobblestones?
  11. Jora 2
    Jora 2 15 March 2018 04: 54
    From a tandem shot and reactive armor will not help.