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Fiends on the Black Sea. Little-known crimes of the Nazis in the area of ​​Novorossiysk. Part of 7

In the previous parts, the author tried to systematically systematize hell, however, I could not abstract from emotions, as lawyers do. Billions of times more difficult work was done by Major General Ion Nikitchenko and Colonel Alexander Volchkov, who represented the accusation from the USSR at the Nuremberg Tribunal. And I’m not talking about the volume of evidence and testimony (simply incomparable), but that justice most often does not accept emotions - only dead wood of built-up facts that are necessary for a scoundrel who you want to just strangle with a guitar string in your heart is just punished.

Very often, for the need to build this very dead of facts, to systematize them, in order to try to present to the public the edge of hell that requires condemnation, you miss its content. That is, the daily state of the underworld, which disfigured people by hiding behind seemingly particular instances of military reality. Sometimes these are cases of this kind that are not subject to serious punishment. Well, who, tell me, after a big bloodbath will punish the stolen chicken, even though it was the last? Or, for example, for beating a woman to an unconscious state? Even their sometimes throw backhand - easily got off. Who will be responsible for the tested horror of being in the "new European order" when you go out and see the gallows with decaying corpses every day?

Fiends on the Black Sea. Little-known crimes of the Nazis in the area of ​​Novorossiysk. Part of 7

Burning Novorossiysk bird's-eye view

It’s not worth talking about single murders that will be written off to the reality of war. Or executions of partisans (and sometimes allegedly partisans, since there is no logic of survival in hell) and the Red Army men and Red Navy will be very concerned about someone other than those who have seen it? It is doubtful. After all, time passes. And for us, who idly sticks around shopping malls with some coffee in a cup and a fan of discount cards in their pockets, is it so easy to understand that reality (if at all possible)? But let's try to imagine the everyday life of the occupied city that does not fit into the systematics of crimes.

Separately for those who ask a logical question why the population did not run - I will explain. First, in the city there were mostly women, elderly men, very old and old women, as well as children. To overcome the rocky mountainous rugged terrain to these categories of citizens is at least very difficult.

Secondly, despite the burning desire of the Nazis to clear the city of the population, this does not mean that they were ready to close their eyes to the departure of people from the city. The word “cleansing” was understood by the Nazis as either physical extermination or forced eviction with hijacking as slaves.

Thirdly, any citizen, be it a man, a woman, an old man or a child, caught in a mountain wooded suburban area, was considered as partisan. He was either shot on the spot without question, what else, no matter how cynical it might sound, was not the worst outcome, or he was tortured and his identity was found out. If it was possible to identify the caught Novorossiysk, the execution or the gallows was waiting not only for him, but for all his relatives without exception. Such cases in the archival documents reflected a lot.

One of the obligatory attributes of the Novorossiysk landscape during the Nazi occupation was the gallows. The unfortunate hanged occupiers, on pain of execution, were barred from shooting. Day after day, women, children and old people had to pass by them, looking at what they might expect in the near future, because the Germans and their accomplices did not make any gender or age differences.

Destroyed decorative turrets, once decorated the entrance to the park, during the war the Germans "decorated" it differently

Residents of Novorossiysk Euphrosyne Feodorovna Babicheva (ul. Gubernskogo, 9) and Anna Sergeyevna Tkachenko (street of the Paris Commune, 1) testified that on various streets of the city were hung the gallows who did not have time to go empty. Especially the whole gallery of the hanged men, which the Nazis staged in the Lenin's garden, crashed into the memory of women.

The Germans “decorated” not only the city itself, but also its suburbs with gallows. Tatiana V. Kalinina, a school teacher at the state farm Myskhako, testifies:

“... the Germans gathered the population of the state farm into the garden of the village, and right there in front of the assembled people built the gallows, then surrounded the population with machine gunners. A German officer, whose name is unknown to me, went out to the circle of those who had gathered and began to read lists of driven people, seeking to indicate which of those named was a Communist. Not having achieved anything, the officer finished the interrogation. Immediately, three Romanian soldiers, pushing with their butts, drove two Russian sailors. Both were hanged. The corpses for 10 days were forbidden to shoot on pain of execution. A few days before the landing, the Germans often brought residents shot and hung them. ”

The cozy and serene shore of Myskhako became fatal during the war

The absence of any morality, worse, even the absence of a purpose for which they use inhuman cruelty and violence, no matter how terrible this goal may be, can drive you crazy. Life turns not just into waiting for death, but into torment in anticipation of a no less painful death. Here they are - the routine of the German occupation.

Citizen Tkachenko testifies (initials are illegible, perhaps the same name of the witness already familiar to the reader or herself):

“... In July, a German and a Cossack came to my apartment, and they started asking me about the partisans. I didn't tell them anything. They cut my lips in four places, tied my hands and threw me away, because of the pain I lost consciousness. And when I woke up, they were no longer around me ... "

Testifies Novorossiysk citizen Petrykin Y.I .:

“I was for an unknown reason arrested by the police and I was held only one day. 1 September 1943 brought me to the basement, and I realized that I was being shot. The policemen were taken to execution: Krivenko, Yemtsev and Maureen. As soon as I entered the basement, Krivenko fired a shot at me, a bullet hit me in the ear, I immediately fell. Yemtsev told Krivenko that I was still alive, then Krivenko shot again and hit me in the neck. Consciousness, I have not lost and decided to pretend to be dead. I was searched and a meter and a half ottyanul away. They decided that I was dead. They brought one woman and a man, whose names I do not know, and immediately shot them. They were piled on me and the three of us were covered with tin sheets. From the basement, since he was not guarded, I fled at night. ”

Eyewitnesses Lidia Vasilyevna Getman and Antonina Vasilyevna Voskoboinikova, both residents of Novorossiysk, said:

“In February 1943 of the year along the Griboyedov street, the Germans shot ten Novorossiysk residents. The provocative shot of a German soldier at a chicken wandering along the street served as a pretext for execution. Among those shot were Ziletsky Stepan Antonovich 60 years, Gordeyev about 70 years, Solovyov - father and his 15-year-old son ... "

Praskovya Danilovna Gorodetskaya 53 years witnessed, in my opinion, indicative evidence of the complete contempt of the soldiers of the "new Europe" of any truly human feelings. Praskovya’s houses were led by several people who had been hijacked into the Reich. One of the women from grief constantly crying and grabbing stones from the ground to kiss them goodbye to their beloved city and homeland. Having noticed this so human manifestation of the feeling of love, the officer shot her on the spot.

The most interesting architecture of the theater building before the war and after

Interestingly, these facts were familiar to our glamorous paratrooper Bondarchuk (the youngest, naturally), when he was filming his hack, hiding behind the glorious name of "Stalingrad"? Or is the episode of the Hitler’s tender love for a Soviet citizen with the face of a modern top model in the initial stage of anorexia just a “creative” vision of the director? Or maybe it’s worth wiping out the real facts so that any man in the street won't cry out that we are kindling something with our own memory or offering to bomb someone? Questions are rhetorical, but they need to be asked. And remember the past is necessary.

The final touch to the portrait of the everyday "life" of the occupied Novorossiysk will be история one more shot. The shooting, which directly says that in the hell of Nazism, the hope of survival is stupid, because in this place only one hope can live - to preserve their own dignity. So, Feona Ivanovna Gavozda (Moskovskaya St., 9) became an eyewitness, as in one of the occupational days during the next round-up the Germans broke into the apartment next to her. There lived the intimidated, and therefore absolutely loyal to the new order, Nikolay Oleinik (non-partisan, which is especially noted in the archival data), an old weak person in everything pleasing the invaders. Despite all these facts, indisputably known to the German commandant's office, the Nazis first beat a screaming old man half to death, and later shot him dead. Draw your own conclusions.

To be continued ...
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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 19 March 2018 07: 48
    As someone wrote under the nickname “Gopnik”, Bolshevism is the plague of “ISIS-20th Century .. .. And the Germans, judging by the above facts, were orderlies, treated with traditional" democratic "methods, executions ...
  2. Fox
    Fox 19 March 2018 07: 57
    none of my relatives was in the occupation ... but I remember the uncle-tankman who reached Berlin ... how they wrapped the Germans on the tracks, it becomes easier for me personally ... and all this was done by civilized people ... no words. .
    as one of my pioneers said, I would meet Kolya-s-Urengoy, I would nail in place.
  3. Amurets
    Amurets 19 March 2018 08: 53
    Or maybe it’s generally worth wiping the real facts so that some man in the street does not cry out that we are fomenting something with our own memory or suggest we bomb someone? These are rhetorical questions, but they must be asked. And remembering the past is simply necessary.
    Or he can tell more about how you describe the author or how O.I. Kazarinov, in his book Unknown Faces of War "Immediately after the Second World War, in 1949, when, it would seem, the mourning for the dead was not yet lifted, when the world lay in ruins, the French general Chassen lamented that wars were not able to stop the population growth : “The world's population continues to grow in very alarming proportions, and war has until now been a bad means of destroying people.” As an example, Chassen cites the following: “If the Russians could lose in the lightning war that we are now considering, we are considering, 30 million people, then they would have left another 150 million people, and in a dozen years they would have restored their previous level of population. ”The Russians, by the way, lost 30 million, which the French general could not have known about. (He could only dream about it.) The losses of the Soviet Union turned out to be so terrible that they were kept in the strictest secret. It was right. Otherwise, knowing about the true state of affairs, the "hawks" with a light heart would have brought zero to the "planned" victims. I remember that Mao Zedong said at about the same time: "If 300 or even 500 million people die during the war, then there is nothing to worry about."
    What do you want to do with me, but I can’t call such people normal!
    Little of. Chassin thought strategically. Looking at the mountains of smoking debris left over from the Douglas porthole, he dreamed that “it would be extremely interesting to find a military way that would destroy the population without touching buildings ...”
    And this is the forerunner of the neutron bomb. If wars are inevitable, then let people perish, and the good accumulated over the centuries remain unharmed. And the winner goes. A very clean, high moral weapon is the cannibal's dream. "
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 19 March 2018 08: 56
      Chassin. The first time I've heard. Can you give more details?
      1. Amurets
        Amurets 19 March 2018 09: 12
        Quote: Mordvin 3
        Chassin. The first time I've heard. Can you give more details?

        I know little about the general himself, but he is mentioned in the book History of War Losses
        Author: Urlanis Boris Caesarevich and Oleg Kazarinov - Unknown faces of the war.
        And here is the link:
        The French military historian General Chassin called the development of the operation to destroy the oil industry of the Soviet Transcaucasia a "grandiose plan."
        What motives did the leaders of the Anglo-French coalition follow when planning a military attack on the Soviet Union? If, during the Soviet-Finnish war, under the pretext of helping the little freedom-loving people of Finland in their struggle against Soviet aggression, French and English strategists wanted to cut off the supply of German Swedish ore and distribute military action with the bosses on the new theater of operations, the end of the "winter war" deprived the governments of Paris and London of a "noble" motive for helping Finland. At the same time, the attention of the general staffs of France and England was increasingly focused on the preparation of air operations in the Caucasus. The task of destroying the oil producing and oil refining industry of Russia was put to the forefront and thereby depriving Germany of the supply of Soviet fuel. "
  4. XII Legion
    XII Legion 19 March 2018 09: 33
    The picture of crimes is revealed wider
    We look forward to continuing
    1. Huumi
      Huumi 19 March 2018 21: 21
      what’s there to wait for: on the Internet, for what Soviet people fought- "there isn’t enough evidence here from Nyunberg, there’s not enough pages 10 to read something that is written here so-so mercy ... Merciful death. On the Internet there is this book-Check out-I could not read for a long time-the tower demolishes
      1. Grim Reaper
        Grim Reaper 20 March 2018 16: 22
        Quote: Huumi
        what’s there to wait for: on the Internet, for what Soviet people fought- "there isn’t enough evidence here from Nyunberg, there’s not enough pages 10 to read something that is written here so-so mercy ... Merciful death. On the Internet there is this book-Check out-I could not read for a long time-the tower demolishes

        Really creepy book. It is also terrible because it is not fiction, but documentary facts confirmed by a huge number of references.
  5. antivirus
    antivirus 19 March 2018 10: 47
    everything is normal, it’s impossible to remember and stay in your right mind. Koli grew up naturally