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Capitol Hill Raiders


What we call chaos is patterns that we cannot recognize.

Here is the opinion of Chinese General Qiao Liang on the striking patterns of geopolitics of the late XX - early XXI centuries. and associated economic shocks for the whole world. No unnecessary conspiracy and complex concepts. All that the Chinese general says is well-known facts, from which the simplest (and such obvious!) Conclusions follow.

The cornerstone of the newest stories became “Nixon's Shock” (1971) - the one-sided refusal of the United States to peg to the gold of the dollar. From that moment on, America became a financial superpower and began to plunder the world through the dollar.

You say you heard this story a million times. But who noticed how the “robbery”? In silence, behind closed doors of banks? Why no one hears, and begins to notice the consequences, only when the money once again flowed to the United States?

The Americans are robbing under the deafening roar of wars and economic crises.

A full cycle takes about 12 years. The first decade is accompanied by a weakening of the dollar, when the countries of the “first world” are actively investing in developing economies. Then the US currency sharply increases. The countries that experienced rapid development are plunged into an economic crisis, which is accompanied “in time” by the outbreak of war. Money and investors, in fear, flee from the depressed region to the US, where the Americans are buying up all the assets at the expense of a stronger dollar.

The cycle is complete, you can start again. 10 is ahead of years of a weak dollar.

For the first time this method was tested in Latin America. In the 1970s, there was a significant upturn in the economies of countries in this region. For decades, political stability, coupled with the active involvement of Western capital, has made it possible to increase the pace of modern production in mechanical engineering, energy, extractive industries and agriculture.

The United States carefully looked after the “bed”, feeding the soil with cash loans, providing technology and, of course, delivered weapons - in the future it will definitely come in handy. Everywhere concern for stability was shown. The condor operation, a campaign to suppress the opposition through the joint efforts of the six most epic dictatorial regimes in South America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia) with the direct support of the CIA, was a touching example of cooperation.

As a result of all efforts for the 1980 year, the total gross domestic product of the countries of Latin America was three times higher than the level of the 1960 year.

The Americans decided it was time to harvest.

In 1981, an economic crisis broke out that shook the entire region. Against the background of a shaky economy, Argentine President L. Galtieri did not find anything better than to get involved in a war.

The Falklands conflict was an outstanding staging of R. Reagan: the former actor played one of his main roles. He gave a warm welcome to Galtieri during the visit of the Argentine leader to Washington. He called him his friend and "stronghold of the fight against communism." What was the conversation behind closed doors and what guarantees did Reagan give to the Argentine president? We do not know for certain.

But we know that the war began next spring. In the best spirit of the Chinese strategists, Reagan immediately supported the UN anti-argentine resolution (No. XXUMX) and sided with the British, giving them a military base on Fr. Ascension, ship fuel and space intelligence data. Along the way, in order to further destabilize the situation in the world and distract the attention of the USSR, he forced Israel to launch a military invasion of Lebanon.

The Falklands War was lost. Galtieri in June 1982 flew out of the presidential palace. The military junta and the economy of Latin America began to collapse like card houses. Profit flowed into the pocket of the United States, but the vector of American politics has already been sent to another strontium.

Southeast Asia

Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, as well as four “Asian tigers”: Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, which experienced an unprecedented economic boom at the turn of 80-90.

About the phenomenon of the emergence of "Asian tigers" legends. How did these tiny countries, devoid of any resources of the country, which have nothing but earthquakes and troubled neighbors, suddenly become leaders of the world economy? Analysts and experts are accustomed to explain the miraculous rise of “tigers” by the hard work of the Asians themselves and their business acumen. However, this naive theory has its weak points.

According to economic studies, the average annual growth rate of labor productivity in South Korea for the period from 1966 to 1990 was only 1,7%. In other countries of East and Southeast Asia, the productivity growth factor also played a minor role. The main factor behind the growth of tiger economies was the attraction of huge investments from abroad.

The beginning of the economic recovery coincided strangely with the weakening of the dollar and the “dollar rain” that hit the region in 1986. “Tigers” were specially fattened for slaughter.

In 1997, a powerful economic crisis swept through Southeast Asia like a hurricane tearing down the old roofs of pagodas. Unlike other global processes, growing out of unremarkable events, the economic crisis of 1987-98. had his instigator. It all started when Soros and his Quantum fund attacked the weakest currency, the Thai baht, which caused a chain reaction with the collapse of the region’s economies.

The military component was not required; economies weakened by financial turmoil, as they wanted in Washington. As a last resort, a special tool has always been prepared for the countries of East Asia - the DPRK.

It took another 10 years

In China's “fat zero” annual GDP grew six times, reaching a value of almost 7 trillion. against the background of the weakening of the American currency in 2002, the PRC experienced an unprecedented influx of investment. The average annual GDP growth topics at that time exceeded 10%. The Chinese economy ranked second in the world, becoming the next target for the attack of raiders from Capitol Hill.

What happened in 2008 year? Right.

The global economic crisis has halted the growth rate of China’s economy. The strengthening of the dollar was traditionally accompanied by the accumulation of explosive situations. A territorial dispute with Japan over the Senkaku Islands, a dispute with the Philippines over Fr. Hainan, disagreements with Vietnam over the drilling platform. For the diversity of the internal political life of the PRC, a Maidan was established in Hong Kong.

However, China has withstood. China is not being provoked.

During the territorial dispute, he chose to remove the oil platform in the South China Sea, despite the fact that the Kuandao Islands are considered to be the territorial possessions of China, and the armed forces of the Middle Kingdom have a clear superiority over the Vietnamese army. Yet China retreated. He understood what threatens his economy with a “small victorious war”. And how this war wanted to see in Washington.

“Chinese project” did not seem to bring the desired results. But this is unlikely to force the United States to abandon the strategy of managed bankruptcy of other states.

The cycle ends.

The main question is: who will be a claimant to “dispossession” in the next decade?

Instead of an epilogue

Everything that is written above is just science fiction. Scenario for a powerful detective.

All names, figures and facts are true. Conclusions - simple matches. And as a final chord I will give a short story, a parable.

President of the Royal Statistical Society, Sir Frank Yeats, was asked a question by a historian. In the preamble it was reported that eight English kings named Henry died on Friday, as confirmed by the annals of the royal court. "Is Friday the fateful day for the English Henry?"

Sir Yeats's answer was concise: “The statistics you provide do not contradict the statistical hypothesis you formulated. The Royal Society of Statistics recommends that you continue your observations. ”
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  1. Stas157
    Stas157 15 March 2018 06: 37
    . “Is Friday a fatal day for Henry of England?”

    No. Rather, the tradition of poisoning the English kings on Fridays is more likely fatal, with the accuracy of a pharmacy.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 15 March 2018 11: 07
      It is not for nothing that Shakespeare described in his dramas all the methods of killing monarchs used in England. Already someone, and the British are great masters in this regard. winked
  2. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 15 March 2018 06: 58
    the growth factor of the economies of the “tigers” was the attraction of huge investments from abroad.
    and then these investments will need to be worked out! And this is bondage for many generations!
    I could smell it inside .... I won’t remind you about free cheese.
    1. Fayter2017
      Fayter2017 15 March 2018 13: 29
      There is a book entitled Confession of an Economic Killer, which describes in detail how Americans carry out their policies.
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 15 March 2018 19: 12
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      and then these investments will need to be worked out! And this is bondage for many generations!

      You are right, but some people are willing to do this (probably not for free). And it’s very unfortunate that these “someone” were yesterday’s neighbors of Russia in a communal apartment.
  3. Ascetic
    Ascetic 15 March 2018 07: 19
    Our liberals, as a mantra, repeat the thesis of attracting foreign investment into the economy from almost every iron. But how They feasted, had fun, counted, cried and climbed over a scarf ...
    1. Stas157
      Stas157 15 March 2018 07: 39
      Quote: Ascetic
      Our liberals, as a mantra, repeat the thesis of attracting foreign investment into the economy from almost every iron.

      First of all, the government is dreaming about this. When the West comes and with its money raises the economy for Russia! In fact, the opposite is happening. Russia withdrew more than a trillion under Putin (his friends) !! dollars to the West. Therefore, Russia is more likely to invest in the economy of the West, and not vice versa.
      The USSR, without any Western investment from ruins, raised the country to the forefront. Modern Russia, on the basis of a powerful socialist industry (not from scratch!) With the help of Western investment, is slipping into the margins of world development, with its GDP growth of about zero.
      Will we vote for a knee-lifter?
      1. Himdym
        Himdym 15 March 2018 11: 21
        Quote: Stas157
        The USSR, without any Western investment from ruins, raised the country to the forefront. Modern Russia, on the basis of a powerful socialist industry (not from scratch!) With the help of Western investment, is slipping into the margins of world development, with its GDP growth of about zero.

        About the USSR, with its cheap labor of the period of industrialization, it somehow sounds debatable, especially since the funds for this banquet are at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, which under Stalin were essentially withdrawn from agriculture. Real investments were made when the Germans and mattresses bought machines, technologies and everything that they themselves did not have. By the way, for successful industrialization there were quite healthy preconditions: in 1913, the share of prom. RI production in world production was about 5,3%, it is not so small, although it is less than that of Germany (about 14%), France (6,5%) and Britain (I don’t remember the share, about 16%, it seems) .
        The share of foreign capital raised in the Russian Federation by 1914 amounted to only 18,6% of total investment in the private sector. Out of almost 33 yards of dollars of investments in 2016, a little more than one and a half yards are in the banking sector, the rest is in other areas, for example, in mining and processing.
        Thus, in the Republic of Ingushetia, and in the USSR, the main source of investment was and remains in the Russian Federation internal savings, but with the export of capital and the high price of borrowed money, there is no question of a normal investment climate. The existing risks, among other things, increase the price of foreign investment, so it is unlikely that a lot of foreign money will come to us, do not worry :-)
      2. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 15 March 2018 12: 10
        We will, of course. An alternative is the sale of the homeland and the democratization of everything and everyone. Even paid and free sing along with the West. You’ll become unnecessary. And now you do not offer anything concrete and better. Yes, and you can’t; you don’t have enough thrust. He is less evil than liberalism.
    2. novel66
      novel66 15 March 2018 07: 45
      plump at someone else's expense - an extremely bad form
      1. prodi
        prodi 15 March 2018 13: 48
        well, if only among men
  4. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 15 March 2018 07: 50
    It seems to me that having received the Chinese Oblomingo, the United States will not calm down until they stand out or at least arrange a small war, the "harvest cycle" for the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans was very, very barren. They are not going to wait for the next 10 years. And the resumption of the hot stage of the Cold War with Russia is a clear sign that they don’t know who to pounce on. All the same, this New Rome must collect tribute, otherwise there will be nothing to feed all this breakthrough of military, economic and information mercenaries and they will devour the created empire. But here, where is the bully? Their strategy was also realized by the provocations inflated by the Anglo-Saxons, which are becoming more primitive and angrier every day, quenched in the bud. Therefore, I predict the doomsday hours from no second to the hour “X”. A flock of jackals that didn’t get their prey can pounce on anyone, and from that it becomes even more dangerous.
    1. Himdym
      Himdym 15 March 2018 11: 26
      there is a feeling that this monster will devour itself, the situation with gas transit and the still difficult LNG market, including in Europe, as well as mutual claims regarding the financing of the purchase of new bells and whistles by the NATO defense ministry alludes to this
    2. Mih1974
      Mih1974 16 March 2018 03: 41
      That's just "Oblomingo" not only did not give money to feed the army and the "army of officials", but also hit America very hard. No matter how much they now celebrate their achievements there, however much they “return production to America”, they have a worse problem - they shit the Markets !! But this is more terrible Faus, there is no Goethe and a cartridge.
      Merikasy see that several countries (independent) began to abandon the use of the dollar, moving to their currencies. And here the problem is not only that they no longer need to buy new dollars to trade among themselves, but also that they are leaving the US financial control zone. belay And these "renegades" do not ruin all feasting trade for dollars only because of "greed" or, say, "reasonable frugality." That is, there is a quiet and not noisy conclusion of the world economy from under the influence of the United States good at least some sort of.
      The article interestingly issued a theory with a binding by date, but rather it was played out without a direct reference to "Day X", and to some financial indicators of the "wild boar" (this is a gangster term of 90 years).
      I think the United States wasn’t when they broke off with China (they didn’t shine there anyway), but when they started letting their own Saddam, Gaddafi, etc. .. This led to not only opponents but also “allies” "" saw "and at once began to" row "away from such a crazy" godfather ".
      The author does not mention the debunking and "killing" of the Japanese economy, but this is the worst. Yes, yes you will laugh, but the Japanese economy was killed precisely by the Americans and has been stagnated for decades. No matter how strange it may seem, and with all the comfort and development of Japan, with the enormous amount of money it gives out around the world at the lowest interest rate, Japan has a drop of 250% of GDP. belay
      You know, in general, all these “rises and falls” are for some reason all according to one scheme and not the smartest: a country with a poor population is taken, which works for the penny to enrich the United States, but then through wars or crises the economy becomes a stake. So with Japan and with the "Asian tigers", here with China they tried to crank, but there they "fled" and just make more or less successful taxiing operations. But here is one more problem or a cant of the USA - leaving they do not destroy production and scientific potential and gradually a complicated mosaic of developed countries is developing in the World, with "oddities" in the economy, but with the actual possibility of "living without the USA." fool Moreover - preying (on separate US families) for poor foreigners, America was gradually deprived of its goods, and now you don’t wear American clothes, you listen to music from American devices (yes, yes, they are collected in China and they will be another million years old when the USA disappears release)., do not drive in an American car. Even vaunted Boeings will replace "watermelons", and even those Boeings are only partially American, and in which case repeat lol they will be collected in the same China without the Americans ..
      By the way, it was recently announced that Russia is completely ready for a physical disconnection from the World Internet good drinks bully . What robs Americans of digital dominance.
      About satellite positioning systems - everyone knows about GLONAS and may have heard about the Chinese system. And that means that the Americans are being pushed as well.
      Is there someone shouting "but you print it yourself on an American computer"? I don’t know about you, but it’s “made” in me in China, Taiwan, and South Korea.
      Conclusion: The world is striding leaps and bounds FROM America and yes - they have only one way to maintain their dominance is to unleash the World War, but so that they would participate only in seeking the winner! am But with this they have a problem - over. And no, don’t be afraid - they want to live more than us because they lose more and they will never attack us. tongue
  5. Alex66
    Alex66 15 March 2018 08: 01
    Our government behaves with us in exactly the same way. Remember EBN promised to lie on the rails that there would be no crisis. As the Central Bank said it would not support the ruble. Our government is robbing us in the same way, they are allowing us to adapt to the conditions of making savings, and then the dollar bang pulled, but insiders converted their rubles into dollars in a week and voila, our sn fell on the world market by 2 times and we can compete with the Chinese. The same with gasoline, with any fluctuations in oil, it is only growing, the United States has not even reached this point.
    1. Mooh
      Mooh 15 March 2018 12: 14
      These are all objective properties of a capitalist economy. In our country, it is a developing state-oligarchic one; their development is corporate-oligarchic. Accordingly, so far only our population can grow up, and partners work globally. Putin is trying to break into the global raider market, and he is repeatedly explained to him that Russia’s place is at the bottom of the food chain. We will find out who wins in the next 6 years. We’ll better live if the predators admit for their own that it’s not yet shining. In all other scenarios, we will feed the Sechin-Rottenbergs at our own expense.
  6. andrej-shironov
    andrej-shironov 15 March 2018 09: 37
    Well, if everyone knows everything, why don't they do anything to avoid it? Why is the current government in Russia more profitable than a vassal-overlord relationship? What's the matter? And I will answer. Because the rules of America, they are simpler and more understandable to those in power. They deny ideology and IDEA as an ongoing process. It’s easier to rob your own or another’s population than to possess and follow principles. It is so pleasant to degrade, rather than to evolve.
    1. tank66
      tank66 15 March 2018 12: 55
      I agree. They live purely on biological, animal principles - they get drunk on their own and plant their larva in the food repository of the swarm / ant hill /.
  7. Galleon
    Galleon 15 March 2018 13: 45
    What a meaningful look at the ongoing economic and political processes in this Qiao Liang. A person with state thinking is visible. What a flashy difference with B. Johnson, Nicky Haley or darling Jane, who is now on maternity leave.
    VOENOBOZ 15 March 2018 17: 20
    That's who traps our traitors, we usually count.
  9. Okolotochny
    Okolotochny 15 March 2018 23: 16
    Oleg, and try to place this article on American resources? Will it work out?
  10. noodles
    noodles 17 March 2018 14: 51
    I agree with ANDREY - while we feed Western benefactors, but they will soon get tired of it, just as the 10-year cycle will end! Testing our strength has already begun - MEI rushed to Russia with her powerful breasts and dull brains!