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All in a bunch - poisoning, chemical weapons, foreign agents. Is Major Trump sleeping? ..

These Russians interfere in our choices! These Russians for one and a half ruble lobbied the right candidate on Twitter and Facebook! These Russians use an army of hackers and prankers to interfere in any of our internal affairs!

You have listened to a brief review of the American press over the past 1,5 of the year.

The rhetoric of a state that intervened in the internal affairs of dozens of states of the world, many of which managed to lose their statehood precisely after the intervention, from the series “and why should we?”

The leadership of American intelligence openly declares on the air that, they say, yes ... we interfere, but we can ... we sow democracy. "We can, but others can not." And then others intervened ...

And the people ask more questions: if the US spends more than a trillion dollars from the budget annually on the army and the maintenance of special services, then where do these funds go? Where does the trillion go if some pranker can ridicule the entire American political system in talking with Mrs. Congressman about “supporting democracy in Limpopo”.

That's why they got mad. For its own people are asking reasonable questions, but they cannot get a normal answer. So, you need to somehow "dear partners" to let off steam. Prove that their "interventional apparatus" is longer and more powerful - they say, it’s not for nothing that you pay taxes on the contents of this entire colossus.

In general, the case for the presidential elections in Russia. And it has already begun ... They understand that they will not be able to influence the outcome of the elections in the Russian Federation by any means, albeit long, but it is necessary to spoil it, at least for internal reporting. And here, even in the US Congress, they announced that there was no evidence on the “Trump case” - it is necessary to move on to other matters. Sent ...

A typical pattern is misinformational flows that look like a frank repetition of what has already happened, and has happened more than once. Well, in fact, nothing new ... Why invent something new, invent when there are major pillars: NPOs from among the irreconcilable and distressed holders of the latest versions of iPhones, chemical weapon and "mysterious" poisoning.

Previously, somehow all of this alternated, paused. Now it's not that ... In the heat of passion, everything is rolled out at once. Here you will find “support by Russia of the Asad regime of chemical weapons,” and the Russian embassy with a new address on Nemtsov Plaza, and the “typical Russian” poison “Novice” in London.

Already, even in the Western media themselves, not to mention social networks, questions arise: “If Russian agents pursued Skrypal on Putin’s orders, then why just before the presidential elections in Russia?” Did Putin decide to substitute himself, and also in London?

By the way, a question from the same series: “Why did Litvinenko poisoned in Britain exactly at that moment when the first information wave broke out in Russia to see if Putin would change the Constitution in order to remain for a third term”. Based on this, London will soon have ads on websites posting that it “urgently needs runaway traitors from Russia” - so that there is someone to be poisoned in case of another provocation against Moscow.

And, apparently, in the American-British "universe" they recognized their move with Skripal, chemical weapons in Syria and active promotion of semi-legal NGOs in Russia so successful that against this background even the diplomatic apparatus in the United States decided to entrust the special services directly. Tillerson was untimely dismissed, and in his place pulled up a whole director of the Central Intelligence Agency - Mike Pompey. They say that foreign policy will precisely steer onto the desired trajectory without wasting time.

By the way, Pompeo is the same person who not so long ago met with representatives of Russian intelligence not just anywhere, but in the United States. Then, it is true, he was looking for words for a long time, in order to explain how “overlaid with sanctions” ended up in the holy of holies of American democracy. And now there is one of two things: either he picked up the right words - later he became a “diplomat”, or the “American comrades” were not quite satisfied with the explanations. In general, instead of Pompeo, the CIA will be the lady who was previously responsible for the secret prisons of this department and directly oversaw torture. So I say: in a democratic country, nothing should move away from democracy one iota ...

Now about more than once mentioned NGOs. When the law on “foreign agents” appeared in Russia, it might have seemed that now receiving funding for their political activities from abroad would be forced to turn down the anti-Russian provocative fervor. But in “foreign agents,” as it were, not losers are sitting, and therefore it was not difficult for them to “reissue” by creating affiliated structures- “gaskets”, through which funding “from there” flowed. Many even didn’t change the sign and the staff, they say, we receive financing from Russian structures - from Russian ones, and who said that they are fake - it’s necessary to prove ... And with evidence, it’s not always easy. Therefore, they continue to spoil quite openly themselves, without any signs of foreign agents.

For example, Golos, which was liquidated at the time for refusing to designate itself as a “foreign agent,” continues to carry out activities to “observe” elections in the Russian Federation. Simply operating through a certain fund "League of Voters." Officially, he is not, but he is active in the network and even requests funds from users through a specially opened site. Here is a copy of the public offer to conclude a “donation” contract (available in public):

All in a bunch - poisoning, chemical weapons, foreign agents. Is Major Trump sleeping? ..

At one time, the aforementioned "League of Voters" managed to succeed on belolentochny marches of irreconcilable opposition, gathering into its ranks "Parnassians" and other fighters with the bloody regime.

And there is nothing new here - except for the financing scheme for those who wish to break into the process of presidential elections. They are financed by-passing, for the rest - all the same. Any statement that “elections in the Russian Federation should be boycotted” becomes a pretext for an entire article or an hour-long broadcast of support to well-known media- “friends of Russia”, including, for example, Voice of America or Radio Liberty. Any squeak of dissent is declared an animal roar "for freedom and democracy."

As it was 6 or 10 years ago, so now. Even the question arises: is this how they themselves make it easier for the “Godfather Gabney”, is it? After all, this is the predictability of level 80: poisoning, new "Powell tubes" and cookies - well, somehow too much, gentlemen, "partners", straightforward.

Bear in mind, partners, what if it’s all the tricks of Trump's "Moscow-elected Major", so that Russia can take and hit back with two prankers at the very heart of America ... Who said "hypersonic"? ..
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  1. Vard
    Vard 14 March 2018 06: 19
    The behavior of the United States recently resembles a boxer after a missed strike ... They wave their hands and there is no sense ...
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 14 March 2018 07: 19
      Yes, they did, but it’s still a long way to the knockout. The enemy has a lot of strength. Something has become the second Caribbean crisis to smack in the world.
    2. To be or not to be
      To be or not to be 14 March 2018 09: 54
      "Comments by Le Figaro and Le Mond newspaper subscribers on Tillerson’s dismissal"
      .... the world has long seen ...
      Quote: Chris MANDALAY
      The danger posed by the United States is increasing many times. And all this in order to concentrate US forces on a single and real strategic goal: to restore the lost domination of Israel in the region. The only problem is Iran. The arrival of Pompeo, a passionate supporter of Israel, does not bode well, especially since the former White House military is with him. Summer will be hot. And it seems to me that is why Putin decided to show the States what the current real alignment of forces is. It should not be thought that all the movements of the Anglo-Saxons against Russia have something to do with moral or democratic values: peoples are preparing for confrontation. "
      Paranoia against Russia in all its grandeur .... Having elected the President of the United States, intervened in the elections in France, Catalonia, Germany, Italy, and in anticipation of the next, Putin fired Tillierson to replace him with the CIA director, an organization, as we know, stuffed with Russian. Before you go to bed, check if you have Putin under your bed. "
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 14 March 2018 13: 33
        Quote: To be or not to be
        Paranoia against Russia in all its grandeur ....

        Tillerson himself spoke out at a briefing on this occasion:

        Trump could not stand the confrontation of "respected Rex" on many US foreign policy problems and resolved this issue radically. yes
      2. papas-57
        papas-57 14 March 2018 20: 38
        `` By the way, Pompeo is the same person who not so long ago met with representatives of Russian intelligence not somewhere, but in the United States. '' No need to invent anything new. Just merge the information that during the meeting, representatives of Russian intelligence handed Mike Pompeo the Russian Order for success in the fight against US world domination. And another year to watch this circus.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 14 March 2018 09: 54
      As is being done, the discrediting of our government can still be seen today on Channel One. A heart-rending video was shot about raising money for the boy’s treatment in the amount of 1.600 thousand wooden (the average salary of our ministers). Subconsciously, the question arises that the state does not want to treat its children and dooms them to death. Or it doesn’t watch TV. winked
      1. St Petrov
        St Petrov 14 March 2018 12: 33
        Legion and their little local buddies here on the ground are opposed to Putin. Whether consciously or not, the guys work for the interests of our geopolitical enemies.

        Gardamir, Svarog, other Ukrainians and the company approves the strangulation of the bloody usurper to the delight of the states

        #The HagueSoon, #PutinVor, #PZHIVPZHIV revolves in the minds of nonpolitians, fighters with the authorities and the Kremlin

        PS But you break off. cook scarves and put on bibs. there will be a lot of snot, because your moans give Putin only strength and good mood

        So your hashtag is still # suffer6 years

  2. Wolka
    Wolka 14 March 2018 06: 20
    Yankees, you were lazy to disgrace, even thinking about your own ass ...
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 March 2018 06: 47
    All of the old patterns with confidence that it rolled once, and the second, third ... Today it is reported that Berezovsky’s ally was strangled in London yesterday. Probably we again, because GDP a few days before the election is eager to tarnish its reputation. Complete insanity, but with even greater pressure than before. And are these bullshitters trying to rule the world?
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 14 March 2018 07: 26
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Today it is reported that Berezovsky’s ally was strangled in London yesterday.

      London has long turned into a haven for the Russian offshore aristocracy and all sorts of villains, thieves, bribe takers and traitors ... The fact that some of them are gradually "cut out" is good .. there is a reason for many businessmen and officials in Russia to think about it, especially lovers of offshore, London mansions and schools for children. It will be gorgeous if the British squeeze out all the dubious Russian capital for this business, they will pay about 60 billion euros for Brexit. That's all the Rubinshtein-Chichvarkins there will come in handy. laughing
      Yesterday was the day of the formation of the KGB of the USSR. All involved with the holiday!
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 14 March 2018 08: 55
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Berezovsky’s ally was strangled in London yesterday. Probably we again

      Present the ice ax! Without an ice ax - it's not us! tongue
  4. ul_vitalii
    ul_vitalii 14 March 2018 06: 54
    It’s how they are preparing for our elections, our home liberal traitors have come to grips: relish, only on candidate topics, revitalization and gloating.
  5. alexnmv5
    alexnmv5 14 March 2018 07: 27
    The goal of the Anglo-Saxons is to disrupt the World Cup. The truth about Russia should not be known.
  6. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely 14 March 2018 07: 31
    Lieutenant Colonel Trump, for the loss of a valuable agent, Major Tillerson, declare a severe reprimand! Signature - KJB Chief.
  7. shinobi
    shinobi 14 March 2018 09: 09
    Thanks to grandfather Stalin for the nuclear shield! If it weren’t for us, we probably wouldn’t have already been there. And so, well, the Western dogs are yapping.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 14 March 2018 11: 01
      Quote: shinobi
      Thanks to grandfather Stalin for the nuclear shield!

      and Lavrenty Palych special respect ...
      “If not for him, Beria, there would have been no bomb”- subsequently admitted Igor Kurchatov, scientific director of the Atomic Project.
      Igor Kurchatov: If it weren’t for Beria, there wouldn’t be a bomb
  8. avdkrd
    avdkrd 14 March 2018 10: 51
    regarding the invitation to London of fugitive traitors from Russia: there are still quite old enough, Gorbachev should think about his fate))))))))
    1. Akuzenka
      Akuzenka 14 March 2018 16: 04
      Why should Gorbachev think about this? He sold us all. And the pan is not for him to choose. The pan is hotter, there is less oil, the poker is tougher and hornier later.
  9. Spook
    Spook 14 March 2018 15: 52
    These Russians interfere in our choices! These Russians for one and a half ruble lobbied the right candidate on Twitter and Facebook! These Russians use an army of hackers and prankers to interfere in any of our internal affairs!
    You have listened to a brief review of the American press over the past 1,5 of the year.

    that would be funny, and your article would be humorous if it wasn't serious and scary.

    Everything that happens (I hope I'm wrong) is the creation of a toxic atmosphere for the outbreak of hostilities. What the West says is ridiculous to us, because it is calculated not for us, but for domestic consumption - that’s the whole explanation, so laugh how much it will fit into stupidity.

    Putin has already delivered preemptive strikes, we are waiting for a straw to turn the tide.
  10. corsar26
    corsar26 14 March 2018 20: 38
    Where only our traitors do not live in the USA and in Israel and Germany, but for some reason they die only in England)))