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Noise weapons Picra HUMBUK 05 (Czech Republic)

Small weaponAbove all, it is intended for combat, but can be used in other areas. It can be used in theatrical and other productions, in reconstructions of fights, etc. Such tasks can be solved with the help of ready-made samples, but in some cases it makes sense to use special products. Thus, the Czech company Picra has developed and presented to potential buyers an original noise / signal weapon called the HUMBUK 05.

In performances about heroic events of the past or in historical Reconstructions of battles usually use real small arms with blank cartridges. However, there are situations when its application is impossible or impractical. For example, the organizers of the event were not able to get the required machine gun of a long-outdated model, but the soldiers or equipment cannot remain unarmed. Considering such problems, the Czech gunsmiths from the Picra company, which deals mainly with sports weapons, have developed their new project.

Picra HUMBUK 05 with drum for 30 cartridges

For obvious reasons, reenactors require weapons that only mimic real samples. First of all, it must have external similarity and produce corresponding noise. The latter task was one of the main goals of the HUMBUK 05 project. Within this framework, the Czech designers have created an original imitation weapon was originally designed for use in various productions.

The product called HUMBUK 05 is positioned by the developer as an acoustic gun - an acoustic or noise / signal weapon. This does not prevent him from solving the assigned tasks, but makes life easier for potential operators. Noise product does not require special permission to purchase or use. Thanks to this, theaters or reconstruction organizations can organize the most spectacular events without any problems.

It is on the right

Based on the special requirements for the future of special weapons, the designers Picra formed its characteristic technical appearance. The HUMBUK 05 project provides for the manufacture of the most compact and lightweight model of a revolving arrangement suitable for operation with various additional equipment. The specific role of the weapon led to the abandonment of the traditional barrel and to the use of original means of cocking and lowering. In particular, it is possible to control manually or through electrical systems.

The main element of the Picra HUMBUK 05 noise system is a fairly large rectangular receiver box. It is divided into several main units, representing the actual box and its top cover. It is curious that among themselves the details of the box are connected with bolts and nuts - not the most characteristic solution for small arms. A part of the units installed inside the box is also fastened in place with a bolt connection.

The front of the receiver has a rectangular cross-section and a short length. In its rear part, a lower protrusion of sufficient height with a hole for the axis of the drum is provided. Above the drum is a rectangular top box element, covered with a top lid. Rear compartment box has an increased height. In this case, there is also a projection under it for fastening the axis of the drum. Behind the receiver are a small control knob for some units and a tubular casing.

Noise weapons Picra HUMBUK 05 (Czech Republic)
Blank cartridge .357 Kraken

The front wall has fastenings for a tubular device, which can be mistaken for a barrel. In fact, the weapon does not have a barrel in the conventional sense, and a special nozzle is installed on the front for outputting powder gases. Due to the special configuration of the internal channel of such a pipe complements some other means of the system.

A characteristic feature of the HUMBUK 05 product is the absence of a number of familiar devices that provide acceptable ergonomics. From this point of view, the weapon is the simplest fire module on which any compatible equipment can be hung, turning it into an imitation of one or another real sample. Without additional devices, respectively, the module looks very strange. First of all, it is proposed to use mounted devices that convert a combat module into a machine gun of one type or another. Masking a product under a rifle from past eras can be associated with some problems.

Czech-made noise weapons use an .357 Kraken blank cartridge. This ammunition has a cylindrical sleeve with a protruding rim diameter 11,18 mm. Cartridge length - 32,77 mm. Cartridge "Kraken" type is produced only in the idle embodiment and is not equipped with any bullets. After placing the powder charge, the Dulce cartridge is pressed to form a conical structure of several “petals”.

Marking weapons with 30-charging drum

The HUMBUK 05 project uses a revolving weapon architecture. As a result, .357 Kraken ammo is placed in the drum. Due to the relatively large size of the ammunition, the latter is distinguished by solid dimensions. The drum is a fairly simple metal disc mounted on the axis under the receiver. Bores are drilled around the circumference of the drum to place the cartridges. Picra offers noise products with two drum variants. In the first case it consists of 30 ammunition rounds in the second - from 60. In front of the drum, on its side surface, there are protruding pins responsible for its rotation in preparation for the shot.

As follows from the available data, the HUMBUK 05 noise / signal weapon is characterized by the specific equipment of the internal volume of the receiver. For example, it, despite certain details, is not equipped with a barrel. When fired, the powder gases from the liner fall into the box-shaped front part of the receiver, which acts as a resonator. Then they expire from such a chamber through the front nozzle, imitating the barrel. During the passage of gases through the box, the shot noise is additionally enhanced. A trunk imitation nozzle also contributes to this. Due to this, the weapon under the low-power idler cartridge is fully capable of reproducing the noise of samples using rifle ammunition.

Noise Gun with Drum for 60 Cartridges

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify exactly how the inner arms arranged mechanics, and how, the preparation for a new shot. There is reason to believe that inside the receiver fits a kind of gas automation. Thus, the powder gases, falling into the chamber-resonator, can push the piston, providing recharging. Piston, probably extends to the top of the receiver, and it is fixed cocking handle protruding from the top. During its movement back, the piston must retract the trigger. In addition, the shaped groove in its lower part should interact with the drum pins and turn it, leading the next cartridge to the drummer. The rear tubular casing, apparently, is intended for a return spring, with the help of which the piston is retracted to the starting position at the end of the recharge cycle.

The trigger mechanism of the HUMBUK 05 is located at the rear of the receiver, at the level of the upper chambers of the drum. All its main elements are inside the weapon, and only the trigger of the simplest design is brought out. Fire control authority is a metal pin, reciprocating motion in the recess of the bottom of the box. Behind it is a ledge to which you can attach certain drives.

Sample equipped with electromagnetic triggering drive

Picra HUMBUK 05 noise system is designed to simulate a variety of different models of small arms, and therefore received universal controls. Depending on the set of additional modules, the movable pin can be used as a trigger for a finger arrow or as an element of a remote control system. In the latter case, the product can be equipped with flexible Bowden cable or an electromechanical actuator. The internal cable of the bowden or the pusher of the electromagnetic drive can be connected to a movable pin. This expands the scope of the use of weapons, and also allows you to simulate shooting bursts.

For obvious reasons, the HUMBUK 05 product, which is exclusively a fire module, does not have a number of familiar devices. It is not equipped with standard sights, and also does not carry a butt, forend or handle. However, the manufacturer proposes to use them as an additional mounted devices, giving the similarity with the real model of the weapon.

HUMBUK 05 in the "Aviation Machine Gun"

The Picra HUMBUK 05 system is quite modest in size. The length of such a product is only 320 mm with a height 150 mm. The width of the gun depends on the type of magazine. The drum on the 30 cartridges has a width of 120 mm, and a modification with twice as big ammunition differs in width 230 mm. The mass of both products does not exceed 3,3 kg.

The development company uses various photographs in advertising materials for the new project. Some of them demonstrate the actual fire module, while others show how it can be adapted to solve a specific problem. So, you can see how the product HUMBUK 05 turns into aviation machine gun from the time of the First World War.

The proposed machine gun simulator has a barrel of sufficient length, placed inside a large perforated casing, and some sort of receiver. Inside the latter placed a noise weapon of Czech development. In this case, it is rotated around the longitudinal axis counterclockwise, as a result of which the magazine and the electromechanical drive of the descent are located on the right. The front nozzle of the product is connected with an imitation barrel passing through the casing. All this product, as close as possible to a real machine gun, is mounted on an aircraft of the corresponding times.

Simulator receiver and noise product

Using electric controls, an aircraft pilot can “fire” at a conventional target. At the same time, an imitation machine gun is capable of creating sufficient noise, and a flame escapes from the barrel of the barrel. Thus, the “machine gun” based on Picra HUMBUK 05 completely solves its main tasks, and also shows certain advantages over real weapons.

Equipping rare armored vehicles and airplanes or their replicas with imitation weapons built on the basis of a noise product of the original design gives reenactors certain advantages. Unlike real machine guns, rifles and other military weapons, the noise system, according to the laws of the Czech Republic and a number of other countries, does not require permission and does not need to be registered. This seriously simplifies the preparation for theatrical performances or reconstructions of fights. In addition, new products HUMBUK 05 have a hefty resource reserve, which distinguishes them from the real weapons of the past. They can be used for a long time without any problems.

Finally, modern noise guns, unlike simulated systems, do not yet represent historical or museum value. Thanks to this, they can be safely used for their intended purpose at any time, in any place and without risks to the weapon or the shooter. But real machine guns can remain on the exhibition stands, in the proper conditions.

Rear view

However, the characteristic revolving architecture does not allow for the complete resemblance of a HUMBUK 05 simulator with a real model, which is perfectly illustrated by the example of aviation “machine gun” from promotional materials. But in defense of the project, it should be noted that with proper use of such systems, the differences will be minimal and it will be extremely difficult to notice them. For example, a receiver with a suspicious drum can hide inside the crew compartment of an armored vehicle. Also, do not forget about a number of characteristic advantages of a legal and operational nature.

As far as we know, the HUMBUK 05 noise weapons and various “machine guns” based on it are already in small-scale production and are gradually replenishing the arsenals of various organizations. First of all, such systems acquire clubs of historical reconstruction, dealing with the themes of past conflicts. With all its specific features, noise systems are a certain popularity and are regularly used for their intended purpose. Historical festivals and other similar events taking place in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries are not complete without idling, for which, along with other samples, are used products of HUMBUK 05.

The Czech arms company Picra, whose main activity is sports weapons, decided to master a new direction and occupy the free market niche for now. Considering the HUMBUK 05 project and its successes, it can be said that she managed to get the desired results. Specific weapons for special tasks interested potential customers and found its place in the market.

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