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China continues to improve Type 96B

Chinese defense industry continues to improve the main battle tank Type 96B. This machine took part in the "Tank Biathlon", held in Alabino near Moscow.

China continues to improve Type 96B

For the first time in competition in Russia Type 96 modifications “A” arrived in 2014. But, it turned out that the power of an eight-hundredth engine is not enough to compete with the modernized Russian tanks T-72B3.

“Therefore, the lag was initially decided to be compensated by the use of a modified lightweight chassis. Then, a thoroughly modified version was cast into the battle for the champion title, designated Type 96B, which, according to some data, received an 1200 horsepower engine, which allowed the tank to reach speeds of up to 70 km / h, ”the article says Russian newspaper.

Judging by the information, the car continues to be improved. In the photo, which appeared on the Web, a modified version of the Type 96B was presented for the first time. According to the author, "the first thing that caught my eye: the tank received a remote-controlled anti-aircraft gun installed on the turret roof with a WNNXX-12,7 machine gun." Now, the commander of the machine will not have to be substituted for bullets and shrapnel while firing a machine gun.

About the modifications indicate the increased size of the sight. In turn, the driver got a video camera mounted on the upper front part of the body. In addition, the undercarriage rollers and tracks are reinforced.

Some experts call this tank a competitor T-90M. “In fact, despite significant changes, the Type 96B is still inferior to the Uralvagonzavod car. First of all, according to the characteristics of protection and firepower. The design features of the Chinese machine do not allow to achieve the characteristics of the "ninetieth" in principle - the reserves for improvement have been exhausted. What can be said about the Russian technology, which still has significant modernization potential, ”concludes the publication.
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  1. Firework
    Firework 13 March 2018 12: 01
    if the Chinese tank wins in biathlon, it can be assumed that interest in it in the global arms market will increase
    1. Sands Careers General
      Sands Careers General 13 March 2018 12: 16
      I laughed when the skating rink fell off in the Chinese biathlon on the track))
      1. Firework
        Firework 13 March 2018 12: 19
        I remember that too
      2. Blackbeard
        Blackbeard 13 March 2018 15: 12
        Made in china laughing fellow
      3. gorenina91
        gorenina91 13 March 2018 17: 08
        -Well, that ... that the rink fell off ... -but the Chinese tank continued to move ... -On the contrary ... is a demonstration of the fact that if suddenly even such serious damage to the tank gets in battle ...- then the tank can drive to the rem base on its own ...
      4. self-propelled
        self-propelled 13 March 2018 19: 30
        Quote: General of the Sand Quarries
        I laughed when the skating rink fell off in the Chinese biathlon on the track))

        wanted to cheat a little - "... at first it was decided to compensate for the backlog by using a modified lightweight chassis ..."
        but the Chinese are learning fast. besides, as already mentioned here, in case of victory at the next biathlon they won’t remember previous failures (let alone how much joy fellow ...)
    2. Romanenko
      Romanenko 13 March 2018 12: 47
      The interest in these tanks is already quite large, they literally "breathe in the back of our head" in our T-72Bs, but not in all respects.
      Despite the similarities with the prototype, they are cheaper, and for poor countries this is often a decisive factor.
      There is only one “but”, the T-72 tank is not a priority in the export nomenclature, the next generation, the T-90, is on sale there, but they are still better in terms of filling and capabilities.
      And the fact that the skating rink jumped from the Chinese at the biathlon is certainly funny, but they did not stop and the circle reached the finish line without the skating rink - did you pay attention to this?
      And of course, you must understand that the tanks presented for biathlon have differences from military production vehicles. Something removed, something added.
      1. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 13 March 2018 13: 43
        Quote: Romanenko
        And of course, you must understand that the tanks presented for biathlon have differences from military production vehicles. Something removed, something added.

        And it is still not known what kind of armor on a Chinese tank, what quality alloys are, how it will "hold the blow" of anti-tank shells and various anti-tank weapons.
    3. Revolver
      Revolver 14 March 2018 06: 14
      Quote: Salute
      if the Chinese tank wins biathlon

      IF so big that you have to highlight capital and bold, and that will not be enough.
  2. Herculesic
    Herculesic 13 March 2018 12: 30
    Aha, and the system of synchronous ejected support cats is mounted from two sides at once! To begin with, they need to create their own such a design school and not shove everything that only fits into their stolen idea! fool Still, they would attach a jacuzzi on the back, on an armored cart! fool
  3. Kars
    Kars 13 March 2018 12: 43
    It seems that China decided to save us tanks. It torments 96 and not 99
  4. dzvero
    dzvero 13 March 2018 12: 54
    Well, erysipelas in the driver’s photo smile You don’t need a tank, everyone will run away at a glance. Why is a photographer mocking a guy?
    1. Romanenko
      Romanenko 13 March 2018 13: 55
      It’s very uncomfortable to ride a caterpillar in winter on a caterpillar without a “visor”; the mechanic was bandaged with a rag
  5. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 13 March 2018 13: 03
    Well, the Chinese are working, they are working ... And if we take into account their perseverance, bordering on obstinacy + hard work, it is quite possible that something digestible will turn out. On the other hand, it’s good, it will not allow our UVZ to rest on the T-14 Armata laurels, it will push us to move forward and take even more revolutionary decisions.