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Hayley is determined to ban Russia from inflicting air strikes in Syria

The United States proposes a draft resolution of the UN Security Council, which will not give Russian and Syrian troops the opportunity to strike at "moderate opposition", the newspaper said Look statement by US envoy Nikki Haley.

At the meeting, Security Council Haley said that Moscow and Damascus did not initially plan to implement the UN resolution 2401 on a cease-fire in Syria.

In the past two weeks, the Russian and Syrian regimes have been very busy labeling each opposition group in Eastern Ghouta, calling them terrorist groups,
she said.

We have prepared a new draft resolution on the establishment of a cease-fire regime that will not leave any loopholes. It is simple, straightforward and obligatory for execution. The resolution will come into force immediately after the adoption, there are no counter-terrorism loopholes that can be used (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, Iran and Russia,
explained the representative.

She added that if the UN cannot achieve a cease-fire in the suburbs of Damascus, the United States can again strike at Syria.

Earlier, Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the cease-fire should not extend to the fight against terrorist groups such as "Dzhebhat an-Nusra" (banned in the Russian Federation). At the same time, the militants continue to bombard civilians and humanitarian corridors in Eastern Gut.
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  1. Aloemc
    Aloemc 13 March 2018 10: 33
    Let him forbid himself to generate idiotic thoughts. D.B.
    1. Finches
      Finches 13 March 2018 10: 40
      I'm just wondering - How does she imagine it? laughing
      1. dzvero
        dzvero 13 March 2018 10: 52
        Renting half Hmeimim for rent, probably smile
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 14 March 2018 16: 35
          Let him forbid himself to generate idiotic thoughts. D.B.

          And what kind of adequacy in the US military aggression against the ATS in BV can one want from the American religious sectarian and US envoy to the United Nations Nikki Haley, as well as the wife of the American military, who, by her own forces, is rushing to award herself the pro-American Nobel Peace Prizes ?!
          Yes, no adequacy, except for the continuation of US aggression in the BV against the ATS, Iran and other countries, including Russia!
      2. Alex-a832
        Alex-a832 13 March 2018 10: 52
        The question for the USA will be the same: a list of these "moderate", exact coordinates of their deployment, distinctive features from other terrorists, evidence of these differences. No answer? Then evacuate them to the USA - they are not dangerous ...
      3. LSA57
        LSA57 13 March 2018 11: 49
        Quote: Finches
        I'm just wondering - How does she imagine it?

        fist on the table. in my kitchen
    2. Vend
      Vend 13 March 2018 10: 44
      It’s time it may already change the rhetoric in the appeal to the USA, begin to call the rule in the USA a bloody regime of democracy.
      1. Warrior with machine gun
        Warrior with machine gun 13 March 2018 10: 47
        it had to be done the day before yesterday, and we have all the "partners" (burn them in hell)
      2. artifact
        artifact 13 March 2018 14: 19
        “In the event of a life threat, our servicemen of the RF Armed Forces will take retaliatory measures against both the missiles and the carriers that will use them.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 13 March 2018 10: 49
      How would she not burst from such fullness of her determination! belay
      1. x.andvlad
        x.andvlad 13 March 2018 11: 18
        I didn’t understand her about "anti-terrorist loopholes".
        That is, these terrorists who fire at civilians and hold them hostage for the United States do not deserve punishment, i.e. to. they are in opposition.
        But I realized that, on the one hand, referring to the UN Security Council, on the other hand, the United States "put" on it. Is this not international blackmail?
        Isn't it time already to give these impudents a drink. Moreover, after February 7th they owe them ...
    4. Clumsy
      Clumsy 14 March 2018 15: 55
      They cannot, there are no others))) They had one Psaki, and that one was removed for clever thoughts)))
      1. bk316
        bk316 14 March 2018 16: 13
        They had one Psaki,

        And in general, the beauty was bully and her all rotten type of mimra, and you look at the PRESENT! crying
    5. Kent0001
      Kent0001 20 March 2018 09: 10
      This is the whole of C ... the essence of their existence in this world.
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 13 March 2018 10: 33
    Hayley is determined to ban Russia from inflicting air strikes in Syria
    in response: multiply it! fucking mericatos ...
    1. forester
      forester 13 March 2018 10: 38
      It was hot to see a lot, since it squealed like that.
      1. The black
        The black 13 March 2018 10: 41
        No, you do not pull, Nikki, on Munchausen. Only he could single-handedly declare war (England) and win it. And you would go home in a bad way, otherwise it would be even worse in a good way, Nebenzya will explain to you. laughing
      2. Berber
        Berber 13 March 2018 10: 46
        Right So we are moving in the right direction. The main thing is not to stop. It's time to ignore these screams.
    2. Lelek
      Lelek 13 March 2018 11: 20
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      in response: multiply it!

      Already. For this, the Russian Federation has transferred 27 aircraft to Syria, if I am not mistaken, and designated "test" launches of "lionfish" from a squadron in the Mediterranean Sea. But all these actions of the Americans and ours are fraught with big troubles and the situation in Syria is pregnant with war. We are right on our side since the United States is not legal in Syria and operates without the approval of the UN, and our forces are deployed there with the invitation of the government and act with the approval of the UN. But this does not stop the “exclusive” impudent nation, and it already dictates its “Wishlist” to the UN (which spreads its snot and does not take any measures against the presumptuous bandit).
  3. Dashout
    Dashout 13 March 2018 10: 34
    Yeah ... it just won’t resolve ...
    It is a pity that a sufficient number of new weapons have not yet been done ...
  4. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 13 March 2018 10: 37
    An interesting mix turns out)) ... the occupants in Syria (and the United States and other coalition is illegally located there) ... declare an open challenge to the legitimate government and the troops of a sovereign power ... RUSSIA located in Syria in accordance with international law)
    And wherever they train such illiterate politicians who for the last 25-30 years have been behaving like the last gopniks / lawless people without any political concepts ... I'm not talking about compliance with elementary international norms and rules ...
    1. okko077
      okko077 13 March 2018 10: 49
      You are right in everything, except for one thing ... Pi_ndos can increase their presence in Syria multiple times and theoretically just smear us without international statements .... Only realizing that the chopping will be concrete and specific losses, pi_ndos do not dare, and time is playing on us. ..We are getting stronger every day ...
      "PS" .But not like an old joke ...
      1. Guillon
        Guillon 13 March 2018 17: 27
        So we will arrange a hack for them there, let them gather more people! soldier
    2. Pingo
      Pingo 13 March 2018 11: 09
      common American, so far unpunished, disgusting
  5. Vita vko
    Vita vko 13 March 2018 10: 39
    Another confirmation that the longer the United States does not get in the teeth, the bolder and more aggressive its foreign policy becomes.
  6. Roster
    Roster 13 March 2018 10: 40
    To scream at the UN is the maximum that the United States is capable of today on the situation in Ghouta.
    It will be much more interesting when the sweep across the Euphrates begins.
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 March 2018 10: 40
    The US may strike again at Syria.
    If this happens, and this is not excluded, then Russia and its allies will simply have to react harshly, otherwise the impudent Yankees will not be stopped.
    I have always been interested in the question - in which incubator are these ladies prepared for the UN Security Council. One is more tough than the other, both in appearance and in aggressiveness.
    1. novel66
      novel66 13 March 2018 10: 52
      no, this appearance is still nothing, I’m waiting for everything when it starts to grow frightened. to match
    2. tech3030
      tech3030 13 March 2018 10: 52
      These are talking dolls. They leash voice but do not decide anything.
  8. New Year day
    New Year day 13 March 2018 10: 41
    and May wants and Hayley wants. It would be better for them to go to the kitchen and engage in socially useful work.
    1. X Y Z
      X Y Z 13 March 2018 10: 46
      Don't touch the comic old woman (old acting role). She's so cool and original in her red pumps. So unsuccessfully comically trying to be like Margaret Thatcher. But it is not without reason that they claim that history repeats itself first in the form of tragedy, and then in the form of farce. Where else can you find one?
    2. faiver
      faiver 13 March 2018 10: 52
      maybe they have problems with men? do not satisfy? laughing
    KVU-NSVD 13 March 2018 10: 44
    They see that a scheme is working successfully in the suburbs of Damascus, as in Aleppo at one time, that’s what they’ll hysteria.
  10. Altona
    Altona 13 March 2018 10: 48
    Quote: Finches
    I'm just wondering - How does she imagine it?

    She proposes to move from a proxy war to a direct clash with Russia in Syria. In general, their hands are already itching to try themselves in battle.
    1. smart ass
      smart ass 13 March 2018 10: 52
      I still do not understand what happened to the Wagner PMC? Was it or not? Who knows what?
  11. afrikanez
    afrikanez 13 March 2018 10: 51
    What does “mandatory” mean? A lot of what the states themselves “do” to force us to do what they want?
  12. Sverdlov
    Sverdlov 13 March 2018 10: 52
    Not. It is necessary to submit a counter "claim" to the UN Security Council from Syria, Iran and Russia, together with a proposal to get out of the invaders. In case of failure to shoot down everything that flies illegally within the borders of a sovereign state.
  13. fif21
    fif21 13 March 2018 11: 02
    Direct interference in the affairs of a sovereign state am Unlike mattress mats, the Syrians are fighting on their territory. US bases created on the territory of Syria occupied by them are subject to destruction, like the bases of the aggressor! hi
  14. flicker
    flicker 13 March 2018 11: 03
    Hayley is determined to ban Russia from inflicting air strikes in Syria
    Better to remind them once again that Russia does not know where the American submarines are, and therefore cannot destroy them and thereby protect itself.
    When there is no opportunity to do something real, they just raise a screech - May screeches, Hayley does not lag behind her. Screech is the new hyperweapon of the west.
  15. kriten
    kriten 13 March 2018 11: 03
    It is necessary to squeeze the United States out of Syria harder, it is time to destroy American terrorist training centers.
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. askme
    askme 13 March 2018 11: 08
    They are fanatics. A special type of insanity. But this type of fanatics are afraid of death. To the horror. And what pushes them to walk this path to death is fear. Madness. The mind of a smart animal is crazy.
  18. Vard
    Vard 13 March 2018 11: 10
    It seems like the times have come when the United States, like that grandfather ... sits on the heap and barks at passers-by ... First ... veto right ... Second ... as I understand it ... it's just a concussion ...
  19. g1washntwn
    g1washntwn 13 March 2018 11: 28
    It's funny to listen to this madam. The United States in Syria is illegal and in the position of the interventionists. It’s as if a thief broke into someone else’s house and began to call for help from a police officer to protect him from the owner. After listening to Haley, you can cut yourself on an obtuse angle.
  20. pvv113
    pvv113 13 March 2018 11: 38
    there are no counter-terrorism loopholes that Sydan, Iran and Russia can take advantage of (Syrian President Bashar)

    That is, this entire resolution is in the interests of the United States, and there will be plenty of loopholes for them
  21. SOF
    SOF 13 March 2018 11: 57
    ... at the end they were cut off, utyrki ...
  22. cats
    cats 13 March 2018 11: 58
    [quote] [/ quote] In the past two weeks, the Russian and Syrian regimes have been very busy hanging labels

    Calling us a regime, of course, you do not hang labels ..
    Poor heila, she stomps her foot, waves her arms, but Russia doesn't care .. tongue
  23. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 13 March 2018 12: 08
    Another scream of another mongrel. Only the faces and sometimes the gender of those who are tugging towards Russia change, but the rhetoric does not change.
  24. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 13 March 2018 12: 27
    When did UN resolutions stop the US? So they are to us a bulb, they asked us, we help! Everything is legal and beautiful, but how is it in their throats ... They no longer know which side to approach!
  25. Prospero
    Prospero 13 March 2018 12: 46
    This Haley resolution refers precisely to the United States itself, one piece in another.
  26. BAI
    BAI 13 March 2018 13: 26
    Since the Security Council has recently been very reminiscent of a quarrelsome village - whoever shouts louder is right, I would use village methods - more actively (constantly) accuse the United States of supporting terrorism, since there are plenty of examples.
    And this is generally something:
    в there are no counter-terrorism loopholesthat may benefit (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, Iran and Russia,

    Those. The United States is promoting a resolution that impedes counter-terrorism (counter-terrorism) activities by Syria, Russia and Iran. Those. Does the US openly admit that they are accomplices of terrorists and openly want to smuggle this through the Security Council? Obviously, I already don't understand something in this life.
    1. Guillon
      Guillon 13 March 2018 17: 23

      Those. The United States is pushing a resolution that interferes with the counterterrorism (counterterrorism) activities of Syria, Russia and Iran. Those. Does the US openly admit that they are accomplices of terrorists and openly want to smuggle this through the Security Council?

      That's right, comrade! yes hi
  27. Bypassed
    Bypassed 13 March 2018 13: 26
    I'm embarrassed to ask - does this not apply to the USA, Israel and Turkey?
    and what about tourists who would like to take a picture against the backdrop of oil refineries in the territories depressed by the Kurds?
  28. askme
    askme 13 March 2018 13: 33
    Haley can fuck anything. But, if anything, the American sailors will go to the bottom. And Yankee pilots will get 150 kg of TNT in the ass from the S-400.
  29. Tarasios
    Tarasios 13 March 2018 13: 41
    Here I read about such "formidable intentions" of all sorts of Hayley and Co., and even remember an old children's fairy tale. In short:
    Mice gathered for a meeting to solve the problem, they say, the cat generally got it, sneaks up and SUDDENLY grabs - and that's it, there is no mouse. To overwhelm the insolent cat, but there will be a lot of mice, is not an option. And in general - not democratically) Oh, we decided: we need to tie a bell around the cat's neck. Like, the cat will then be heard from afar, will not be able to sneak up. Here, so all the mice were delighted, they began to congratulate each other on a successful decision. It’s cool, after all, it was high time I found a council for a cat. And then one old mouse and asks: "who will go to the cat to catch the bell then?" And there was silence ...
    Something like this )
  30. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 13 March 2018 13: 45
    Baba beast! I would have played with her.
    "Milk with a bun, but on the stove with a fool!" wink
  31. Zomanus
    Zomanus 13 March 2018 13: 57
    In short, America announced that. that she intends to strike at Syria anyway.
    Give her the main reason, although you can without it.
  32. faterdom
    faterdom 13 March 2018 14: 36
    The United States is closer than ever to defeat, hence the hysterical chaotic squeals, statements, and, God forbid, actions! Because this defeat will not be a temporary particularity, like Vietnam, it will only be the first domino to bring down dominance, as well as American overconsumption and overconcentration of capital.
  33. Neko75
    Neko75 13 March 2018 15: 11
    It is necessary to ban the presence of Americans in Syria and the help of terrorists on their part.
  34. gloomy fox
    gloomy fox 13 March 2018 15: 25
    imagines herself that She herself is too much. Chicken close its beak.
  35. rocket757
    rocket757 13 March 2018 15: 53
    It is hardly worth talking about defeat, the striped ones still have a lot of strength, and the main weapon, the printing press is working!
    It is high time to pinch the proud eagle entogo, but at only if in a crowd, in such a friendly company!
  36. K-50
    K-50 13 March 2018 16: 24
    Hayley is determined to ban Russia from inflicting air strikes in Syria

    Russia has not looked back only at the opinion of striped hens. laughing
    How it will be necessary for whom to “knock” Russia will knock, looking only at its own opinion and that of Assad and the Iranians. Everyone else is running through the forest. yes
  37. tracer
    tracer 13 March 2018 17: 14
    I do not like the situation. A ship in the Black Sea "victim". .... At the border, 45 thousand were driven by wild beasts, the planned strike on Damascus, the madam's hysteria with ultimatums. The squeals of the pigs ... One mistake of Russia can be costly. MINES HAVE ALREADY PUT ... THE WISDOMS OF RESISTANCE AND PRAGMATICITY TO THE LEADERSHIP OF RUSSIA!
  38. Guillon
    Guillon 13 March 2018 17: 18
    Why the heck do we need such a resolution to please the bearded barmaley and their patrons ?! belay Soaked and will soak !!! soldier angry
  39. Metallurg_2
    Metallurg_2 13 March 2018 19: 29
    The resolution will enter into force immediately after adoption

    It remains only to accept and persuade Russia not to use the veto.
    And the woman's entoy clearly has uterine rabies ...
  40. Mentat
    Mentat 13 March 2018 20: 51
    Quote: Finches
    I'm just wondering - How does she imagine it? laughing

    Yes, she doesn’t imagine anything. With her appointment, it became clear that the CIA had become an entity controlled by the corporate elite, fulfilling its political and financial orders. Which, incidentally, is not a positive trend for world security. I wonder if the NSA is still alive there?
  41. Terenin
    Terenin 13 March 2018 21: 07
    Hayley is full ... and this is enough to characterize it yes
  42. Verkhomnapule
    Verkhomnapule 14 March 2018 04: 11
    zaeb ----- dust to swallow this prafura. Russia has a specific lever-VETO! For any of their idiotic proposals. am
  43. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 14 March 2018 08: 13
    "A field of miracles in the land of fools" and where only the United States recruits such "politicians", their ideas are insane in their essence, for example, the so-called. opposition; any person in his right mind knows that if someone in a country who does not agree with the government takes up arms, he automatically becomes a criminal with all the ensuing consequences. The country of the parasite USA does not know the limits of meanness and hypocrisy: they even protesters of their own citizens against the arbitrariness of the authorities without shame and conscience, they simply - they simply physically destroy (for example Fergusson), and the bloody geeks who cut off people's heads on the air are declared the opposition. It seems that they have arrived and nowhere else. And it is very strange to listen to the screams and "dancing to the tambourines" of this stupid woman about the fact that the United States will "take measures" (military), but it would be for an hour in Syria, in Eastern Ghouta under the mortar shelling of "oppositionists", then the brains would instantly be aired , and without answering for anything and sitting in a warm soft chair at the UN, this hysterical can carry any nonsense!
  44. Agasfer vecnyzhid
    Agasfer vecnyzhid 14 March 2018 12: 36
    That's all the rhetoric. nya crowned herself for the role of the Almighty. This has happened many times in the history of mankind and has ended in tears.
  45. Ingvar0401
    Ingvar0401 14 March 2018 16: 26
    Stupid limited aunt, like all representatives of the State Department. It's disgusting to listen to her nonsense ...
  46. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 17 March 2018 19: 54
    Russian forces in Syria will be hit. Meek. You must accept this.
    1. Andrey Kandakov
      Andrey Kandakov 18 March 2018 16: 03
      what is the stupid Romanian dog doing here?
    2. LIP
      LIP 18 March 2018 16: 19
      You yourself believe in what you write? Or is this a joke?
      1. Roma 1977
        Roma 1977 20 March 2018 08: 50
        The Su-24 was shot down by the Turks. No reaction. Recently "Wagnerians" were ironed by USAF. No reaction. Further on the rise. Logic suggests.
  47. Ivan Vasiliev
    Ivan Vasiliev 17 March 2018 22: 16
    What is this lady's panic? Back in 2015, a British journalist who called the RF Ministry of Defense and asked how we would fight moderate terrorists was answered. That we will bomb them with moderate ammunition. When asked how you will define them, they answered. just as you distinguish moderate terrorists from immoderate ones.
  48. Andrey Kandakov
    Andrey Kandakov 18 March 2018 16: 02
    they still want to cease fire or strike, I still do not understand
    can these generally speak in a civilized manner?
  49. LIP
    LIP 18 March 2018 16: 17
    Ah, Haley, Haley, know she's strong ...
  50. Dmitry, Togliatti
    Dmitry, Togliatti 18 March 2018 16: 47
    If you do not use strong expressions, then it is impossible to express the fullness of indignation. Another thing is striking. The rest of the countries in the UN Security Council will sit and look into the mouth of the United States? Are they so intimidated that the obvious, lying on the surface, tearing Syria into areas with oil deposits leave no other US interests in this Arab country?