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The Pentagon talked about the "main threat" in Europe

The main threat faced by US forces in Europe is Russia, reports RIA News Statement by the Commander-in-Chief of NATO Forces in Europe, American General Curtis Scaparotti.

According to the general, the Russian side "continues to destabilize regional security and ignore the norms of international law," which have ensured peace in Europe since the end of World War II.

Our strategic priority is to deter Russia from subsequent aggression and prevent the Russian side from exerting a negative influence on its European allies and partners,
declared commander in chief.

He stated that the US military is engaged in developing "various options to protect European states from Russian aggression, among which there are scenarios of military opposition to Russia."

However, according to Scaparotti, military force is not enough to combat the "Russian threat". It is necessary that the US government adhere to a unified approach to the issue of containment of the Russian Federation.

He also stressed that the “Russian threat” goes “beyond the framework of European space”.

Russia has an impact on the Middle East, where its intervention in the civil war in Syria has strengthened the regime of Bashar al-Assad and allowed Iran to spread its influence in the Levant region. The Russian side is also increasingly actively assisting Middle Eastern states, strengthening cooperation with Iran and expanding its influence in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and Cyprus. Such efforts lead to a change in regional dynamics, which negatively affects the security of Israel, stability in Lebanon and the interests of the United States in the region,
explained the general.

He added that Moscow is trying to change the current world order in its favor.

Earlier, the US Congress instructed the ministries to develop a strategy to counter the "Russian threat."
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  1. Vasilenko Vladimir
    Vasilenko Vladimir 13 March 2018 09: 19
    The main threat facing American forces in Europe is Russia
    and why am I not surprised?
    1. The black
      The black 13 March 2018 09: 20
      How wrong you were. However, it is to our advantage. But between you and the CIA, you have complete bullshit, and the space is expensive. laughing
      1. dik-nsk
        dik-nsk 13 March 2018 09: 32
        Russian indications of negative influence on European allies and partners of the USA

        Russia has an impact on the Middle East .... which negatively affects ... US interests in the region

        and in my opinion the honest uncle said everything without embellishment and pseudo-democratic tinsel, everything is clear, we are opponents and are fighting for spheres of influence
        1. Teberii
          Teberii 13 March 2018 09: 42
          They all said correctly, but only a collar with a leash is being prepared for us.
      2. Orionvit
        Orionvit 13 March 2018 10: 21
        Quote: Black
        But between you and the CIA, you have complete bullshit

        I would not be so categorical. If the old methods of unleashing wars and color revolutions in relation to Russia fail, then in other places they work for themselves. There is only one headache from Ukraine. And with the budget of the CIA and other similar organizations, rest assured, shame is still notable.
    2. Finches
      Finches 13 March 2018 09: 41
      And what else can a four-star American general say ??? I, not a general, but I can clearly say the same, that the main Evil, not only for Europe, but for the whole ball is the Angolaxans and the historical mission of Russia to restrain the Anglo-Saxon world, which has rotted to the ground! Eka is unseen! laughing
  2. siberalt
    siberalt 13 March 2018 09: 21
    What international law does this Scorpotti know? There is a dictate of hegemon - the United States. He writes these rules for him. The main rule is that Russia is to blame. belay A very convenient rule. There is no need to even think.
    1. Angel_and_Demon
      Angel_and_Demon 13 March 2018 09: 35
      Quote: siberalt
      What international law does this Scorpotti know?

      about one - and it is the only one - who does not obey phishington - that is the enemy
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 13 March 2018 10: 25
      Quote: siberalt
      Very convenient rule

      There are two in the west. First, Russia is to blame. And second, see rule one. If for us this is an old joke, then for them the rule of life.
  3. Firework
    Firework 13 March 2018 09: 21
    partnership with the West should be mutually beneficial, while Russia made more concessions by receiving little in return, but the world is built so that you cannot be isolated from the world community, let's hope that the Russian government and the West find a compromise solution
    1. klaus16
      klaus16 13 March 2018 09: 27
      They will not find. One hundred pounds! If even Germany caved in before the "refugees", then the rest are all the more so. What Uncle Sam says to them, they will do it. And the States do not intend to retreat. Butting will be to the end.
  4. Dormidont
    Dormidont 13 March 2018 09: 26
    How much does this animal bleat?
    ALEXANDER ABDRAKHMANOV_2 13 March 2018 09: 29
    According to the general, not Russia wants to attack Europe but NATO. They have one thing in mind - something is silent from our threat to ourselves. The rotten are still going to fight. Today, the war wakes up short, not like in 1941 and doesn’t work out instantly, they will die on the border, Russia will give them that if they want to start a war. We won’t wake up with them, it’s not Syria, everything will go into action and the PAPA vacuum bombs. within a radius of 35 km there is nothing left alive. They will try in practice - what war is, you will not wish the enemy. In Syria there was a running-in of weapons.
  6. Masya masya
    Masya masya 13 March 2018 09: 37
    The US Congress instructed ministries to develop a strategy to counter the “Russian threat”.

    1. assa67
      assa67 13 March 2018 10: 02
      Marisha, good morning hi .... look how close Russia got to the natusiks and threatens the poor
      1. Masya masya
        Masya masya 13 March 2018 10: 44
        Andrey, hello there! love
        Quote: assa67
        threatens the poor

        Essentially threatening !!!
        1. assa67
          assa67 13 March 2018 10: 56
          apparently, proteins not only come to gunpowder ... all NATO oligophrenics have this mania
  7. sgr291158
    sgr291158 13 March 2018 09: 46
    The throne is knocked out from under your asses and you scream like pigs.
  8. Stas Snezhin
    Stas Snezhin 13 March 2018 10: 00
    The Pentagon tells Europe who are enemies, who are friends.
    And the Europeans themselves became terrible and sneaky ..
  9. Falcond
    Falcond 13 March 2018 10: 01
    He said everything correctly, I personally am not against such statements! It would be much worse to hear something like - Russia poses no danger in Europe!
    And so, they understand who the boss is !!
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 March 2018 10: 34
    deterring Russia from subsequent aggression and preventing the Russian side from adversely affecting European allies
    The magic word is containment. Under this, one can unceremoniously and brazenly surround Russia with anti-aircraft missile defense bases and systems, inflate its military budget, and bring in Europeans their weapons at space prices. I remember how the West in the 30s of the last century "restrained" Germany, pushing it to attack the USSR, concluding various treaties with it and tearing territory. Enough for yourself and the layman to hang noodles on the ears to contain Russia. The United States cannot restrain itself by trying to crush the whole world under itself.
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 13 March 2018 11: 54
      Well, okay, there they no longer hide behind the oracle that the whole world is a zone of their interests! Anyone without coordination with Uncle Sam is a threat, threats! everyone and everything, and most importantly IM!
      It’s cool, of course, to see how small such countries are, they are doing almost as they need! and the overseas big "brother" menacingly puffs out his cheeks and ???? blows her cheeks, though it’s already quieter, nobody noticed Schaub!
  11. faiver
    faiver 13 March 2018 11: 04
    The main threat facing American forces in Europe is Russia
    - remove American forces from Europe and they will not be threatened, and Europe will breathe a sigh of relief ... hi
  12. Lelek
    Lelek 13 March 2018 11: 58
    According to the general, the Russian side "continues to destabilize regional security and ignore the norms of international law," which have ensured peace in Europe since the end of World War II.
    Said Scaparotti with the sign "vice versa." It is the United States that violates order in all corners of the world. There is not a single place on Earth where the dirty nose of the goat-bearded Sam would not have stuck. To list is time to lose. Here is the last one: it seems that there was a lull in the Caucasus, but no, and then the Yankees showed up and contributed their dirty tricks:
  13. savage1976
    savage1976 13 March 2018 12: 54
    Chu, maybe it was necessary to throw and substitute fewer allies, you see, the world order would not have fled from you like that.
  14. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 13 March 2018 14: 05
    Something when I looked at General Curtis Scaparotti I immediately remembered General Buck Turjidson from the Stanley Kubrick movie.
  15. Neko75
    Neko75 13 March 2018 15: 13
    The main threat to Europe is the United States.
  16. thinker
    thinker 13 March 2018 15: 16
    Again, this oak grandson of Pinocchio, broadcasts about Russian aggression. negative
  17. watchmaker
    watchmaker 14 March 2018 13: 45
    generals ........... A CLOWN ON A CLOWN AND A CLOWN Pursues !!!!!
  18. Ingvar0401
    Ingvar0401 14 March 2018 14: 55
    The main threat facing American forces in Europe is their common stupidity. I was a translator on 4 amer ships. Morons moronic .........