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C-500 Prometheus. Start of production and the near future events

One of the most anticipated innovations in the field of Russian weapons and equipment is the promising anti-aircraft missile system C-500, also known by the ciphers "Triumphant-M" and "Prometheus". According to known data, while this project is at the stages of design work and has not advanced further checks of individual components. Nevertheless, the work continues, and soon will give new results. As it became known not so long ago, the defense industry began assembling certain components of the future anti-aircraft complex.

The long-awaited and most interesting information about the progress of the C-500 project at the end of February was revealed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin in an interview for the Kommersant publication. A senior official in charge of the defense industry spoke about recent work and successes in this area. Among other things, he mentioned current work in the field of anti-aircraft systems. Without going into details, D. Rogozin announced information about work in the framework of the last two projects of anti-aircraft systems.

According to the vice-premier, the recently opened and launched Nizhny Novgorod machine-building plant is now engaged in manufacturing products in the field of air defense. He has already “started production of the final C-500 and C-400 systems on the automobile chassis”. In addition, the company assembles components of similar systems based on wheeled semi-trailers.

From the latest statements of the vice-premier, it can follow that one of the most important recent projects has reached the stage of production of experimental equipment. Thus, in the near future, tests of the C-500 will have to start, according to the results of which the complex, after finishing the process, will be able to get into service. In the recent past, military authorities indicated that such systems would begin service in 2020. It turns out that there is not so much time left for checks and necessary improvements of Prometheus.

According to known data история The modern project began in the first years of the last decade. By 2005, Almaz-Antey Concern experts studied the current state of affairs and opportunities for the further development of anti-aircraft weapons. Soon there was a decision to launch the project, the leading role in which was given to the State Design Bureau Almaz-Antey. It was also planned to involve in the work many other organizations of the defense industry, which should have been commissioned to create and produce individual components.

According to different sources, the technical design of the new air defense system was created by the year 2010. Already by this time some components of the future complex were manufactured and tested. To carry out certain checks, the enterprises participating in the program built a set of different layouts and simulators.

At the same time, in the 2010 year, the index of the new system, 55Р6М, appeared in the open press. The modern designations C-500 and Prometheus became known later, only in the spring of 2012. Almost at the same time, plans were announced for the future mass production of new equipment. Especially for the assembly of missiles and other means of a promising complex it was proposed to build two new plants. Part of the components for modern and promising air defense missile systems were planned to be assembled in Kirov, others - in Nizhny Novgorod. According to the initial plans, both plants should have earned already in 2015.

For several reasons, as often happens with complex projects, the timing of the implementation of individual stages and the entire project as a whole has been repeatedly shifted. So, as far as we know, the first tests of the full-fledged components of the complex were originally planned to be held at the end of the last decade, and by the year of the 2014-15 Prometheus could have entered service. Subsequently, the plans seriously changed. For example, as early as in 2013, adoption was transferred to 2017-18 years.

However, these plans were not justified. For certain reasons, the testing of the new complex’s missiles began only in the summer of 2014, which markedly shifted further phases of the project. About a year ago, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov pointed out that now the delivery of a prototype C-500 air defense system is scheduled for 2020.

Recent reports from officials may be cause for optimism. After repeatedly changing the work schedule, the industry still managed to launch new phases of the program. As D. Rogozin told a few weeks ago, the Nizhny Novgorod Machine-Building Plant had already started assembling some components of a promising complex. Obviously, we are talking about ground-based anti-aircraft systems, such as self-propelled launcher, control and communication machines, etc.

If at present the industry is building such equipment, then there are no grounds for negative forecasts. The manufacturer and related enterprises are fully capable of completing the necessary work within the prescribed period and transferring the prototype Prometheus / Triumphator-M to the tests for the 2020 year. Thus, after a series of hyphenation and certain problems of one character or another, the most important C-500 project will nevertheless be brought to the desired final.

Considering the time required for testing, it is possible to imagine when the industry will be able to launch full-scale mass production of new equipment, and troops will begin to receive the ordered samples. If an experienced C-500 goes to the testing ground by 2020 and does not face serious problems, then the development of serial equipment will be able to start in the first half of the twenties. The required number of complexes, for obvious reasons, is still unknown. We can talk about at least several dozen sets.

Officials have repeatedly mentioned some details of the future organization of mass production. So, the missiles for the C-500 complex are planned to be produced at the Kirovsky machine-building enterprise, which began work only two years ago. The final assembly of machines with ground facilities of the complex will be carried out in Nizhny Novgorod, where in the recent past new production facilities were also built. Various other enterprises from the EKM Almaz-Antey Concern will participate in the role of suppliers of various components in the Triumfator-M program.

Most of the information about the technical characteristics and appearance of the C-500 complex has not yet been disclosed. Moreover, even the exact appearance of the system and its individual components remains unknown. At the same time, the statements made by individuals, as well as published documents, allow us to draw up an approximate picture and to understand what the Russian armed forces will receive in the future.

From the known data it follows that the aim of the C-500 “Prometheus” project is to create a new anti-aircraft complex, conditionally attributable to the fifth generation, and capable of solving a wide range of combat missions. The complex will have to fight with both aerodynamic and ballistic targets. It should be expected that in the latter case, the air defense missile system will be able to attack short-range or medium-range ballistic missiles. At the same time, he should receive long-range or extra-long-range anti-aircraft missiles.

According to various estimates, the C-500 air defense system will be able to attack targets at ranges up to 350-400 km. There are also more courageous forecasts, according to which the firing range of some of the used missiles will be much higher. At the same time, the complex may not include short-range and medium-range missiles, which is why work on such lines will be placed on other anti-aircraft systems. Obviously, being a complex for object air defense, C-500 will work in conjunction with other systems that have different characteristics.

In connection with special tasks, the advanced complex should include a radar detection station with high performance. According to various estimates, when operating as a means of air defense, the C-500 complex, using a standard detection radar with an active phased antenna array, will be able to find targets at ranges of at least 500-600 km. In the case of work on ballistic targets, the estimated detection range can reach 1500-2000 km. However, officials have not yet mentioned the real characteristics of the radar complex.

For obvious reasons, the complex will include a separate command center, whose task will be to collect information from its own means of detection with its subsequent processing and issuing commands to the launchers. It should be expected that the controls of the C-500 air defense system will be able to issue information about the tactical situation to other consumers, as well as receive relevant data from the outside.

According to known data, in terms of mobility, the Prometheus complex will be similar to the existing C-300P and C-400. All funds will have to be mounted on special high-capacity wheeled chassis with high mobility characteristics on highways and off-road. According to various data, BAZ and MZKT cars can become carriers of equipment from C-500. In the past, various exhibitions and other similar events have repeatedly featured images of special chassis, equipped with units from the anti-aircraft complex.

It is expected that long-range and ultra-long-range anti-aircraft missiles will differ in their respective dimensions, due to which their launcher must have the appropriate dimensions. In this connection, Bryansk and Minsk machines having at least four axes can be used as a carrier of special equipment. Thus, the Bryansk auto-builders created the BAZ-69096 chassis with the wheel formula 10х10. Belarusian enterprises, in turn, developed a similar machine MZKT-792911 with six leading bridges.

The promising anti-aircraft complex C-500 "Prometheus" is a new representative of the domestic direction of long-range systems designed for object defense. At the same time, during the creation of such a complex, actual threats and possible ways of development of the shock systems of the future were taken into account. All this makes it possible to approximately imagine what role the new complexes will play in the updated air and missile defense system.

Domestic air defense in the past and now has a layered architecture and includes complexes with different characteristics that provide multiple cover for specified areas. The C-500 air defense missile system, differing by enhanced characteristics, is capable of complementing the existing long-range systems in their area of ​​responsibility, as well as expanding the capabilities of the air defense system, increasing the maximum target radius. The ability to intercept ballistic missiles of operational-tactical class, short and medium range significantly increases the potential of the air defense system and missile defense system as a whole.

It was previously mentioned that the first production complexes of the S-500 will be deployed near Moscow. Their task will be to cover the main administrative and military facilities, as well as the entire central industrial area. Apparently, Prometheus is planned to be used together with the existing strategic missile defense system of Moscow and, possibly, they will work together with the existing detection and control tools. In the future, the position areas of Prometheus will have to appear in other areas of the country. With their help, the army will be able to cover the naval base fleetstrategic missile forces, etc., large cities and industrial areas.

The number of C-500 systems planned to be ordered and put into service remains unknown. According to the current plans of the Ministry of Defense, by the end of the current decade, the armed forces should receive and put on duty the 56 divisions of the C-400 air defense system. 46 of such kits has already been handed over to the customer and sent in parts, and the remaining 10 will be built and handed over as soon as possible. Soon after, the army will receive the first serial C-500. Which approach to rearmament will be used is not yet specified. Probably, the new Prometheus will first complement the existing C-400. The replacement of the latter should be expected only in the distant future.

The advanced C-500 anti-aircraft missile system has special requirements, which in a certain way affects the complexity of the work. The result of this was a few delays in the start of testing and production. However, all major problems were overcome, and the industry launched a new phase of the program. As it became known at the end of February, the assembly of the ground-based components of Prometheus has now begun in Nizhny Novgorod.

After many years of research and development, a new model of weapons for air defense has come close to testing and subsequent adoption. Everything indicates that the actual plans for the start of operation in the 2020 year will be fulfilled. The armed forces will receive the most advanced air defense and missile defense complex at the moment, and the country will thereby increase its defense capability.

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  1. Theodore
    Theodore 13 March 2018 06: 24
    The last argument in the sky! No one and nothing will fly.
    1. Serge Gorely
      Serge Gorely 13 March 2018 07: 04
      Every McCain is a good Prometheus to fellow travelers!
    2. Romario_Argo
      Romario_Argo 13 March 2018 09: 12
      "If we do not fly, then no one will fly"
    3. Megatron
      Megatron 3 October 2018 03: 34
      But I don’t remember that even the S-300 shot down someone, oh yes, hahly shot down our planes during 08.08.
  2. Carib
    Carib 13 March 2018 07: 15
    Is it true that not all components of the C300, C400 previously produced in Ukraine were replaced by analogues produced in Russia?
    1. Alexey Sommer
      Alexey Sommer 13 March 2018 13: 36
      Well, you give!))
    2. KonOnOff
      KonOnOff 21 March 2018 15: 50
      On the Ukraine. According to the rules of the Russian language. You can’t "shine" like that! laughing
  3. sabotage
    sabotage 13 March 2018 07: 33
    Yes, even call the S-600. What is different from the S-300PMU in it? Are there any new missiles?
    1. Romario_Argo
      Romario_Argo 13 March 2018 09: 15
      yes, they will soon show 77Н6-Н / Н1 so as not to ache
      1. sabotage
        sabotage 13 March 2018 20: 41
        Quote: Romario_Argo
        there is, they will soon show 77N6-N / H1 so as not to ache

        Of course, in the cartoon on the Star channel.
        1. KonOnOff
          KonOnOff 21 March 2018 15: 52
          Well, write a complaint to the Ministry of Defense of Russia that you have not posted a full set of documentation with a detailed description of the technical characteristics and application modes.
      2. Dashout
        Dashout 18 March 2018 13: 38
        "...With equal effectiveness, destroy small targets, cruise missiles, planes and helicopters, satellites, and intercept nuclear warheads entering the dense atmosphere at a speed of up to ten kilometers per second. All this will be able to do the latest anti-aircraft missile system C-500 "Prometheus"."
        Yeah ... it's something !!!
        It is especially unpleasant to look at this technique by traitors and Vlasovites. Why I divided the traitors and the Vlasovites - it seems the same thing, but no, there is a small difference: a traitor - he is a traitor; and Vlasov is an ideological traitor!
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 13 March 2018 07: 50
    I came across a phrase in the text: "Characteristics are not disclosed."
    Before and after it is just a set of letters.
    1. thinker
      thinker 13 March 2018 13: 16
      yes "Water-water, all around water." Whether the TASS case is short and clear
      On February 26, the TASS news agency reported that the Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Plant had begun production of Prometheus S-500 missile systems.
  5. Romka47
    Romka47 13 March 2018 09: 06
    Normally, it’s more likely to be operational, rather !!
  6. mvg
    mvg 13 March 2018 09: 48
    Sorry, again Ryabov translates .. or several articles in one gate. Why is this? Repetition in each paragraph .. Some kind of nonsense you read. Pulls out.
  7. seos
    seos 13 March 2018 10: 54
    In the Almaz-Antey concern, effective managers now rule ... so there remains the possibility that this concern will switch from the production of air defense systems to the production of means to increase potency or dietary supplements ...
  8. Firework
    Firework 13 March 2018 10: 54
    possible appearance of the S-500
  9. Serzh_R
    Serzh_R 13 March 2018 11: 15
    It looks like the concepts of the Russian Ministry of Defense "Experimental Operation", "Becoming Adoptive" and "Advanced Complex" have replaced the term "Secrecy" and the attitude to it.
  10. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 13 March 2018 11: 32
    S-500 - an attempt to create a "Russian Aegis".
    Not easy, but achievable.
    These are not bluffs for the public, but the weapons Russia really needs.
    1. cariperpaint
      cariperpaint 13 March 2018 12: 08
      and what does Aegis have to do with it? even I am far from this person I understand that the concepts are different and there is nothing common
    2. Tektor
      Tektor 13 March 2018 12: 10
      At the S-500, the most important feature should be a mobile radar with a missile warhead detection area of ​​1000 km with a good hook. Those. it will be a complex with a 40N6M anti-missile system, a locator and an automatic network-centric defense system, operating independently of the operator, which will unite under its command all the attached complexes C300 and C400 of the area of ​​responsibility.
      1. gregor6549
        gregor6549 19 March 2018 05: 04
        Of course, I wildly apologize, but where did the “1000 km come from with a good hack for detecting missile warheads” from the mobile ground-based radar of the centimeter or even decimeter range? What, the horizon has already been canceled? Or radar with AFAR do not care about the horizon? Of course, in a meter radar a radio horizon can be somewhat “pushed aside,” but again for a mobile meter radar (and we are discussing a mobile air defense system), 1000 km will also be a bit too much.
        ! 000 km and further this is the area of ​​application of over-horizon early warning radars and stationary radars of the Voronezh type and their modifications.
        Again, what kind of "automatic control network-centric defense system" are we talking about? Modern control systems for air defense forces and means are, as a rule, automated (rather than automatic) systems, where a human operator takes decisions at all stages of detection, tracking and destruction of air targets.
    3. askme
      askme 13 March 2018 12: 40
      Finger to the sky. Absolutely different systems, on completely different technological principles. The S-500 radar is an AFAR. And Aegis is a PFAR. Missiles are absolutely on different technologies.
      1. voyaka uh
        voyaka uh 13 March 2018 12: 53
        So Aggis is old - since 1973. Now they are testing on destroyers AFARs.
        And so the S-500 is precisely the land analogue of Aegis: a network-centric defensive system
        in the possibility of missile defense in space.
        On mobile all-terrain vehicles, but the essence of this does not change.
        1. askme
          askme 13 March 2018 12: 58
          Rave. Aegis is a PFAR. No and cannot be Aegis with AFAR. Then this is a different system. Another nonsense from you. S-500 is not an analogue of Aegis. From the word "completely." This is the same as calling the S-500 an analogue of the S-300. These are completely different systems. Based on different principles.
          1. voyaka uh
            voyaka uh 13 March 2018 17: 04
            Aegis - and not VFAR, and not AFAR. Radars (and missiles) will change in it more than once.
            A system called: Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System
            It is designed to provide: missile defense against short to intermediate-range ballistic missiles.
            Missile defense from BRMD and BRRS.
            Currently, its two main components:
            Aegis Weapon System another name for Aegis "Combat Systems" (Lockheed Martin) and Standard missile missiles (Raytheon).
            drinks hi
            1. askme
              askme 13 March 2018 20: 16
              Do not do nonsense. Aegis is a specific air defense system, and not the common name of a class of systems. A system that has its own specific composition, unique equipment architecture. At the hardware level, which PFAR is "stitched". Without PFAR, this is no longer Aegis. A completely different system. Both at the hardware and software levels. Clear?
              1. voyaka uh
                voyaka uh 14 March 2018 15: 52
                "having its own specific composition, unique equipment architecture." ///

                This is no longer the case. Aegis moved in 2012 to open architecture (like all modern military systems).

                "In 2012 Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense will merge with Aegis Open Architecture and deliver the benefits of both platforms"
                An open architecture allows you to change the hardware without developing a new system.
                VFAR SPY-1 is replaced by AFAR AN / SPY-3
                Clear? wink
        2. SETTGF
          SETTGF 8 September 2018 22: 28
          voyaka uh! It's so ugly to lie about the S-500! It is by no means an analogue of Aegis ... the S-500 is far superior to Aegis!
    4. Alexey-74
      Alexey-74 13 March 2018 14: 40
      and you ask the Americans, they will definitely answer you, and so I’m telling you exactly, don’t write any nonsense and expose your incompetence .....
  11. Urantian
    Urantian 13 March 2018 12: 00
    Things are bad at the enterprises of Almaz-Antei .., managers and managers from the parent organization are ruining them ....
    1. askme
      askme 13 March 2018 13: 01
      It’s good when enemies have such illusions) The main thing you strongly believe in it))
    2. Brs2
      Brs2 13 March 2018 13: 35
      Do not be surprised if this is so.
      1. askme
        askme 13 March 2018 14: 04
        Naturally, you will not be surprised. Especially if you are a regular troll VO)
  12. Savignon
    Savignon 13 March 2018 14: 02
    Authors today have gone like this - one half is picking in new weapons, the other half is picking in promising weapons. And Tsereushniki in Langley sit on the priest exactly, drink Pepsi and eat all the technical information.
    I would like to ask - why do you always poke around in technology and publish everything in a row?
    Better do your favorite thing - think of how Shurygina got married, for example.
    1. Rey_ka
      Rey_ka 14 March 2018 10: 38
      Who is Shurygin? As Agent Langley, I’m very curious. Marry? how not toleoant!
      1. Savignon
        Savignon 14 March 2018 14: 29
  13. Old26
    Old26 14 March 2018 19: 04
    Quote: Romario_Argo
    yes, they will soon show 77Н6-Н / Н1 so as not to ache

    So, how does the S-400 complex show a 40N6 missile?
  14. Bell pepper
    Bell pepper 14 March 2018 22: 20
    To all the employees of the Diamond-Antei concern:
    Work brothers !!!
  15. sabotage
    sabotage 15 March 2018 22: 50
    Quote: Old26
    Quote: Romario_Argo
    yes, they will soon show 77Н6-Н / Н1 so as not to ache

    So, how does the S-400 complex show a 40N6 missile?

    Is that the one that still isn't? Or is there already?
  16. Xscorpion
    Xscorpion 17 March 2018 01: 48
    Given the time required for testing, one can imagine when the industry will be able to launch full-scale serial production of new equipment, and the troops will begin to receive the ordered samples. If the experienced S-500 goes to the training ground by 2020 and does not face serious problems, then the development of serial technology will be able to start in the first half of the twenties.

    Nothing that they have long been tested in the Cap Yar? The problem with the interception of BRs from behind the landfill, there were graters with Kazakhs. The author has at least five years ago.
    1. Sergey_I
      Sergey_I 18 March 2018 11: 29
      BR intercept is still no matter where it goes. What about the BR warhead?
      1. KonOnOff
        KonOnOff 21 March 2018 15: 45
        For this, the Nudol system is being developed. Including with a mobile component.
  17. askort154
    askort154 23 March 2018 09: 56
    mvg ....Sorry, again Ryabov translates .. or several articles in one gate. Why is this? Repetition in each paragraph .. Some kind of nonsense you read. Pulls out.

    Payment for the number of letters. tongue