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One belt. One way. And one chairman

Xi Jinping may be the lifelong party chairman of the PRC. Similar happened in stories. For example, in the Soviet. Brezhnev ruled for life, and after his death, the "stagnant" country collapsed in a few years. In the US, they could not believe their eyes - so quickly the “evil empire” cracked at the seams and dispersed, ran away. Does a similar sad fate threaten China? No, it does not threaten.

The last step to the life rule of Xi Jinping was left behind. As we told on "Military Review", for a change in the Chinese constitution voted 2958 people. Only two comrades were against, three more abstained.

The abolition of constitutional restrictions should ideally serve to ensure the authority of not only Comrade Xi, but also of the entire leadership of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). It must be assumed that a change in the constitution is intended to strengthen the governance system in the country and emphasize the single vector of development of the PRC. This is quite obvious: the Chinese economy is developing very fast and technologically advanced, and it is quite difficult not to notice this fact.

Along with this there is a strong personality cult. The real power in the country has long been lost by a person who is formally considered the second in the ruling party: State Council Premier Li Keqiang. The Premier of the State Council in the People's Republic of China is, in fact, the head of the Chinese government. But in reality now it is nothing more than a shadow of a manager.

Opponents of the new, “unlimited” Xi have already discerned ahead a return to violence, to the era of Comrade Mao. In addition, many Chinese people do not like the non-stop propaganda machine: almost every day, state-run television plays movies where people express delight in the actions of their chairman.

But the party went even further: the ideology set forth in the essay "Thoughts of Xi Jinping", a place right in the Constitution of the PRC. For this, the party members voted last fall. Reuters he writes: “Comrade X’s“ new slogan ”will be included in the constitution, and the constitution itself is even called the“ constitution of the Communist Party ”.

Ideas were added to the Chinese constitution, for example, Deng Xiaoping, but without specifying a name. Now there may appear a name.

“This is a very important step, since the Chinese constitution is a thing unshakable, and, most importantly, only ideas of Deng Xiaoping and some formulations of Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao were added to it before, without including their names,” he said in an interview "RT" Alexey Maslov, Head of the HSE School of Oriental Studies. - That is, for the first time since the days of Deng Xiaoping, the new name will be spelled out in the constitution. There is a fixation of Xi Jinping in history. ”

Strangely, we note that the expert considers the Chinese constitution "unshakable." After the proclamation of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the constitution in China changed frequently (1954, 1975, 1978, 1982). In 1988, 1993, 1999, 2004 and now, in 2018, it has been corrected.

So, the "constitutional" C will rise not only on the same level with the rulers of the past, but also higher. Ideas C will have to be studied by schoolchildren, students and party members. Last year it became clear that Comrade C's “Thoughts” would go to universities.

In the fall of 2017, two Chinese university faculties announced that they would devote themselves to the “chairman’s philosophy”. In addition, the ideas of “study groups” began to move throughout the country. The group participants initially included themselves as “followers of the new era” of Xi Jinping.

«The Guardian» referring to the "Beijing Daily" reported that the leading scientists were instructed to investigate the work "The Thoughts of Xi Jinping about Chinese Socialism in the New Era". A representative from a university believes that "the idea of ​​Xi Jinping ... is of epochal significance."

There is, however, a different opinion. Opponents Xi believe that “peaceful and educated citizens of China” may resist even more ideology in their “classrooms”. The reluctance to put up with the dominance of ideology can become a barometer of attitudes towards the ruling regime. Will, for example, parents of middle-class children be happy that their children will have to learn the “latest version of Chinese Marxism”? And if the current party elite pursues the goal of building a totalitarian society, then society can reject such an idea. Now is the 21st century, and we need to look forward, not into the past, says Susan Shirk, an expert on the politics of the PRC.

The “thoughts” of Comrade Xi, we add, were included by the XIX Congress of the Communist Party of China (October 2017) in the party statutes. The congress itself began with the speech of Comrade. C, which was delayed, like Gorbachev, for three hours. Let us explain to those who do not know how long Gorbachev spoke: for the sake of his speeches, broadcast on the “Time” program in 1980's, this TV program could stretch to infinity, and the programs after it were postponed “later”.

From now on, when Xi can consider himself a life ruler, when his work began to be studied at universities, arguing with him in China, perhaps, is meaningless. At least, this means opposing the statute and authority of the CCP, which in China is unlikely to lead to a good outcome for an opponent.

On the other hand, not all Western experts believe that China under Comrade X has slipped or is slipping into an unequivocal autocracy, not to mention totalitarianism.

Director of the Institute for Chinese Studies at Kings College, K. Brown, for example, does not consider that there is autocracy in China now. Perhaps this is the “intention” of autocracy, but no more than that.

“What is happening now, many will call autocratic rule. But I cannot say that this is an autocracy, I would say that this is more an intention, and until 2023, we will not know for sure what this intention is, much can change, the expert said - And while everything is going well, Xi Jinping can hold on to his position. But if difficult times come, people will ask: you said that you have all the answers, can you answer us now? But at the moment, Xi is certainly a consolidating force in China. The main goal of China is to become a powerful, strong country. The Chinese want a good status. And Xi Jinping as a conductor of this idea is very popular. Here he can be calm ... "

Yes, and hardly the Chinese, beginning with the party members, are rushing back to the Mao era.

“Only in order to emphasize the ambitious character of Xi Jinping’s personality and the authority he has already won, you can compare him with Mao,” "BBC" opinion of the Deputy Director of the Institute of Asian and African countries Andrei Karneev. - And so it is a completely different era, different people. And no one in China, including the entire top of the CCP, dreams of going back to the past. ”

Finally, Comrade C set a vivid example of how to fight corruption at the state and party levels. And here he is really popular.

As recalled "BBC B" Art. Vasily Kashin, a researcher at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences; during the five years of C's rule, one million three hundred thousand people passed through the central commission for discipline inspection. Yes, most of them got off with penalties on the party line: from reprimand to dismissal from work. However, 10-15% of the defendants of the cases still went to jail.

The fight against corruption, which raised C, is in full swing in China. And this is to some extent a role model. Somewhere abroad, we note, could take an example.

Not all Chinese comrades are very happy to fight corruption. Not welcome to those whom the fighters gave a hand, and their relatives. However, just such a struggle, even if it is conducted “authoritarianly”, that is, uncompromisingly and on behalf of the top of the party, means not in a mythical bright future, as in the USSR, but in the real present consolidation of the party and, accordingly, the government.

Which of the well-known ranks received in the PRC in the neck in recent years?

The most notorious case was, perhaps, with respect to Bo Xilai. This is a careerist, former secretary of the CPC Committee in Chongqing. In 2013, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was accused of corruption, bribery and abuse of official authority. The sum of his "left" income was 4,3 million dollars. Previously, this party member was considered one of the most promising Chinese politicians.

Less than two years passed, and another high-profile case was “stitched”. In the summer of 2015, people in the People's Republic of China sentenced Zhou Yongkang, a former member of the Politburo Central Committee Politburo, to life imprisonment. The court found this party member guilty of abuse of office, bribery, and even the deliberate disclosure of state secrets. The process itself was closed due to secrecy. But it is known that Comrade. Zhou and his relatives bribed 130 million Yuan, or, at the then exchange rate, 21,3 million dollars. The relatives promoted the distribution of state contracts to bypass the law and caused such actions to damage the Chinese budget of 1,49 billion yuan, or 240,5 million dollars.

Both of these persons were not only corrupt officials, but also represented a force capable of creating Xi Jinping party opposition. At the time of the struggle for power and for the consolidation of power, the suppression of such opponents is a rather typical action. On the other hand, the fight against corruption in the PRC does not at all serve as a screen for eliminating critics of the regime. And the punishments and dismissals from the grain posts of many of those who were guilty there are very real, not connected with “transfer to another job”. Therefore, the C program, which is hardly in the interests of obscure party clans, finds a response among the people and consolidates both society and the party.

The party, after all, is communist. With bright ideals. Hence, perhaps, the bright thoughts of the Chinese leader.

In fact, Xi Jinping has become a true symbol of the new Chinese era. This is bad or good, but he cannot avoid the personality cult. Will you be able to overcome the temptation of the cult? If China continues to develop rapidly, turning into a powerful technological power before the eyes of the whole world, then a little cult to Comrade Xi, perhaps, will not hurt. The idea of ​​the Chinese “belt and way” was voiced by them. And under his leadership, she comes to life. Not by promises, but by deeds.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. populist
    populist 13 March 2018 06: 56
    Is a similar sad fate threatening China? No, not threatened.

    Now it doesn’t threaten, and in the future - the grandmother said in two.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 13 March 2018 08: 26
      Now the Chinese will begin to produce X quotes in billions of copies. So everything is arranged there. winked
      Then the cultural revolution, huweinbins, the new Tiananmei ... belay
      1. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 16 March 2018 07: 52
        Similarly, in the Chinese image now, later, the new USSR instead of Russia, new congresses of industrialization and collectivization, the century of mastering the solar system - this is instead of flying into space into orbit, and then again stagnation and more ...
  2. Titsen
    Titsen 13 March 2018 06: 56
    I have some DEJAW - something that reminds me of all this ....

    Can someone tell me?
  3. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 13 March 2018 08: 27
    Comrade Xi, a typical example of an era leader commensurate with Mao and Stalin. For which the good of the country is the highest goal. And there is no need to change them. The changeable nature of power is only prevention from the Gorbachev’s
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 13 March 2018 08: 31
    Such a turn in the life of China was inevitable due to historical traditions. The question was only when and with whom it will happen.
    Next in line with the same historical traditions!
    1. ltc35
      ltc35 13 March 2018 12: 48
      Yes. But with us it always ended badly.
  5. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 13 March 2018 09: 19
    In fact, Xi Jinping has become a true symbol of the new Chinese era. It is good or bad, but not to avoid the cult of personality.
    Comrade Xi has been steering the PRC for only 5 years, as it’s not enough for a symbol, and especially a personality cult
  6. Boris55
    Boris55 13 March 2018 10: 02
    Quote: O. Chuvakin
    Along with this, there is a growing personality cult.

    As popular wisdom says: "If you want to ruin the matter, change the leader more often." To paraphrase it: "If you want to ruin a country, organize elections there more often." Elections should be held not according to the appointed term, but according to the results of the manager's work. If he copes, and the result of management at this level is the development of the country, the growth of the welfare of citizens, taking into account all the influential factors, let him rule at least until the end of his days.
    1. Ierarh
      Ierarh 14 March 2018 10: 03
      Who are the judges?
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 14 March 2018 11: 54
        Quote: Ierarh
        Who are the judges?

  7. Galleon
    Galleon 13 March 2018 10: 04
    What is characteristic of hereditary rule? A smart ruler (like the king of Romania, Mihai, who was awarded our Order of Victory) believes that he takes the country temporarily from his son, so there can be no talk of any theft or corruption. A stupid ruler (he was here about 100 years ago) does not consider anything, and can even fight if he loves the army, parades and wants to stretch his legs. We have been warming up for 100 years. And corruption under such a king is a normal thing. But in general, with a smart ruler, the country is capable of making an incredible leap forward and upward - the USSR has proved this.
    Listen, maybe this is some kind of new political system? If a democratically elected leader lives up to expectations, then doesn’t the hell out of there and "plow on that gallery" for life? Only again, everything can boil down to manipulations: throwing in ballots, bus-caravan-ring voting, marching of enterprises for elections under the supervision of directors and with a full photo report of the voters, as well as a smooth and steady increase in the rating of “beloved leader” from the eastern suburbs to the western borders of the great shabby country...
  8. Palagecha
    Palagecha 13 March 2018 14: 57
    It’s time for us to do this as well. To leave Putin, Medvedev, Matvienko, Sobyanin and Poltavchenko for life. And to elect deputies for 25 years. There will be stability and cost savings!
    1. Bastinda
      Bastinda 17 March 2018 18: 15
      About 25 I agree. Lifetime, for some, is also possible. And then it will be possible stability, and savings .... laughing
  9. nnz226
    nnz226 13 March 2018 15: 31
    There will be a cult ... But is there a personality?
  10. antivirus
    antivirus 13 March 2018 16: 02
    Along with this there is a strong personality cult. The real power in the country has long been lost by a person who is formally considered the second in the ruling party: State Council Premier Li Keqiang. The Premier of the State Council in the People's Republic of China is, in fact, the head of the Chinese government. But in reality now it is nothing more than a shadow of a manager.

    the first fully urban generation --------- FIXED ITS STATUS.
    t si is just a marker. His cult of personality will not affect the movement of 1,0 billion active Chinese towards their (!!!!) goal.

    when the aspirations of this 1 billion will be fulfilled (the teachers invested 20-40 years ago at the lessons in rural schools), then they will immediately say "t Si impedes the development of the country"
    (or the hegemony of China in the world, or others that will throw "friends" into the discussion)
  11. Dead duck
    Dead duck 13 March 2018 21: 20
    One belt. One way. And one chairman

    Like a prophecy ...
  12. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx 14 March 2018 02: 14
    Russian with Chinese brothers forever!
  13. antivirus
    antivirus 17 March 2018 09: 29
    and add to my opinion — the unity of China is based on the unity of the peasants — in the village (still living) and in the city (already) BUT WITH ONE MENTALITY AND EDUCATION ACCORDING TO ONE TEACHER METHODS.
    when life will come to the next pass in 20-30 years-- the villagers have remained in the village, and new generations in the city no longer know the grains of life - THIS IS ANOTHER RUBICON FOR THE COUNTRY.
    fault and disagreement of different mentality (do buns grow on a tree? or in the ground, like potatoes)