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Dushanbe and Tashkent have set their sights on "strategic partnership"

On Friday, March 9, at a meeting in Dushanbe, the presidents of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon signed a series of documents on the normalization of relations between the two countries. We agreed, in particular, to abolish the visa regime between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as to resume road, rail and aviation message. The Tajik president has promised to gradually restore the work of all 16 checkpoints at the border. In response, the Uzbek leader said that in the near future relations between the two countries will reach the level of “strategic partnership”.

Pans are fighting - at the lackeys of the forelocks crack

Something like this, translated into Russian, you can imagine a picture of the protracted Cold War between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, caused by a quarrel between the leaders of the two countries. This quarrel has two aspects - ethnichistorical and economic. Let's start with the latest history, which it was made for the population of the two countries during the years of Soviet power.

In 1924, political topographers from the Bolsheviks conducted a national-territorial delimitation of Central Asia. It resulted in the emergence of the Tajik Autonomous Republic as part of the Uzbek SSR. This option was not the most successful. The fact is that the Tajiks are somewhat arrogant towards Uzbeks (something similar to the attitude of our citizens to the villagers).

Tajiks consider themselves to be a nation of more ancient culture and history, hence this light snobbery. The Bolsheviks were far from such ethnic subtleties and therefore put the Tajiks in a subordinate, dependent position on their Uzbek neighbors. Later they tried to correct the mistake.

In 1929, Tajikistan was transformed into a full-fledged union republic. But the sediment remained, moreover, material and visible. An entire Tajik enclave was attributed to Uzbekistan, including the ancient cities of Samarkand and Bukhara, which are the pride of the history and culture of the Tajik nation.

Admittedly, the Uzbek leaders felt the nuances of national relations and behaved with subordinate neighbors not only correctly, but even defended the interests of Tajikistan in high Moscow offices. This tradition has been preserved for many years even after the actual equalization of the republics in rights.

More populated and economically stronger Uzbekistan in every possible way took care of its “well-born” neighbors. Uzbek politicians explained this with the thesis about “one people with two languages” invented in Tashkent. True, it is not only about languages. Peoples are really different.

Tajiks are, according to ethnographers, the northern Persians. Hence their peculiar language, which some experts consider as a Farsi dialect. Others are an independent linguistic branch of the Persian language. Most of the Tajiks live in northern Afghanistan, about a third of the nation (one of the largest in Central Asia) has united Tajikistan.

Uzbeks are Turkic. It is believed that their ethnogenesis based on the ancient Iranian tribes was strongly modified after the invasion of Central Asia by the Mongols and other nomads. The ethnonym "Uzbek" was brought into use after the actual assimilation of the indigenous population with the conquerors and the adoption of a variety of the Turkic language.

Behind this unpretentious picture of the difference between two peoples lies another thousand nuances, more known only to the aborigines of those places. Sometimes these differences led to ethnic conflicts, caused, however, by economic reasons (disputes over the distribution of water, land, etc.).

The communist authorities abolished these conflicts skillfully, without eliminating the causes of them. So, by the time independence of the Tajik and Uzbek republics, they had formed a certain conflict base. It manifested itself primarily in the relations of the leaders of the two countries.

At first, the President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rakhmon, traditionally called his Uzbek counterpart Islam Karimov “atamiz” (“our father”). Then he accused Karimov of oppressing the whole of Tajik. Rakhmon recalled how once during a visit to Uzbekistan, he appealed to a local resident and asked him to name his nationality. The man looked apprehensively at the President of Uzbekistan who was present during the conversation and answered: “I am Samarkand”.

Probably, Rakhmon’s claims were somewhat justified. At least, under Karimov, only 1.5 million people wrote to the Tajik in Uzbekistan. Unofficial sources expand the size of the Tajik diaspora to 11 millions.

Over time, disputes between Rakhmon and Karimov began to escalate into quarrels. Once, at a closed press conference, the Tajik president admitted that he “had argued with Karimov many times, even fought twice. Nazarbayev separated us once, Kuchma the second time. And I told him: "Samarkand and Bukhara, we still take!".

Water and gas as an apple of contention

Rahmon's revelation migrated from a closed press conference to public space. The Uzbeks didn’t react to this, they kept silent. But the observant experts quickly tied up the summits in which Tajik and Uzbek leaders took part, followed by closing the borders between neighboring countries, introducing a visa regime, blocking transport communications and other inconveniences that the two presidents gave their people.

Meanwhile, the claims of the Tajiks to Samarkand and Bukhara, if they were significant in these conflicts, are far from the first. There were disputes over the mutual supply of gas, electricity, and the "utilization" by Tajikistan of the water of the Vakhsh River. In Soviet times, a whole cascade of six hydroelectric power plants was built on it. They started to build the largest one - the Rogun hydropower station, but they fell into long-term construction.

Nevertheless, the capacity of the existing stations was enough to provide the Tajik Republic with energy during the high water summer and even support neighboring Uzbekistan, which stopped its gas-fired thermal power plants for summer preventive maintenance.

In winter, the situation was changing. Due to the lack of water, the generation of electricity at Tajik hydropower plants fell, now the republic was supported by Uzbek thermal power plants. This established order over the years began to fail in the years of independence of the two republics. It got to the point that the shortage of electricity in Tajikistan in winter periods exceeded one third of the total energy consumption of the republic.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that Uzbekistan began to hold not only electricity, but also natural gas. In Tajikistan, people sat without light and heat, they were freezing. Sometimes it led to tragedies. For example, “in the winter of 2008, newborn children died in the country due to power shortages,” these are words of President Rahmon.

Now the Tajik leader not only scolded the Uzbek "atamiz" with the last words, but was looking for a way to save his republic. The solution lay on the surface - to complete the Rogun hydroelectric station in the upper Vakhsh. Below the cascade to build two more smaller stations - Sangtuda HPP-1 and HPP-2.

This time they were already worried in Tashkent. Here they started talking about the “disposal of Vakhsh water by the Tajiks”. The threat was serious. The world knows such examples. Here are the good Americans to regulate the waters of their famous Colorado River. They built reservoirs, dams, dams, drainage outlets, and Colorado stopped flowing into the Pacific Ocean, quietly dissolving in the sands of the American deserts.

The last time the river, as they say hydrologists, "kissed the ocean" in the high flood 1998 year. The ocean survived this, but the adjacent Mexican territories became a zone of ecological disaster. New Vakhsh power plants promised a close picture.

Uzbekistan reacted decisively and blocked the border of Tajikistan. Cut it off from contact with the world through its territory. For Dushanbe, it was, in fact, the only (through Uzbek territory) communication connecting it with other countries. There was an international conflict. Iran has stood up for the Tajiks, whose companies have already gone to the construction of the Sangtuda hydroelectric station 2.

Tehran was able to achieve some relief. Other partners of Tajikistan helped him to establish a motor connection with Russia (through Kyrgyzstan), China (with access to the international Karakorum highway), Afghanistan. Russian power engineers completed the Sangtuda HPP-1. In 2016, the Vakhsh riverbed was blocked to fill the reservoir of the Rogun hydroelectric station.

Already then it became clear that Karimov’s sanctions against Rakhmon did not work. We need to sit down and negotiate, but old grievances and personal ambitions prevented the restoration of relations. Only after the death of Islam Karimov did Tashkent make direct contacts with Dushanbe.

The new Uzbek leader, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, spoke about the normalization of relations with Tajik neighbors and even personally met Emomali Rakhmon. Not only rhetoric began to change. Last summer, O'zbekiston TV channel made a film titled “Uzbekistan-Tajikistan: friendship tested by time”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan immediately placed the film on its website. Later, speaking at an international press club in Tashkent, Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov described the film O'zbekiston as “a very good film about Tajik-Uzbek relations”.

With such signals began the convergence of the two countries, which ended on March 9 with the signing of breakthrough documents in bilateral relations. Whether they become, as Shavkat Mirziyoyev would like, “strategic”, time will tell. Too many problems between the Tajiks and the Uzbeks gave rise to modern history.

So far, only progress has been made in restoring contacts between the two countries. The next step is the normalization of economic relations. At its lowest point, the annual trade turnover between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan was estimated to total 2,5 million dollars (so much alone exclusive Swiss watches). Now, countries want to trade in the figure of $ 500 million, as they did in their best years.

However, the most serious test of the friendship of “one people with two languages” will be the development of further self-identification of the Tajik and Uzbek nations. And here the issue of the historical affiliation of Samarkand and Bukhara can again become acute on the agenda.

The geopolitical mines, thoughtlessly laid by the Bolsheviks, will still freak out not only the leaders of the post-Soviet countries, but also their peoples.
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  1. Ingvar 72
    Ingvar 72 12 March 2018 06: 52
    Geopolitical mines thoughtlessly laid by the Bolsheviks
    Is it thoughtless? Maybe someone suggested?
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 12 March 2018 07: 17
        Quote: Yak28
        Bolsheviks built infrastructure

        The construction of infrastructure in Turkestan began under the tsar, with the adoption of Russia. hi
      2. Shep
        Shep 12 March 2018 12: 51
        Are you developed? But before the Bolsheviks, then no one knew how to write and read?
        To your regret, they don’t like Russians for such an approach to all of you.
        1. kamikaze
          kamikaze 12 March 2018 18: 25
          before the Soviet regime, they were not able to read most of the farmers of the poor and workers. after the power of the soviets came, the elimination of illiteracy in Turkestan began.
          1. Shep
            Shep 13 March 2018 17: 28
            by then, not only in this region but also in the European part of Russia, "the majority of farmers (peasants) of the poor could not read !!!
            1. Pingo
              Pingo 13 March 2018 23: 36
              I don’t know how in Turkestan, in Siberia and in the European part, Russians were more literate than now.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 12 March 2018 19: 11
      And when once all of Central Asia was called in one word - Turkestan. And wow lived. winked
  2. dog breeder
    dog breeder 12 March 2018 07: 00
    Problems will inevitably arise during the negotiation process. To mitigate the dialogue, intermediaries are needed. Who will we put on?
    1. thinker
      thinker 12 March 2018 07: 50
      Direct dialogue already left problems in the past.
      There are no unresolved issues between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the presidents of the two countries said ... a solid package of 27 documents has been signed regarding the areas of trade, economy, investment, finance, transport and transit, agriculture, the water and energy industry, taxes, customs, tourism, education and science, health care, culture, inter-regional cooperation, in the field of security and combating crime.
    2. Razvedka_Boem
      Razvedka_Boem 12 March 2018 09: 15
      Problems will inevitably arise during the negotiation process. To mitigate the dialogue, intermediaries are needed.

      Not needed. All that was needed was political will. Unresolved issues are currently left.
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 12 March 2018 09: 26
    Last year, trade has already exceeded $ 200 million. Over the next couple of years, it is planned to increase turnover to half a billion dollars.
    "a substantial package of 27 documents has been signed relating to the areas of trade, economy, investment, finance, transport and transit, agriculture, the water and energy industry, taxes, customs, tourism, education and science, health, culture, interregional cooperation, in the field of security and crime control. "
    A 30-day visa-free regime was introduced; for citizens of both states, they agreed on the clearance of borders, which should be completed by the end of 2019.
    We even agreed about the Rogun hydroelectric station, we are ready to participate in the construction.
    We are undergoing tremendous changes, but few people notice them in the CIS.
    1. ML-334
      ML-334 12 March 2018 11: 07
      It’s time, because of a quarrel, nobody gets better.
  4. andrewkor
    andrewkor 12 March 2018 10: 52
    Ideally: “0 problems with neighbors” is Erdogan’s formula. The Turks didn’t succeed, maybe Uzbekistan will succeed, I would like to wait and see!
  5. Shep
    Shep 12 March 2018 12: 45
    "Unofficial sources expand the size of the Tajik diaspora to 11 million"
    oppa !!!!! maybe all 32 million Tajiks ??????? Have you looked in Tajikistan how many Uzbeks ????? until 90 years, 1/3 of the population was Uzbek.
    "And I told him:" We will take Samarkand and Bukhara anyway! "."
    Squinting! First, Samarkad and Bukhara were almost always Türkic. Secondly, there will definitely be little strength, so that how to snatch Crimea :)
    1. already a Muscovite
      already a Muscovite 13 March 2018 01: 28
      were almost always Türkic

      That’s why the Turks don’t love you ... "Turkic" - you would at least write, literally, your own "name" of the ethnolinguistic community ... Although ...
      Secondly, there will definitely be little strength, so that how to snatch Crimea :)

      what an interesting Turkic Svidomo ..
      1. de_monSher
        de_monSher 13 March 2018 02: 37
        what an interesting Turkic Svidomo ..

        That’s whose cow would be, "almost russian"mumbled - yours would have been better silent ... would have used ... *))) you’ve learned new words for you -" Svidomo "you understand, but you haven’t been freed from petty dirty tricks and, in general, total pettiness ... *)) The nit-picking at the level of "d-u-r-a-k, not literate at the same time" and nothing more ... *))) And so - you shaved horseradish, and not Samarkand with Bukhara - and this fact ... *)))
        1. already a Muscovite
          already a Muscovite 13 March 2018 04: 31
          Quote: de_monSher
          Whose cow would be

          Do not hold, s ... Somehow it is unnecessary ...
          Quote: de_monSher
          from petty dirty tricks and in general - total pettiness

          .... oh, just do not ... whoever would say ... shit, donkeys, in the corners and rejoice .... done a great thing ...
          Quote: de_monSher
          Quibbling at the level of "d-u-r-a-k himself, not literate to the same" and nothing more ... *)))
          ... Well, yes ... nit-picking .. well, come on, write at your place that you succeeded instead of the Uzbek, they will throw their own with kakakhi ...

          Quote: de_monSher
          And so - shit to you shit

          Ffuuuu ... found something to boast about the wicked nasty ... ahahaha ... Ah ... That's why you're a monster ...
          Quote: de_monSher
          Samarkand with Bukhara

          keep these villages for yourself ... These mule bazaars do not need anyone but you ...
          I wanted to write "dirty mule bazaars," but I didn’t. I'm honest ...- Appreciate ... wink
          1. de_monSher
            de_monSher 13 March 2018 14: 46
            I wanted to write "dirty mule bazaars," but I didn’t. I'm honest ...- Appreciate ...

            Checked out ... *)))) I love honesty, even for those “Semi” and “Not until” which Pushkin, who A.S. fairly accurately characterized:

            Half-milord, half-merchant
            Half-wise, half-ignorant
            Half-scoundrel, but there is hope
            What will be complete at last.

            *))))) So, come on, become "full", finally ... good luck ... *)
            1. already a Muscovite
              already a Muscovite 13 March 2018 23: 00
              I’m just too lazy to enter into a polemic with you Nedosherzod Poluiskandarovich ... And these attempts to offend me are ridiculous ... This quote especially pleased ... heh ... You know better ... A halfwriter, half-director, half-freak, half USHPEC, half. ..what else is there ... In short, I just felt sorry for you ...
              1. de_monSher
                de_monSher 14 March 2018 11: 00
                You’ve already entered it, dude .. *)) One thing is not clear in your behavior - you do something brazenly, shamelessly, and along the way you wring your hands, roll your eyes "oh what you, what you ... I'm such a miracle , super smart ... I’m too lazy to do it ... and I don’t do it! "... In general, the conclusion about you is that, the miracle is" almost Moscow "- you have cognitive dissonance, because of stupidity - you don't even have enough brains , to offend ORIGINALLY - you borrow everything ... And after that you still pretend to something, "is no longer a rational person"? ... * *)))
                1. already a Muscovite
                  already a Muscovite 14 March 2018 19: 55
                  Quote: de_monSher
                  offend ORIGINALLY

                  Tyuyu ... ahah ... bon marchе ... For me it’s so original ... Semiiskandarovich ... It’s like BE hinting ... After all, the second half may be half-jib, or half-jib. Here it is possible to doubt the semi-scandalous ... Yes? Nedosherzod ... eheh .. But semi-Ivanov can safely be ruled out, it hurts you ... edikovat laughing
          2. Shep
            Shep 13 March 2018 18: 41
            "These Mule Bazaars"
            These cities were when Moscow was a village, and Peter was not even mentioned.
            But nitsche, you "almost man" can say everything.
            Mule bazaars ...... Hmm, you can see what a cultured, well-educated and truly competent person you are.
            1. already a Muscovite
              already a Muscovite 13 March 2018 23: 10
              Quote: Shep
              These cities were then

              These cities were cities until the village was dragged into them ...
              Quote: Shep
              you are "almost human"

              subhuman, untermensch smelled of fascism ... And you are still offended by Svidomo ...
              Quote: Shep
              Mule Bazaars

              1. romb
                romb 14 March 2018 12: 57
                In Central Asia, developed urban culture was still when you - Russians, as an ethnic group, even in the thoughts of the Varangians did not exist. Wandered somewhere in the woods, in the hope that when these same Vikings help you conquer Turkic Kiev. wink
                1. RUSS
                  RUSS 14 March 2018 16: 35
                  Quote: romb
                  In Central Asia, developed urban culture was still when you - Russians, as an ethnic group, even in the thoughts of the Varangians did not exist.

                  Only here, there were no Tajiks with Uzbeks in those days ..
                  This is the same when comparing modern Italians and ancient Romans.
                  As for the Anglo-Saxons, you too were not there in those days, you were in the germ of Germanic tribes.
      2. Shep
        Shep 13 March 2018 17: 38
        Well, in the first, Russian is not native to me, why I can write with errors, I do not deny this.
        And then, according to "Turkic Svidomo", I didn’t offend you yet.
        My site neighbor is a native Muscovite, has been living in Tashkent for 25 years. I once asked why, like some, I didn’t leave for RUSSIA. The answer was simple, "There are already people, especially cultural ones!"
        1. already a Muscovite
          already a Muscovite 13 March 2018 23: 18
          Quote: Shep
          I have a native Muscovite on the site,

          ..... ahahaha ....
          I have all the street cleaners in the courtyard ... ahahaha ... from Turkmenistan (the movie yesterday watched "Volkov Hour" there just such a country appeared - Turkmenistan. Our filmmakers try not to offend the feelings of some of the countries "friendly" to us ... By me so they fool around, throwing beads ... lol )
          So, I have all the wipers in the courtyard indigenous and
          Quote: Shep
          I once asked why, as some went to RUSSIA. The answer was simple, "There are already people, especially cultural ones!"
          1. Pingo
            Pingo 13 March 2018 23: 29
            yes, few, not enough, so come ...
          2. Shep
            Shep 15 March 2018 07: 38
            All your answers, dear, come down to saying "yourself" :) I am sorry for you.
        2. RUSS
          RUSS 14 March 2018 16: 39
          Quote: Shep
          I once asked why, like some, I didn’t leave for RUSSIA. The answer was simple, "There are already people, especially cultural ones!"

          Rush is that?
          By the way, in Russia there are fewer cultural people due to the dominance of dirty migrants in Asia, they will bring diseases, lice, and behave rudely. Do they come here to give birth in buses, why don’t you give birth at home?
  6. nezvaniy_gost
    nezvaniy_gost 12 March 2018 15: 59
    with 11 million Tajiks, the author certainly was enough! ) There are not so many Tajiks even in Tajikistan itself))) in the whole of Uzbekistan a little more than 1.5 million. Of course there are a lot of Tajiks in Bukhara and Samarkand, but it is unlikely that they prevail there numerically, and in the areas around these cities Uzbeks certainly predominate.
    As for Rakhmonovsky, “recapturing” is not even funny. At one time, Tajikistan barely fought off the Afghan Mujahideen and its Islamists, and not without the help of Uzbekistan.
  7. Karabin
    Karabin 12 March 2018 19: 08
    An article about the difficult relationship between Tajiks and Uzbeks, and it seems to be about the emerging normalization of these. And it seems to be written badly, but the last paragraph touches. It is imperative to kick the Bolsheviks. Is there such a fashion? On the Bolsheviks - miners? For Uzbeks / Tajiks, mine, for Russia, as one re-president said, they bombed the atomic bomb, nenka was starved, the Baltic states were genocidal, and Georgia was concealed. And they mined for non-recoverability. And the modern fathers of nations would be happy to fix something, but nothing. Damned Bolshevik inheritance. wink And what did the author not write about sovereign emperors? Tsars would not have fought Bukhara, then the Bolsheviks would not have to draw borders.
    1. already a Muscovite
      already a Muscovite 13 March 2018 01: 34
      Quote: Karabin
      The kings of Bukhara would not have fought

      The kings could not not "fight" ... The British would "fight" ...
      1. Pingo
        Pingo 13 March 2018 23: 33
        and how many Russian slaves were freed from captivity ...
  8. gorenina91
    gorenina91 13 March 2018 16: 56
    -Uzbeks “had enough mind” to switch to “Latin” ... -so then what could be the problem then ...?
    -It is probably that Uzbekistan is now “in Europe”, Tajikistan is still in Central Asia ... -So we should rather “make up” ...- everyone should switch to “Latin” ... -and all problems will be resolved by themselves .. .
    1. Pingo
      Pingo 13 March 2018 23: 30
      Europe there already crawled towards them from the south
    2. de_monSher
      de_monSher 14 March 2018 13: 15
      -Uzbeks “had enough mind” to switch to “Latin”

      You are strange people - and you, personally, this Latin surrendered? *)) Yes, it was not very well introduced, but damn it, they would have to tear off the wiseacres who developed it (they did it very poorly, did not want to think with their brains, thought with their asses - it turns out they didn’t introduce a complete alphabet, but simply designated the homegrown transliteration rule Cyrillic) - and so what? *)) Someone canceled the Cyrillic alphabet in Uzbekistan? Banned? Yes, no one did this, it seems, except for Codla, similar to you sofa and Xperd from Russia ... *)) You, do not worry much for us ... There you have, "wealth" but more, "almost Muscovites"(before that probably were"practically-cobble-co-slopes-fan-mountains
      ") drove to you in flocks, to" enrich ", so to speak, and to advance to the highest peaks your" common self-consciousness "and" greatness "- could not stand it, our poor, Central Asian" semi-feudal "laws and relations ... *)) you would life to rejoice, and even such "intellectual wealth", got for nothing, and you all bumble and bumble ... *))
      1. already a Muscovite
        already a Muscovite 14 March 2018 20: 26
        Quote: de_monSher
        You strange people

        ... Wow ... pas cher singe ... Really strange, especially when they decided to put such cheburekopiteks on a par with themselves. So you were like a maimun-man, and you remained, despite the higher education ...
        You, do not worry too much about us ...

        Here are directly worried ... lol
        1. de_monSher
          de_monSher 14 March 2018 20: 51
          That's how you were maimun-men

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          1. already a Muscovite
            already a Muscovite 14 March 2018 21: 04
            Quote: de_monSher
            reality cannot be changed ...

            as you were maimun-men, you remained

            Well, this was still not enough, with a dirty primate pussy to measure ...

            Quote: de_monSher
            me unlike you. put on you big and fat

            1. de_monSher
              de_monSher 14 March 2018 21: 09
              Well, this was still not enough, with a dirty primate pussy to measure ...

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              1. already a Muscovite
                already a Muscovite 14 March 2018 21: 46
                Quote: de_monSher
                in this respect any baboon or orangutan

                Well, you know better, macaque ... I won’t argue here ... These are your monkey joys, traditions and rituals ... We will observe this on the National Geographic Channel or Animal Planet

                Quote: de_monSher
                by mistake you call the brain

                I’m never mistaken, underperforming ... And the fact that you are so unsuccessfully trying to insult me ​​and humiliate me only means that you yourself understand your monkey’s inferiority. And it brings to the surface your complexes and unfulfilled semi-ambitions ... hi
                1. de_monSher
                  de_monSher 14 March 2018 21: 52
                  .And that you are so unsuccessfully trying to insult and humiliate me

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                  1. already a Muscovite
                    already a Muscovite 14 March 2018 22: 21
                    Quote: de_monSher
                    a small and shaggy ball of wool with incisors?

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                    1. de_monSher
                      de_monSher 14 March 2018 22: 48
                      *)))) write through the dash - and all things ... like this - "d-u-r-a-k" ... and everything you need to learn ... *))) and you have someone ? *))) Father or mullah - do you think in terms of vice or grace? *))))) Don't get upset ... *)))) You understand the genus ... well, you - a whole tribe of noble hamsters disgrace, so what? *))) I am silent ... but to the cute little pussies, what do you think, when I compare them, dudes and chuvs with a capital letter, with whom? *)))) With you, a sad experimental mistake of mother nature ... *)))
                      1. already a Muscovite
                        already a Muscovite 15 March 2018 11: 30
                        And then the ministers of worship? ... a ... You simply confuse a vice (which is simply a moral and moral flaw that serves as an obstacle to your development) with sin ... Here we come back to your ignorance ... It is better to be than to seem. And you live on the completely opposite principle ...
                        Quote: de_monSher
                        Mother Nature’s experimental mistake ... *)))

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  9. de_monSher
    de_monSher 15 March 2018 13: 05
    already a Muscovite,

    Dude, do you really think that such a cheap thing as you will get me off balance? *))))) Well, you really, man, frostbitten on your head. Although, with some pleasure you can state the fact - against the background of other, “true Aryans” - you are a slightly educated frame. There is an easy touch of knowledge in you - just like mold in the frontal lobe of the brain ... *)) you, this, most importantly - try to protect it, this is the most valuable part of your device, which you mistakenly call the brain ... *) )) And the rest - you are a walking guide for beginner psychologists ... *)))