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Anatoly Serdyukov - "not a man, this is a function"

In the life of Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, there were amazing turns. He came to trade in tax from trade, and to reform the army from civilian financiers. The generals complain that he teases them with green men.

Anatoly Serdyukov - "not a man, this is a function"

Zubkov's son-in-law

In St. Petersburg, the tax inspectorate Serdyukov came to 2000, already an established furniture dealer. After graduating from the accounting and economics department of the Leningrad Institute of Soviet Trade in 1984, Serdyukov joined the army. He served in the communications battalion of the 85 Motorized Rifle Division in Novosibirsk. At that time, recruits with a higher education were offered after nine months of service to take courses in reserve lieutenants. After a year and a half of service, they were dismissed as officers. Serdyukov also chose this path, says a former officer of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense, specifying that in the event of war Serdyukov was to be called up for the post of chief of the army trade regiment.

But the merchant Serdyukov became purely peaceful - after the army he went to work at the St. Petersburg furniture store number 3 "Lenmebeltorg". In the Lenmebeltorg system, he grew from an assistant accountant to a director and co-owner of the St. Petersburg trade and industrial company Mebel-Market, formed on the basis of trade.

Serdyukov’s transition to civil service may have been promoted by marriage. In 2000, he married Yulia Pokhlebenina, the daughter of Viktor Zubkov. In Soviet times, Zubkov was a party worker, in 1990 he became Vladimir Putin's deputy in the St. Petersburg mayor's office, and then went to the tax administration - he grew to the deputy minister for taxes and fees by 1999, retaining the post of the head of the St. Petersburg tax administration.

Becoming a member of the Zubkov family, Serdyukov in 2000, he joined the deputy head of the inter-district inspection department No. 1 in St. Petersburg (for the largest taxpayers). In May, 2001 was appointed deputy father-in-law at the St. Petersburg administration, and in November, 2001, when Zubkov became the first deputy minister of finance, took his place, heading the department in St. Petersburg.

“A very decent, systematic person,” characterizes Serdyukov, former vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Vakhmistrov. - I know him from the time when he led the St. Petersburg tax. He created a good tax administration system. He took care of the material part of the tax inspection, insisted that the tax services were located in accessible premises, so that it was convenient for customers.

This reduced the queue at the tax. On the whole, the Petersburg government was satisfied with his work. "

In February, 2004, on the eve of the elections, Putin shook up the government; in March, the “acting comrade from St. Petersburg” became Serdyukov, who was later approved by the head of the Federal Tax Service without any ministerial status (Zubkov headed Rosfinmonitoring). “This would never have happened without Zubkov,” the tax police general said. “Serdyukov was inconspicuous, but Zubkov was sociable, he could drink vodka too.”

Chief tax officer

Serdyukov’s first project was the Yukos case. In April, the tax authorities began to make claims to the company 2004, which for the year reached $ 27,5 billion. “Serdyukov justified Putin’s trust in stories with YUKOS - proved to be a loyal leader, ”the former tax official said.

Serdyukov was not the manager of the YUKOS case - the tax process was managed by the then head of the legal department of the tax service Anton Ustinov, who reported directly to the deputy head of the presidential administration Igor Sechin (Ustinov works now). “Ustinov, apparently, was told that his boss (Serdyukov) would not interfere,” argues the former chief lawyer of Yukos, Dmitry Gololobov. - Sechin, apparently, coordinated all this from above, distributed instructions, made sure that no one intervened, and coordinated all this personally with Putin. There were no extra links. What is the role of Serdyukov? He sent everyone who came to him to negotiate the YUKOS case: this cannot be done, that is impossible, it is not according to the law. However, it is possible that this fit in his views, in his understanding of the situation. "

“Before Serdyukov, the tax minister was Gennady Bukaev. Yes, he also carried out the commands, but it was possible to talk with him about something, - recalls the former deputy chairman of the YUKOS board, Alexander Temerko. - And then Serdyukov came and figured out literally in three or four weeks. The man, of course, aims to “set the task - I will carry it out without noticing anything”. The rest, though, showed emotions, prosecutors Ustinov and Biryukov, even an investigator ... And Serdyukov acted without emotions, systematically, progressively. This is not a person, this is a mechanism. We tried to talk to him about the tax deferment. They asked why he achieved the arrest of all accounts? We because of the arrest could not pay off with anyone. I think Serdyukov was involved in creating the situation that led to the bankruptcy of the company. ”

The YUKOS case set the tone not only in politics, but also in tax administration: the attitude of the state to the “schemes” has changed. If earlier businessmen told the tax authorities how much they would pay to the budget, then with Serdyukov, the parties switched places. Companies - from small businesses to large ones - had to abandon popular and very primitive ways of optimization. Administrative pressure on business has sharply increased - often and legitimate behavior was declared unfair, taxes were accrued, for example, for a one-day turn in the business chain. Ways to get rid of taxes using administrative methods have become the norm. Companies were forced to raise wages, and then profits on special commissions. For the sake of checking whether the firm is a one-day, the tax authorities blocked the accounts of all the firms registered in alphabetical order. So they wanted to force the director of the company to visit the inspection in person.

With the refund of taxes, Serdyukov also brought order. In 2000, schemes for obtaining money from the air (more precisely, on fictitious grounds from the budget) have already become a fully established business, says the tax police general: “It was impossible to completely eliminate it, but no one really had control over this economy, it needed ordering, should have been headed in the right direction. Serdyukov could do this work. ”

There are two main schemes for making money out of thin air, say tax specialists and consultants. VAT can be returned by showing, for example, that the product (not actually existing) is not sold and is in stock. And a profit tax - by suing, for example, a firm for a contrived reason a large amount of money and showing that instead of profit there was a loss. Both schemes are mainly implemented in Moscow - there is more momentum and it is easier to hide such operations, for this purpose companies from other regions are specifically re-registered in the city.

Formally, the decision is made by the head of inspection. But reimbursements worth more than 5 million rubles. must receive approval at a special commission in the management of the Federal Tax Service in Moscow. This department in 2004 was headed by Nadezhda Sinikova - Serdyukov's longtime colleague: she was his deputy in St. Petersburg, and now she heads Rosoboronpostavka in the Defense Ministry system. Reimbursement of amounts from 100 million rubles. tested in the central office of the Federal Tax Service. As a result, a situation was created when decisions are made at the top, and the head of the inspection is responsible for them before the law. Therefore, the inspections also figured out how to disclaim responsibility. Most of the frauds with VAT can be opened simply by checking the warehouse where the goods are allegedly stored. The tax authorities can theoretically do it themselves, but prefer to negotiate with the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who formally have no relation to the tax refund. Militiamen say whether there is a product or not, and the tax authorities believe them. If the tax to the budget is paid, the goods (according to the operatives) are in place, and the company was conducting a real activity (that is, it was not created the other day), then the inspectorate has every reason to refund the tax.

How the VAT refund scheme works, Novaya Gazeta recently said, although its investigation refers to the period when Serdyukov was already the Minister of Defense. The newspaper found 20 firms that refunded VAT in 2009-2010. by more than 11 billion rubles, while only cases of compensation over 100 million rubles were analyzed. Sergey Vasilenko, the former head of the Department for the Prevention of Law Violations of the Federal Tax Service, explained that all these companies returned taxes according to the “stock balance” scheme - if the products are not sold during the reporting period, the company has the right to refund the VAT paid on it. The number of company personnel was two or three people, and the turnover reached several billion rubles, but only during the reporting period, which is necessary for VAT refunds. All these firms allegedly rented the same warehouse, where the products seemed to be stored. All reimbursements were made by Moscow Inspections No. 25 and No. 28.

How the scheme for the reimbursement of income tax works, has for several years been told by the Hermitage fund, which believes that several companies were stolen from it, which then lost their claims for compensation for lost profits and, fixing the loss, demanded to return 5,4 billion rubles. The same inspections as in the previous case, No. 25 and No. 28, in December 2007 decided to replace lightning fast in one day. Hermitage believes that lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was tortured in prison precisely because he tried to prevent the implementation of this scheme. According to the fund, the same inspectorates reimbursed the income tax by at least 2,9 billion rubles by the same scheme. in 2006-2007

“Serdyukov made a system like at the Central Bank, that is, all reimbursement of district inspections could be monitored online and click delete at any time,” says the former tax officer. “Systematization and centralization mean at least control and an accurate idea of ​​what is happening,” argues a former high-ranking official. - If before it was impossible to understand anything at all in the chaos of returns, now the flow is orderly. This is the merit of Serdyukov. ”

After Serdyukov was appointed Minister of Defense in February of 2007, he de facto continued to supervise the Federal Tax Service for several years (until the arrival of the new chief of Mikhail Mishustin in 2010 in April). Serdyukov went to the tax office constantly, his former colleagues remember him, he distributed instructions to the members of his team who remained on the farm - and. about. the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mokretsov and his deputies Sinikova, who supervised VAT reimbursement schemes, and Tatyana Shevtsova, who supervised the interregional inspections for the largest taxpayers. Serdyukov wanted to see his successor Sinikov, but in the end this place was received by the protégé of the then Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin - Mikhail Mishustin. And Sinikova and Shevtsova moved to the Ministry of Defense.

Military reformer

Serdyukov’s appointment as Minister of Defense in February 2007 came as a surprise.

Putin’s decision can be explained by the fact that Serdyukov proved during his service at the Federal Tax Service the ability to control huge financial flows, said an official and a former officer of the central apparatus of the Ministry of Defense. Putin stressed that Serdyukov has experience in economics and finance, and here it is necessary to control "huge budget funds" for the modernization of the armed forces.

But it was not only about control - the growth of military spending was only part of the military reform that Serdyukov was to conduct. He showed a new management style literally a month after his appointment - in March, 2007, starting his acquaintance with the Nakhimov School in St. Petersburg with an inspection of the garbage in the backyard and outbuildings, and then demanding financial documentation.

Serdyukov began firing his deputies, commanders of clans and branches of the armed forces, and heads of defense departments of the Defense Ministry literally several months after their arrival. The key personnel decision was the appointment in June of 2008 by the Chief of the General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov. Now decisions on the construction of the armed forces are taken by Makarov, and political and economic decisions by Serdyukov.

Actually, the reform began after the war in South Ossetia. Although in August 2008, the Russian army ruined the Georgian military machine in five days, the war revealed many shortcomings in the organization and supply of troops. A year later, Serdyukov recalled how the truckers offered to purchase and send additional high-quality food and hygiene items to the troops in Ossetia, he agreed, and then, after checking, made sure that nothing came to the troops at all.

In October, 2008, Mr. Serdyukov, announced the beginning of the transition to a "new look" of the armed forces. For three years, the Russian army has ceased to be a diminished copy of the Soviet: mass mobilization for the big war is no longer envisaged, says an officer in the Ministry of Defense. The size of the wartime army is set at 1,7 million versus 5 million in 2008, and the cropped, incomplete mobilized units are largely eliminated. This made the Russian army look like the armies of the NATO countries and most of the others. In 2008-2010 number of officers was reduced from 350 000 to 150 000 (albeit in 2011, it was decided to increase it to 220 000), more than 1000 cropped and parts depots liquidated, 24 divisions of ground troops reformed about 90 brigades and air regiments and 72 14 air bases - seven air bases of the first and seven-second level, the number of military schools reduced from 65 to 10.

In addition to military logic, there was also a financial one: officers have the right to various benefits that the state is often unable to provide them (for example, the housing queue, despite Putin’s promise to eliminate it, still persists - Serdyukov recently asked 272 billion to solve the problem RUB to 2014 g., wrote about this "Kommersant"). Sergeants are cheaper for the state than officers, so officers need to be reduced, having transferred part of their work to sergeants (and, therefore, schools are not needed in such numbers).

In the same financial vein - the sale of non-core assets of the Ministry of Defense, the transfer of supplies to outsourcing and the reform of arms procurement.

Over 2000-2008 RFFI sold military property to 1,4 billion rubles. In November, 2008 handed over the case to the Ministry of Defense, for which the Department of Property Relations was established there, which began work in April 2009. In 2009, the Ministry of Defense sold property for more than 1,5 billion rubles, in 2010 for 4,4 billion rub., and in 2011 g. - 5 billion rubles.

Procurement of weapons, housing and materials were removed from Serdyukov from the control of the military, they are engaged in manned civilian structures of the Ministry of Defense. They are headed by the colleagues of Serdyukov in the Federal Tax Service. Rosoboronpostavka was headed by Sinikova in 2010, and Shevtsova was appointed deputy minister of defense for financial and economic issues. Oboronservis OJSC, to which all the structures of the Ministry of Defense involved in repairing, building, and servicing the troops have been transferred, was headed by former Federal Tax Service official Sergei Khursevich. All this radically transformed the central office of the department, which was reduced by almost half to 10 000. "Previously, during lunch in the canteen in the ministry, it’s good if you could see two or three women, now the problem is to see men in uniform," the colonel of the central office ironically says.

2011 year was marked by a price war with the defense industry - the Ministry of Defense all year delayed the conclusion of contracts, seeking lower prices. The conflict even went public: the chief designer of the Topol M and Bulava missiles, Yuri Solomonov, openly spoke out against the Ministry of Defense. But in the end, most of the contracts were concluded on the terms of the Ministry of Defense.

Under Serdyukov, the rearmament of the army began, says Konstantin Makienko, an expert at the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies. From 2008, the air force received about 150 new aircraft and helicopters (for 10 years before - a few units). At the very end of 2010, despite the resistance of the Ministry of Finance, a new state armaments program up to 2020 worth more than 20 trillion rubles was approved. It is unlikely that it will be implemented in full, but the percentage of its implementation will be clearly higher than that of previous programs, Makienko believes.

Many soldiers look at Serdyukov’s reform without optimism. Former Defense Minister Igor Rodionov believes that Serdyukov did not carry out any reform, and what he did is a mockery. According to Rodionov, after the destruction of the potential for mobilization deployment, he doubts that the Russian army will be able to form even one combat-ready brigade from scratch.

According to the director general of one of the enterprises of Rostekhnologii, former employees of tax inspections who are in charge of arms procurement now have little knowledge of technology and understand only financial and accounting realities. “It is not clear to them that without a full test cycle, which they refuse to pay, the rocket is just a piece of iron, it is not clear that without buying spare parts a new plane is a useless piece of iron, and the military, who could fix them, are all fired by Serdyukov,” - the interlocutor of "Vedomosti" complains. In his opinion, the corruption in the department has not decreased, it just acquired a more modern character. Instead of direct theft, when new trucks, fuel, etc., were sold to the left, overpricing schemes came in for purchases.

There is a personal aspect to this discontent. “The minister keeps the honored generals at the reception for two or three hours,” a source close to the Ministry of Defense complains. - And once at a meeting, jokingly, he called them "little green men."

Serdyukov himself wants to change the Ministry of Defense to another ministry - finance, several high-ranking officials told Vedomosti, some time ago the Minister of Defense even discussed with Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev the opportunity to get the position of vice-premier for finance. True, according to the Vedomosti interlocutors, the tandem agreement could not be obtained, Serdyukov was offered to bring the Defense Ministry’s large-scale reform to a logical conclusion.

The Ministry of Defense did not answer the questions of "Vedomosti".

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  1. vadimus
    vadimus April 24 2012 08: 33
    Judging by the ryakh at the door of the “function” that does not crawl through it, it is visible with an unarmed look ...
    1. domokl
      domokl April 24 2012 09: 04
      laughing And I agree with the author ... Indeed, there are builders, but there are destroyers .. Rhinos are those that can only run straight, breaking everything ... Serdyukov of them ... He fulfilled his function and will now go to a quiet place, feed and getting fat ... Building a new army will be different ..
      1. Poplar
        Poplar April 24 2012 09: 17
        Rhinoceros, which still need to look. He broke to the ground quickly and efficiently, up to the foundations and traditions of parts and formations.
        1. Yarbay
          Yarbay April 24 2012 13: 48
          But I think soon they will remember him as a former minister

          Garrik Kasparov's grandfather died. All Armenians and not only stand and mourn over the untimely death of 85-year-old Shagen Kasparov.
          Manvel enters the room where the coffin with the body of the deceased lies. The driver of Garrick Kasparov. Man is exotic even for a Baku Armenian. Crooked-legged, browded, on the face all the grief of the Armenian people. It’s very funny.
          Leonid Weinstein, Garik Kasparov’s uncle from his father’s side, strictly warned Manvel that he would be silent, whatever would happen. That he would be silent if even someone asks him something. At the same time, warning everyone else that Manvel would not be asked anything.
          All knowing the peculiar texts of Manvel eagerly agreed with Leonid Weinstein.
          Manvel sat beside the tomb and was silently mournful. Five minutes later, he began to fidget in his chair. Ten minutes later, fidgeting acquired the character of oscillatory movements. Fifteen minutes later, he covered his mouth with his hand. In the twentieth minute, he could not stand it and uttered in an indignantly nervous voice a quite fair phrase:
          -Ara, yesterday he was still alive !!!!!))
      2. older
        older April 24 2012 09: 28
        I think that the harm from it is much more than just the destruction of the army in the form in which it was ... He destroyed the officer corps in the bud, the foundations and traditions of the RUSSIAN army ... The desire to make the army supposedly modern led to the destruction of the army in general ...
        Drive and trial ...
        1. Olegovich
          Olegovich April 24 2012 12: 38
          Criticism is all unconstructive. Tell me how to reform and actually reduce the army, which our country could no longer feed. Yes, so that everyone was happy. This does not happen. With reductions and restructuring, EVERYTHING will ALWAYS be dissatisfied. This is an axiom.
          And Serdyukov's post was "firing squad." Therefore, a deep bow to him that he was not afraid to contact this task.
          Without a leader like him, all the money allocated for rearmament and army reform would have gone like sand into the water. And now we are all happy to discuss on this site what novelties are laid on the stocks and entered the troops. This would not be at all, all the money would be plundered trite.
          1. Alekseev
            Alekseev April 24 2012 13: 34
            It’s hard to tell you in the commentary, but not two words. Yes, and it was necessary to reform the army, including reducing it reasonably, and not according to the accounting statement. To do this, you yourself need to have a desire and ask, it’s not difficult. Including on this site.
            But I would like to know from what do you conclude that now much less money is spent on "feeding" the army than before the so-called reform? Serdyukov's budget is much larger than that of his predecessors.
            What kind of "novelties" did the troops receive in large numbers?
            Several planes give birth for years, in the SV they promise only from 2015 new models, etc. Even the engines on the modernized tanks put old modifications, they say, there are not enough new ones for export.
            But, nevertheless, we hope that, with God's help, "all the money allocated for the rearmament and reform of the army" will not "go away like water in sand."
            1. Olegovich
              Olegovich April 24 2012 14: 46
              More funds are spent now, then less will be spent, because most of it - for the construction of housing, most of it - for the payment of officers' "orderlies", a very decent part - for the disposal of ammunition.
              Quote: Alekseev
              What kind of "novelties" did the troops receive in large numbers?

              We could only handle the massive amount during the times of the planned powerful economy of the USSR. And now we are not talking about changing the course of the country. Here is "on clothes and stretch your legs." Moreover, abandoning old but tested modifications - that would be sheer stupidity, but Serdyukov did not do it.
              As for new products, now under Serdyukov, new approaches have been laid in the formation of structure and doctrine, and this is much more important than the availability of new products under the old system of "defensive offensive".
              1. Alekseev
                Alekseev April 24 2012 18: 47
                Especially a lot of money goes to the disposal of ammunition. Probably, industrial sites corresponding to the technologies of the 21st century have been prepared for these purposes. Well done Serdyukov and K! Just blowing up in the field !? Many million tons ?! And a couple of arsenals zhahnuli so that "Mama Do not Cry" This can not be!
                But this is a trifle. The main thing is that "they laid down new approaches in the formation of the structure and doctrine." Just look at these approaches and doctrines with just one eye, or hear something intelligible about them from the lips of the manager himself or the secret hero. Something all the military (with the exception of the recent secret hero, of course), on the contrary, assert that there is no clear clear understanding for solving what tasks, in what strategic directions and with what enemy strength our reformed troops are suitable.
                Dear Olegitch, do not make people laugh laughing
              2. gordeew_alr
                gordeew_alr April 24 2012 23: 29
                I think that in this matter it is important to ensure the country's defense capability, and not to successfully optimize the army's finances. The army is always a costly mechanism. But it is also an organism based on discipline. It was enough to discipline the generals. But the military are professionals in military affairs, they think in military categories, they have the experience of garrisons and hardships behind them. Therefore, putting a civilian in charge of the army, especially a merchant who, in principle, is imprisoned for personal financial gain, and not for the interests of the people, is, well, how to put it in a softer way, how long does it take? What is the cost of destroying a country's defenses? Or do you need to sound again: "Brothers and sisters, the Fatherland is in danger!"? What is it just that S.P. Koroleva, director of an institute that provides space intelligence, says that today there are 0 ... 1 reconnaissance satellites in orbit, and the leadership of the military department does not care in the development of this industry. How to fight the blind? And even with an enemy with precision weapons? You can joke and joke until the old woman with a scythe stood at the door. And since the scythe is ready, you need to think and do everything in order for the country to survive. And the fact that we still have our army and navy as friends, I think no one doubts. And the entire economy of the country must ensure its combat capability. Otherwise, we all, except for a famous person, will go to imported galleys ... slaves. And the military-industrial complex in our country has been the locomotive of the economy for decades. And they destroyed it to capture energy resources.
          2. VAF
            VAF April 24 2012 16: 10
            Quote: Olegych
            Criticism is all unconstructive.

            I will not minus, because this is your opinion, but here it is .... the same is not constructive.
            Very much reminiscent of the opinions of the Duma and Soviet deputies, but when it came to the case, I'm sorry, but I have never met a "consolidated company" anywhere, let alone a battalion from the Duma patriots, neither in Afghanistan, nor in Chechnya, nor in Tajikistan, in Georgia - and are they the most defenders of the Fatherland?
            And about the contents of this ...... (let’s skip. Otherwise the moderators will cross out!) Do you yourself know or tell?
            And you naively believe that under his leadership, laziness did not go into the "sand" and does not go away?
            So talk with the people, with the military, only the real ones. and not with newspapers, marsh, etc.!
            And about the fact that we are discussing what is laid down and what is being delivered, so we were reformed to the point that the battalion of the Mishikov tanks was driven by an entire army and all types of aviation !!!
            1. saturn.mmm
              saturn.mmm April 24 2012 19: 57
              For veteran.air force And about the fact that we are discussing what is laid down and what is being delivered, so we were reformed to the point that the battalion of the Mishikov tanks was driven by an entire army and all types of aviation !!!
              The catalyst that accelerated the decision on reform was the military conflict with Georgia in August 2008. The experience of the participation of the Russian Armed Forces in the conflict revealed a lot of problems related to both the shortcomings of the command and control system and outdated weapons, equipment and communications. (Wikipedia) Serdyukov Minister of Defense since February 2007. A large number of employees of the General Staff and the Moscow Region did not even guess until 2008.08.08. that there are problems with communications and weapons.
              Agree that the reform was brewing, and it could be implemented by a man from the outside, not a military man. Everything was tied up at the General Staff. I can’t judge the quality of the reform; time will tell, I think there will be adjustments. As a person about Serdyukov I do not draw any conclusions, I do not know the person.
              The Americans could not capture Falujah in Iraq for a long time, they were already desperate.
              PS With great interest I read your comments, especially about aviation.
              1. Poplar
                Poplar April 24 2012 22: 11
                The military reform was started by Ivanov (not the military) before Serdyukov, only Serdyukov collapsed it, having reduced in 2 years 50% of officers (not the worst), all the ensigns (many in officer posts) and disbanded the divisions. Problems with communications and weapons until 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX. Were known, they remained now. Dare and are being decided in accordance with the Defense Order. It is impossible to provide all parts with new weapons at once.
              2. VAF
                VAF April 24 2012 23: 05
                Quote: saturn.mmm
                I am reading your comments with great interest, especially about aviation.

                Thanks for the compliment, but I seem to be like a former pilot, so I know a little about this subject (just kidding)! laughing

                Quote: saturn.mmm
                Agree that the reform was brewing, and it could be implemented by a man from the outside, not a military man.

                Here I agree, but not brewing, but shouted that we (the army, aviation and navy) will remain bare and naked!

                But here it is categorically not, because ..... do you remember how M. Zadornov's "..... he graduated from the main vocational school and must lead the bricks"!
                It's my personal opinion!

                Therefore, I put you + for your opinion!
                1. saturn.mmm
                  saturn.mmm April 25 2012 21: 39
                  For veteran.air force Thank you for your positive assessment of my opinion. Of course, it would be good if the reform was carried out by professionals. But somehow the thought persistently creeps into my head that the 90s somewhat corrupted most of the officers of the General Staff, the commanders of the districts also could not reverse the situation. There was no man who would lead him, like Vysotsky's "There are few real violent, so there are no leaders." I have doubts that there were people in the General Staff like Kuznetsov NG .. This is my opinion, so to speak, a view from the outside. And I also want to add, it is wrong when one person came, thought that the army needed to be re-equipped, and they began to re-equip it, but if you didn't, then what? I think something should be spelled out in the laws, right down to the constitution.
        2. VAF
          VAF April 24 2012 16: 01
          Quote: older
          Drive and trial ...

          And not only ... +!
          But the "roof" will not hand it over ?! am
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak April 24 2012 10: 52
      Quote:] Serdyukov was invited to bring to a logical end the large-scale reform of the Ministry of Defense. [/ Quote

      When the Moor does his job, then he will be thrown out like a condom
    3. Sokerin
      Sokerin April 24 2012 15: 54
      Russia: Minister stuck in a hatch of a submarine

      The British Telegraph reports an unpleasant incident that happened to Russian Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov during a visit with the president of a submarine base in Vilyuchinsk.

      President Medvedev, a man known for his small dimensions, which are not suitable for a high position, can easily slip into the inside of a submarine.

      Anatoly Serdyukov, even though the person is a civilian, however, he is distinguished by a certain politeness. This led to the fact that his body jammed, so to speak, in a narrow hatch. For several minutes he floundered unsuccessfully, until subordinate submariners arrived to help him.

      One of the events led by Mr. Serdyukov’s department is a campaign to force senior officers of the Russian army to lose weight. Apparently, after an unpleasant Kamchatka incident, Serdyukov will join the company of losing weight generals.

      Journalists of the newspaper claim that the incident was recorded on film and the photos appeared on Russian sites, but were immediately deleted.
      1. 755962
        755962 April 24 2012 22: 50
        “He (Serdyukov), in fact, destroyed everything that he took on as the Minister of Defense - military infrastructure, management, education, intelligence. He turned the army into a commercial enterprise, and he was pretty corrupt, ”the authoritative military expert Leonid Ivashov said the other day to “I think that in the conditions when 20 trillion rubles were allocated for the rearmament of the army, you cannot keep such a person at the head of the military department.”
        1. VAF
          VAF April 24 2012 23: 06
          Quote: 755962
          authoritative military expert Leonid Ivashov.

          I will subscribe under each word, +++++++ !!! drinks
          1. 755962
            755962 April 24 2012 23: 47
            Seryoga, hello! Do you have 2 warnings already? When did you manage?
            1. VAF
              VAF April 25 2012 07: 22
              Quote: 755962
              Do you have 2 warnings already? When did you manage?

              Hello, Zhenya, as they used to say ".... at the dawn of Soviet power"!

              This is when I butted with "ice"! wassat
  2. Vanek
    Vanek April 24 2012 08: 35
    How to make a chair from the table.

    Elementary. It’s easy to make small things out of more. But on the contrary - there is already a question.

    Breaking does not build.
  3. Dust
    Dust April 24 2012 08: 44
    Well, where else can you find a worthy reformer, if not a shopkeeper from a store?
    With such "professionals" and enemies are not necessary ...
    1. domokl
      domokl April 24 2012 09: 07
      So his task was to break .. Everything in a row ... And then Rogozin drew up .. The truth is with a tarnished reputation for participation in the Ukrainian Orange Revolution and support for Yulia .. But nothing, he stayed in NATO, was forgotten and is now on horseback! ...
    2. nycsson
      nycsson April 24 2012 14: 23
      Quote: Dust
      Well, where else can you find a worthy reformer, if not a shopkeeper from a store?

      And according to this principle, all power works for us! Not a single ministerial profile! And they also want to achieve some kind of results ......
  4. nycsson
    nycsson April 24 2012 09: 14
    "mass mobilization for a big war is no longer envisaged"
    Yeah! Nato surrounds us from all sides, but we are not preparing for war!

    "The size of the wartime army is set at 1,7 million versus 5 million in 2008,"
    Something is not enough, for example, if we assume in a nightmare that China will attack us!

    "and the cadre of incomplete mobilization units have been largely eliminated. This made the Russian army similar to the armies of NATO countries and most others."
    But this is the main mistake, since in Soviet times our army was feared solely because of the presence of parts of the frame or a reduced composition. If someone would have slipped, then such a colossus unfolded, which would not have seemed to anyone.

    "more than 1000 cropped units and storage bases have been liquidated"
    And if the war, where will they take tanks, pistols, machine guns, clothing, food ??? It reminds me of quiet surrender !!!
    PS You can’t save on security and advertising !!!

    1. Per se.
      Per se. April 24 2012 18: 09
      I agree with you, nicsson, Serdyukov would have learned better from the Japanese "self-defense forces" with deployment for wartime, if it is so necessary to borrow something. Recently there was talk of a desire to destroy 4 million Kalashnikov assault rifles, as if such supplies were not needed. If such "reformers" are in demand, then someone needs it ...
      1. nycsson
        nycsson April 24 2012 18: 28
        Quote: Per se.
        Recently there was talk of a desire to destroy 4 million Kalashnikov assault rifles, allegedly such stocks are not needed.

        That's for sure, but look, with what haste they destroy ammunition !!! Oh, and it will soon be like in that song: "A Cossack will rush to the tank with a saber" !!! Canals ....
  5. vylvyn
    April 24 2012 09: 25
    Quote - "The generals complain that he teases them with little green men."

    But he does not tease admirals. On the move, they don’t go to him at all, they scored both him and Makarov. In addition, the navy is afraid to offend - they can drop into the face directly in public.
  6. 4202727
    4202727 April 24 2012 09: 26
    The crack of such reformers, broke everything, sold it out, put 25-year-old pussy on key posts. Nor is it done, houses are not being built, only grandmothers are laundered during the total sale of real estate. And the new form SHIT.
  7. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 April 24 2012 09: 44
    This function must be cut down ... And even better, that he himself kagbe passed out. If he still has the remnants of such a quality as conscience ... What I very much doubt ...
    1. Armata
      Armata April 24 2012 10: 05
      [quote = Chicot 1] If he still has the remains of such a quality as conscience. [/ quoteLook at his gruff. They say that in the eyes of a person everything is written, he only has a moment's indifference. I have already seen such eyes in 1 frame. Our former director of the design bureau looked at everyone just like that and in the end he almost broke up on P / I in 5 years of his reign ..
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 April 24 2012 13: 08
        Duc, I clarified that I am very much at a loss in its availability from Comrade. "Mr. Zubkov's son-in-law" ... wink
  8. crossbow
    crossbow April 24 2012 10: 09
    The fact that the army needed to be reformed, and it was tough, was clear to everyone, it was also clear that this needed a minister from the outside, from civilians, and since the issue concerns the basis of national security, this person should with an exceptional sense of common sense (about decency, I even I’m not saying), here we see a classic example of a person who is not in his place, and he was appointed only by patronage, and if you take into account that the assistants were brought to the Moscow Region as incompetent (to put it mildly), how can you be made responsible for the procurement of technology for minors finance buggies who cannot be distinguished from a screw, and they are not financiers, but collective farm bottling accountants working on the Hobseck principle, and the fact that one saved ruble in January can cause losses of 1000 rubles in December does not bother them at all.
    The situation with the construction of housing for the military is simply disgusting, they are building poorly, they are not building where they need to, they manage to rent out housing in the absence of a communal apartment, etc., etc.
    1. lokdok
      lokdok April 24 2012 11: 15
      Well, of course, I know how the officers were indignant when they forbade them to occupy conscripts with household needs - they just didn’t say how you wouldn’t send a soldier to peel potatoes, without this the army would not be an army. And if he is forced to cross to run, then the officer must run with him .... HOW insulting, you do not know how to mock.
      And housing for military districts is being built (at least in Pskov), probably really poor quality. And poor unfortunate lieutenant colonels on retirement (at 35 years old) pay little, despite the fact that they did not participate in any military operations .... Too many freeloaders, comrade military men, so it’s right that Serdyukov shook this swamp.
      1. Olegovich
        Olegovich April 24 2012 12: 42
        Quote: lokdok
        You have too many freeloaders, military comrades, so it’s right that Serdyukov shook this swamp.

        I support! It is harsh, of course, but these words are addressed precisely to vile officers, not a gram to the patriots whom I met during the years of military service. And to the heroes of our country who honor the code of military honor: GLORY !!!
      2. Alekseev
        Alekseev April 24 2012 13: 15
        Wise guy, you need to shake skillfully so that with water and the baby does not splash out. You, it’s better to repair your machine, do not give the mechanic a service, but a candidate of technical sciences teacher Termekh or sopromat at the university, he is a competent friend!
        At the age of 35, ballet dancers are retiring, not lieutenant colonels, and there has been enough fighting recently, read the whole army went through them ...
        Well, I won’t call him feldmebel Perdyukov-Taburetkin (unfortunately, there were reasons for this), well, there was a fine fellow in tax, a tough financier, it may even be that he works as the chairman of the control commission on financing the Armed Forces, he believes, checks, gl. the auditor, with a group of young men - bookkeepers-managers, there are no problems.
        Why climb abruptly there, which you do not know, i.e. in the construction of the sun as a living organism. Shoving off dissent, showing a fool ...
  9. itr
    itr April 24 2012 10: 53
    Anatoly Serdyukov - "not a man, this is friction" laughing
  10. Pedro
    Pedro April 24 2012 11: 14
    It seems to me that the reforms in the Russian army are going in the right direction. The need for drastic measures is long overdue. Well, the fight against corruption is an eternal, ancient history of the world.
  11. valeri51d
    valeri51d April 24 2012 11: 36
    The article is of course custom-made, at the end the authors still need to slap it in a chocolate speck for the destruction of the armed forces. None of the wars and other disasters could, but he could with the tacit consent of the leadership. Now, according to the old Russian traditions, we will restore, but with great blood, and he fired the Zhukovs as well. The furniture maker is a disgrace to Russia.
    1. nycsson
      nycsson April 24 2012 14: 15
      Quote: valeri51d
      and he, with the tacit consent of the leadership, could.

      The fact of the matter is that with the consent of the leadership! They all know and understand what they are doing!
      Quote: valeri51d
      Now, according to old Russian traditions, we will restore, but with a lot of blood

      And this thought I was tired of writing on this site! Soon we will stand knee-deep in our own blood! Well, no one but ourselves is to blame! For the collapse of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, every resident of our country is responsible, and will have to answer for it very soon .........
  12. EVIL
    EVIL April 24 2012 11: 45
    White and fluffy stool, wait a tear.
    Oh well, in the furnace, honest and decent, I'm sorry. Did you see his FACE Muzzle?

    "Little green men" from the man in charge of the Ministry of Defense ...
    Scum impudent and stupid.
    And do not insult the rhino, it’s just a cute little animal.

    What can be said about the person whose best quality is called the ability to go to the goal without paying attention to anything?

    In short, I want to see Pinocchio only in one place, on the tank track, with an aspen stake in my heart.
  13. gordeew_alr
    gordeew_alr April 24 2012 11: 47
    There is an emphasis in the article on the diligence of Mr. Serdyukov. So it turns out that he is in his place. And claims against him can not be made. He does what he was hired for. Well the guy got married like that. And if anyone has questions, then they should be asked to employers. They themselves chose them! Again the same rake, one is to blame, and demand is from the other. The shift of responsibility leads to empty talk. Although, to be honest, what is it like to sell the homeland? When the time comes, will they prepare coffins from tanks for themselves?
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka April 24 2012 16: 05
      Quote: gordeew_alr
      He does what he was hired for.

      with sarcasm

      Successfully Married - Anatoly
      Minister of Defense called
      And to the ministry by will or not
      As a lamb for the slaughter introduced
      Who is not very disposed towards him?
      Bad and swearing inappropriately more words
      He does only what he should
      Our governor - Tolya Serdyukov
      Reforms fail
      No need to hang sins on him
      See above, who is sitting there?
      He is only a sheep, and there are shepherds above him
      And looking up your gaze
      Try and find a flaw there
      HELLO-our Serdyukov -Tolyan
      1. EVIL
        EVIL April 24 2012 17: 46
        Liked and smiled)
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic April 24 2012 22: 21
        Quote: Tatanka Yotanka
        with sarcasm

        In the army, responsibilities are strictly distributed. Everyone up to and including the lieutenant must be able to work independently. The captain must be able to organize the work. The major should know where what is being done.
        The lieutenant colonel should be able to report what is being done. The colonel should be able to independently find a place in the papers where he is supposed to sign. The general should be able to independently sign where they indicate. Well, the Minister of Defense should be able to sit in a chair that is pushed to him and at the same time not to miss ..
        1. Tatanka Yotanka
          Tatanka Yotanka April 24 2012 22: 44
          Quote: Ascetic
          Well, the Minister of Defense should be able to sit in a chair that is pushed to him and at the same time not to miss ..

          Where family ties are respected
          And suddenly the chair will be substituted under it
          Sinful with such an ass will miss
          Trust me dear
          1. gordeew_alr
            gordeew_alr April 24 2012 22: 53
            Listen, you’re fine with humor, it’s a pity only - sarcasm ...
        2. 3412
          3412 April 24 2012 23: 13
          And the supreme what should be able to do?
  14. awg75
    awg75 April 24 2012 12: 11
    this comrade fiercely hates the army, just like his army. ordinary fat arrogant thug narcissistic
  15. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth April 24 2012 12: 22
    Reform was needed, but execution by two with a minus, there was no such wave of hatred for the leadership of the army since the Khrushchev reductions.
    Seriously, the only thing that is more or less good is the provision of housing, the arrival of new technology and OKR on promising weapons. The brigade transition is disgusting. The brigades are bulky clumsy and still not autonomous. And after the arrival of new technology in the years 15-17, there will be so many states that the devil will break his leg.
  16. vorobey
    vorobey April 24 2012 13: 03
    Rather, a monument to him was erected. I would not mind Tsereteli. And Makarov too. Well ... the irony of the namesake is probably in the coffin turns over and cries.
  17. patriot2
    patriot2 April 24 2012 14: 22
    As for the monument, Minin and Pozharsky - for restoration, and Serdyukov and Makarov - in his place - preferably green ("little green men").
    After the restoration of Minin with Pozharsky - send in parts of the Ministry of Defense - for edification throughout Russia. laughing
  18. TRex
    TRex April 24 2012 14: 55
    Oh! The mustachioed would now be raised from the grave and put back in the office ...

    Interestingly - a trench tool would be enough for all these relatives, proteges, upstarts, under-educated?

    Now in "business" similar pictures are observed. Somewhere I read an article about how Patrushev's son was presented to the order ... And what is going on in the power structures of the region-city !!! Daughters-mothers, uncles-aunts ... everything is tied up, sold out. Normal, competent guys and girls can't make their way upstairs because of all this camarilla.
  19. taseka
    taseka April 24 2012 17: 24
    "Zubkov's son-in-law" - that's all!!! winked
  20. Patriot
    Patriot April 24 2012 17: 46
    Quote: veteran.air force

    veteran.air force (2)
    Quote: older
    Drive and trial ...

    And not only ... +!
    But the "roof" will not hand it over ?!

    Speak correctly. Therefore, it is necessary to drive the ROOF. AND NOT ONLY TO KNEE! But, and judge for 20 years of destruction of the homeland
  21. vezunchik
    vezunchik April 24 2012 18: 21
    Once again we were convinced - the professional should lead the industry, and even more so the mines! But a pro-military man can, after all, believe a coup. And here everything is under control! Horseradish with her with the army and defense - the main power to keep. bully
  22. APASUS
    APASUS April 24 2012 18: 46
    The first project of Serdyukov was the Yukos affair. In April 2004, tax officials began to file claims against the company, which accumulated $ 27,5 billion over the year. “Serdyukov justified Putin’s trust in the story with Yukos - proved to be a loyal leader,” the former tax official said.

    The main merit of Serdyukov is loyalty to Putin !!!
  23. dim
    dim April 24 2012 18: 47
    Something not who does not remember those wise men who appointed him there. And they are primarily responsible for what is happening in our country
  24. dievleha
    dievleha April 24 2012 20: 21
    made a statement on the purchase of drones a year later, our provided their models that meet modern requirements also with sniper rifles and armored vehicles so that in this area he is well done
  25. Karabin
    Karabin April 24 2012 21: 11
    Staff changes have been voiced, so far unofficially, in the government since Putin’s inauguration. The prime minister will be Medvedev. The ministers of transport, education and agriculture are leaving. All other key ministers will retain their posts, incl. and many respected Mr. Serdyukov. The previous course on turning Russia into a country of the 3rd world will be continued.
  26. ars_pro
    ars_pro April 25 2012 00: 44
    Anatoly Serdyukov - "not a man, this is a function" - do not care, put everything in its place
  27. ars_pro
    ars_pro April 25 2012 08: 05
    Well, of course, minus the comrades !!! But I definitely don’t understand what was done? Well, I don’t rummage in chemistry and physics and here I would put the thread of the laboratory in charge, a minimum should be an intelligent adviser, maximum emphasis on education ...
  28. Patriot
    Patriot April 25 2012 14: 46
    What can I say ...
    This guy for the collapse of the army and the catastrophic decline in its defense and security has long been time to drive to the neck, however, like all the Kremlin gang of crooks and thieves.
  29. taurus69
    taurus69 11 May 2012 14: 28
    if all of the above is true, then, as they say in the west: no comments. it’s enough for a clever man, but he still won’t understand why they did something from the terrible Soviet Army in poop from Yudashkin.